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Found 1 result

  1. Army of Darkness Mafia Day 3

    Players: 1: The Golden Tyranno 2: BuildtheWalia 3: Faint 4: Jazz 5: MacDude 6: The Antagonist 7: Sophocles 8: Broken Brillance 9: Malcolm 10: Logic 11: Sage Rules: Mafia cannot post in their QT during the day or contact each other outside of game/QT related to the game No players are allowed to discuss game outside of game Claiming is fine Days are 24 hours-ish and thread will autolock. Mods who post after the autolock will be modkilled if more than a minute after lock, post will be deleted otherwise. Autolock time will always be posted. nights are 18 hours to speed things up, or when everyone submits all actions. The mighty warrior from the Future, Ash, has arrived with his boom stick to get the rest of the primitive screwheads (...the townsfolk) to listen up and get him back to his time. Unfortunatly there's a deadite (scum) invasion going on so that'll just not do. The town must try and vote off a member of the deadites every day - town wins when all deadites are dead, scum wins when they achieve voting parity with town. Good luck, godspeed. The day will end at 2:00 PM EDT tomorrow by autolock. The extra 20 min is for me to finish sending role PMs