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Found 1 result

  1. Apparently Ice Cream Mafia

    1. @ZeroPassion 2. @Sophocles 3. @iSlickz 4. @TheGoldenTyranno 5. @Nelrick 6. @muh 100 godzillion 7. @Gemstone Mine 8. @Winter Multi 9. @Malcolm 10. The Antagonist 11. 2k17 12. Markus 13. Mascis Day phases are 24h, Night Phases are 24h or until everything is submited. Dont be a dick dont be a bitch dont be an asshole because I like devouring ice cream full claim standard rules of the section apply Set up: 3 scum ice creams 7 vanilla (pun intended) ice creams 3 good ice creams that may be: 0-1 cop ice cream 0-1 Jailkeeper Ice cream 0-1 Tracker Ice cream 0-1 kid who wants ice cream 0-1 2-shot vig ice cream Day 1 The morning rose in confuse rei's ice cream truck. Confuse rei got up, knowing another hard day of work was ahead of him. Things havent been going well lately. He wanted to host a simple fucking mafia game with 0 effort to get the section going but Nelrick decided to announce to the world that he wanted ice cream, so confuse rei embraced his new role as a stereotypical pedophile, bought a van and started his day. "14 flavors are more than enough to get all the kids inside my van!", he exclaimed, surprisingly okay with his life choices. He went through his pedophile gear. "A net, a grappling hook, 50ft of rope, ruffies to put inside their ice creams, a small crane for the ruffied fat kids that are hard to pick up from the floor.. All set." He then opened up the refridgerator with the ice cream.. Only to find out that 1 flavor had melted! "Fucking piece of shit Refridgerator!", he shouted angrily to the ice cream preserving machine. "I knew I should have gone with the lollipop tactic!". He closed the door and opened for business. But was it really a weirdly specific technological mishap? Or do some ice creams not go well with others?