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Found 1 result

  1. Hey all, my name is Fletcher Thomas and I made Top 16 this past weekend at the 150th YCS playing Burning Abyss.  I’ve been playing this deck a lot recently including at the previous YCS Chicago where I finished X-2-1 after Swiss in 42nd place.  Well now after a new set release gave BA some nice new tools, I made some significant changes to the deck I played in Chicago and took the following to Columbus.     Main (40) Monsters (19) 3 Absolute King Back Jack 1 Alich 3 Cir 2 Draghig 1 Farfa 3 Graff 1 Libic 1 Rubic 3 Scarm 1 Tour Guide From the Underworld   Spells (2) 1 Foolish Burial 1 Soul Charge   Traps (19) 2 Breakthrough Skill 1 Crush Card Virus 3 Fiend Griefing 2 Fire Lake of the Burning Abyss 2 Karma Cut 3 Mind Crush 3 Phoenix Wing Wind Blast 2 Raigeki Break 1 Vanity’s Emptiness   Side (15) 2 Artifact Lancea 2 Effect Veiler 2 Maxx “C” 2 De-Fusion 3 Mystical Space Typhoon 1 Raigeki 1 Bottomless Trap Hole 1 Breakthrough Skill 1 Fire Lake of the Burning Abyss   Extra (15) 2 Virgil, Rock Star of the Burning Abyss 3 Dante, Traveller of the Burning Abyss 3 Downerd Magician 1 Ghostrick Alucard 1 Mechquipped Angineer 1 Number 17: Leviathan Dragon 1 Number 20: Giga-Brilliant 1 Number 31: Acid Golem of Destruction 1 Number 47: Nightmare Shark 1 Wind-Up Zenmaines       The Deck Basically, to have any chance at beating Nekroz with BA, you need to draw traps.  Brio and Trish just absolutely annihilate the deck.  This is one reason why I like Back Jack so much.  Even if you open with too many monsters, you have a reasonable chance of milling a Back Jack which gives you at least a 50% of getting another trap (much higher if you don’t search off Scarm).   Fiend Griefing was an amazing addition to the deck.  It ups the consistency a ton by giving you another card to access your key early cards, Graff and Scarm.  It also acts as disruption frequently netting you a +1 on each resolution.  Alternatively if you already have your engine rolling, you can send Back Jack to replace the Griefing with a new trap.  This card is amazing and I can’t see playing anything except 3.  It only really sucks in the Qli matchup which is pretty good anyway.   I played 7 discard traps to try to remedy the main problem with Back Jack, drawing it.  Discarding Back Jack off of a trap is similar to sending it with Griefing in that you just get a new trap after the first resolves.  It’s a lot of disruption for your opponent to try to deal with.  Also leaving yourself with 1 card in hand with a discard trap is surprisingly effective for making your opponent summon Trish.  If this interaction occurs, it usually leaves you far enough ahead to win the game.   It seems to me that many people aren’t a fan of the new monster, Draghig, who stacks a Burning Abyss card.  I like this card mostly for his synergy with Back Jack.  If you don’t have your engine going yet, you can stack Scarm/Graff and mill it with Back Jack or if you already have a field, stack Fire Lake and set it up on your opponent’s turn.  If you have a discard trap with Back Jack or Draghig along with a Fiend Griefing, you can just set Fire Lake from your deck.  This is amazing against pretty much anything that isn’t Nekroz, Shaddoll, or sometimes the mirror.  I may cut it down to 1 in future builds though I’m not sure.  He also synergizes with Traveller which I didn’t really consider for this tournament but think may be worth a slot.   I only played one of Alich, Farfa, Libic, and Rubic.  I think Alich, Farfa, and Libic are fairly obvious choices at 1 since you don’t really want to draw them.  You just want the option of searching them if they are needed to out something.  Alich is especially important for the Nekroz matchup since you can chain Fiend Griefing or a discard trap to their ritual spell putting Alich on the chain after their ritual summon providing a way to negate Trish. Rubic isn’t as clear cut, but I guess the deck has more searching power from Fiend Griefing, and you don’t want to draw more than 1 Rubic which makes it seem fine as a one of.   I’m not going to go too in depth on the side deck since I think all of these choices are fairly standard and have seen play in other decks.  I put Bottomless in since I thought Qli would have a fairly large showing and I had too many dead main deck cards that I wanted to take out for them.  