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Found 5 results

  1. Shardbound

    Anyone playing this? Came onto Steam as early access a few days ago and it's pretty good - seems to have fairly minimal RNG and a high skill cap from what i've played so far. http://store.steampowered.com/app/586030/
  2. Hearthstone is a free to play, virtual collectable card game by Blizzard Entertainment, based in the Warcraft Universe. What is Hearthstone? (Videos)
  3. Complexity Card Gaming are hosting a major tour stop in Lille due to YCS Lille being cancelled by Konami. Great news for everyone who had non-refundable travel or accomodation, extremely quick thinking to get something arranged in under 2 weeks. I think a lot of the playerbase will be grateful for this.     ===============================   Details:     Date:   5th/6th December 2015   Venue:   Stadium Lille Metropole Avenue de la Chatellenie 59650 Villeneuve-d'Ascq France   http://www.stadium-lillemetropole.fr/     Prize Support:   €1500 Prize Pool in vouchers for yugiohcardmarket.eu + Travel & Accomodation to ARG Finals in USA available Also, side-events will take place for 4 different 3D Custom Art (CCG Prize) Cards   Other Details:   Entry fee - €20 Registration starts at 10AM on Saturday, tournament kicks off 11AM Some side-events have been announced, there is a cross-banlist side-event where you can play under any banlist from 2008-2015 (no cards released after your chosen banlist are allowed) where you can win a flight to another CCG Major Tour Stop   ===========================   Figured I'd make a thread for this since I didn't see one, we had Lille all booked so were going anyway regardless of the YCS, so this will be nice to go to.   Anyone else going?
  4. Top 8 - MTS Lille

    CCG - MTS Lille - Top 8 Report     Hi all, so we plan on going to YCS Lille, but it gets cancelled. CCG did a great job planning an Major Tour Stop for the same date in such short notice, it meant everyone who had non-refundable travel had something to enjoy whilst in Lille.   So #TeamScotland travel down by train/eurostar on the Thursday, we get to Lille Thursday evening, explore a bit, drink etc. On Friday night we went clubbing till 3.30am because that's the best way to practice for the event. Earlier on the Friday i decided to play Odd-Eyes Magician, the deck was better going 1st than Pepe Magicians and didn't rely on opening Draco/Plush/Wavering as much.    I had done lots of testing up until they cancelled Lille, but none in the 2 weeks prior to the event so I had to re-learn things quickly.   I had tested Pepe Magician a lot in online tournaments but decided last-minute that I preferred the Odd-Eyes build (something just clicked) The list does have theory behind it, some things I would change but here's the list I decided to play:     ==================   Main(40):   Mons(27): 3 Performapal Skullcrobat Joker 3 Wisdom-Eye Magician 3 Oafdragon Magician 3 Dragonpit Magician 1 Xiangke Magician 1 Noble Dragon Magician 3 Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon 3 Majespecter Unicorn - Kirin 1 Majespecter Raccoon - Bunbuku 2 Luster Pendulum, Dracoslayer 1 Archfiend Eccentrick 2 Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit 1 Psi-Blocker     Spells(13): 3 Wavering Eyes 3 Upstart Goblin 3 Sky Iris 1 Odd-Eyes Fusion 1 Terraforming 2 Pendulum Call   Extra(15): 2 Odd-Eyes Vortex Dragon 2 Odd-Eyes Absolute Dragon 1 Odd-Eyes Meteorburst Dragon 1 Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon 1 Big Eye 1 Norito the Moral Leader 1 Utopia Beyond 1 Abyss Dweller 1 Castel, Skyblaster 1 Cairngorgon 1 Majester Paladin 1 Performapal Trapeze Magician 1 Ignister Prominence, Dracoslayer   Side(15): 3 Anti-Spell Fragrance 3 Mystical Space Typhoon 1 Psi-Blocker 1 Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress 2 Denko Sekka 3 The Monarchs Stormforth 2 Majesty's Fiend   ==========     So about the deck, i'll quickly just discuss some of the more obscure choices. 1 mained Psi-Blocker was just a 40th card, Psi outs every floodgate and since it is the beginning of a new format there were all sorts of different floodgates, and Psi Blocker covers all bases. I figured Anti-Spell was going to be huge a this event. You dont use the normal summon much in this deck other than with Joker, you can Pend Psi-Blocker as well, and call stuff like Wavering/Dragonpit so the opponent cant play in the mirror. I sided a 2nd vs a lot of decks, even against Kozmo it can out Dark Destroyer. Card is lit.   