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Found 25 results

  1. Hi I'm new! Tips for a new girl?

    Hi all, just a regular girl who would really like to get into the game and I was wondering what advice you had for me about starter packs, rules of the game, etc. Thanks all
  2. Tellars for Regionals aswell NAWCQ

    SATELLARKNIGHTS JUNE 2015 The reason i'm currently running this deck is due to it's what i wound up with a few months ago. With the top decks being Nekroz, Quils, Dolls, BA, Tellars. I realized Naturally due to Constellarking Diamond i should have a favored match up vs Dolls and BA. Nekroz and Quils are just Beatdown on crack basically. So after using a few or countless builds. I came up with this List. Yes it's mimicing some builds based from Europe. But i feel these techs are amazing right now. Total 40 3 Satellarknight Altair 3 Satellarknight Deneb 2 Satellarknight Unk 2 Satellarknight Vega 1 Thunder King Rai Oh [11] 3 Upstart Goblin 3 R o T A 2 M S T 1 Book of Moon 1 Raigeki 1 Soul Charge [11] 1 Solemn Warning 2 Chaos Trap Hole 3 Satellarnova Alpha 3 Mind Crush 3 Call of The Haunted 3 Fiendish Chain 1 Ring of Destruction 1 Torrential Tribute 1 Vanity's Emptiness [18] 1 Diamond 2 Triverr 1 Deltores 1 Ptolmeaus 1 Omega 1 Tsukyanomi 1 Number 86 1 101 or Dire Wolf [Inputs] 1 Castel 1 Exciton Knight 1 D Emeral 1 Abyss Dweller 1 Cowboy 1 Rhapsody [15] Extra i'm currently wanting to fit 101 back in. Due to sometimes i could do the 101/Emptiness stall move. Is an extra Rank 5 needed for the new XYZ? 2 Maxx C 2 Eff Veiler 2 Dark Hole 1 MST 1 Twister 2 Breakthrough 2 Iron Wall 2 Shadow Mirror 1 Soul Drain [15] [6/1/15 EDITED: Swapped 2x Mirror Force for 2x Dark Hole in the side] Side is currently under construction. Let me explain a few main deck cards outside the basics. 2 Vega. I feel i run out of it alot. Aswell as gives me extra targets for deneb searches. I understand 1. But i prefer 2. It just sucks to open 2x Vega or just Vega. Thunder King - Kinda good to go T King plus Backrow. It sortta sucks because its another normal summon and all. Much rather summon Tellars. But it has its uses with Call to troll vs search effects. Aswell as being a 1900 beater. It can bait some things. Like the Raigeki/Dark Hole/Battle Traps. Soul Charge. I rather play Oasis due to no LP. But the fact this gets multiples + dosnt turn them into wryms is nice. Just have to be careful with LP. 2 MST - In a nekroz format OMG. Yes i main 2 get over it. Almost want to main 3 so i see it more vs everything except Dolls and Nekroz. Quils is floodgate central. Tellars is nice to pick off the mirrors Calls g1. Kinda nice vs Mistake Dolls aswell g1. So in reality Fuck Nekroz. A few builds are playing a few traps. Either a 1 of Trap or Decree/Scolding/Mind Crush. 2 Chaos Trap Hole - Acts as a 2ed-3rd Solemn Warning for Dark/Light Monsters. Exciton Knight, Denkko, Manju/Senju, Tellars, BA, Dolls. Basically every meta deck except Quils. The lp is worth it aswell. I feel these are the iffy cards people will comment about. So there are a few of my reasons for playing them. The pure version feels more Consistent and less Derpy compared to Serpha Knights. The deck dosnt really Triverr Loop anymore i feel like it use to. But it still can and will. Any and all advice is welcomed.
  3. shaddoll april 2015

