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Found 8 results

  1. Goat Format Exclusive Discord Channels

    I'm proud 2 announce we've diversified our ygo channels on our discord so ur Goat format discussions will no longer get clogged with current meta discussions and vice versa. https://discord.gg/YYTzE29

    Hello everybody! Why does it seem to me that this Goat forum has died a little? Anyway, Luxury Gaming (https://www.facebook.com/groups/LuxuryGamingLLC/) organised a FREE 64-man Goat tournament, award the winner with 100$ prize. It then changed it to 128-man because slots were quickly taken. Since this is the biggest Goat tournament since 2005, I feel like it should be talked about! Round 2 is in progress today, each round lasts for 2 days, we are playing single elimination best of 3. IDK what else is there to say. My friend just took out HyperBeam, I will post interesting replays after the tournament is over I hope that some other participants of this tourney also see this post and tell how it is going for them
  3. Team Captain: TheGoldenTyranno Members: Audioslayne rei MacDude/Koala goats4dayz/Loganj111/thgink egarim BuildtheWalia SparkyFlary/spankthemonkey NB96/Nick Former Members: Silver Gojira Inky Hendo PSK Reggie/Haruki Anathema Morpp Paraliel Regular War Record: 1-4 Lost 0-3 vs The Seraphin Lost 1-2 vs E.V.I.L Lost 1-2 vs Fuze Gang Won 3-0 vs Reveal Exodia, k? Lost 0-2 vs Damage Step
  4. To register for the Battle City or to view rules, click Current Season: May 2nd - June 6th Overall Leader Board (updated 5/14/2016 12:27 AM) [Points - Wins - Losses - Username] -1 points | 1-7 | Gemstone Mine 3 points | 2-4 | Gojira 25 points | 10-3 | captainameowica 16 points | 7-4 | Jazz -5 points | 0-8 | Tom Brady 35 points | 16-13-1 | *Sinister Serpent* 22 points | 13-4 | Logic -1 points | 0-1 | Kyle.Flett 1 points | 2-8 | Francis J Underwood 0 points | 0-0 | Skully 6 points | 3-3 | NB96 6 points | 3-4-1 | nippie 7 points | 3-1 | lightsworn beach Goat Record
  5. Hello Duelistgroundz and welcome to Battle City: Retro Formats! Battle City: Retro Formats will be a free for all tournament played between 5 of the most popular formats in Yu-Gi-Oh! history. Format 1: 2005 Goat Control (Exarion-less) Format 2: 2007 Troop Dupe Scoop (Crush Card Virus honor banned) Format 3: 2010 Edison (Pre-The Shining Darkness) Format 4: 2011 Tengu Plant (Pre-Gates of the Underworld) Format 5: 2012 Wind-Up (Pre-Cosmo Blazer) For the Battle City, the formats will be played for a 6 week season. The first 5 weeks will be the regular season, with the 6th and final week being solely for the top cut. To qualify for the top cut, players need to accumulate points through completing and winning their matches. The top 8 players will play off for the right to be called the champion of the season. To encourage the play of all formats, as a pre-requisite to qualify for the top cut, each player MUST complete 5 matches in EACH format. No exceptions. To further encourage the play of all formats, each week will have a designated spotlight format. Each spotlight match offers more points per completion. Standard games: WIN: 2 points LOSS: -1 point TIE: 0 points Spotlight games: WIN: 3 points LOSS: 0 points TIE: 1 point Each player will have his overall win-loss record recorded, as well as his win-loss recorded for each individual format. RULES: 1) You may play any opponent currently entered in the Battle City at any time. 2) You may play as many opponents as you want per day. However, you can only play an opponent in one particular format once a day. 3) All matches are 2/3. 4) A disconnection, regardless of game state or reasoning, is a game loss. Double disconnections will force a replay of the game, NOT the match. 5) A player can play more games in one specific format over others, however, no player is allowed to play 50% of their matches in one particular format. 6) After each match is completed, the winner should report in the match thread. The winner should also state which format was played. NOTE: If a match is reported WITHOUT the format that was played, the match will not count. 7) Players may join whenever they please. The longer it takes for you to sign up however, the more games must be played in a shorter period of time if you want to make the top cut. To sign up for the Battle City, each player must have a Duelistgroundz account as well as a Duelingnetwork account. Duelistgroundz account - Duelingnetwork account To access Duelingnetwork with images, click http://www.duelingnetwork.com/?card_image_base=http://www.xtevenschannel.com/images/card-pics/
  6. Just wanted to see what people's thoughts were on the subject. I would honestly have to say that the shaddoll mirror is the hardest that I have played. It has been the only mirror match where you can slowly but surely feel all control and momentum slip away from you if you aren't playing immaculately. 
