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Found 1 result

  1. First off I'm sorry this game wasn't as fun as I wanted it to be, I know the lack of traditional nightkills made getting reads difficult and timezone issues didn't work out the greatest for everybody. That said I've gotten more subs signed up for this game than I have any other I've run, so I think it was a good set up idea in theory if not in practice, and if nothing else it was something different from the usual matrix 6 which is what always seems to be run here when the player base is pretty dead. Thanks to everyone who approved, played, or agreed to sub; I couldn't have done it without you! night actions: As far as MVP / honorable mentions, Wunter, Faint, and Jazz are all in the running here. Wunter nailed both JC and Malcolm day one and stuck with them throughout the game, but never really explained to town why he scumread them and as such couldn't lead others to follow him. Faint correctly outed JC day 2 for pocketing Jazz, but backtracked on it when none of town believed him at the time. Jazz identified the team day 3 based on JC's behavior towards lynching Maloclm at the end of day 2, but it took him a little longer to get there than it did wunter and faint. I think I'm going to give Jazz MVP for getting town to coordinate a hammer so scum couldn't intervene at the last second, but faint and wunter still both did very well, and you deserve your honorable mentions. As far as LVP...probably between soph/malcolm/psk. Soph never had a vote out at EOD for the two days he was alive, and I can't really blame town for lynching him as he was a pretty big question mark. Malcolm got outed for not contributing, and didn't really fight that hard to stay alive. PSK was super off on the scum team and I don't think he ever voted either one of them. I'm probably going to go PSK here just because I think I had higher expectations compared to the others, and it was kind of a big let down to see him going so far in the wrong direction. I think Soph is/was involved in a hydra game off site, so I can kind of see how his efforts could have been divided between games. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns; this is the place to voice them. I'm sure you're all glad for this game to be over, so get the ranting/venting off your chest. scum chat: https://discord.gg/Erk67Tw