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Found 3 results

  1. My Fluffal Deck

    I built this deck yesterday. It's pretty expieramental but I've had some success Card Car D x1 Draw Power Archlord Krystia x1 This deck can turbo her out if it's lucky. Plus it locks the opponent out of special. But it's Lv8 so It's bricky Sangan x1 Crush Card Combo Fluffal Cat x1 Not a very useful card, but he can go into E-HERO Gaia Edge Imp Frightfuloid x3 The heart and soul of the deck. It can ditch Sheep and is the core part of going into Chimera LAzion the Timelord x1 He's just a cool tech lol Bazoo the Soul Eater Thinking oof ditching him for a PSY-Frame engine. Fluffal Sheep x3 The other heart of the deck. Summoning an Edge Imp is just too good of an effect to pass up. Artifact Achillshield/ Aegis x1 Artifact Engine woot
  2. Just Fucking Kill Him

    This'll be kinda a short one. I entered this tournament after playing zero games with this deck, because I really didn't feel like playing Infernoid, even moreso did not want to play Zoo, and kinda didn't want to play in general. So I played Fluffal. 26 3 Fluffal Dog 3 Fluffal Bear 3 Fluffal Wings 3 Fluffal Penguin 3 Edge-Imp Chain 3 King of the Swamp 2 Edge-Imp Sabres 2 Fluffal Owl 2 Maxx "C" 1 Fluffal Sheep 1 Fluffal Cat 14 3 Toy Vendor 3 Polymerization 2 Foolish Burial Goods 2 Frightfur Fusion 2 Instant Fusion 1 Frightfur Factory 1 Pot of Desires 2 Frightfur Tiger 2 Frightfur Sheep 2 Frightfur Kraken 2 Frightfur Sabre-Tooth 2 Toadally Awesome 1 Elder Entity Norden 1 Fairy Cheer Girl 1 Bahamut Shark 1 Castel the Skyblaster Musketeer 1 Frightfur Wolf 3 Royal Decree 2 Denko Sekka 2 Grisaille Prison 2 Full Force Virus 1 Raigeki 1 Dark Hole 1 Night Beam 1 Mystical Space Typhoon 1 Torrential Tribute 1 Chain Disappearance So there's been a kid at our local that's been playing this deck for over a year now, and every time we play him we're surprised at the random kills the deck pulls out of nowhere. This has lead to a common discussion we would have with him where he asks, "How am I supposed to win this game?" to which we'll answer, "Just fucking kill him." And various variants of that. Named my decklist after him, "The Magnes Special" and channeled his spirit throughout the tournament. The best part about this deck is that the games you lose are usually over pretty quick, usually as soon as your Poly gets Barriered it's safe to pick your cards up. This is great for morale, as evidenced by my incredible mood throughout the following rounds. Going into the tournament I wasn't sure what my bad matchups were, aside from the cards Dimensional Barrier, and Artifact Scythe. I goldfished enough hands to realize I could kill through just about anything else. I didn't take notes, and a couple of these rounds I don't really remember what happened, but I thought the tournament was entertaining enough to do a quick writeup for. Anyway, bit of an issue with the team war. There were 7 of us, but only 6 slots. Both Brando and myself are on shit decks, him on Chain Burn. The team is very split on which one of us to take, but in the end opts to take Brando. I made it my personal goal for the tournament to have a better record than him for the, "I told you so" factor. This turned out to be incredibly easy, as during round 6, Brando was 0-6 and still playing. Round 1: The Nightmare (Artifact Windwitch Invoked) Well, I guess. Game 1 I get Scythe'd 2 turns in a row and lose to the 2200 beatdown. Game 2 He had Raidjin + Crystal Wing and 1 backrow. I do a bunch of shit to bait his monsters, and when I go for a Sabre Tooth play he flips Torrential, opening up my Instant Fusion -> Bahamut to lock the game up. Then game 3 he has D.D. Ground and multiple Barriers. Round 2: Slightly less of a nightmare, but still a nightmare (pure speedroid) Lol, I think I'm the only deck in the room that can't actually kill a fucking Crystal Wing without wasting a million cards. Anyway, game 1 I fucked up and forgot about the Necro Gardna Speedroid in his graveyard, which didn't seem like a big deal because he was only on 2 cards. Unfortunately his 2 cards were a way to make Crystal Wing, and Vanity's Emptiness. Game 2 was the only real grind game of the tournament, he opened Crystal Wing and Clear Wing, both of which are very real cards against my deck. I make a sheep to attack over the Clear Wing, and pass with Torrential set. Anyways, he does some shit that ends with double Crystal Wing and I Torrential him into back to the stone age. Game 3 he opens Crystal Wing Emptiness, but knowing that is the only set I had to be worried about I played to bait the Emptiness out before Raigekiing his Crystal Wing, so I just fucking kill him. okay, please no more Crystal Wing decks. Round 3 The Nightmare Again (Artifact Windwitch Invoked) Oh c'mon, what the fuck. Game 1 he bricked, passing with just Raidjin. Unfortunately my Desires decided to banish the 2 Toy Vendors remaining in my deck, and I draw Foolish Goods and Bear. Game 2 he opened the nut board, and my hand was just straight unplayable. okayokayokay, we're 1-2, but we're done losing (See: Playing vs. Artifact / Crystal Wing decks) for awhile. The next few rounds are a wild ride. Round 4, 60 card BA Game 1 he opens with Foolish Graff -> Scarm, make Invoker and do the rat combo. Set 2 backrow and pass. So I just do some fusion shit to clear his set Strike + Chalice, bait out his Drident and just fucking kill him. Game 2 he Full Force Viruses me, leaving me with 2 Toy Vendors and I think an Instant Fusion? Idk, anyway I use Vendor, pitch the 2nd Vendor to reveal Owl. The judge rules that I get to have it all, and my opponent doesn't appeal. This lets me summon it, search, and have it live. So anyway, this ends with me attacking for like 30k damage with a board of Tiger + Sabretooth + a 6 material Wolf. I feel like the Full Force vs. Toy Vendor ruling was probably wrong, but I'm not going to appeal the ruling that wins me the game. Round 5: Infernoid Game 1 he opens with Reasoning -> Decatron, and just passes so I fucking kill him. Game 2 he has slightly better, opening with Monster Gate -> Radian, and summons Seitemas. So I just fucking kill him. Round 6: Zoodiac Game 1: He has Rat Combo and Double Strike. So I just fucking kill him. Game 2: I think this was the game I maxx "C"'d my opponent, they stopped with no backrow and I just Poly'd out a 5 material Wolf with all my cards. Life is good when people don't draw Barrier / Sanctum against you. Round 7: Burning Abyss Infernoid Game 1 he opens and passes with a bluff set and set monster, so I just fucking kill him. Game 2 he makes me go first, so I fucking Grisalle Prison (see: Double Barrier) him, then fucking kill him. Round 8: Infernoid 2-0'd him in 8 minutes. I think game 1 he just had Decatron and a bluff, and game 2 was just Patrulea and 2 bluffs. Round 9: Zoodiac Game 1 he opens 3 backrow and Rat combo. So I just fucking kill him. Game 2 he starts and opens with Fragrance + Twin Twister Game 3 I really thought I was about to fucking kill him through Strike + Drident, but when I poly'd out my dude discarding Wings he discarded Lancea, bricking my Wings and Frightfur fusion. I set Torrential, and it turns out his other set was Twin Twisters. He draws slumber for turn, and with his 2 cards, Slumber + Whiptail, just fucking kills me 6-3 Fitting end to a fun tournament. People kept choosing to go first game 2, which was kinda tilting since I was boarding in 4-ish traps so I actually had something to do going first. Ended up working out though, so whatever. Only thing I'd change in the main deck would be to cut the Desires, after it cost me a game, and almost cost me another by banishing all 3 Fluffal Wings I was siding it out all tournament and never really missed it. It might turn into a Fusion Recovery, or 3rd Owl, something like that.
  3. Fluffal HERO