  7. Top 8 San Jose, CA Regionals 4-5-14 (Has other Decklists from Top 8 too)   Right off the bat I just want to say thanks to the people that made this event possible for me: My friend Nima and his amazing family for letting me crash with them again; just an overall amazing friend. I’m glad he managed to secure his first invite and almost make Top 8 (12th), losing only to first place and second place if I’m not mistaken.   I finished a dull morning of nothing special besides eating some Swiss chocolate on Friday, and decide to drive to the Bay Area from Sacramento around noon to meet up with my friend Andrey (Redlight) so we can chill and test. The last week I had managed to pick up everything for every deck, and had been given a Geargia list by 902 and Clay “Hairy Butt Fetish” Arvizu to test. Marhsaun Young and I also tested Fire-Fists the last week extensively on DN, but, the deck was just lackluster. I was solid with Pure Geargia, even though I was testing that and Fire Fist 3.5. I felt really uncomfortable with any of the decks because they all felt expected and easy to counter. I knew, in the back of my head, and after some collaboration with Andrey that Mermails could be the surprise factor deck that no one expects me or anyone to use for this regionals. I knew how to play it and wanted to make up for my 9th place finish the previous week at Reno regionals (the salt was real). We had a list that was running Salvages and several grind choices but were still iffy on how we could change the deck. We chill and grab some Quickly’s popcorn chicken while waiting for some flakey friends, which never showed up, to show up. We test for a bit and decide to go see Captain America 2 at the nearby theater in Alameda. The movie was amazing and I highly recommend it. Scarlett Johansson is an absolute goddess (marry me?). We get the munchies again and decide to go to Subway and test some more. We work out this savage variant of Geargia and Mermails but are leaning towards Water simply because we felt it was head and shoulders above the competition, especially if the optimal plays were made. The deck is finalized, although some of the small choices in the trap lineup were different for us because of preference going into this event. We leave and I drive to my friend’s house for the evening and test a bit with Geargia there, but am solid on Water being my deck for tomorrow.   Decklist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sxBZ0cIxsa0   The morning of the event I am pissed because I realize I left the decklist I had Nima’s sister write the night before in my bag at his house. I scurry for a list but see that there’s a ton of people early in line. I made a few subtle choices that none of my friends advocated for the day. I never really wait in line so me, James, and several others get our lists in. I get a few foreign swaps for good luck from friends.   The event is announced and turns out to be the largest regionals in Northern California history. There were 648 players….damn….10 rounds.   * I lost every dice roll of the day except my Round 9 dice roll*   Round 1: Mermails vs Inzektors (chill guy who was getting back into the game so I had to explain some of the effects/chains to him for his future matches vs Water) G1: I’m freaked because I think he’s using Burn or something at first because all I see is backrows and Messenger of Peace, Threatening Roar, etc. I, eventually, see he’s using Inzektors so I capitalize and just annihilate him through standard water sequences. G2: He opens average like me but I hold a D.D. I sided for about 7-8 turns until he gets Hornet so I crow and win with a couple pushes.   Round 2: Mermails vs Bujins (Chad Buggs, a friend of mine from locals and neighborhood a few years ago) Game 1: He doesn’t open Yamato play so thank Neptune. I grind and am able to read a backrow and a bluff Bujincarnation he had. I played around it, not knowing he drew a second one. They were basically dead so I grind a long game 1 due to that. Game 2: I open trash and no side all game and he goes Bujin.mode and is on the verge of winning when I ask how much time is left. Thanks to Denny running his butt across the room….10 seconds….scoop phase into G3 fast so no tie. Game 3: I establish a solid Bahamut Shark opening with an irrelevant backrow. I push over the course of the next couple turns with Lindes, Pike, and a Tidal to put him at low life, which he can’t come back and deal enough damage in turns.   