    hello everyone, I've been working on and playing shaddoll on ygo pro since the new list has come out and i cant figure out a decent build for it. So im asking all of you for some help on the list.. please and thank you.   Main 40   Monster 22 Shaddoll Beast x3 Shaddoll Squamata x3 Shaddoll Dragon x2 Shaddoll Falco x2 Shaddoll Hedgehog x2 Mathematician x3 Felis, Lightsworn archer x1 White Dragon Wyvernburster x2 Black Dragon Collapserpent x1 Eclipse Wyvern x1 Dark Armed Dragon x1 Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning x1   Spells 13   El Shaddoll Fusion x3 Shaddoll Fusion x3 Mystical Space Typhoon x2 Allure of Darkness x1 Raigeki x1 Foolish BUrial x1 Book of Moon x1 MInd Control x1   Traps 5   Shaddoll Core x1 Sinister Shadow Games x2 Crush Card Virus x1 Compulsory Evacuation Device x1   Reasons why I'm playing these monsters..   shaddoll monster-explanatory mathematician- dumps monsters like felis, wyvern and shaddoll monsters eclipse wyvern - dark armed dragon and light target wyvernbuster and collaserpent - chaos engine and targets for shaddoll fusion's dark armed dragon - removal black luster soldier - aggro and removal   Spells and how they can be used in the duel...   shaddoll fusion - main fusion card for the deck, lets me fuse out of deck when extra deck monster is on the feild el shaddoll fusion - allows me to use during battle to make otk possible allure of darkness - draw through the deck faster mind control - take opponents monster and helps with otk book of moon - protection and out to djinn lock raigeki - clears monsters on opponents bored mystical space typhoon - helps clear back row   Traps why so little and what they do?   shaddoll core - protection and helps get back my shaddoll fusions when sent to grave sinister shadow games - helps with flip effects and allows me to dump monsters to grave compulsory evacuation device - clear problem monsters on opponents side of the bored, crush card virus - looks at hand and allows me to destroy big monsters   Extra 15   El Shaddoll Construct x 3 El Shaddoll Winda x2 El Shaddoll Shekhinaga x1 Goyo Guardian x1 Black Rose Dragon x1 Castel, The Skyblaster Musketeer x1 Lavalval Chain x1 Abyss Dweller x1 Gagaga Cowboy x1 Evilswarm Exciton Knight x1 Number 101: Silent Honor ARK Number 103: Ragnazero   The Fusions...   El shaddoll Construct - main beat stick, dumps core, and kills special summoned monsters El shaddoll Winda - stops opponent from special summoning to much, consistent threat on board El shaddoll Shekhinaga - effect negation, defensive wall   Synchros...   black rose dragon - board wipe  goyo guardian - out to big monsters, allows me to use there monster in el shaddoll fusion   Exceeds...   lavalval chain - dumps monsters and sets up my next draw if need be gagaga cowboy - game finisher castel - gets rid of a problem card on board 101 - steals special summoned monsters exciton knight - board wipe if i have less cards 103 - out to qliphort and other cards that gain attack plus draws cards abyss dweller - stops graveyard shenanigans   Side 15   Mystical Space Typhoon x1 MIstake x2 Effect Veiler x2 Flying "C" x2 Fairy Wind x2 Vanity's Fiend x2 Denko Sekka x2 Shared Ride x2   Why i choose these... mystical space typhoon - clear back row plus pendulams(qliphort and floodgates) mistake - stop add to hand from deck(nekroz, qliphort) effect veiler - search effects (nekroz and burning abyss) flying "C" - stops exceeding plays(burning abyss and satellarknights) fairy wind - heavy face up back row (qliphort, fire fist and other floodgates) Vanity's Fiend - Stops specail summoned monsters(nekroz qliphort and burning abyss) denko sekka - freezes back row (anything that plays a lot of back row) shared ride - draw power(nekroz and other search decks)   Any form of help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks again craan92... 
  4. Acid Washed MENS Jeans

    Does anyone on the face of the fucking earth know where to get a pair of acid washed jeans for men? I've been looking for well over a fucking year now..    I tried google image searching, I tried googling it in at least 50 different phrases, I've been to plenty of stores in Toronto and have found nothing.    PLEASE HELP YA BOI OUT

