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Found 2 results

  1.   So I’ve finally gotten my very first top after 3 previous bubbles, a massive I really am ecstatic about, and I’d to thank everyone involved, especially the alcohol. This is my first report so stay with me sorry for being boring.   So to get there, we decided to do the usual thing, which is ofc start driving at 3 am in the morning and go go go.  Or more like sleep sleep sleep, 8 hour rides aren't fun. Me and my friends come into Vegas Friday morning and immediately head over to the convention center.  We get through our pre-registration pretty quickly and head over to check into our inn somewhere(idk the name).   Everyone else in my room Jason, Chad, Gabe and Marc, are all playing Geargias and pressuring me into switching over as well, so I eventually just start sleeving up all my Geargia cards and hitting people up for Traptrix’s.   So while I’m sitting here clueless, everyone goes out to eat and I stay behind practicing furiously. I was in the hotel room testing on DN by myself. I got totally smashed in rated with every deck I used. I tried all the decks I could but nothing seemed to work. About 2 hours into my testing, my boy Welchy messages me and asks me what I’m going to use and I tell him it’s the Friday before the YCS and I’ve got no idea at all.   ...   Well played Elvis, well played.   In short, the man steps up to the plate, and after a few simple words of encouragement, he convinces me to play his deck.     I play the exact same main deck and switch up the side a bit. He teaches me the ins and outs and answers most of the questions i have. I start to write my decklist!   [spoiler] [/spoiler] Entering a YCS, have had the exact list for about 8 hours, little to no practice and I just walk in.  Standard plays.  Love me.   Round 1: Alex S.’s Constellars   I see his custom Stardust mat and expect this to be a really easy match.  I was not wrong.   I win the roll G1: This guy mains dfissure??!?! Fml.  He makes a pleiades, but as I am the KING, I have the solemn warning for it. I pull out my groovy moves and win out from there with by the classic tactic of making a large scrap dragon and poking infinite times. G2: Fossil dyna…. zzzzz G3: t1 Stardust drain! best combo!! 1-0   Round 2: Isaac G.’s Bujns   He says this is his first ycs, so i expect something really easy.  FUCK BUJINS.   I win the roll   G1: I make a felgrand first turn and take it quickly from there when i negate his first yamato end phase. G2: I open very poorly again in this game and Yamato just pokes me to death. G3: I open a bunch of draw cards and he opens Yamato once again. It gets to a point where i big eye his yamato under light-imprisoning and win. 2-0   felgrandsSummoned = 1;   Round 3: Drew O.’s Zombies   He drops his deck on the table and i see his whole deck. We didn't even side hehehe.   G1: I basically sit on stardust and a bunch of backrows and win. G2: I draw bad and just scoop after i see him open the nuts. G3: Felgrand first turn is too much for him. 3-0   felgrandsSummoned = 2;   Round 4: Camden Keener’s Geargia   IK this guy and he’s been toppin Jumps since before I’ve even started playing. Pretty sure this will be a hard game…   G1: I’m pretty sure I sit on stardust drain with backrows for most of it and win from there. G2: The game turns into a back and forth game after i black horn is geargiagear’s gigant. I eventually take it after a massive dragon and skill drain grind game. Miracle Dig+Burial~   Or not.  Mythic Rulers da best.   4-0   Round 5: Denny Yu’s Hieratic Rulers   It’s the boy Denny!!! Who would of thought he went out to win the whole event hehe. I sit next to THE BASED LOLI this round as well. Gotta show him I am the REAL Lord of D.   G1: he does some hieratic stuff and eventually bladers my trooper and i lose the next turn. G2: i open bad and he eventually draws into eset su. zzzzz   4-1 :(   Round 6: Michael C.’s Mythic Rulers   Oh man… 1st round after a loss and I’m all shook up. Don’t be on tilt Pelvis! Just win!   G1: I open very well with felgrand and raigeki break. I eventually just poke him down through his mirror force and win. G2: I amount to a comeback where I big eye his star eater to kill his leo and set black horn.   ...yeah you really just read that.   He mst’s my backrow and big eyes and kills me tho :(.   G3: i open super super terrible this game. Oh no I lose   ….except he is too afraid to do anything at all and I eventually draw into shrine and steal the came with Trident.  Trident dragon, future best man at my wedding.     felgrandsSummoned = 3;   5-1   Round 7: Kenneth R.’s Spellbooks   Just one win, just one night can everything go well for me.  plz atem.     