Round 3: Mermails vs 4-Axis Fire-Fist (Playing my friend Phong again, played him the last two regionals) Game 1: He doesn’t open spectacular so I push with a few weenie monsters to bait all his backrows like two Prisons and Mirror Force to win. Game 2: Tenki into Gorilla plus Dimensional Fissure+3 FD Backrows too strong. Game 3: We started playing and go into time. I push for some damage and bait his Wolfbark I read after he adds Bear with Gorilla in grave and no Tensu play going for him, knowing I have an answer for Bear. I win with Angineer and holding my two MSTs as much as possible for his real backrows.   Round 4: Mermails vs Mermails (Have to play my friend Johnathan, which we were supposed to play earlier/later due to some random bets Clay had going with him). I know his decklist but he doesn’t know mine. I know he runs Moulinglacia and hasn’t resolved it at all during the day so far and jokingly said that I’d be the first and only person he would draw and resolve Mouling against for the day. Game 1: We both open trash with Controller drawing into Undine within a couple turns. I have a strong board and need a MST to his last FD in case it’s BTH for my Tidal but I’m in a losing situation if I can’t get the Tidal to go through just because I opened 2 Turge with nothing else real. The following turn he rips a real card that he apparently didn’t want to tell me and nuts on me with….you guessed it…Moulinglacia discarding BOTH Turge missing a Marksman and Undine. Checked my next draw…MST…..shit. The Exciton play I tried to do miserably failed vs his board of Mouling, Leo, Draco+token, and Sphere. Long game. Game 2: Game 1 was long but I managed to secure this game and am in control for the most part, we go into time and I win just a few seconds after time is called. We are trying to figure out if we’re rolling for it or tying this early. I’m about to just side for G3 as some judge comes by and sees this. He forces us to Draw….worst part of the day so far because this judge was a dick the rest of the day, always around me and trying to scope me the following round too.   I’m 3-0-1 so far. Shit. The grind begins.   Worst part of the tournament begins…   Round 5: Mermails vs Mermails (Andrey Flynn aka Redlight) I would have to play my best friend where we both know our decks inside and out. However, a complication arose. I have made a promise to him a couple years ago that I would owe him a  match at regionals if we played each other again, regardless of my circumstance. I held up my end because he and I experienced some very unfortunate luck that last few events/regionals we attended. But, he didn’t have his invite yet like I did, so I had to give him the match. We chilled and goofed off a bit just getting some rust off for our next matches. Multiple people told me to drop at x-1-1 because I’d be playing all that bullshit decks and it’d be a waste of time knowing my luck of losing on the bubble or before it lately. I ignored them and played on.   At this point I’m x-1-1, so I’m playing serious and going G.O.A.T.mode the rest of the day.   Round 6: Mermails vs 3.5-Axis Fire-Fist Game 1: He opened the Tenki Leopard play but for some odd reason didn’t go through the Horse Prince sequence. Instead, he just set two backrows. I push through with a slow opening and Ocea+Linde attacks, until I draw some Marksmans and Teus to go for lethal. Game 2: He goes Banisher set 5. Well….challenge accepted. Trashy opening but I tried to bait anything with Turge attack. He BTH’s it. I hold onto my Tidal, Teus, Megalo for about two turns until I draw a Torrential Tribute, which I hold off on setting because I didn’t want to get blind spaced or Gyokou’d. I set up MST+Torrent set the following turn and he decides to get greedy and summon Gorrila. I proceed to go TT for game, wrecking any backrow that had an anus the following turn with my nuts.   