I played 0 Dragonpulse Magician, I never really needed it for anything, popping a monster is almost usually bad this format (most you cant even destroy) and Oafdragon was always a better scale, I chose Xiangke over it because it was a L7 beater and has more synergy with the Odd-Eyes stuff. I could potentially cut the Luster Pendulum, I just wanted Ignister access vs the  majority of the field, but they make bad hands worse and Luster did conflict with my hands a few times during the tournament.   Kirin is the best card in this variant by a mile, it single-handedly beats Tellars/BA, and goes a huge way to beating Pepe Magician variants. It is an absolute powerhouse and better than Avian in almost every way (except Avian being able to negate Wavering) - I played 0 Avian because it is a brick card that has no synergy with the deck, Unicorn combos with Iris, Wavering, bounces Crobat to hand, and is just a far better consistant card. Avian is good standalone defence but I don't think the deck needs it, if you have a good hand you can make things like Norito, Absolute, Vortex or R4s for defence, and they sit in the Extra Deck until you need them, they don't clog your hands.   I played 0 Traps, traps are generally bad in the Pendulum mirror. Going 2nd you have less cards to break their board, and if you only play a couple of traps then you are primarily setting lone backrow, which are very easily Dire Wolfed/DragonPitted in the mirror, so I didn't feel I could rely on traps for a substantial defence. The only defensive cards I played in the main deck were Wavering Eyes & Ghost Ogre. Wavering is a combo card as well as the best card in the mirror, so many interactions I can't see why any Pendulum deck would play less than 3 this format. Ghost Ogre is like a trap but is harder to read, doesn't get sniped by the usual S/T Destruction, is good going 1st and going 2nd, can be used offensively to out things like Avian, and can be Pendulum summoned to make Meteorbursts and combo off, it was everything I wanted in a card, I would have played 3 if it didn't have a hard OPT clause.   This tournament was especially cool to play in as it rewarded proper deckbuilding, since it was the first event of this format, so netdecking ability was limited, every person I played had some kind of different Pendulum build which was pretty cool. If anyone has any questions about the deck just reply, but I'll get on with the actual report:   So, with 3 hours sleep we turn up at the event, I grab some energy juice to try and get rid of my hangover, I pick up some of the last cards I need (Odd-Eyes Fusion & Anti-Spells) from the vendor and get ready to go 0-3 drop. Tournament was 250ish players, and it would be 8 rounds Swiss and cut to T16.   Bear in mind I played vs a lot of Pendulum so some games may be mixed up.     Round 1 - Jordan Gallagher (Team Scotland) - Pepe Magician:   So I get paired against my team-mate R1, literally all my Odd-Eyes testing was against him, so we know each other's decks inside out. Game 1 I misplay in my hungover state and basically punt the game to him by leaving nothing in my Extra for Vortex to negate his set card (which turned out to be Wavering)   Game 2 I play some mind-games and choose 1st with my sided Anti-Spells. I Anti-Spell with a weak hand and he locks me under my own Anti-Spell with Cairngorgon + a monster. I savagely flip my Odd-Eyes Fusion and take the game from there having him locked out with Anti-Spell/Vortex. Game 3, he makes me go first, I open Anti-Spell with another weak hand, and he has the Lyla to pop it and kill me from there.   [0-1]   Round 2  - Pepe Magician   I lose the dice roll, get put in first, and can't establish a defensive board, I Odd-Eyes to fix my hand and get killed. Game 2 he goes 1st and I think he tries to Luster/Cone but I have the Ghost Ogre for the Luster, he makes Feral Imps + something and I Crobat for Wisdom, Iris the Crobat for Fusion, Fusion to lock out his backrow and control the game from there with Double Wisdom plays. Game 3 he makes me go first, I open Anti-Spell and I play 2 generic scales + Anti-Spell and it gets me there as he can't out the Anti-Spell.   [1-1]   Round 3 - OddEyes Magician   I make him go first, he Pendulum Calls, summons Avian and passes, I have an average hand, but I have a Ghost Ogre so i'm able to out the Avian and put up some sort of board, he comes back into the game with an Odd-Eyes Fusion, we deplete each other's resources and we eventually reach a stalemate with our boards being scales and a Vortex face-up, but I'm up one draw, I draw a pretty savage Wavering and kill him.  Game 2 I have no recollection of, but I did win it (pretty sure without resolving Wavering)   [2-1]   Round 4  - Pepe Magicians   I have no idea what happened in any of these games, I think I made Unicorn a bunch of times and it put in work, it was 2-0.   [3-1]   Round 5 - Tellarknights   Surprised me to see Tellars, basically he goes 1st, opens Deneb + set 4, it was double Alpha and other good backrow, I actually grind through pretty much all of it using Unicorn, but he can clear one of my scales and flips Anti-Spell to seal G1. Game 2, he does pretty much the same thing, Deneb, set 3, I open a good hand + Denko so I Denko and he doesn't have the Warning, I then kill him with Trapeze + Unicorn + Denko after bouncing his Deneb and another Pend. G3 he makes me go 1st and my hand is Unicorn, 2 Dragonpit and 2 MST, so I just pass. He summons Unuk and sets 2. I draw a 2nd Unicorn  and just have to pray Unicorn gets me there. I MST both his backrow (Scythe + Moraltach fs) and play Unicorn/Pit in scales and summon Unicorn. I stall on a unicorn bouncing his 1 XYZ per turn for about 3 turns before i gather enough resources in hand to control the game.   [4-1]   Round 6 -  Kozmo   We get an immediate deck check and my opponent was missing Extra Deck cards, so he gets a game loss and is told to replace the cards within 3 minutes, luckily he is friends with the vendor and manages to get them. I actually argue not for a game loss since that's shady af but judge gives him one anyway. He makes me go first G2, and there is no siding. I know he's playing Kozmo so I make double Odd-Eyes Absolute Dragon T1 and pass. He plays Kozmotown, shuffles some in, plays another one, shuffles some in and shows me his hand of brick + traps and just scoops.   [5-1]   Round 7 - Pepe Magicians   Not entirely sure what happens, but he doesn't have a great hand either game, I think he goes 1st and sets Plush T1, I control the game with Unicorn and win G1, then I anti-spell G2 and it gets me there.   [6-1]   Round 8 - Pepe Magicians?    I think this was Pepe magicians my memory is really hazy and since it was a long game I should really remember. I think I lose G1, and win G2, then in G3 I'm put in first and I open Paladin + Norito + Kirin with a really strong hand and it costs him too many resources to get past it. I control the game and have about 6-7 cards to break a weak board, which I do, and I have Wavering set if he tops his own Wavering. This guy was playing really slowly but I believe it was honest intentions, the judges were watching all the top tables games really closely (for IDs i assume) and their was an issue in G3 where a table judge called HJ over after warning my opp a few times for slow playing, I basically told them to let us play and HJ agreed which was pretty chill, the judges were far easier to talk to than any Konami event I've attended.    [7-1]   So I had T16d which was awesome, I had to go X-1 to top since my tiebreakers were bad after losing R1, I think only a couple of X-2s made the T16. It was pretty much all Pendu variants in the top with 1 Tellar/1 BA. 0 Kozmo that deck is so trash RIP in pepperoni. I finished 6th in Swiss I think.   Because of the coverage most of the T16 knew what each other was playing, so when pairings went up I knew I was playing the mirror.     T16 - Patrizo Spadoni - Odd/Eyes Magicians   Lithium2300 recorded this match so it should be up on Youtube at some point, in Game 1 I don't open well at all, from what I can remember I just get wrecked fairly quickly. In G2 I make him go first, again I don't have a great hand but I can put up a little bit of a board, and I have only Odd-Eyes Fusion in hand. He breaks my board and leaves Unicorn + a guy up, I draw Psi-Blocker, use Odd-Eyes Fusion to make Vortex, summon Psi-Blocker to call Unicorn so he can't  summon it next turn, he draws another Unicorn for turn, uses it to pop one of my scales. I'm in control of the game since I can call Unicorn again to leave him with a topdeck, but I draw Wavering to seal the win anyway.   