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Found 1 result

  1. Yo, this is my report about the whole weekend. Going to be pretty long because it was 2 events and all, but i probably wont remember all my rounds since i played a lot of ygo. Anywayyyyy   Kye, Gareth, Matt and I all stayed at our friend Sam's house the night before our flight on thursday morning. It was a very uneventful night consisting of theory-oh, mario-kart and me grinding extremely low stakes poker due to boredom.   Get into the city in Sydney and we find out there are 2 card stores there, unfortunately we head to the wrong one and they essentially know nothing about yugioh. We then decide to just not go to the other one since we are all tired as fuck, and instead chalk the one and a half hour train ride back to Penrith (which by the way is like the worst fucking area). Once we get to Penrith and settle into our hotel we check out the card store down the road from us which is apparently where everyone will be at, turns out no one is there and you have to fucking pay to even use there tables lol. So now we are all just incredibly tilted and decide to head back into the city to the other card store and it turns out everyone is there. I play in a win a box with spellbook and split the top 2 with matt. Gareth and kye come 3rd and 5th respectively.   On friday our friend Josh flies over and stays in our hotel room, he hasn't ygo'd at all this format and hasn't qualified for WCQ so kye lends josh his deck. Nothing else really relevant happens pre-event. Kye, josh and I are playing spellbooks, but kye is playing an awful list while josh is playing the one i'm playing. Matt and gareth play dragons   Nats is 8 rounds top 64, one time back to back wins Round 1 vs Mirror g1 - He summons kycoo and sets like one card, obviously he opened shit and i crushed him. He took a while to scoop though. g2 - He opens very well but i have droll, eventually he resolves a judgment day but i win because he sucks   1-0   Round 2 vs Lavals g1 - Lavals are not real  g2 - My hand is very slow but i eventually get up in cards, unfortunately he slows me down by playing deck lock down. I pass since i can't do much. He then blasters my jowgen, typhoons my fate, and rekindlings to make some exceed to deal me quite a hefty amount of damage. I again pass because i can't do anything. Fortunately he can't kill me and i just win the turn after.   2-0   Round 3 vs Watts g1 - The guy sets 4 backrow and passes. I'm like cool i'm probably winning this one, but unfortunately he flips macro in my draw phase and this just absolutely fucks me. Anyway after a long 37 minute grind he has a 1000 guy and 1200 guy on board, i'm on 2200 to his 2300. He attacks with watt giraffe and i use book, he uses SJ. I then spin it with pwwb and he deals me a thousand. Next turn i have enough damage on board but summon a kycoo because he has a backrow and i thought it could be like lance/prison and watts wouldn't play tt. It was tt and i lost. g2 - I opened awful and lost   2-1   Round 4 vs Evilswarm g1 - This game is very easy because my deck is just better g2 - I open something retarded like triple kycoo, wisdom, life and power. He opens ophion and 4 backrow, i'm trying to grind out of it but scooped after i drew 2 tsuku in a row when i needed to rip a spellbook. g3 - I decide to open a combo for 4 and summon kycoo by using fate on my mag instead of just going for three and summoning jowgen, i have pwwb down so i don't think i need fate. He goes typhoon my pwwb summon castor summon helio kill my f/d mag and kycoo, summon ophion search pandemic set 1. I think he has eev because he is being really talkative and acting confident, but i opt to use towers effect like a fucking donk because he only set 1, and i thought he would search infection if he had eev. I get eev'd and try to get there with kycoo, but he has rabbit.   