Round 7: Mermails vs Mermails Chill kid. Game 1: He has Pike Dragoons but makes several questionable plays in a long, drawn out, game one. He, somehow, doesn’t know the chain links of Megalo+Marksman when he has a backrow I read as Sphere, which he didn’t chain until Megalo resolved. I’m shocked to assume it’s not a Sphere when he lets Megalo go without chaining but then tries to chain Sphere to Marksman resolution. It costs him the game. Game 2: He opens Pike Dragoons again but I am able to establish a strong board with Crow in hand for Tidal/Gunde if he should use either. I opt to put a bunch of damage on board and go Gaios with Shark+Trite in case he runs Dark Hole or can get through Gaios then Exciton me for game. Dweller was not the correct play, even in hindsight. I win that game swiftly.   Round 8: Mermails vs Madolche Ghostrick (Sweet & Spooky according to Jhub)*I’m not sure if he used the Ghostrick engine since I didn’t see it any of our games, I was merely told by people that’s what the Madolche player in top tables was using* Seemed like a cool cat right off the block with neat Mario mat. My lovely Naturia Hamjam Jackie McBoobs Bernal lost to him the previous round knocking her out of the tourney (after she lost to Andrey). She makes a remark where she lost to his Acid Golem over her Gaios. I think he’s using either 3.5 or Madolche. Game 1: Long game playing around his Hootcake plays and Angineer and massive backrow. I had to bait his Trap Stun, and the second one he got off Duality. I make a Leo play with Linde on board reading a Fiendish or Dprison. It was Dprison from what he showed me after the game, but Leo got in there and managed to buy me enough time to go Gaios for game with Call of the Haunted. Game 2: Similar to game 1, but he has opening Angineer. I opened very strong but defensive with Black Horn of Heaven, Warning, and a couple monsters. I know he’s not going to prematurely Stun so I just do the whole “I can’t stop your plays, sadly,” charade when get gets greedy for a massive push and gets punished after I make him think I have nothing after the Black Horn on Tiramissu. I warning a Dweller if I’m not mistaken, then go for Gaios, Draco, Tidal, too.strong.GOAT.plays.   Round 9: Mermails vs Lightsworns (Andrew Do-good player and friend of mine from locals, who I saw the previous round was using LS. He tied with Andrey a few rounds prior and they told me what happened, so I knew he used LS.). This was the only dice roll I won all day, and I felt bad because we played a coulple regionals ago and I beat him Game 1 in time in Dragon Mirror grind due to a savage draw on last turn of time. Game 1: He opens terrible and I know he has Recklesses and such, no real backrows other than Warning in his deck. He mills trash with Card Trooper, milling Honest, JD, and Charge. I just do what Water does and push so heavily through his weak opening that I win swiftly. Game 2: Similar to game 1, except he opens four backrows and like a Lumina, milling trash again with a second Lumina. He milled one irrelevant Wulf but I just destroy him with the nuts. I felt bad because he’s really cool and a solid player. He just wanted to top with an obscure deck like max rarity LS for the hell of it.   Round 10:   The Bubble Round….. Mermails vs 4-Axis Fire-Fist (Really nice guy and solid player) Game 1: He draws poorly with no Tenki plays so I pretty much just grind 2-3 turns until I just make a big push only to find out he opened draw into consecutive monsters with nothing short of trash. Game 2: Dimensional Fissure, Tenki, Gorilla, Three backrows. Scoop phase turn 4 after he goes blind space out of my 2 backrow to hit my Malevolent Catastrophe. I scooped without revealing it so he wouldn’t know I ran it. Game 3: We weren’t in time yet but were likely to get to it by like turn 4 or so. We exchange a couple water and fire bending techniques. He manages to go Avatar and topdeck MST for my Malevolent Catastrophe, which I wanted to hit his Tensu and other two irrelevant backs like Tenki and Tensen. He makes Cardinal to bounce my Trite and Shark. I have Gunde in hand from previous turn. I pray to the basedgod and draw my only rip of the day (given my track record, out of the 20+ cards I could have drawn, I’d normally draw the 1/5 bad topdecks). I drew another Linde and managed to do the Shark+Trite play again…lol…I guess I only needed one of each in the extra deck after all. He draws a backrow set, Cardinal to Defense. I use my last two waters banishing Gunde and whatever for Tidal in grave to try and bait it so I can push since we get time called. It turns out to be a Compulsory, which was irrelevant. I put damage on board and he draws another backrow. I rip a MST, which really wasn’t that much of a rip since I had Tidal and Trite in attack anyways and Shark in defense. I put all my faith into stopping YuGi Moutos mirror force with my Space of massive Mysticalness. It works. I win.   