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Found 1 result

  1. 3 Ash 2 Ogre 2 Droll 1 Reitaliating 1 Maxx 3 Witch 3 Squa 3 Aleister 2 Hedgehog 1 Dragon 3 Ties of The Brethren 3 Instant Fusion 3 Knowledge 2 Secrets 2 Wonder Wand 2 Desires 2 Invocation 2 El Shaddoll Side Deck I have no idea at the moment Extra Deck 1 Brethren Target 1 Thousand Eyes 3 Winda 1 Shek 1 Akashic 1 Proxy 1 Talker 2 Mechaba 2 Raidjin 1 Purg 1 Coytus I was just trying to mess around to see if I could make a deck that can main a shit ton of hand traps, still function properly, and have a good spyral matchup while not completely sucking dick against the other decks of the format. Basically if you open brethren + spellcaster you bring out doll/ witch or whatever piece you are missing, draw a lot of cards, search droll/ maxx/ retaliating set el shaddoll, have winda backed up by a bunch of hand traps. If you don't open brethren you just try to draw through your deck, and play handtrap.invoked deck. Main issue thus far I have ran into with brief testing is drone attack gain is such a minus as you have to discard an aleister in order to keep your winda up so you just don't lose, and that sucks dick, True Draco would probably be the worst matchup as most of your hand traps do nothing there and they give no fucks about winda. Some ideas, side ideas would be appreciated. Kinda want to play allure here so that using invocation as a standard poly is a viable play with the dolls.