Here’s how I sided for some common matchups:   Nekroz I was mostly afraid of Denko and Decree in this matchup post siding so I wanted hand traps. Out: 1 Back Jack 1 Draghig 1 Fire Lake 1 Raigeki Break 1 Soul Charge In: 2 Lancea 2 Effect Veiler 1 Raigeki   Shaddoll Out: 1 Fire Lake 1 Draghig 1 Crush Card 1 Mind Crush In: 2 De-Fusion 1 Raigeki 1 Breakthrough Skill   Qliphort Out: 3 Fiend Griefing 2 Breakthrough Skill 1 Vanity’s Emptiness In: 3 Mystical Space Typhoon 1 Raigeki 1 Bottomless Trap Hole 1 Fire Lake   Tellar Siding for this depends on first/second.  I put in the 3rd Lake for first over I think Soul Charge.  I don’t really like Mind Crush because they have Call/Oasis/Altair/ROTA to get their monsters going again.  All they need is 1.  I also might have sided in Raigeki for Diamond going second. Griefing really shines in this matchup. Out: 3 Mind Crush 1 Crush Card In: 3 Mystical Space Typhoon 1 Breakthrough       The Journey The crew, James, Joe, Jon, Mark, Ryne, and I, left from Minneapolis Thursday night in Jon’s Taurus with 3 of us stuffed in the front with the fold down seat and 3 in the back.  Fortunately I have relatives in the Chicago area (shoutout and thanks to them even though none of them will read this) so we could stop there after about 7 hours of driving and leave the remaining 6 hours or so to Columbus for early Friday morning.  That night we just watched some TV, got some pizza, and using some solid Theory-Oh, I made a bunch of changes to my side deck that I hadn’t really liked at some locals earlier in the week.   We were pretty worried about the tournament filling up since Konami was saying they’d cap it at 2100 entrants.  So we left at about 7AM on Friday thinking that would get us there at about 1PM for the start of preregistration.  Well we forgot about the time change, so we ended up getting there closer to 2:30.  In the hour before we got there, there was talk online saying that somewhere around 1700 people had already registered.  Needless to say, we were nervous about making it putting us in a big rush.  I had to let a bunch of people pass me in line as I scrambled to finish writing out my deck list.  Fortunately there was really no need to worry as only 1763 people even ended up registered.  Friday afternoon/night I played a few test games against Joe’s Qliphorts, walked around the city, and helped others decide on some last minute deck choices.     The next morning, I got up, had some (very unsatisfying) complimentary breakfast and got to the convention center where I resleeved and prepared myself for the coming rounds.       Round 1 vs Lucas with Tellars Game 1 he goes first with Deneb set 4, but my Dante goes through and I think I had about 3 traps.  I get a Back Jack or 2 and force 2 Alphas on my Fiend Griefings on Altair’s effect letting my Fire Lake resolve on 3 Back Row.  I take the game from there.   Game 2 he goes first. I think he had less (or maybe just worse) backrow this time and I’m able to get the Fire Lake off even more quickly. This leads to a win fairly soon.   1-0     Round 2 vs Brian with Shaddolls Game 1 I resolve a Wing Blast on Winda during his end phase when I know El Shaddoll was set that turn.  He never finds another Fusion as I take the game after 2 turns of hits from a Dante and a Cir.   Game 2 he gets off the Fusion while I have Dante, but I’m able to grind him out of it with some good traps including a Mind Crush on Fusion after he adds it back.  He’s down to El Shaddoll and a Core.  I make a new Dante (probably not something I should have done), and he draws a monster next turn in Mathematician allowing him to get the ball rolling by adding Fusion back off Core and overwhelming me.   Game 3 I open a Dante with scarm searching Tour Guide and time is called at the start of his turn.  He sets 4 backrow and passes (ouch).  D.D. Ground is flipped in my Standby so I just make a second Dante and hit him for 2000 since I can’t mill.  I Downerd them both so I can pierce anything he puts in defense since to win in time.  He has an El Shaddoll, but I still have traps and it’s simply not enough.   This guy ended up making Day 2.   2-0     Round 3 vs Nekroz (forgot to write down his name, but I think he said he was from Nashville) Game 1 he Maxx “C”s my turn 1 Dante made with Farfa and Cir.  I detach Farfa instead since I didn’t really want to get a special off Cir.  I set Lake and Mind Crush leaving 1 card in my hand, a second Lake.  This is a mistake on my part since he’s playing Nekroz and I should have played around this.  He starts his turn with 7 cards and summons Manju to search Kaleido and I Mind Crush his Unicore when he activates it.  He reveals Book of Eclipse, Brio, Valk, ROTA, and Clausolas.  