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Found 1 result

  1. Yugioh Duel Links FTP Beginner Guide Notes -All tips/suggestions are based on the state of the game and predictions will not be made. (September 2017) -This guide is meant for any FTP that wants to start off competitively as quickly as possible. -Remember to create a Konami ID otherwise since it's what backs up your account and if you undownload it or your mobile device breaks you are screwed unless you get lucky and Konami recovers it. WHAT NOT TO DO: Do not trade in level up cards unless you know for sure you can get them from farming. Do not trade in Barrel Dragon,Blue-Eyes White Dragon,Dark Magician, Dark Magician Girl,Legendary Fisherman and Red-Eyes Black Dragon due to them being needed for Stage Missions and are a pain to obtain from farming. Other cards to not trade in are event and roaming duelist SR/UR cards.Also Insect Queen and Harpie Lady Sisters since they cannot be obtained from farming and are only useful if you want to unlock their respected duel mats. Competitive Goals -To build Naturias (quickest and cheapest deck) and then eventually Red-Eyes. -Get 2-3x Copies of Super Rush Headlong from Dawn of Destiny. -Try to get 30 and 100 wins in pvp to get 2 free SR cards every pvp season. -Reach Stage lv 30 to unlock lv 40 Legendary Duelist. Terms Farming: Is a method in which you try to get a duel assessment score of 5000 or higher to increase your chances of getting certain cards from Legendary duelist. Kaiba or Yami Yugi? It is best to choose Kaiba if you want to play PVP as soon as possible due to Beatdown being the best skill with Naturia which is cheapest decent deck meta at the moment. Card Trader Cards To Get Mythical Beast Cerberus Mandatory and only need one in standard Cerberus farming decks Riryoku Useful in Cerberus farming decks and decent when staring off in pvp Magical Mallet Very useful farming card. Riryoku Field Useful for farming Kaiba Red-Eyes Black Dragon Only need one copy of this since Rex and Joey’s starter decks both contain this card. Stage Missions: -Are missions that give you gems stones, or keys for doing a certain task -Recommended to stay at stage 30 which is when you unlock Lv 40 Legendary duelist and is one of the easiest stages to grind for color keys and gold. Level Up Priorities Kaiba: Lv 13 Beatdown (The best skill for Naturias). Mai: Lv25 Windstorm of Etaqua (Is a one of the best trap cards in the game). Bandit Keith Lv 20 Restart One of the best skills in the game especially in Red-Eyes decks. Lv 25 Metalmorph Is a decent trap card and lets you run over anything on your bp. You can get more copies of it from farming Lv 40 Joey. Yami Yugi Lv 20 Sorcery Conduit Is the best skill for Cerberus Farming decks besides Draw Sense Low Level) What To Spend Gems On: -Best box set for beginners to buy is Dawn of Destiny due to the fact its only has 80 packs, you can build Naturias since they are all Rares or commons, and it has one of the best spells in the meta Super Rush Headlong. The Second best box set to spend gems on is Crimson Kingdom only for Red-Eyes Wyvern (the only expensive card in the set I would suggest you reset the box for to get 2 copies of),Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon (Only need 1 copy and is SR) and Red Stone of Legend (A Rare you only need 3 copies for Red-Eyes). Decks Starting Out Naturia Skill: Beatdown Monsters:12 3x Naturia Hydrangea 3x Naturia Marron 3x Naturia Pumpkin 3x Naturia Stag Beetle Spells:4 2x Despell 2x Super Rush Headlong Traps:4 2x Exterio’s Fang 1x Metalmorph 1x Windstorm of Etaqua Other cards you can add Botanical Girl Enemy Controller Ririyoku Covering Fire More copies of Super Rush Headlong and Metalmorph The strategy of the deck is to swarm and OTK the opponent as quickly as possible using the skill Beatdown with Hydrangeas and Stag Beetle. Going first you want to open up with Marron milling Stag Beetle due to Stag can special summon another Stag using its effect and going second you want to open Pumpkin with Stag/Hydrangea or both. The major downside is this deck bricks very easily and has a hard time getting over 2200 relies heavily on Beatdown or backrow to run over them. Red-Eyes (Recommended to build after Naturia) Skill:Restart Monsters: 3x Red-Eyes Black Dragon 2x Red-Eyes Wyvern 1x Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon Spells: 2-3x Card of Red Stone 1x Despell 3x Red-Eyes Insight 2x Super Rush Headlong Traps: 3x Champion’s Vigilance 3x Red-Eyes Spirit Recommended Reward Cards To Get Normals Shark Cruiser/Hoshiningen The only good normal cards at the moment. Rares Covering Fire It is semi decent in Naturias until you get more Super Rush or Enemy Controllers. The Sanctuary In The Sky In case of really good Fairy support. The League of Uniform Nomenclature If you think it has potential use. Super Rares Enemy Controller Is one of the best spells in the game that is useful in 90% of meta decks and Kaiba is impossible to farm unless you get really lucky or have the Paradox Brothers (which are event duelist). Red-Eyes Insight/Red-Eyes Spirit Both are 3x mandatory staples for Red-Eyes otherwise the only other way to get it is from the roaming duelist event. Champion’s Vigilance Is a mandatory 3x staple in Red-Eyes and the only other way to get it is from farming Kaiba.