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Found 3 results

  1. Infernity FTK

    I'd just like to start this with a disclaimer saying I think this will be decent but not tier 1, I've just been waiting for a playable infernity combo since Lavalval Chain was banned in 2015. So my favourite archetype is finally becoming playable again and I thought I'd post what I've been working on here, and maybe see if anyone has some suggestions to fix the problems I've been noticing about the deck. I'll just start off with the list. Monsters: 1 Infernity Archfiend 3 Infernity Necromancer 1 Infernity Patriarch 1 Infernity Mirage 3 Dark Grepher 3 Armageddon Knight 2 Summoner Monk 1 Dynatherium 1 Goblindbergh 1 Stygian Street Patrol 3 Supreme King Dragon Darkwurm 1 Supreme King Gate Zero 1 Dragoons of Draconia 1 Performapal Odd-Eyes Minitaurus 1 Archfiend Heiress 1 Amazoness Archer Spells: 3 Allure of Darkness 3 Dragon Shrine 2 Into The Void 1 Upstart Goblin 1 Infernity Launcher 1 Soul Charge 1 Reinforcements Of The Army 1 Foolish Burial Traps: 1 Infernity Break 1 Infernity Barrier Extra Deck: 3 Firewall Dragon 2 Gaia Saber The Lightning Shadow 1 Proxy Dragon 1 MX-Saber Invoker 1 Zoodiac Drident 1 Zoodiac Chakanine 2 Zoodiac Broadbull 1 Daigusto Emeral 1 Diamond Dire Wolf 1 Tornado Dragon 1 El-Shaddoll Winda The way the deck works is you make invoker with 2 necromancers, summon archer from the deck and then keep tributing off your monsters to do burn damage. Firewall dragons add mirage back to hand and then summon it whenever you tribute monsters with archer, mirage summons 2 necromancers which each summon an archfiend. You normally start the combos by making broadbull properly to search 2 scales then pendulum summoning archfiend + whatever else you drew, then make 2 firewall dragons to start looping mirage. The second firewall gets made with emeral + gaia saber. The actual ftk is quite consistent assuming you don't get hit with hand traps, so if your hand is playable you can probably ftk. The deck does have some interesting interactions like using drident to destroy heiress then pendulum summon the archfiend, or chaining firewall to their disruption to add archfiend, then summon archfiend once your card gets destroyed by their drident etc. The supreme king engine has been great so far, it acts the same way instant fusion used to but it means you don't need the extra deck zone to summon darkwurm from grave, and it also searches the 0 scale to either pendulum summon mirage or give you a spare dark that you don't mind banishing with allure or discarding for grepher. I'm playing 3 darkwurm because drawing it is also good to be a 1-card scale. The traps could be cut to make the ftk more consistent but being able to search them and attempt to grind a little going second is a nice option, and the ftk won't always happen because of hand traps or not drawing well enough so you can have a break or barrier as some sort of defence. I chose to play the ftk in the first place because draco and draco zoo can still play through the fields the deck would make otherwise, they aren't quite unbreakable enough. So the ftk only requires adding archer and invoker on top of the cards the deck would be playing already and it means when you do get to combo you definitely win. Here are the problems I've noticed with the deck so far, it's pretty much the same as infernity has always been where you're not good enough at going second (especially without exciton) and weak to hand traps. Back when this deck was good, you could go second and take a few turns to work through the opponent's traps but that doesn't work now that people are responding with monsters that replace themselves. If I destroy a drident, next turn they normal summon the zoo they searched and make 2 more dridents anyway. The other is that there are too many engine requirements in the deck, but I feel like the pendulum scales that you don't want to draw are mandatory because of the number of normal summons the deck has. If you cut down the number of normal summons, the deck doesn't have enough access to archfiend which is the main way it bricks. Other than no access to archfiend it doesn't brick very much unless you have no way to make a rank 4/get scales and have a lot of normal summons in hand. If you're read this far then thanks for taking the time to read so much about me trying to be degenerate, and if you have any suggestions to improve the deck then I'd love to hear them.