This easily lets him summon Trishula even after the Mind Crush and he wins shortly after.   Game 2 I go first opening Graff, Veiler, Mind Crush, Wing Blast, and Fiend Griefing.  I set the traps and pass.  He uses Clausolas for Kaleido and I call Unicore on Mind Crush when he uses it but I whiff losing my Veiler.  He reveals his hand of Maxx “C”, Decree, an irrelevant card I can’t remember, and summons Valk tributing Shurit to search Trish.  He hits me with Valk and tributes it in MP2 to draw a card.  He uses the Kaleido in grave to search Mirror and I’m ready to Griefing his Shurit when he activates it since he neglected to search Brio first earlier.  Well the card he drew off Valk was Denko so I lose.   Fortunately this guy finished day 1 X-2 so he was a good tie breaker.   2-1     Round 4 vs Ousama with Tellars Game 1 I go first with a Dante made with Scarm and Cir searching Graff with 2 Wing Blasts and Crush Card set.  He tells me his hand is bad as the game is starting and it definitely isn’t great as he Vegas into Deneb making Constellar Omega (not sure why) and only has 2 backrow.  I blind Wing Blast 1 to get my Graff effect and set him back a turn.  His one remaining trap is Compulse and he uses it on the Dante during Standby letting me special Graff with the Cir material and make  a new Dante to kill Omega.  The card I spun was Raigeki and he starts his turn by using it. I then use Crush Card to get rid of his Altair and an Unuk leaving him with no plays.  I try to finish him off next turn forgetting about Crush Card, but it doesn’t matter as his topdeck doesn’t do anything for him.   Game 2 he starts Deneb set 3.  He forgets to use his sideboard Mischief of the Yokai before I make a Dante with Graff and Cir specialing Scarm setting Lake.  The Lake resolves on a bunch of his cards and I take the game shortly from there.   3-1     Round 5 vs Brandon with Nekroz Game 1 I open a Dante made with 2 Cirs (ouch) setting a Karma cut and a Wing Blast.  He starts poorly as well with ROTA for Clausolas for Cycle tributing Shurit to summon back the Clausolas and searching Trish.  I mill a Graff off of my detached Cir from Dante and he Maxx “C”s so I just pass after summoning a new Graff and Cir.  He summons Trish, but I Karma Cut it discarding my last card in hand, Back Jack, getting me a Griefing Fiend.  He uses Book of Eclipse when I overlay for Dante next turn giving me a draw.  I forgot what happened the next few turns, but he runs out of resources and scoops when I chain Griefing targeting Djinn on his activation of Cycle.   Game 2 he goes first with just a set monster.  I assume it’s a Djinn and attack it with my Dante that has a specialed Cir under it.  Unfortunately I didn’t think enough about it and it’s a Fire Hand. I hit Unicore with Mind Crush on his Kaleido next turn.  He reveals his hand of MST, Swordmaster, Ice Hand, and Bull Blader so I feel pretty good about winning this game now.  It takes a while for me to get through his cards, but I’m way up on resources the whole time eventually leading to a win.   This guy also finished X-2 day 1 giving me another lucky good tie breaker.   4-1     Round 6 vs Shante with Yang Zing Game 1 I open with 4 backrow pass.  He activates the Zefra field spell and I panic a little because I have no idea what the vast majority of the Zefra cards do and I hate reading everything. Fortunately he’s actually playing Yang Zing as he searches one of their new Zefra cards.  He summons the level 2 Dark Tuner guy and pitches two including the one he searched.  I Breakthrough and he chains Book of Moon.  This next part is weird as he just doesn’t flip it facedown from Book and I somehow forget he has to do this, and he just resolves the effect. Neither of the monsters he summoned are tuners so I Wing Blast the level 2 discarding Scarm. He passes with no backrow so I search Tour Guide and the 2 specialed Yang Zings are banished (I had no idea this happened as I guess I’m more unfamiliar with Yang Zing than I thought).  Next turn I Guide for Graff and hit him with Dante Cir.  I mind Crush the lvl 2 in his Standby and he scoops.   Game 2 takes a while.  He opens with 3 or 4 backrow and a set monster.  I don’t attack for the next 3 or 4 turns as I set up a field of defense position BA monsters and stack a Lake with Draghig.  He just keeps setting cards and maybe using a few traps to little effect on my plays.  I draw the stacked Lake.  Resolve it for 3 of his backrow adding it back off Dante.  Set it again.  In his next End Phase I use MST on his last backrow chaining Lake on his 3 set monsters.  