2-2 lol i suck   Round 5 vs Blank Don't remember anything about this round, i won though   3-2   Round 6 vs Mirror g1 - My opponent opens 2 backrow and a set monster, i'm like cool. Summon my mag and it gets warning'd. Unfortunately this kind of foils my plan of having a good t1, so i just have to set a wisdom and pass. He then flips spellbook mag and i become extremely confused. We grind for a while even though he opened solemn J aswell, but eventually it gets to the point where i'm ahead on cards but need to draw any secrets, judgment day or any spellcaster to win and brick 5 draws in a row. g2 - i crush him. We draw since g1 took ages   3-2-1 gross   Round 7 vs X-sabers g1 - Friends warn me about this guy and say he is very shady, and he was very fucking shady. Too bad X-sabers suck no matter how hard you cheat g2 - He summons nat beast and i have 7 draws to draw any spellcaster so i can fate it and chain veiler, brick all of them! g3 - he gets nervous because i am crushing him and hawk-eye staring him down at the same time. He tries to do shady shit multiple times during this game but i'm having none of it and win. He then ticks his name on the match slip and claims it was an accident, i firmly tell him to fuck off.   4-2-1   Round 8 vs Mirror (urthor) g1 - This game goes into time. It's just a huge grind but by the end of it i burn all of his resources and he tries to summon a kycoo off of an end phase judgment day but then realizes he doesn't have enough spellbooks to add.   5-2-1   So i come 38th and top with a record of 5-2-1 lol. Usually i would be angry about a top 64 cut, but besides the fact that i wouldn't have topped without it, this format is FULL of variance and there is just nothing you can do to dodge it. Maybe i just got unlucky idk. Anyway kye, josh, gareth and matt all make the top cut. Josh also gets his invite :)   Top 64 vs Mirror g1 - Can't remember much but i think i win quickly g2 - Goes into a long grind game, he makes a couple of mistakes but we both miss something and i win because of it. He seemed like a really cool guy and i could tell he was actually decent at the game    Top 32 vs Dragons (matt) g1 - So my deck is literally built to beat dragons but i haven't played any so far, it's ok though since i'm still in the tournament! Anyway this is just a standard game between these 2 decks, i eventually get out jowgen and kycoo which is too much for him. g2 - I get eev'd, try and get through it but can't. :( g3 - We go into time while siding and since we can't draw, we have to RE-RANDOMIZE who goes first. I am like fuming at this point because that's not even real. Of course i roll a 1, go second and open a hand that is the stone nuts going first. Anyways i get to a situation where the only card i lose to is reborn, he has it and i'm down on life when he has a tidal up and a set monster to my irrelevant card in hand, soul drain, star hall with a couple of counters and wisdom set. I rip secrets on my last turn of time, summon mag, search fate, flip up his set scarecrow and attack over it for game. Fuck that procedure lol   Top 16 vs Mirror g1 - This guy opens his hand and looks very displeased. He then asks me how i like my hand and tries to get a read on me but obviously i'm not going to give anything away like an idiot. I open well and win quickly. g2 - He opens the actual literal nuts ( ;) ) and fucking crushesssss me. g3 - We grind it out but i hold my thunder king until i know it's good. I wind down his resources and then summon my tking to kill his kycoo, flip it down on my turn and kill him.   Top 8 vs Dragons g1 - He opens the nuts and i draw something like double kycoo, fate, tower, star hall and warning? GG go next g2 - I draw awful again, have to set warning and soul drain then pass. He opens card d, rejuv and 4 big dragons. Draws double typhoon for my sets lol. Losing this close to going back to back sucks but he was my friend and he's a good player so it's fine.   Marcus wheeler ends up winning, he's a friend of mine and a good player so i'm happy    That was the list for nats, it was far from optimal as we were just testing cards. Disregard the extra deck i used like 10 irrelevant cards, 1 shining elf and 1 daigusto phoenix   The night before WCQ we get the munchies and go for a late food run. I get very cold and josh lends me his scarf, i then realize that scarfs are the stone cold nuts. Before the event the next day instead of scrounging around for cards i am scrounging for a scarf, eventually i find the last light blue one in stock at a supermarket. Apparently it's a women's scarf but who gives a fuck right?   