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Found 1 result

  1. Been workin' on this shit for a little while, and I like how it plays in its current build. Of course, i'm always open to suggestions as long as they're credible. Oh, no "hurr hurr 101 exciton" cause niggas is broke.     Monsters (14) 1 Honest 2 Vylon Prism 2 Sishunder 3 Mahunder 3 Pahunder 3 Thunder Sea Horse   Traditional family lineup. Running CardCar means I'd have to play Threatening Roar. TR is awful for this build. No Veilers, I've got that covered. Don't even think about Tragoedia, and damn sure don't suggest anything with "Battery" and "Man" in it.   Spells (14) 1 Book of Moon 2 Messenger of Peace 2 Pot of Duality  3 Recycling Batteries 3 Upstart Goblin 3 Mystical Space Typhoon   #hobanlyf. The Upstarts help you get where you need to be, because without them you're too slow. Yes, you could run traps in their place, but traps don't stop everything if you have no monsters on board. Messenger isn't a staple, and might come out for 2 Mind Crush mained. But for now, it does what it needs to do. 2 Duality is more than enough.   Traps (12) 1 Torrential Tribute 1 Bottomless Trap Hole 1 Solemn Warning 1 Seven Tools of the Bandit 1 Memory of an Adversary 2 Mirror Force 2 Divine Wrath 3 Reckless Greed   Reckless for the same reason as Upstart. I like Memory over D Prison for this deck, because getting extra level 4s is amazing, especially against Bujins. Seven Tools over Trap Stun because I don't like turning my traps off for the turn.           Extra: Stardust Dragon Scrap Dragon Crimson Blader Colossal Fighter Evolzar Laggia Steelswarm Roach Diamond Dire Wolf Number 50: Blackship of Corn Maestroke the Symphony Djinn Gagaga Cowboy Abyss Dweller 2 Starliege Paladynamo 2 Constellar Omega    I'm not really a fan of Stardust Spark unless it's really late game, because it's easy to get around. I mean Colossal Fighter doesn't have much use, except getting Crimson Blader back. Laggia should reveal my side deck, and everything else is staples. I tried Thunder Spark Dragon, but I didn't have much use for it, since it requires 3 and STILL gets shrekt by Light-Imprisoning Mirror.      Side: 2 Maxx "C"   3 Twister   1 Soul Drain 2 Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror 2 DNA Surgery 2 Magic Deflector  3 Mind Crush    Side looks a little quirky, I know. However, it works. I wasn't a fan of Vanity's Emptiness, since it disappears in a turn. I like Maxx "C" instead, so I can at least get cards. I might actually cut the Magic Deflectors for Swift Scarecrows. 3 Twister, because Light-Imprisoning Mirror can suck my dick. You'd think 3 MST would be enough, but the extra Twister help make sure you don't waste your MST popping field spells and such. 2 Surgery to stop FF, Bujins and others and sit on Laggia. Shadow Imp is obvious. Magic Deflector is to aid the Prophecy matchup, since just Mind Crush doesn't do much to it. 3 MC because searching is all over the place.     This is the deck. Leave helpful and legitimate suggestions, along with why you made them if they aren't extremely obvious. I'm also on a budget, so refrain from $400 cards.