G1: I open felgrand and negate his blue boy and quickly take it from there. G2: he opens the nut of secret+temperance and i cry. G3: im fairly certain he has this one. he eventually outgrinds me by making catastor? veiler+blue boy. It gets to a point where i can only summon blaster once more, raigeki break set and he has catastor+one mystery card. He draws and secrets for fate and summons temperance.. -_-. I raigeki break temperance. I still have a chance!! I top deck skill drain and summon blaster and eventually wins. He told me he searched fate instead of wisdom because he was scared of drain?   felgrandsSummoned = 4;   6-1   Sadly enough everyone I room with except one person has all dropped from the tournament. The stress is on.   Round 8: Jonathan S.’s Dino Rabbits?   I played this guy at ARG Vegas last month and he played hieratics, so i assumed he played that. They come up to me and tell me i got my first feature!! whoot!   https://yugiohblog.konami.com/?p=17158   felgrandsSummoned = 5;   7-1   Round 9: Morgan A.’s Harpies   Last Round of the day! I gotta finish X-1!! I can top! i can do this!! I sit next to loli again this round. Gotta show him the broken techs yo.   G1: I have either a felgrand drain or stardust drain hand. I opt to go for the felgrand drain because I have no backrows to defend a stardust, and eventually win out because felgrand is the best monster in the game. G2: I derp out and don't bottomless a zephyros. I could’ve won this game if i did that oh well. G3: Stardust Drain wins out!~   felgrandsSummoned = 5;   8-1!   I feel like i can actually top! Mostly because this deck is fucking amazing.  I love you Welchy have my babies!!   Overall I’ve played 9 different decks in 9 rounds, pretty awkward, but bearable since Felgrand is an amazing card did you know.  Only 3 hours of rest the next night because my roommates stay up and I didn't want to be left out of the party xD.  Not getting any sleep at all was 110% the reason I didn’t top 8 because I know if I got the full 8 hours of sleep like Urthor told me I would have just gotten handed an amazing deck in draft, but what can you do.  Eventually I wake up at 6:30 am, go buy macarons because this is the 2nd most important thing for topping events (behind sleep) and then I head over to the convention center.   Round 10: Michael Balan’s Hieratic Rulers   I just wanted to win this match so i could top… dang it… Why YCS WINNER D:   G1: I open tempest felgrand and pass my turn. He books my felgrand to which i negate and den he goes off. Fuck you who runs blader at an event like this with no edragons, not pros like Elvis Vu that’s for sure!. G2: He opens really poorly, a picture of Barry’s highlights flashes across my mind,  and I channel heart of the cards, stack my deck, draw decently very decently and take it. G3: I open this game with double mst black horn and blue eyes. Why!?!??! I eventually grind it out until i eventually take the win! Horn is broken!!! 9-1   felgrandsSummoned = 6;   I TOPPED I TOPPED OMG!!! I GO TELL EVERYONE FROM EVERYWHERE AND THEY CONGRATULATE ME! I TOPPED MY FIRST YCS HAHAHA. THANK YOU WELCH!!!!!!   Round 11: Chancy Wigglestove A.K.A. Squiddy’s Mermails   I see that im playing the undefeated squiddy and sit down and get ready. Im debating on giving him the win for his 11-0 but 10-1 sounds so much better than 9-2 so i decide to play.   G1: I sit down and wait. and wait. and wait. Where’d he go? Game loss! G2: He was taking a dump or something and comes back tilted. He makes first turn gaios with 3 backrows and pass. I summon blaster to which he has the BTH. I know I’m probably losing this game by now but oh well. I summon tree and then water. For some reason he doesn't negate tree with AbyssGaios, probably due to immense diarrhea induced stomach pains, and I helio (lol what is this card, not a felgrand that’s for sure) him for the game winning punches.   10-1 EZZZZ YCSSS   I am literally so happy at this point. I can feel like i can take this event! I felt like the hype hahah. My friends wake up and get to the convention center, having proven decisively that Geargia is an awful deck and the Pedigo curse is real at this point, while I couldn't be happier! I ain't no bubbleman anymore hehehe.   Top 32: Jonathan V’s Mermails.   Welchy keeps telling me to win. win. win. To be honest I felt like i was already done with the event. I got my top, I’m happy.  It should be over.   