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Found 1 result

  1. What's good it's your boy spuds here comin at you with another one of them deck profils, i mean tourney reports. So another #tbt to 3 weeks before nats/wcq weekend, ive been out of the game for 6 months and have no idea what nekroz do. I decide to start trying to get back into it because i want to go to worlds atleast once before i quit ygo for good, anyways all i hear is about how nekroz is just busted, and i start playing the deck then realize it is quite difficult. I grind on dn with it a bit and start getting quite good with the deck, but still lose to mirrors against worse players and rogue decks. I think it's just dn bad luck which happens sometimes and proceed to buy the deck. Then play locals a week before the events and go 1-3 drop xD. It hits me that it's not just dn, and i actually just analyze the format, which was hard to do before because i didnt know what any cards did. Anyways i came to the following conclusions:   Nekroz - Is very powerful and hard to play, giving you an edge in the mirror verses worse opponents, but the edge is very minimal because the mirror is actually just shit. There is also not a single deck i actually hope to play against with nekroz lmao. Shaddoll - Is powerful but brick city and loses to qliphort Qliphort - Has an aids mirror match but beats every other deck with ez So I went to my m8 bhups, and asked him for his bujin helmet because im playing qliphort baby   Nationals:    So nats was pretty irrelevant other than the fact i wanted to be the only aus player to win nats twice (i think?) I can't remember anything about my games in swiss but i know i went 6-2-1 and came 26th losing to a satellar player who just had an out to every single card i had and the mirror where my opponent just drew better g3 and g1. I also drew with the mirror last round which was quite unfortunate. Anyway so they cut to top 64 and a bunch of x-3s make it, idk why they keep doing this it actually makes no sense. Bhupinder and wakeel scrub what noobs, my m8 steven (aka nekroz terrorist) tops and wheeler also tops so he can go for 2 time aswell   t64 - Me vs duelist (satellar) g1 - he is playing satellar and i dont brick g2 - he bricks     t32 - Me vs duelist (blue blood oni ftk deck) g1 - he wins die roll and i think im fucked but my 5th card is veiler ty deck g2 - he combos me and i dont draw hand traps g3 - i go first lol     t16 - Me vs guy who comes to my locals occasionally (nekroz) g1 - I flood him with scout g2 - we grind for a while but i think eventually he outs my traps and just trishes me and shit g3 - pretty sure i just open 2 scouts and hand traps, my hand traps stall him while he outs my scouts. then i draw qlimate change that card is fucking busted   t8 - Me vs Jak lubke aka doctor rungood(nekroz) ive been observing this guy throughout swiss and while playing next to him in t16 and just have a feeling im gonna lose, he was just savaging people g1 - i brick to his really good hand inc prep so i lose g2 - he bricks to my good hand and i win g3 - i open shit again and eventually am forced into a spot where i can put my hand onto the field to play around getting otk'd/trished, or i can hold everything to play around exciton. i put everything on board and get exction'd then draw a couple of bricks and lose   steven also loses in top 8, and wheeler loses in top 4. the dude i lost to ends up winning.     Oceans 15:   Playing qliphort again because i think it is just by far the right choice for the event   r1 - Me vs my m8 dank memes moss(nekroz) g1 - he opens valk play with scolding typhoon set and i just get fucked g2 - i draw well g3 - he ends up exciting my field with eclipse so it looks like im in a bit of a bad spot JKS i rip qlimate change  :eevee:   r2 - Me vs duelist(yosenju) so he forces me to use hand sanitizer before playing him and signs the match slip with the signature "sub zero"  (|:|) g1 - anyway i lose this because he has the direct attacker and double honest so i get put to 800 and cant use scout g2 - he probably should have won this game when he summoned 4 monsters, but i said "fuck man how much damage is that" then reached for my pen and he swung into my mirror force xD g3 - i dont brick and he's playing yosenjus     r3 - Me vs yaowei g1 - i flood him  g2 - he eventually trishes me, then the next turn i pendulum and tribute summon for shell, equip it with saqi and attack. he uses gungnir and im on 2900 so im like oh fuck he has raigeki and im dead. but he had ice hand instead and he rams my shell but i just flip soul drain and win   r4 - Me vs duelist(nekroz) g1 - standard g1 for this matchup g2 - i open really well and end up having double lose 1 turn, and i search qlimate change off of scout while having a monster on board. i draw vanities for turn and set it after