They all miss timing and he has 0 cards left.  I take it from there.   5-1     Round 7 vs Jordan with Burning Abyss Game 1 I open 5 monsters going first getting me 2 Dantes and a Graff in defense with Back Jack milled in graves and a trap stacked.  If he was playing Nekroz, Shaddolls, or Tellars I probably would have lost, but fortunately a field of just monsters is good in this matchup.  He Virgils and I use the Back Jack trap on it.  He makes a Dante or something too and sets 3 backrow.  I try to Virgil forcing one of them.  I believe the other two go off in my Battle Phase, and I set my own drawn trap with a Dante still on board.  I don’t remember the rest of the specifics, but I mill another Back Jack at some point for a very relevant trap and stick a field of Virgil Dante to his 1 or 2 cards in hand getting me the win shortly.   Game 2 he goes first and I have Maxx “C” for his Dante play using Graff and Cir.  he plays through it specialing Scarm giving me 3 draws.  He then has no backrow or Maxx “C” (bad hands are bad).  I start my turn with 8 cards, 3 Graff, Scarm, Cir, and 3 solid traps.  I make a Dante specialing Rubic off Graff to make Virgil losing Scarm and a Graff to no effects but removing his Scarm.  There are some back and forth turns and we enter time at 8000 life each.  He summons a BLS to my empty board at some point and I have to use Griefing to send Farfa and prevent the damage.  On my next turn he has 1 trap left.  I make a Virgil and he thinks for a while on the trap. He opts to not use it and I Virgil away BLS.  I go to Battle and he Wing Blasts my Virgil getting a Graff of of his Cir discard.  He can’t push any damage through my newly drawn Karma Cut and we finish both at 8000 resulting in a drawn game and a match win for me.   6-1     Round 8 vs Galo with Nekroz Game 1 I Mind Crush his Unicore on Kaleido activation.  The rest of his hand isn’t great.  He summons a Cameraclops to kill my Dante.  I leave it up after my next turn to delay him getting any spell searches.  I go way up on cards after a little while and take the game.   Game 2 his hand is even worse than the first game.  I get another good Mind Crush leading to another win.   Galo also made top 16 so a big congratulations to him as well as thank you for the tie breaker.   7-1     Round 9 vs Marjanco with Nekroz   Game 1 I resolve Crush Card causing him to lose 4 cards.  That’s all you need to know.   Game 2 I opened 5 traps, set 4 to keep discard traps online and maybe bait Trish.  He summons Denko and Brio and I scoop it up after drawing another trap.   Game 3 I go first with Scarm, Farfa, Fiend Griefing, Raigeki Break, and Lancea.  I special the Farfa and he Maxx “C”s me so I set the traps and pass not wanting to give him a bunch of draws when I can stop his next turn regardless of what he has.  He has Denko, but I Lancea when he activates Mirror with Trish in hand and Brio Clausolas in grave.  The Mirror fizzles and he reveals Trish, 2 Forbidden Lances, and Djinn.  I draw Alich and kill his Denko next turn after making Dante searching Guide off Scarm.  He searches Cycle from grave banishing Clasolas.  When he activates it I think for a long time about what he could have drawn and what I should do because of it.  I eventually decide to Griefing the Brio, but he tributes Shurit summoning Trish hitting my Guide from hand and Dante on board.  I should have Raigeki Breaked the Cycle discarding Alich to negate Trish.  Instead I make things even worse by choosing to use the Farfa from under Dante banishing his Trish.  This lets him search another ritual spell to summon the Brio he searched tributing Djinn.  My Raigeki Break is useless against his 2 Lances and I can’t break the lock.     This game was quite possibly (even probably) winnable.   7-2     I was pleased that I made day 2 at a second YCS in a row, but it would have been much nicer going into day 2 at X-1 with less pressure.  Mark and Ryne also make Day 2.  We order pizza and get to sleep since Sunday starts at 9.     Round 10 vs Michael with Qliphort Game 1 I open with 2 Dantes and set Breakthrough and Griefing.  He plays Scout, searches Stealth, activates Carrier, pendulums 2 Helix, tributes for Stealth destroying both of my useless backrow and spinning the Dante with an Alich under it.  The Stealth kills the other Dante with Cir and Graff under it giving me a Graff and a Rubic on board.  He sets 2.  I make Virgil and special Scarm off Graff.  I discard Cir to shuffle in Scout, but he uses Fiendish Chain.  I special Draghig from grave and make a Dante with it and Scarm.  