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Found 1 result

  1. Best Manga

    I would like to take a moment and discuss what I find, personally to be the best manga. Naturally, our opinions will diverge as everyone has their own tastes and preferences - Which is totally acceptable, as we are all human - so we needn't agree completely. However, I find this particular manga to be inspiring through its story, artstyle, and overall feel. Berserk is just amazing. Its story, art, dark themes, everything about it is exemplary. It's truly a masterpiece in modern/old manga. The only other manga I consider to come close to being quite like Berserk is Vagabond, another brilliant manga. Why do I refer to this piece of literature as a masterpiece? Let's start simple, the artwork: As you can clearly see, the author (Kentaro Miura) puts a quite a bit of effort in his artwork -- each panel I dare say belongs in an art museum. Detailed, expressional, and picturesque. Each panel gives you a feeling, it expresses something with the imagery without the necessity to verbally describe what is occurring: Daunting, chaotic, dread, sorrow, peaceful, etc. It also leaves you in awe of its beauty, even if it is... gory. But not only is it utilized to express certain characteristics, but also to convey the story as well. It is essentially a movie on paper, each scene meticulously crafted. But how's the story? Is it truly worth reading? Well, if you're into Dark Fantasy, by golly it is! Like its inspiration (Devilman), it doesn't shy away from violence, gore, or sex. Allow me to give you a quick summary: The protagonist, Guts, was born from a dead whore and was fostered by a soldier who vigorously physically/sexually abused him. Since the day of his birth, all he knew was being a warrior: Slaughtering all in his wake, including his foster father. Eventually he joins a vagabond group known as the Band of the Falcon the leader of which being Griffith, who Guts later greatly admires [Note that he joined the Band because he lost to Griffith in a duel]. This band's, or should I say Griffith's motivation is to set the world right leading it into a new age. Casca, an apt sowrdswoman of this group, falls in love with Guts (still deeply "admires" Griffith) and the two become a couple for a time. Until Griffith has sexual intercourse with the kings daughter, was tortured and mutilated, and opened the Gates of Hell on his band to save himself and become a living God -- raping Casca in the process, causing Guts to cut his arm off with a broken sword in anger. I won't spoil anymore as it gets incredibly good beyond this point. But despite all of the action and the dark themes, Berserk always remains "quiet" in a sense (returning to its "picturesque" way of story-telling here). It is intense, sure, but there isn't any godd**n frying pan noises when he swings his sword (don't, DON'T watch Berserk 2016/17) btw)... hrm, sorry. Anyway, which is part of its aesthetic. It presents with a story and there's no "noise" distracting you from it. Not saying that kinetic-type manga aren't good, I bloody love My Hero Academia!. However, Berserk doesn't need it, both for the fighting sequences and leaving you at the edge of your seat. But not only is it the aesthetic of the way it presents the story, but also how relatable it is: Discovering your identity in the ones you walk aside, finding redemption, looking for a cause to fight for, a bit of sword-swinging demon-slaying vengeance on the side. Well all look for (the first three) these things, and we can see ourselves in the various characters in the story. Just read it, if you don't mind rape/gore/violence. It's truly a brilliant piece of work. So, what's your opinion on Berserk? What do you consider to be the best manga? Let me know!!!