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Found 1 result

  1. Yugioh Duel Links FTP Beginner Guide Last Updated:4/19/18 Notes -All tips/suggestions are based on the state of the game and predictions will not be made. -This guide is meant for any FTP that wants to start off competitively as quickly as possible and it’s assumed players who have read this have not done the Crowler event. -Remember to create a Konami ID because it's what backs up your account and if you undownload it or your mobile device breaks you are screwed unless you get lucky and Konami recovers it. WHAT NOT TO DO: Do not trade in level up cards unless you know for sure you can get them from farming. Do not trade in Barrel Dragon,Blue-Eyes White Dragon,Dark Magician, Dark Magician Girl,Legendary Fisherman, Red-Eyes Black Dragon, and Blast Held By A Tribute due to them being needed for Stage Missions and are a pain to obtain from farming. Other cards to not trade in are event and roaming duelist SR/UR cards.Also Insect Queen & Harpie Lady Sisters since they cannot be obtained from farming and are only useful if you want to unlock duel mats with their images. Waste Gems on terrible or old sets unless they have farming staple cards or staple cards needed for a specific meta deck. Competitive Goals -Complete Mokuba Bingo as much as possible to get a Enemy Controller and to unlock Mokuba. -To build Aliens (One of the best and cheapest deck). -Try to get 60 and 100 wins in pvp to get 2 free SR cards every pvp season. -Reach Stage lv 30 to unlock lv 40 Legendary Duelist. Terms Farming: Is a method in which you try to get a duel assessment score of 8000 to increase your chances of getting certain cards from Legendary duelist. Gems: The game’s currency used to buy packs. Gold:Used to buy cards in the Card Trader’s shop. Kaiba or Yami Yugi? If you want to build Naturia early its recommended to choose Kaiba to unlock Beatdown early otherwise it does not matter which one you choose at the moment. What To Spend Gx Card Tickets On? SR 1x Anti Magic Arrows Useful for Naturia and other decks. 2x Enemy Controller: One of the best spell cards in the game. UR Union Attack Needed in farming decks. Card Trader Cards To Get Farming Hazy Flame Sphinx It is a staple Hazy Flame. Mythical Beast Cerberus: Mandatory and only is needed in standard Cerberus farming decks. Thunder Dragon & Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon Useful in most Vassal based farming decks. Magical Mallet: Very useful farming card. Murmor of The Forest A staple card in Cerberus. Riryoku: Useful in Cerberus farming decks and decent card starting off in pvp. Yami Useful in Cerberus farming. Riryoku Field: Useful for farming Kaiba. Meta Rose Lover Is a 3x staple card in Sylvans and its also good in Aromages A Legendary Ocean Is a needed staple card in Ocean decks. The rest are garbage and staple in other decks that are not great in the current meta. Stage Missions: -Are missions that give you gems stones, or keys for doing a certain task -Recommended to stay at stage 30 which is when you unlock Lv 40 Legendary duelist and is one of the easiest stages to grind for color keys and gold. How to Unlock Certain Characters Original Yami Yugi: Starter Duelist or Stage 15. Kaiba: Starter Duelist or Stage 15. Joey: Stage 3. Tea: Stage 5. Mai: Stage 10. Yugi Muto: Stage 13 Rex: Stage 21. Keith: Beat 50 Legendary Duelist. Mako: Do 150 tribute summons. Mokuba: Complete all the bingo missions. Odion: Activate 300 Traps. Ishizu: Summon 200 light monsters. Weevil: Beat 100 Standard Duelist. Paradox Brothers: Idk (If anyone knows how to unlock him post here). Bonz A gate duelist. Pegasus: ^ Yami Bakura ^ Arkana/Yami Marik: Characters you can only unlock from completing their events. Gx Jaden: Unlock after you complete his character mission in Stage 8 in the regular Duel World. Chazz: Stage 6 Alexis: Stage 11 Aster: Summon 200 Dark Monsters. Bastion: Win 50 times with 3 cards or less in your deck. Vellian Crowler: Deal 2000 points