In Game 3 he makes me go 1st and I am able to make Norito + Paladin T1 with Ghost Ogre in hand. He tries to bait Norito so many times, I ghost Ogre his Sky Iris, I'm basically playing around Wavering/hard drawn Odd-Eyes Fusion, since I have no counter to either of them. I allow him to play his normal cards I think he has scales and is left with 3 in hand. I figure if he has the Wavering he can Castel my Norito and play it anyway, but by forcing him to do that he wastes some of his Pend Summon and depending on my topdeck I may still be in the game. Thankfully he doesn't have Wavering either, he pends a 2nd Crobat makes Paladin and passes. I kill him the next turn and he shows me the Odd-Eyes Fusion in hand, he couldn't bait my Norito to use it.   T8 - Odd-Eyes Magicians   So this match was on stream, G1 my hand is really bad, I summon Raccoon search Kirin and set Odd-Eyes Fusion and pass. My opponent summons T-King set 2, and I draw pass for a turn. He summons Luster Pendulum and plays beatdown, under the impression Rai-Oh is locking my hand. It isn't, my hand is just trash. I flip the Odd-Eyes Fusion and make a free Vortex, bouncing the T King. My hand isn't able to bait out a Wavering and still play scales, so I just have to go for it, and hope he doesn't have Double Wavering, since he has like 7-8 in hand. I play Crobat, get Wisdom, play Double Wisdom in scales, he flips Wavering, I negate w/Vortex and he flips the 2nd Wavering.    In Game 2 I put my opp in first, and he Pendulum Calls I think (or has scales) and Pend summons a Kaiju guy, an Odd-Eyes and a Mechanical Hound from hand, makes Absolute Dragon to protect Hound and passes. I haven't a great hand but I can beat the Hound, I summon Psi-Blocker, negate Mechanical Hound, do some Pendulum stuff and make Absolute Dragon + Xiangke. My play was going to be to clear his board and end with a Vortex incase he tops Odd-Eyes Fusion/Wavering Eyes for 4. I realise in hindsight there was a safer way to make this play, but anyway, I attack with Xiangke and use player priority to negate my own attack with Odd-Eyes ABsolute, I was under the impression his Absolute couldn't chain to mine (like the old Utopia rulings) - so the Judges comes and clears up the situation and not only can he chain Absolute to my Absolute, but it makes my Absolute resolve without special summon. This means I'm unable to special my Meteorburst, and I'm left with a board that can't break his. I could have made Big-Eye first to steal his Absolute and made the same play, but I didn't realise that until after the game. So I passed and got killed, and lost the T8 match.   ===================   Overall the tournament was great, it was really well ran by CCG and a lot of the judges/staff/coverage was all decent. Danny from #TeamScotland won the win-a-flight side event + a 3D Prize Card which was pretty cool. There were also Goat Format and Cross-Banlist events that were a nice change from the norm.   We party back at the hotel on Sunday night, someone gets their phone stolen by a hooker, the usual really. Thankfully we didn't cause €2000 of damage this time around.   Shoutouts to GlasgowYGO/HendoYGO also to Harry/Ollie/Zack and the Romanians we chilled with throughout the tournament. Also to CCG for putting on a great event with like 2 weeks notice.   #TeamScotland                  
  5.   CCG Championship Series: Challenge Tour Stop - Ljubljana   Price: 15€ Date: Sunday, March 15. 2015 Time: 9.00-20.00 Venue: Slovenijales, 10th floor, Dunajska 22, 1000 Ljubljana Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia     CCG Challenge Tour Stop/cardtraders.eu OPEN   Every player recieves a booster pack upon registration.   65-84 players 7 rounds Swissa and Top 8 1st place Playmat + 150€ for yugioh.tcgmarket.eu + Booster box 2nd place Playmat + 2 Sealed Booster Boxes 3rd place Playmat + 1 Sealed Booster Box 4th place Playmat + 1 Sealed Booster Box 5.