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Found 1 result

  1. For only 60 dollars

    I can teach you all the combos for rapid pedophile take down. Hello, I'm Markus, an internet enthusiast and pedophile bait. I absolutely have no money or job whatsoever! I watched my laptop get fried in front of me and I could have really used a hard drive a few months back. I just posted on duelistgroundz on my phone. I posted and posted and posted until I got lots of pos rep and had fun! I really wanted to be able to make posts easier. I wanted to get the most pos rep in the world - Like rei. The only problem was that I had no money. I tried every method to get a decent job. I tried taking classes so I could get certifications. I tried applying to work at grocery stores, but I just wasn't seeing the success that I wanted. I thought I just had to graduate. I thought there was more. But what were those things? Those critical things that could get me $$$ so I could buy things I needed. One day I met buckwheatloaf. Everything he had been trying to do was wrong! Yeah writing this parody, I can't fit in all the details without breaking character. Ahem. So a couple months ago I met a user named buckwheatloaf on this site. He used to post about killing the Jews and being a Nazi and whatnot, and I saw his posts and just laughed. He posted regularly in YGO but everywhere else he was really fucking weird. Lol some really odd stuff happened with this guy. I remember during thanksgiving bucky sent me a status that said "Got u a raccoon for thanksgiving!" with a painting of a raccoon he drew, and guess fucking what? There was an actual raccoon at my fucking house on thanksgiving. What the fuck. I started getting really weird and uncomfortable vibes from Bucky, but I just brushed it off as a coincidence. I still think it is, but you know, it's still pretty funny lmao. Yeah eventually bucky and I had become sort of friends because I supported his shitposting and he liked that. One day he sent me a message called TYRANNO IS CREEPING ON US because as we all know, you cannot hide any single post, topic, status, or section from TheGoldenTyranno. He ended up pming me a pretty awkward situation, which I decided to see if it was legit or not. I thought it was pretty funny actually. to which I responded with this was me testing how serious this was, and you know, he listened, he showed me pictures of him in a collar with his shirt off. Bucky and I talked for a little while and asked if he could buy me stuff, and you know, I admit, it was kind of dumb, but I agreed to it. I gave him my address for him to send me things. I could have really used that $60 hard drive. I was sick of just using my phone, or currently, I am stuck with windows XP. Recently, buckwheatloaf has probably figured that I told you guys that I was gonna have him buy me things. He left the DGz discord and he hasn't responded to the Tyranno is creeping on us PM in 4 days. It's kind of spooky. I made kind of a joke out of things, but yeah he knows where I live. That's kind of scary. I had asked MMF if I could use his address but I never got an answer from him. lol. I think I'll be alright though, after all I do martial arts, Texas has laws that if he breaks into my home I can kill him and I have some pretty cool pocket knives to chop him up with if he actually comes after me. Anyways this smash'd thread is to show everyone that buckwheatloaf is a pedophile, as I'm underage. I also have naked pictures of him that I will post in the loyalist section. I'll link it in the thread. Remember, you can buy me a new hard drive for only $60. :3 Thanks. You can ask me any questions relating to the situation. I'll even screenshot the whole PM between us. Behold the "safe for work" (basically non dick or asshole) imagery that I will put into a spoiler. You guys also should have nominated me for king of the forum.