X-1-1 after 10 rounds. I’m nervous because Andrey was still x-1-1 and was a table behind me, yet I “lost” to him and he could make it in before me, making me be 9th….again…He was ahead of me in tables for the most part until that last round. Luckily, our amazing Head Judge, AJ Tachella, didn’t allow anyone to intentionally draw the last round. I had a chance. I cry in my Greatest of All-Time mode and pray more to the basedgod that I don’t get sodomized again by shit tiebreakers since Andrey was my loss and Jonathan dropped after he and I tied.   The G.O.A.T. makes it…as 8th place. Still, not too happy about it, but I can’t complain. I didn’t lose any matches in reality during the day since we’ll never know how game 3 would have happened the round I tied, and my match with Andrey will have to wait when neither of us needs to give the other the win. I loved this weekend.  Had some amazing memories from this regionals.   Pros: -Top 8 -iHop -Nima’s sister -Stayed with Nima for the weekend -Andrey also made Top 8 and got his invite. We haven’t topped together since he won with Gadgets several years ago, so that was cool. -Tommy made me less homophobic -Starbucks drive-through -Good testing for YCS Vegas -Captain America 2 -LARGEST NorCal Regionals -Another top -James lending me his Big Eye since mine was English, for good luck. -Making about $150 by the end of the day. -Getting deck profiles after the event. -Denny topping too, alongside Robert Gomez -Nima got his invite, he got 12th, his best performance ever.   Cons: -Not going undefeated or 1st in Swiss because of the draw and giving up a win. -Playing two friends back-to-back and it hindering my potential to top the regionals -Not having enough time to socialize -Nima’s sister ruining my $400 Spellground…the salt was real. -Not spending all day in the Bay Sunday due to a bunch of work I had to do at home. -Traffic -Lack of sleep and food. -Not having time to smash Tommy or Joey for money…again….   All in all, the weekend was fun and I hope to do it again. Onwards to Las Vegas. I’ll have my decklist, Andrey’s list, Nima’s list, Denny’s list during or after YCS Las Vegas. I’ll link the other video profiles of 1st, 3rd, and 4th place Geargia, Karakuri Geargia, and Evilswarms down below as soon as I make each one public on my Youtube page.   Hope to see you all at YCS Vegas, ARGCS Washington, Philly, and Detroit. :)
  8. Partying Like It's 2005

    [img]http://i657.photobucket.com/albums/uu293/transcend_reality/mon.jpg[/img] [img]http://i657.photobucket.com/albums/uu293/transcend_reality/st.jpg[/img] Monsters: 1 Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning 1 Jinzo 1 Airknight Parshath 1 Asura Priest 1 Breaker the Magical Warrior 1 Tribe-Infecting Virus 1 D.D. Warrior Lady 2 Gravekeeper's Spy 2 Tsukuyomi 1 Sangan 1 Gravekeeper's Guard 1 Morphing Jar 2 Magician of Faith 1 Sinister Serpent Magics: 1 Pot of Greed 1 Graceful Charity 1 Delinquent Duo 1 Heavy Storm 1 Mystical Space Typhoon 2 Nobleman of Crossout 1 Snatch Steal 1 Premature Burial 3 Book of Moon 3 Metamorphosis 3 Scapegoat Traps: 1 Mirror Force 1 Torrential Tribute 1 Ring of Destruction 1 Call of the Haunted 1 Sakuretsu Armor Fusions: Everything For people with questions as to the rarities since the camera I used is mediocre: Everything that can be 1st ed is aside from the Call of the Haunted and Jinzo, I simply can't find anybody that has them and is willing to part with them. The Morphing Jar is from TP2 and the Sakuretsu is from CP01. Alnd here's my extra foil shit/potentially a 2nd deck since I'm tired of nobody having one at events: [img]http://i657.photobucket.com/albums/uu293/transcend_reality/surplus.jpg[/img]