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Found 2 results

  1. Espa Roba

    This is a guide to farming Espa Roba level 40 and 30 (decks are equivalent). Espa Roba's lv. 40 deck: Farming Decks: Dark Paladin Fusion (recommended for time efficiency, but high cost) 7-8k Duel Assessment with Union Attack, 7k without Required cards: Example Decks: Cyber Angels (Slow, but cheap) 7k duel assessment without Union Attack, 7-8k with. Required cards: Example Decks: Will (probably) update with guides for using.
  2. Serious Chazz

    This a guide to farm lv30 & 40 Serious Chazz. Majority of lv 40 decks should work against lv30 though I have unknown data on his lv 30 deck and I only faced it once. Serious Chazz's Lv 30 Deck: Serious Chazz's Lv 40 Deck: Farming Decks Lv 30 Kidmodo Blue-Eyes 7000-8000. A bit expensive and you can replace Floodgate for a 3rd Shard of Greed and Magnetic Mosquito. Lv 40 Dark Paladin 8000+. (If you lack a Swamp you can replace it with other fusions subs and fusion sage/draw cards) Ra Lv40 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQ-Uzj9jOVU&feature=youtu.be