7 rounds top 16, no x-2s can top and x-1-1s are not guaranteed lol. Time to run the gauntlet    Round 1 vs Mirror g1 - So i vs the guy i played in the 1st round at nats 2 days prior, i open well again and crush. g2 - He opens very well and doesn't play around droll, unfortunately i don't have it and he gets up like 10 cards by turn 2, literally 10 cards. I get my star hall to 7 and chain eev tributing my kycoo and get rid of everything he has except like mag and sj. Too bad i draw like the literal worst 5-6 cards in a row and lose.  g3 - I open secrets search judgment day then activate it, activate tower, set eev along with something else, search secrets and special jester lord then flip eradicator in his draw phase and win.   1-0   Round 2 vs Dark worlds g1 - i open very well and keep flipping judgment days on his turn. He doesn't activate a card for the whole game and for a while i think he's playing spellbooks, but then i fate his set skill drain and get confused as fuck. g2 - i just side like triple typhoon but it doesn't matter since i get eev'd for 6 g3 - i open the combo and board kycoo t1, flip jd on his turn and end phase fate one of his 2 backrow. I fate the other one summon another kycoo, attack and then make an abyss dweller backed by a fate. I win shortly after   2-0   Round 3 vs Mirror g1 - He opens awkwardly but it completely counters my even more awkward hand, i actually would've won this game if he had've opened well since i drew droll but instead i got fucked by kycoo and wisdom. g2 - I go first and am forced to play into droll, he doesn't have it and i just win g3 -  he opens awkward again. He summons kycoo and sets 3. He judgment days on my turn but all i do is summon mag to get judgment since i know he has an awkward hand and don't want to give him any cards so i set jday, book, master and eternity. I figure he has typhoon down and i don't want him to hit my judgment or book, i also didn't think anyone would keep storm in vs the mirror (and even if he did, my jday would basically cancel out his advantage) so that's why i set the bluffs. He end phase wisdoms kycoo searches one and draws, i activate judgment day. He dark bribes it and i draw jester lord (fuck me) and then he storms me for 3, i chain book on mag. After all this i come back to the point of me having a mag on field and jester lord in hand to him having just a priestess in hand. He then rips mag and proceeds to win.    2-1. I want to kill myself for losing to this guy   Round 4 vs Dragons g1 - standard game vs dragons GG go next g2 - I misplay mid game because i make an awkward play so i can avoid droll, and then realize i didn't have to because mind drain was active. I end up losing because he rips a tsuku for my kycoo. Jeeeeeez i suck at this game g3 - I lock him with rivalry   3-1   Round 5 vs Dragunity g1 - I play vs a 14 year old kid who is very in experienced, he seemed nice but he really just didn't know what my deck did and i beat him swiftly g2 - ^   4-1   Round 6 vs Mirror g1 - I gain an early lead because he sucks, and keep adding to it. He takes a long time to scoop g2 - he opens a weird hand to my decent hand including droll. Eventually it gets down to me having a tower face up and a droll, power and eternity (i have like jday crescent banished or something) in hand to his one f/d. We are very close to time by the way. He then rips kycoo, attacks me and banishes my monsters in grave so i can't resolve tower. I have 2 turns to draw any single spellbook or any single spellcaster  and i miss both so we draw in time. YAY   4-1-1 This guy was even worse than the guy i lost to and i knew all i had to do was win this round then draw the last one, and i was in top 16. So basically i was mad.   Round 7 vs Dragons g1 - He opens a rejuv play for 6 and my hand simply isn't good enough g2 - I open really well and he doesn't have droll g3 - I have to basically just set my traps, summon kycoo and hope he doesn't have storm. He doesn't and i win   5-1-1 Apparently this guy was some top player from singapore, he seemed pretty good and was pretty nice. My only loss was on table 2 when this round started so i just hope my breakers get me there, but unfortunately i finish 18th and miss. I tell everyone it's on lock and kye is going to worlds, he ends up finishing second and getting there  :).   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BbIIlwNeUGI   [spoiler] [/spoiler]   The main deck was optimal, wouldn't change a thing. The jester lord/eev combo in the side fucking sucked.      Props: -Speelboks -Kye going to vegas -This is so sick! -Scarfs   Slops: -Just missing -Time -Time -Time -Seriously, why the fuck does time have to be so relevant