-8. place Playmat + 12 Booster packs   More info: open@cardtraders.eu or www.facebook.com/cardtraders.eu    Full F.A.Q.: [spoiler] CCG Challenge Tour Stop cardtraders.eu OPEN F.A.Q. Q: What is cardtraders.eu OPEN? A: Cardtraders.eu OPEN is the biggest Slovenian tournament with players from Slovenia and abroad, great prizes, coverage and side events. Everyone invited, no limitations! A whole day of Yugioh! At one of our previous OPENs we have had 103 players from Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Serbia and USA. This time we combined powers with a well known European team Complexity Card Gaming (CCG). OPEN has become part of their CCG Champion Series as a Challenge Tour Stop. More about that at http://www.complexitycardgaming.com/tournaments/. With this collaboration we expect even more players and a more competitive playing field. Q: When and where? A: Sunday, 15th of March 2015 Registration 8.00-9.30 Start 10.00! Slovenijales commerce building, 10th floor, Dunajska 22, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia Q: Entry fee? A: Entry for the Main event is 15€. Every player recieves a booster pack. Q: Whad do you need? A: A Decklist, trading cards, money for registration and lunch. Print the decklists, insert final changes later.   Q: Structure and prizes?   A: 33-64 players 6 rounds Swiss and Top8 1st place Playmat + 150€ voucher for yugioh.cardmarket.eu + 12 Boosters 2nd place Playmat + 36 Booster packs 3rd place Playmat + 18 Booster packs 4th place Playmat + 18 Booster packs 5.-8. place Playmat + 9 Booster packs   65-84 players 7 rounds Swiss and Top 8 1st place Playmat + 150€ for yugioh.tcgmarket.eu + Booster box 2nd place Playmat + 2 Sealed Booster Boxes 3rd place Playmat + 1 Sealed Booster Box 4th place Playmat + 1 Sealed Booster Box 5.-8. place Playmat + 12 Booster packs   85-128 players 7 rounds Swiss and Top 8 1st place Playmat + 150€ voucher for yugioh.tcgmarket.eu + 36 Boosters 2nd place Playmat + 60 Booster packs 3rd place Playmat + 36 Booster packs 4th place Playmat + 36 Booster packs 5.-8. place Playmat + 18 Booster packs   129+ players 8 rounds Swiss and Top 16 Insane prizes Q: Tournament format? A: We play Yugioh Advanced – Constructed format. 1.1.2015 Konami F&L list. A: That means you use your own cards, decks that abide by the restrictions set by Konami in the 1.1.2015 Forbidden and Limited cards list. A: It is suggested you familiarize yourself with the following documents found on yugioh-card.com. TCG Tournament Policy KDE-E Penalty Guidelines Yu-Gi-Oh TCG Tournament Policy A: A Swiss round is limited to 35 minutes. Top cut is limited to 45 minutes per round. There are no Draws (ties). We follow the End of match procedure for tier 1 events set by Konami in TCG Tournament policies (3 extra turns). Q: Need sleeves, cards, binders, playmats, food? A: You will be able to buy booster packs, sleeves, tinboxes, single cards and other merchandise. Extra low prices of Yugioh product. A: You will also be able to order food (wiener snitzel, pizza, pasta…) and drinks.   Q: Time frame: Registration 8.00-10.00 Swiss round 1 Swiss round 2 Swiss round 3 Swiss round 4 10.00-13.00 Lunch break Start of Side events 13.00-14.00 Swiss round 5 Swiss round 6 14.00-15.30 Swiss round 7 15.30-16.30 Top cut 16.30-19.30 Q: Rules and judging? A: We play by Konami rules, for those are the only official rules for Yugioh. That includes judging and structure with only a few differences. Head Judge is Matej Jakob, who has the neccessary experience from judging YCS events all over Europe. Familiarize yourselves with basic rules and judging knowledge from above documents. Q: If I lose? A: If you lose a game do not worry. Swiss system means you are not eliminated from the tournament. You may resign from the Main event at any time and join Side events or watch and trade. A: Some popular Side events: Side event: Entry: Structure: Prizes: When? Win-a-box |10€ | 8 players, 3 rounds | Booster box for 1st | Non-stop Win-a-tinbox | 3€ | 8 players, 3 rounds | Tinbox for 1st | Non-stop Hero Strike - Sealed | 12€ | 8 players, 3 rounds | Super Edition for 1st | Non-stop Q: Parents and responsibility? A: Parents are invited, but by our experience you will be bored quickly as it can drag. Participants are gathered in the event venue on their own responsibility. Basic safety features will be in use, but there will be no animators for children. It is smart to mind your belongings. By experience these events are not violent, do not promote drinking or bad company. It is a hall full of players brought together by the love for our game of Yugioh! A: The event will be filmed, photographed, interviewed and media covered in other ways. Who does not wish their photos posted online on our portal and facebook page can let us know at open@cardtraders.eu. Q: I have more questions, who to contact? A: Anyone with any question can reach us at open@cardtraders.eu. [/spoiler]