he valks my attack. he uses mirror and i decide to get greedy by flipping vanities and was going to flip qlimate change on my turn to turn off vanities and go for game, but he just let vanities resolved then typhoon'd one of my face up lose a turns. they were both f/u to play around denko btw. anyway he uses another mirror to summon gungnir and passes. on my turn i say entering mp1 to see if he forgot that i searched qlimate change, he did and gungnir'd my scout then i just win.   r5 - Me vs Andy, a cool guy who normally judges large events(nekroz) g1 - he summons senju and i veiler it, he passes. my hand was kind of shit so i just summon carrier equip saqli set a fiendish chain or something. he brio's into unicore, then uses unicore to add back brio so i know he bricked and has valk. my plan is to tribute my carrier for shell and put insane pressure on, but then i rip disk. the plan then becomes to summon disk instead and force him to valk my attacks, but i should have realized he probably has a maxx c in hand. so i disk, he maxxes and then valks, i pass. he eventually draws enough good cards to beat me. whoops g2 - pretty sure i just have floods this game g3 - i open shit with like a maxx c, 3 monsters and skill drain. i summon stealth and set drain and pray, he doesnt have typhoon :). eventually he summons an ice hand, i maxx on his attack and he kills one of my 2 set fiendish chains and passes. I cant deal with fire hand because of skill drain so i just pass, he uses cycle to pitch unicore to summon unicore which i find out you can do just then lmao. i think im fucked at this point, so he attacks with fire hand, i fiendish and he chains decree, and i win because stealth is unaffected by fire hand, probably should have lost this game.   r6 - Me vs duelist who ended up top4'ing(satellar) g1 - i mcbrickingtons but i have skill drain. carrier drain beats over his monster but i take a maxx c off of a duality when i could have taken a second duality. i took the maxx c because i figure i just win if drain stays on the board, and if it doesnt i have the maxx c to draw me into scout, but he fucking plays an xyz with 2500 attack and i cant draw a scout, saqli or any 2800 monster for like 4 turns and lose. next card was summoners art rip g2 - i dont brick and he is playing satellar g3 - ^   r7 - Me vs Jak lubke aka nats champ aka rungood g1 - he boards gungir and claus because he knows im playing qli, i cant ever out it so i eventually try to bait him into using it's effect on my helix in the pend zone instead of my monolith because i have scout in hand and just win if he does, but he isnt shit and just kills my monolith and i lose g2 - this game takes a while i had game for like 3 turns but for some reason i just couldnt seem to kill him  (|:|) so we draw in time   r8 - Me vs marcus wheelie bin wheeler as people like to call him(qliphorts) g1 - he savages me with soul transition helix on my scout, maybe i should have played this card lmao. game still takes a while though g2 - i had the stormforths and scout, he didnt. we draw in time  (|:|)   so i end swiss in 3rd place with a record of 6-0-2 because every x-1 drew in the last round so there was only one above me and jak who bashed some poor x-1 out i think   t16 - Me vs duelist(nekroz) g1 - i am far ahead and winning is just a formality at this point, ohwait i have never actually read lose 1 turn properly and try to flip it when i have pendulum monsters out g2 - i win by fiendishing my monster when he tries to valk then swinging for game g3 - i have soul drain, warning, scout and a normal summoned stealth on board equiped with saqli so i think you know what maybe im ok. he uses a mirror, tribs shurit and i soul drain but he has the fucked typhoon and the ice hand to clear my set warning, then he summons trish banishing my saqli, in hand stealth and an upstart xD. i draw maxx c for turn and am just dead   The bracket after that would have been to more nekroz then top 2, i am absolutely convinced if i had of read my lose 1 turn properly i would be going to worlds :/   Closing thoughts on the list i played: 3 maxx is staple, card is busted. In testing i didnt like soul transition, but wheeler was advocating it to me so maybe he is right idk. veiler was really good sometimes, but at other times a bit mediocre, i would play atleast 2. i would consider maining mirror force that card is just gr8. would probably side a second wrath its just so good vs hands and exciton, also maybe 2 re-qilate is good aswell idk. My extra is obviously busted   If you're going to play at euros or nawcq i think this is 100% the right choice for those events, rather than playing nekroz and hoping to just get there everytime in the mirror and not get fucked by qliphort.     i also did a deck profil i'll edit it in when it's uploaded, ty for reading :)   Carlton