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Found 2 results

  1. For those who haven't kept up, Cyber Angel are the best deck. You can gain all cards through Alexis, except for Senju and Sonic Bird. Senju, Sonic Bird, Cyber Petit Angel. Ideally you play 2/3 of each (or some do 1 Bird 3 senju), but from a budget PoV Senju is more important than Sonic Bird: since you can just play more ritual spells to compensate, but you can't play more than 3 Dakini 3 Benthem 1 Idaten (which you want to do). These cards are the best cards of the deck for multiple reasons. They tutor every card you need, Senju/Angel are searchable, they provide a good T1 play if you go first, they make OTK's possible, but most importantly it means you can end on 2 monsters if you ritual summon. This is important since duel links has no MP2, so even ending on a weak monster like Petit Angel + Dakini means if your opp uses Dakini, you can send Petit Angel to the graveyard. This also prevents OTK's. If you leave your field with 0 or 1 monster no Sphere Kuriboh or defensive S/T, you'll often get OTK'd in the mirror. You don't want to play too many non-engine pieces, maybe 2/3 is correct atm. The most important one is Enemy Controller, since it blocks OTK's, makes OTK's possible, and you can chain it to your opponent's Dakini. If you don't have Bird/Senju yet, you could play Dimensional Alchemist as a temporary replacement. Best skill is likely Balance or Restart for consistency: the only downside of balance is you'd want to run 5 ritual spells to open 1, but if you play E-Con this conflicts. You could play Sphere Kuriboh instead, but the card is less powerful than E-Con. Example decks (not including more than 2 pack UR's per deck because most don't have them. If you do have them, I think 1-3 Sonic Bird and 3 Senju are correct.) Balance 2 Sphere Kuriboh 2 Senju 1 Sonic Bird 2 Petit Angel 3 Dakini 1 Idaten 3 Benten 3 Angel Ritual 2 Absolute Ritual 1 Free spot (Sphere Kuriboh, a Trap, Senju, Bird, or Dimensional Alchemist for example). Spell count must be 5 but monster / trap can be 14/1: that means you draw 2 monsters and the last draw has 4/5 odds of being a monster and 1/5 odds of being a trap. Could also do more traps instead of Sphere Kuriboh. Restart 2 Cyber Petit Angel 2 Senju 1 Sonic Bird 3 Dakini 1 Idaten 3 Benten 3 Enemy Controller 3 Angel Ritual 2 Absolute Ritual Possible good traps: Divine Wrath is an out to Horus/Dark Paladin that is also decent in the mirror and vs rogue. (Hit Senju/Angel/Bird, if you try to hit the rituals you'll get fucked by timing if they Benten, or they banish the ritual spell from grave). I generally don't think negating a spell is ever worth it (Magic Jammer/Providence) since they can have a 2nd copy easily. Cursed Seal however, may be nuts going first. I don't think Mirror Wall, Headlong etc. are good because of Dakini. And spells don't out Dark Paladin either. I don't think Cyber Gymnast is good because people can / will / should summon stuff in defense pretty often. Discuss the best deck this game has ever seen, by far.
  2. I created this thread because I really couldn't find one similar to it, and I think this is a topic worthy of discussion. If there is another thread similar to this, one of you mods out there please enlighten me. If I am in the wrong subforum, yeah, please enlighten me about that too.   The question is simple: Which deck/decks do you think can be described as "best" in the history of the game? At some point some or all of us have been involved in some sort of discussion over this topic. It might not be the kind of discussion that will push you over the edge competitively, but i find it strange if someone who has played the game for a long time at a competitive level does not wonder which deck would stand atop all others.   Decks like Dragon Rulers or Tele-DAD, the "tier 0" decks, are often referred to as the "best decks" because of their ridiculous dominance over everything else during their peak. But are they really the best decks the game has ever seen? And, more importantly, how are we definining a deck as "best"?   Ideally, the solution would be simple. Use a universal banlist and test everything against everything else. "Full-powered Dragon Rulers" vs "Full Nekroz" for example. However, in practice, this is not so easy.   -First off, because it would require a significant portion of one's time to do, and the players who are competitive enough to know how to use these decks correctly don't have the time, or the will, to test unbanned decks for fun's sake. You can find several Youtube duels of people using "full-powered" decks with a common banlist, but the majority of them suck so bad it's painful to watch, much less draw any conclusions from.   -The second big problem is what kind of universal banlist to use. I will explain what I mean. Obviously, everyone knows what a "full-powered" deck looks like as far as the core of the deck is concerned. However, deck choices, and therefore what the deck eventually ends up looking like, is format-based on the respective metagame the deck was created in. On top of that, the availability of certain cards, which is banlist-specific, itself shapes the picture of what deck is best for that banlist. An example is Soul Charge. With Soul Charge at 3, the best deck will inevitably be a deck that abuses Soul Charge. Therefore, if we consider our "universal banlist" to be including Soul Charge at 3, the decks that will be at the very top will probably be the ones that were created in the format which had Soul Charge at 3. And, quite possibly, decks like 2009 Zombies or 2013 Dragon Rulers would look very different if Soul Charge was a card they could use, and abuse.   So in my eyes, the "best" deck is defined relatively - in terms of how dominant it was in its own metagame and in terms of its maximum ceiling. An additional criterion I usually use is how well a deck can adapt to hits to its core engine (Blackwings, for example, are probably a top deck in that regard, as it took multiple hits to their engine over several banlists to sufficiently neuter them, and to my knowledge they are the only deck to have featured in two consecutive Worlds Finals) - however, that criterion does not necessarily imply the deck was better than everything else in any of its formats, so I can understand if it is excluded from such discussions.   As a point of reference, the decks I personally consider to be the best in the history of the game (in no particular order):   -Dragon Rulers -Tele-DAD -Spellbook (with Judgment) -Gladiator Beast -Frog FTK   [I can provide explanations for my selections if necessary, but I'd like to see how the thread goes before continuing to rant more]