of damage with a single effect. Jessie Anderson: Get 300,000 points from The Awaken Rainbow Dragon Event that will come back in the future. Level Up Priorities Skills: Kaiba: Lv13 Beatdown The best skill to use with Naturia and Red-Eyes Zombie. Bandit Keith: Lv 20 Restart One of the best skills in the game. Cards: Bandit Keith Lv 25 Metalmorph Is a decent trap card and lets you run over anything on your bp. You can get more copies of it from farming Lv 40 Joey. Mai: Lv25 Windstorm of Etaqua (Is a one of the best trap cards in the game). Odion: Lv 21 Curse of Anubis (Is a Windstorm for all effect monsters). Farming: Mokuba: Lv 20 Draw Sense Light Best skill in Cerberus farming decks. Ishizu: Lv 3 Gravekeeper’s Vassal A mandatory staple in majority of farming decks. Paradox Brothers: Lv 4 Elements Unite! Staple skill for farming certain duels and it useful when farming for Labyrinth Builder or Three Star Demotion. Odion: Lv 23 Temple of The Kings Only need one is needed in some farming decks. Lv 25 Mystical Beast of Serket Same as Temple. GX Skills: Crowler Lv13 Beatdown You can get it from him as well. Cards Bastion Lv 10 Hydrogeddon Alexis: Lv 21 Cyber Angel Idaten A staple in Cyber Angels. Lv 23 & 38 Cyber Petit Angel Same as above. Lv 33 Machine Angel Absolute Ritual Lv35 Cyber Angel Dakini The boss monster of Cyber Angels and you won’t have to farm for another copy. What To Spend Gems On? -Rampage of The Forest for Sylvans or Abyss Encounter for the Alien cards. -Blades of Spirit for Regretful Rebirth if you plan to build Aliens. -Farming Staple core cards. Example Ultimate Rising for Secret Passage. -Best To save gems for a competitive event like the KC Cup. Cheapest Deck Starting Out These decks will Get you through auto duels against the npcs and lower ranks in pvp. Cheapest Decks Sylvans Skills: Restart Monsters:18 3x Rose Lover 3x Sylvan Guardioak 3x Sylvan Hermitree 3x Sylvan Komushroomo 3x Sylvan Marshalleaf 2x World Carrotweight Champion Spells:2 2x Enemy Controller Other Cards You Can Add Sylvan Ferrylotus Jar of Avarice Ultimate Providence Pros: -Cheapest deck (due to all the monsters being Rares and Normals. Only expensive card is Komushroomowhich is an SR). -Can get quick wins and get you to KOG. -Can beat most meta decks. -It is a tier 1 deck Cons: -Is a bit rng based and heavily reliant on Komushroomo. Aliens Skill: Balance, Mind Scan, or Restart Monsters:9 2x Alien Grey 1x Alien Overlord 3x Alien Telepath 3x Alien Warrior Spells:7 3x A Cell Recombination Device 2x Enemy Controller 2x Mysterious Triangle Traps:4 2x Brainwashing Beam 2x Regretful Rebirth Pros: -Can get quick wins and get you to KOG. -Can beat most meta decks. -It is a tier 2 deck. Cons: -All the cards are in a big box. -Ocean and Geargia is the decks worse matchup. Other Cards You Can Add Cheapest Alien Kid Evil Dragon Ananta Forbidden Chalice Riryoku Storm Curse of Anubis Metalmoprh Recommended Reward Cards To Get: Normals Shark Cruiser: Good tech in Ocean decks. Rares Oyster Meister: Good in Golden Flying Fish deck. The Sanctuary In The Sky: Staple in Cloudian farm decks. Transmodify: Has potential use in the future. Super Rares Rose Archer It has potential in Aromages and other plant decks. Black Brachios: A staple card in Dinosaur Kingdom. Enemy Controller: Get if you did not get it from the anniversary tickets and it is one of the best spells in the game that is useful in 90% of meta decks and Kaiba is a pain to farm. Legacy of Yata Garasu: Farming card and I recommended getting it as a glossy card. Red-Eyes Insight/Red-Eyes Spirit Staple cards if you want to build Red-Eyes. It is also good in farming and auto duel decks. Solemn Scolding: Could be very good in the future and is good in Life Cost 0 Cyber Stein. Ultra Rares Cattle Drive/Overdone Burial: Both have potential and are the best UR rewards. Dynatherium: Has potential as tribute fodder. Amazoness Paladin: Amazoness has recently received more support cards and could maybe receive more support in the future.