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Found 1 result

  1. Daytrading free money thread

    Mentioned in the intro thread as having been kinda known in YGO for a long time, then quit for a long time, then started trading professionally for a long time. I'm pretty good as far as short term trades go. Trend following, however, is not my forte. I'm going to post live trades and predictions on here towards markets. I specialize in the Dow Jones, Nasdaq, S&P 500, and volatility products. However, I also trade a few stocks such as TSLA, CMG, etc. Some basic terminology and things to think about: ~Going 'long' means money is made if it goes up. ~Going 'short' means money is made if it goes down. ~Short timeframes means that money is made from small moves. So if a large move has already happened since a post, do not 'chase'-you'll probably buy high, sell low. ~Don't follow trades until you know what you're doing. I might just post an entry and exit whenever, or trade while at work and not have time, etc. And you'll end up stuck with the L. ~I tend to trade weekly options and futures- highly leveraged instruments that can result in a large gain or loss very quickly from even small fluctuations. So if it looks like a small move, know that its been multiplied many times over. For example, a $1 move in SPY translates to around a 10 point move in a single /ES (S&P 500 futures) contract which is $500 move. A 0 DTE (days to expiry) option can move 10% in literally the blink of an eye. Those are crazy. They are called 'lottos'- you're not expected to win consistently on them but holding them through a large move will multiply them over. Usually, the premium (cost of the extrinsic/potential value) exceeds the realized (what it turns out to be) value, and each minute eats away at their value until time is up. So you can buy them when a stock is at 50 and you wait for the price to move in your direction but it does so later on at a dollar up and you can still lose money. If you want to know more about this, search 'options and greeks'. ~My trading strategy is directional and pretty unique, even in the trading world. I'll be posting charts, methodology, and so on. I will not be editing any comments in order to keep what I'd said the way it was in real time.