        So ever since I first saw the Fluffal cards I loved the artwork and I thought they were cool cards with some fun combos, I tested a lot of different variants including Fairy, Pure and Shaddoll variants but this imo is the best variant, I've spent a lot of time play testing it and I feel I've gotten the deck to a decent level although how competitive it is you can decide.      The problem with Fluffals is normally they can be kinda gimmicky with their -1 Scissors play with Vendor as well as Bear is lackluster and Lion while a nice beat stick isn't good outside of your own turn. So to solve this I cut Vendor down from 3 to 2, and then finally to 0 as it just got to the point where I'd set it and hope they popped it for a search.         As well as this Fluffals will run out of fuel pretty easily so thats where Shadow Mist and Blazeman come in with Mist refilling your hand with more monsters to fusion with and Blazeman being able to either search out a Prisma for Edge Imp, or Bubbleman for an xyz play (Blazeman->Shadow Mist to grave) as well as another way to consistently get Polymerization to your hand along with Owl.      This deck has a decent power ceiling where it can pretty often OTK first turn going second, although it can also draw some pretty mismatch hands too but I guess that's expected of mixing archetypes. The cards most worth mentioning are:       Fusion Recovery - if you draw this in your opening hand you're off to a strong start, this card is pretty ridiculous in this deck quite often, and is amazing throughout the duel since most turns you will be trying to fusion summon.            Chain Material - while I may be wrong as to its use, (if so just let me know) but it can be ridiculous if you use it to summon Frightfur Tiger to pop your entire opponents field which seems stupidly OP if it gets through   Furnimal Tiger - this card is the reason Fluffals can be even slightly competitve as rn in the TCG Wolf and Bear fusions just aren't cutting it on their own.   Fluffal Cat & Rabbit - without these cards the deck would have a lot less burst as with these you can keep comboing for even larger fields.   Elemental HERO Shadow Mist - same reason as above^^ as well as offering some standalone plays with A Hero Lives   Element HERO Blazeman & Owl - Getting Polymerization has never been more consistent, including E - Call, ROTA and Dog (obviously slower unless you have Double Summon)    Double Summon - while a -1, its necessary to give it some speed due to how many effects there are that need to be normal summoned e.g Blazeman, Prisma, Dog and Owl     Deck List   Monsters - 19 Elemental HERO Prisma Elemental HERO Bubbleman Elemental HERO Blazeman x3 Elemental HERO Shadow Mist x2 Edge Imp Scissors x2 Fluffal Cat x3 Fluffal Rabbit Fluffal Dog x3 Fluffal Owl x3   Spells - 17 Polymerization x3 E- Emergency Call x3 Reinforcement of the Army A Hero Lives x2  Mask Change x3 Fusion Recovery x3 Double Summon x2   Traps - 4 Call of the Haunted x2 Chain Material x2   Extra Deck - 15 Furnimal Wolf Furnimal Tiger x2 Masked HERO Koga Masked HERO Goka Masked HERO Dark Law Masked HERO Anki Masked HERO Dian Masked HERO Acid Elemental HERO Gaia x2 Elemental HERO Nova Master Elemental HERO Escuridao Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer Evilswarm Exciton Knight         If you have any criticism please don't hesitate to post, thanks! :)