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Found 1 result

  1. New Years Mafia

    New Years Backup Mafia Gameplay/Rules: - 4 post quota per phase - 48 hr days / 24 hr nights - regardless of if NA's are submitted. - Days will shorten 24 hrs per scum death. - Day and Night will not be specified in the game title. Look for yourselves. - Scum will have a quicktopic to use for this game. Fuck discord. - Standard DGZ Mafia rules apply. - You can vote for yourself. - I will post vote counts when I can. - Majority ends day early. - Tie = No Lynch. - You can vote for no lynch. A No Lynch majority ends day early. - I will modkill at my own discretion. Be smart; you guys should know what is acceptable by now. - This will include asking for a sub in the game thread. Don't do that, PM me instead. - Any modkills will occur at the end of the day phase unless necessary to modkill ASAP. In the latter case, the modkill will end day early. - Don't scream about modkills/x should be modkilled stuff in thread. I will deal with it eventually. - We play under Backup 6 matrix. I rolled a die to choose the set up (Columns A,B,C are 4,5,6 respectively). https://wiki.mafiascum.net/index.php?title=Backup6 - PM me any game related questions. I may make a game announcement if necessary to prevent confusion. If you ask in thread I'm ignoring it. Roles: - The following power roles will operate as follows, but the role descriptions may not be the same from role pms. - Town Jailkeeper: Roleblock and protect one player per night. - Town Cop: Scan a player and get a Town or Scum result. - Town Doctor: Protect a player per night. You cannot self heal consecutive nights. - Town Universal Backup: You take on the first Town Power Role that dies. - Town Tracker: Watch where one player goes per night. - Mafia Roleblocker: Roleblock any player at night. - Mafia Roleblocker will resolve first over Town Jailkeeper. - Mafia Roleblocker can roleblock and carry out the same kill at night. Players: @TheGoldenTyranno @Jazz - Killed Night 2, Vanilla Town @BuildTheWalia @Sophocles - Killed Night 1, Vanilla Town @Solstice @Faint - Lynched Day 2, Vanilla Town @ニック - Lynched Day 1, Mafia Goon @Wunterslaus @Mascis