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Found 2 results

  1. Red/Blue Loop

    So, without much fanfare, that I've seen anyway, Koomy made the bonkers decision to unlimit Gateway of the Six. Combined with some other silly things which exist over in Japan, this makes for a pretty ridiculous deck, of which this is a sample: For those of you who weren't around in 2010/2011, Six Samurai were hands down the best deck, but the best variant didn't run Shinai or Mizuho (those Blue and Red guys up there). They were reserved for a gimmicky deck which could technically, under the right unlikely circumstances, summon Trishula infinitely. Well, some time passed, and Gateway of the Six took a hiatus because it is, frankly, broken when you have monsters which can special summon themselves. The epitome of bad card design that only revealed itself when you place it next to other cards. Whoever the gods of the OCG are, they decided that such a card can exist in today's format, leading to a true-blue (and red) FTK with some of the newer cards, like Gagaga Cowboy. The point of this deck is to Trish away your opponent's entire hand, and field, and graveyard, followed by (or in tandem with) looping Gagaga Cowboy to burn your opponent for infinite damage. How does it do this, you ask? Perhaps a Refresher. Basic Red/Blue Loop This loop should be performed as early as possible. This allows you to search every monster in your deck, which you will want to do immediately as monsters are dead draws and halt your engine. Once you have generated a comfortable number of counters, you will continue onto the other loops. The next most relevant loop allows for you to use Trishula's effect an infinite number of times. Although I specify Shadow of the Six Samurai - Shien in the loop, this is merely filler used because it generates counters. You can also use Gagaga Cowboy, and adjust the counter totals accordingly. Infinite Trisula Loop Post-Trish Burn Loop One Card in Deck Loop

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/HMUDVMiITOU" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> [spoiler] [/spoiler]   Monsters(20): 3 Grinder Golem 3 Volcanic Queen 3 Cardcar D 3 Battle Fader 3 Swift Scarecrow 2 Reptilianne Vaskii 2 Lava Golem 1 Destiny Hero - Plasma   Spells(14): 3 Owner's Seal 3 Pot of Duality 3 Scapegoat 2 Trade-In 2 Mystical Space Typhoon 1 Dark Hole   Traps(6): 3 Remove Brainwashing 2 Dimensional Prison 1 Torrential Tribute   Extra(15): 3 Chimeratech Fortress Dragon 1 Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand 1 Heliopolis 1 No. 15: Giant Grinder 1 No. 40: Puppet of Strings 1 No. 22: Zombiestein 1 Constellar Ptolemy M7 1 Hazy Flame Basiltrice 1 Gauntlet Launcher 1 Photon Strike Bounzer 1 Downerd Magician 1 Ghostrick Dullahan 1 Slacker Magician   Side Deck: 3 Cyber Dragon Core 1 Lava Golem 2 Soul Taker 1 Mystical Space Typhoon 2 Imperial Iron Wall 2 Deck Devastation Virus 2 Skill Drain 2 Xing Zhen Hu     I decided that if I end up going to YCS Vegas, I'm going to take something fun and degenerate as hell. Granted, we don't have Satan Santa Claws, so the deck is a little more reliant on my opponent having two monsters as opposed to just one. A few choices I've made that's worth pointing out: The lack of Nightmare Archfiends: Inconsistent and a bitch to successfully resolve. Dimensional Prison over Mirror Force: Beelze can get Prison'd, and I imagine 'savvy' duelists will drop one, hoping to turn that slow burn from Lava Golem into an asset. 3 Fader, 3 Scarecrow, 3 Scapegoats: The deck is a combo deck at heart, and these make Vaskii much more playable No Allure, 2 Trade-Ins: I want these dudes in hand, and this is only when I need to reach for an answer The lack of Normal Summonable monsters: I want this to be as streamlined as possible, and they seemed to clash with many of my options The Side Deck: 3 CyDra Cores: getting one against geargia means contact fusing their whole board at any point Xing Zhen Hu: Malevolent catastrophe could hurt me. Soul Taker: Pachy and friends need to die So, thoughts?