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Found 3 results

  1. Korean Mechas Are the Best

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNbElX-MppY   [spoiler][/spoiler]   3 Qliphoth Tools 2 Entermate Trampolynx 3 Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon 2 Qliphoth Archive 2 Qliphoth Genome 2 Qliphoth Disk 1 Qliphoth Shell Zero Apoqliphoth Killer   14 "monsters"   3 Forbidden Chalice  3 Mystical Space Typhoon 1 Heavy Storm 3 Qliphoth Sacrifice 3 Summoner's Art   13 spells   2 Bottomless Trap Hole 2 Torrential Tribute 1 Solemn Warning 3 Vanity's Emptiness 1 Compulse Evacuation Device 2 Skill Drain 1 Dprison/other card   13 Traps   40 cards total   Side   2 Spell Shattering Magic Arrow 1 Apoqliphoth Killer 1 Foucalt's Spellstone Cannon 1 Skill Drain 3 Shadow Mirror 2 The Selection 3 Maxx   xx w/e else we come up with.  The slots are still flexible, every side deck card is savagely powerful, but by no means is the side deck finalised.     Okay here's the story.   Last week at some point Kahu tells me that he's flying from Korea to play in the Hong Kong open this coming weekend, and be a tourist.  HK open is a Konami run OCG open event, held in Hong Kong, and the first place prize is flights to Italy and a vacation to let you watch worlds, but not compete.     The estimate by the TO is for a 2-300 person turnout, making this basically the first Konami run premier event in the OCG that's even been held afaik, although I'm probably wrong.   Format is OCG, no Korean exclusives, all Japanese promos n shit legal.  Identical to the Japanese metagame. He's borrowing Qliphoths to play on the day, and he's been practicing the deck for a week, while the list's getting there progress could be better, so here's were Qliphoth's are at.   Me personally I'd play a 40 card list because getting to Tools is Essential, but he disagrees on that and so that is what it is.  w/e thought on the choices you guys can bring to the table, that can be good, because Shockmaster Star Seraphs, Shaddolls with Shaddoll fusion and other amazing cards, and the Qliphoth mirror as well as various Dark Law.dek variants are what's going to be at the event almost certainly.         idk what people will have questions about but here's some explanations    Dark Bribe.  This card's a bit about negating heavy storm.  But it isn't JUST about negating heavy storm.  If you pay the 800 life to activate Qliphoth tools, and your opponent chains MST/Spell SHattering/Fairy Wind/Twister/Dust Tornado/god knows what else, Dark Bribe is the only card in Yugioh that will get that Qliphoth tools to resolve and add a card to your hand 100% of the time.  That's important, and arguably worth the price you pay. In addition to this, turning off the soul charge plays from other decks is the thing that can guarantee you game wins.  You can also push through backrow to otk, which is something we know this deck is really good at.   No Apoqlipoth in the main   Forbidden Chalice/Qliphoph Archive makes it really not impossible to swing over Apoqlipoth in the mirror match.  Super Polymerisation outs it as well and that card turns up seriously often atm.     Chalice is really quite common atm.  It's really hard to summon, a brick in your opening hand going almost all the time, and if you're going second in an OCG meta where Shadolls and Star Seraph have zero qualms about setting 2-4 defensive cards, I can guarantee you're probably not going to resolve the card if you're not playing Helmet Kids on DN honestly.   Foucalt's Cannon.  Summoner's Art searches this.  The card clears a tools going second, and it gives you the ability to search a low scale monster of summoner's art.     Fog King.  Without Chalice Qliphoth are unable to clear a fog king backed up by a MST.    Ratios.  2 copies maximum of any engine card that doesn't add a Qliphoph tools from deck to hand.  You have to minimise the number of monsters you use to maximise the number of cards you can put between your opponent and your much reduced life points.       anything else plz ask, idk what else I should elaborate on   We're sending Kahun Yu to Italy
  2. Internet is fucking up

    Ever since like last Wednesday, my internet has been acting up for some reason. I tried switching broswers, trying different wifi networks, and even using an ethernet cord, but I keep getting problems. Sometimes it'll work ok but other times it will like half load stuff were its either everthing is in text, or some pictures had the "internet connection disrupted" piece written on it, or the whole page won't load period. I don't know if this is maybe some sort of software problem or hardware (hopefully not the late) and I was wondering how I could troubleshoot this before having to have the insides checked out. Any help guys, would greatly appreciate it.
  3. As those of you who have read our new blog will realize, we currently have 1 Strategy Writer. We would like to have at least 3, hopefully even more. We are looking for people who can contribute the following: - Roughly 1 article per week, if you can contribute more then that we welcome it. - You get to pick your own topics, but they need to be relevant to the game in some way. - We are mainly looking for players who want to get their name on the map and are looking to prove themselves, since this work does not pay. However we obviously will not deny contributions from anyone if they are good quality. If you do not think you have the time to write full time, then you can just write one article if you get an idea. We are mainly looking for full time writers though. And no, we cannot pay you unfortunately. There are other perks such as Loyalist/Contributor for our writers, and your willingness to contribute will show the Staff you are interested in helping the forum improve (coughthismeansyoucouldbeconsideredformodcough). If you are interested in this, you may send me a PM on here. You can include why you think you would be good at this, a sample of your writing if you wish, and whatever else you feel like including.