G1: He otks me through stardust and drain. You can say i was shocked. G2: He overextends into torrential and i pick up momentum there with a clutch leo. G3: I open so slow i have to set trooper to not get otked. At this point i just want to give up. He picks off my trooper by just attacking with linde and i see hope. He eventually attacks me directly with both leed and a sphered megalo and go into gaios set debunk. I top deck messenger and feel like i can really win this! i summon and pass for the next few turns because of his dumb maxx c’s! eventually i am able to make a field of felgrand, stardust, skill drain and messenger to his gaios and 2 in hand. I feel so big right now. I burial back 3 edragons and summon everyone for the ultimate push!   In top 16 baby!! Honestly the draft takes so long. Denny is a butt and passes me all the bad cards while he takes all the broken stuff. I even it out by passing loli even worst cards though! hehehe. No wonder he won! hehehe. During draft i was under the impression the minimum amount of cards in a deck was 30 but i guess its really 40? I have 26 monsters in my deck… oh boy….   Top 16: Lenard H’s Draft Deck?   He seemed like a chill guy i guess. Im honestly fairly certain i lost because of my poor drafting.   G1: He has so much advantage over me. I think i lost. I summon Photon Wyvern and blow up literally everything! i win from there G2: he summons double card guards and eventually pushes my shit in even with my stalling with blizzard dragon. G3: Ancient Gear Golem, Destroyer of Worlds, proves exactly why he was an ultra rare in TLM while brain control was a super, RAPES HIS FACE!!   Made it to the PS3.  Such wow, imma champ, but forget that, I want that Giant Hand!   The trophy will be mineeeeeeeeeeeeeeee   Top 8: William Montes’s Draft Deck   Another feature?  Everyone loves featuring Chrstopher Welch’s deck Elvis.  Definitely Elvis.   https://yugiohblog.konami.com/?p=17306   Sorry I suck and got destroyed :(. If only i drafted better im fairly certain i wouldve won.   Well my YCS adventures ended here sadly enough. I really felt that he drafted a much better deck than mine oh well. Before this weekend, all i wanted was a top, and now i want a win! VIVA LAS VEGAS EVERYONE!   Shoutout to Gabe, Jason, Marc and Chad the people i rode with over there! couldnt have gottent here without you guys! Shoutout also to my locals Gigabyte games! Hi jhadd no shoutout for u. Thanks to Urthor for helping editing this report!  (editor’s note: funniest part is google docs is auto correcting my name to author hehe)    Most of all shoutout to my boy WELCHY!! He did all the testing and helped me with the deck! He is the best! Also shoutout to everyone i met over the weekend!   Great job to Denny Yu for winning the event. Yay! my first top omg!!!   I hope this isnt my only top ever and hope to top many more in the future. Thanks for reading my bland report dgz! I hope it wasn't too terrible!! :]  

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/HMUDVMiITOU" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> [spoiler] [/spoiler]   Monsters(20): 3 Grinder Golem 3 Volcanic Queen 3 Cardcar D 3 Battle Fader 3 Swift Scarecrow 2 Reptilianne Vaskii 2 Lava Golem 1 Destiny Hero - Plasma   Spells(14): 3 Owner's Seal 3 Pot of Duality 3 Scapegoat 2 Trade-In 2 Mystical Space Typhoon 1 Dark Hole   Traps(6): 3 Remove Brainwashing 2 Dimensional Prison 1 Torrential Tribute   Extra(15): 3 Chimeratech Fortress Dragon 1 Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand 1 Heliopolis 1 No. 15: Giant Grinder 1 No. 40: Puppet of Strings 1 No. 22: Zombiestein 1 Constellar Ptolemy M7 1 Hazy Flame Basiltrice 1 Gauntlet Launcher 1 Photon Strike Bounzer 1 Downerd Magician 1 Ghostrick Dullahan 1 Slacker Magician   Side Deck: 3 Cyber Dragon Core 1 Lava Golem 2 Soul Taker 1 Mystical Space Typhoon 2 Imperial Iron Wall 2 Deck Devastation Virus 2 Skill Drain 2 Xing Zhen Hu     I decided that if I end up going to YCS Vegas, I'm going to take something fun and degenerate as hell. Granted, we don't have Satan Santa Claws, so the deck is a little more reliant on my opponent having two monsters as opposed to just one. A few choices I've made that's worth pointing out: The lack of Nightmare Archfiends: Inconsistent and a bitch to successfully resolve. Dimensional Prison over Mirror Force: Beelze can get Prison'd, and I imagine 'savvy' duelists will drop one, hoping to turn that slow burn from Lava Golem into an asset. 3 Fader, 3 Scarecrow, 3 Scapegoats: The deck is a combo deck at heart, and these make Vaskii much more playable No Allure, 2 Trade-Ins: I want these dudes in hand, and this is only when I need to reach for an answer The lack of Normal Summonable monsters: I want this to be as streamlined as possible, and they seemed to clash with many of my options The Side Deck: 3 CyDra Cores: getting one against geargia means contact fusing their whole board at any point Xing Zhen Hu: Malevolent catastrophe could hurt me. Soul Taker: Pachy and friends need to die So, thoughts?