I summon Guide and he uses Re-qliate.  The detached Draghig stacks Lake.  I set my drawn Mind Crush and put Downerd over the Dante to protect it from the potential Stealth/Carrier.  Mind Crush hits the Stealth he searches off Scout. He pendulums backs the 2 Helix and tributes them for his drawn Odd-Eyes.  It attacks over Guide and he passes.  I draw Lake.  Downerd crashes with Odd-Eyes giving me Cir.  I normal Cir and set my last card, Lake.  I Lake his relevant cards during his Standby sending Cir and Virgil.  Win from there.   Game 2 he starts with Scout, Saqlifice on Helix, and 2 backrow.  I make 2 Dantes milling a Back Jack off of a Draghig detach letting me stack Lake.  I also set Mind Crush.  In his Standby I banish Back Jack to set the stacked Lake, use it to destroy Helix, Scout, and a trap.  He searches Scout.  I Mind Crush it.  The game is over.   8-2     Round 11 vs Imran with Nekroz Game 1 I Raigeki Break his Trish on summon discarding my last card in hand.  Then when he tries to Mirror, I use Griefing to shuffle in Shurit causing it to fizzle.  The Black Jack I discarded off of Raigeki Break got a Mind Crush which I use on his next turn hitting the Shurit he searches.  All he has left is spells so I win.   Game 2 I make a Dante with foolish and Graff along with set Breakthrough and Vanity’s.  I Breakthrough his Manju.  He Raigeki’s and I use Graff to summon Rubic.  He sets 1 backrow.  I make a Virgil to shuffle in the backrow ending with Virgil, Cir, Dante, set Vanity’s.  I flip the Vanity’s on his Kaleido and he never finds an out as I continue to use Virgil’s effect almost every turn.   9-2     At this point, I feel fairly confident about making top cut since I knew a bunch of my early opponents did well giving me pretty good tie breakers despite taking my first loss really early in Round 3.  I sneak in at 30th.  Unforunately Mark, who also finished X-2, had worse tie breakers and finished at 41st.     Top 32 vs Justin with Nekroz Game 1 we get deck checked and it’s taking longer than normal.  The judges come back with my deck out of the box and my deck list in hand.  Apparently I forgot to write 2 Fire Lake in the trap column and neither me nor the judge that reviewed my deck list at registration noticed that I was 2 short of 19 traps and the 40 card deck total that I had written down.  So I start top 32 with a game loss and a warning for mismatched extra deck sleeves which I honestly didn’t know was a rule.  I’ve been deck checked multiple times at regionals with mismatched extra deck sleeves without anything happening.  We go to game 2 with a time extension without siding.   Game 2 I make a Dante with Cir specialing a milled Draghig with a backrow or 2.  He summons Denko and kills the Draghig and I choose not to stack because I want to draw a trap.  He passes. I kill the Denko while making a second Dante and he scoops on his next turn.  I’m not sure what he’s playing so I side in Veilers, but not Lanceas in case it’s Shaddolls.   Game 3 he chooses first and searches Cycle with Clausolas summoning it tributing Shurit to search Brio and setting 2 backrow.  I have Scarm, 2 Graff, Tour Guide, Raigeki Break, and Fiend Griefing.  I activate Scarm and he Mind Crushes it.  I Guide for Cir into Dante specialing Scarm and milling a Back Jack.  I special Graff for a second Dante without milling, Downerd them both to protect against Brio, set my backrow, and pass.  He flips Decree in my End Phase.  Fortunately his hand is slow so he just summons Unicore and clears both Downerds by changing Clausolas to attack mode and setting a backrow.  I special back a Dante with the Graff into a Cir on first Downerd kill, add Cir Graff off the Dantes, and Rubic off Scarm.  On my turn, I summon Cir and kill the Clausolas.  He just kills Cir with Unicore, I special Scarm, and he sets another backrow.  I normal Rubic to make Virgil, attack over Unicore, and spin the Decree.  He chains his two backrow, both MST, to clear mine.  I empty my hand by making another Dante with a Libic from Graff and Cir from hand detaching Libic to special last monster in hand, Graff, and set my drawn Breakthrough Skill.  He draws Prep giving him a lot more plays.  He summons Brio tributing Shurit and I chain Breakthrough to the Shurit search so he can’t negate it with Trish which he does search.  I use the Back Jack from earlier randomly hitting Karma Cut (very solid).  He ends his turn with Unicore and Brio on field and Valk and Trish in hand.  