  2. Monsters: 15 1 Drill Barnacle 2 Guardian Sphinx 3 Jowgen the Spiritualist 3 Fossil Dyna 3 Des Lacooda 3 Worm Linx   Spells: 13 1 My Body as A Shield 3 Upstart 3 Duality 3 Swords of Revealing Light 3 Nightmare's Steelcage   Traps: 12 1 Emptiness 1 Wall of Revealing Light 2 Safe Zone 2 Lose 1 Turn 3 Red Screen 3 Dark Bribe   Extra: None (optional)   Side 1 Drill Barnacle 1 Imperial Iron Wall 2 MST 2 Zombie World 3 Mask of Restrict 3 Flying C 3 Denko   I saw something like this a while ago, so I took it and made some modifications. Basically, the idea is to get a first turn floodgate in the form of Jowgen/Fossil Dyna/L1t/Emptiness and stalling. There are 9 floodgates being run in a 36 card deck so its a 79% chance of opening a flood going first. There are 12 stall cards being run. From that point, the idea is to just draw using camels and worms, eventually bringing out Guardian Sphinx to spam the reusable Compulory-Raigeki effect and attack with everything for game. The idea at its most basic is just a 2 card combo early- stall+floodgate. I don't want Guardian early, so I don't run too many, the win condition can come by itself. If you've read Next Level Magic, you'll know this is the kind of deck that uses a single card that wins games all by itself. The author also says that some of the decks can run bad cards because of a degenerate drawing engine- they are willing to run some bad cards because it won't matter too much- the cards aren't good by themselves, but with other cards, they are pretty powerful. Lacoodas and Linxes net +1's and +2s each turn, although they are slow. On the other hand though, the opponent is often stuck at a crawl, due to not being able to attack nor special. Under those conditions, the draw cards are the best thing to have. Using Bribe and MBAAS aren't the best, but in order to protect the lock and defend against removal, it is the best thing I can think of. I need hard draw, as multiples of cards are gotten frequently in order to have a strong earlygame, sacrificing midgame. This is one of the things about the deck- running more floodgate and stall lets one consistently get a lock 1st turn, but the draw power is needed to win faster.   -Trap heavy decks are problematic, and triple Bribe and MBAAS isn't always enough (using floodgates and stall and Denko helps g2&3, and Safe Zone also helps the lock. Sometimes I let them expend traps on the draw cards. Also, having multiple anti SS out can make a BTS and other nullification useless.) -Qli. This is why I ran Barnacle and tons of anti tribute cards: Barnacle avoids monster interaction, and without being able to tribute,  Qli is crippled. -As the deck does not use the grave, search, SS, nor is heavily reliant on lights or darks, it can run tons of floodgates and avoids many floodgates: only 2 MST and Drill Barnacle are not floodgates in the side. -The draw power is so strong that I can even get by a 1st turn Decree using only spell based stall cards with no MST. (Not a good idea though)   That's the basic idea. I'll try to elaborate more on the deck later.
  3. Quiz

      Monsters: [14] 3 Kuribandit 3 Cyber Valley 3 Destiny Hero Malicius 3 Swift Scarecrow 2 Destiny Hero Diamond Dude   Spells: [26]   3 Reversal Quiz 3 Fuhma Shuriken 3 Upstart Goblin 3 Soul Charge 3 Pot of Duality 3 Destiny Draw 3 Scapegoat 3 A Feather of Phoenix 1 One Day Of Peace 1 Allure of Darkness   So saturday is nationals here in Belgium and since i don't really play anymore i feel i haven't had enough playtime with mermails and dragons etc so i started looking for some degen decks cause why the hell not ? i heard a friend of mine topped a regional with Quiz and my intrest sparked and started to build it myself , i tried with a conversion side into zombie with plaguespreader mained but i didn't like the feel of it , then i noticed this decklist on an obscure youtube channel and started testing it , it's really consistent and a shitload of fun when your opponents don't get what you just did.   i can't really find a good sidedeck with this , maybe any of you have an idea.