I detach Cir from my Dante chaining Breakthrough in grave on Unicore and specialing Farfa to make Mechquipped with the leftover Graff.  I try to kill Brio with Virgil in Battle and he Valks, but I use Mechquipped to negate it.  Dante kills the Brio.  I crash my other Dante to get Virgil fuel.  I try to shuffle in Unicore but he negates it with Trish.  I set my drawn Soul Charge and search off Scarm for one card in hand for Karma Cut.  He tops Manju to search Brio.  I Mechquipped detaching Farfa to banish his Unicore so he can’t make an Exciton or something.  He summons the Trish, but I just Karma Cut.  The game is mine from there.     Top 16 vs Benedict with Qliphort Game 1 he goes first with Scout and Monolith, pendulum Helix and Carrier, tribute for Stealth, bounce Scout, replay and search Re-Qliate, set one, and draw 2 in End Phase.  I have a very mediocre hand of 2 Cir, Alich, Rubic, Lake, Breakthrough.  I normal Cir to make Dante with Alich but don’t hit any BA off the mill.  I special Rubic to turn on Lake.  I use it in his Standby to clear Scout, Monolith, and Stealth.  He has the second Scout and the game is over.   Game 2 I go first with a Dante and a few backrow.  He summons Helix with Saqlifice and 2 backrow.  He flips Emptiness when I try to special but I chain Wing Blast and his other backrow is Lose 1 Turn which is fortunately irrelevant against my deck.  I use a Dante to mill Back Jack and detach Draghig to set up Fire Lake.  I believe I Lake the monster with Saqlifice and his Backrow giving him a Scout search, but I just set up Lake again on my next turn and take the game.   Game 3 he goes first with Scout, Monolith, pendulum Carrier, tribute for Helix, set 2, and draw in end phase.  I have 5 monsters and a Raigeki Break.  He flips Emptiness on my Scarm special.  I set it and Raigeki Break.  He searches Carrier with Scout and tributes Helix to pop my Raigeki Break which I chain discarding Farfa on his 1 remaining backrow, Book of Moon, to remove Emptiness.  He Pendulums 3, kills Scarm, hits me for 5400, sets 1 trap, and draws off Monolith.  I search Rubic off Scarm.  I make Virgil and he thinks on his trap but opts not to use it.  I spin his Scout and make a Dante killing both of his Carriers leaving him with 2 Helix, a backrow, and Monolith to my Virgil, Dante, and set Karma Cut.  He has the second Scout giving him the game shortly.   I question if there may have been some way to play my Virgil turn that would have allowed me to stack Lake with Draghig, mill it with another Dante, and crash Dante to add it back while leaving 2 BA on board.  Or maybe I should have made 2 Dante instead to try to maximize the chance of hitting a Back Jack for the Lake.  I’m not sure, but I haven’t found the line of play yet.  My hand was Cir, Graff, Draghig, Rubic (which could have been something different from the Scarm), and Karma Cut with a clear board to his 2 Carrier, 2 Helix, Scout, Monolith, and 1 backrow (which ended up being Bottomless that he chose to not use on Virgil, but use on Cir).  Because he had the second Scout, I think I would have needed to Virgil the Scout AND get Lake to have a chance at winning.  Also, maybe I should have set Graff instead of Scarm after he used Emptiness since I knew I would have to chain Raigeki Break on his set to remove Emptiness when he tributed Helix, but discarding Graff wouldn’t get me his effect while Scarm would.  This play somewhat depends on him using the 2400 Carrier to remove my set so he couldn’t kill the Scarm/Rubic I got off Graff. I doubt he would have done this after seeing me discard Scarm off of Raigeki break.  Maybe it would have given me a better chance though.     Overall, it was a great weekend.  The top 32 mat looks pretty sick.  They’re mailing me a complete set of Crossover Souls (does that mean every card in the set?  Does it include every rarity of the card as well?  If anyone knows, that information would be great).     We drove back to my relatives’ place in Chicago on Sunday and spent the night before a leisurely morning and finishing the rest of the drive on Monday.  Shoutouts to James, Joe, Jon, Mark, and Ryne for help on deck decisions and being great to travel with.  Also to the UMN Yu-Gi-Oh Club and Minnesota players in general.  We have a Youtube page for the club which I’ll shamelessly link here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdFz8euecqUmVUZwUN0IVOw.  It’s not that active right now, but I hope to put up a deck profile pretty soon.   Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed.  If you have any questions about my list or whatever feel free to ask.