    I'm trying to fill up my phone for my upcoming trip with a bunch of solid tracks but I can never remember what tracks I really want until I hear them so help a nigga out and post some bumpin tracks   I listen to/have these guys on my iTunes currently;    Joey Badass Schoolboy Q Gambino The Weeknd Kanye West Cassie Veggies Chance the Rapper Crystal Castles J Cole Frank Ocean Jay Rock Kendrick ASAP Rocky/Ferg Kembe X Jhene Aiko   Shit like that. I'd really love y'all if you could help me out and post some good tracks relating to those artists etc   THANK U   every song/album I missed and downloaded thanks to you will be rewarded with 5 pos rep (yes friends, get your free pos rep here)
  6. Okay, basically I had a secondary deck about Madolches, but I didn't play Yu-gi-oh! since late 2012 and I wanted to update it. I have read the Madolche discussion and apparently I need to buy the new key cards Anjelly, Hootcake and Magileine, and support it with some kind of engine (Ghostricks, TG... refering to this post)   I won't lie to you: I like Madolches because they're freaking cute and sweet, plus I like the recycling mechanic. I will use them for playing against non-competitive friends and participating at small local tournaments. The problem I have with my current (and outdated) deck is: Outside the only Queen Tiaramisu I have and powering monsters with magic/trap cards, I don't really seem to have a strong attack power. I must clear the field with effects, mostly magic/traps, so I can deal with weak monsters or attack directly. My deck is really slow. Excepting Mewfeuille effect, I almost never summon two monsters in one turn.  First of all I'll post my current Madolche deck. I know it's pretty horrible but I don't have anything else for it, so I hope I'll update it soon with the new cards. I would like you post any recommendations or answer my questions based on the anotations I've made.   [spoiler] Extra Deck: x1 Number 17: Leviathan Dragon x2 Fairy King Albverdich x1 Queen Tiaramisu Will buy 2 more   Looking forward to have M-X Saber Invoker and Leviair the Sea Dragon, plus Downerd Magician if it's usefuld and Ghostrick Alucard if I could add some Ghostrick engine (I guess). Can't afford buying synchro stuff, maybe in the future.   Monsters: x2 Madolche Cruffssant I use them with Mewfeuille for building ATK but just because I don't have anything else lol. x3 Madolche Mewfeuille My only tool for special summoning things with ease. x3 Madolche Marmalmaide Don't really see them on online builds despite his good defense and the fact that it recycles magic/trap cards. Mind explaining me why? I think it's because most Madolche decks don't have so many Madolche magic/traps, and Tiaramisu can recycle them anyway. x3 Madolche Butlerusk Want to remove then when getting the new Madolche monsters since Messengelato can do its searching task. x3 Madolche Baaple Added them because I needed monsters. Don't really like them, but the effect is cool. I will probably remove them, like Butlerusk. x3 Madolche Chouxvalier Not that useful right now, same as Baaple and Butlerusk. x2 Madolche Messengelato My favorite monster, but right now find difficult to use its effect since I only have the SS effect of Mewfeuille   Magic cards: x3 Madolche Château Hope I can remove one when I get good search potential x2 Madolche Ticket I suppose this is for searching monsters for combos, but since I don't have any it's kinda useless to me right now. x1 Malevolent Nuzzler For powering up Madolches, piling up with Château. x1 Burden of the Mighty Always nice to have. x1 Mystical Space Typhoon   Trap cards: x1 Madolche Lesson Since I don't have more than 1 Tiaramisu and Madolches recycle themselves I don't have reasons to add more x3 Madolche Tea Break For disrupting traps when attacking x1 Karma Cut x1 Deep Dark Trap Hole x1 Compulsory Evacuation Device x1 Madolchepalooza Unless for summoning XYZ I don't really find that useful, because I have just one Tiaramisu. x1 Royal Prison Using it situationally for decks that rely on Graveyard x1 Fiendish Chain x1 Solemn Warning x1 Torrential Tribute x1 Madolche Waltz I have one 4thelulz, I guess it isn't that effective. Or is it? [/spoiler] Basically I will remove Baaple, Butlerusk and Cheuxvalier and replace them by Anjelly, Hootcake and Magileine. And I will need 3 Tiaramisu (can't afford 15 effective cards for the extra deck so the more the merrier).  I don't usually see decks including Puddincess, Madolche Nights or Madolche Tea Break. Why is this? It's because of the "having no monsters on Graveyard" part? I'm thinking that the usual ways of having Madolches there is sacrificing them, detaching from a XYZ or using your own card effects to destroy them, but you have methods for recycling them like Madolche Lesson or Tiaramisu. Also, you actually need monsters there so you can trigger Hootcake's effect, luckily can do that with "discard" effect cards (not optimal but whatever). Can you explain me if it's advisable to have them on the deck? About supporting engines, I have read about putting Maxx "C" for having a Graveyard monster to trigger Hootcake. Also it seems I can pick Ghostricks or Tech Genus. I would prefer Ghostricks because of the aesthetics, but I don't really understand what utility would they have. I would love to have that Alucard on the deck, tho, but its utility is halved if he's just a spare Ghostrick in the deck. Recommendations? What are Ghostricks used for? Also, I want to have one Downerd Magician, but I'm not sure how does it work with this deck. I'm aware some staple cards would be advisable, like Breakthrough Skill. Anyway, if you have any recommendations (numer of copies included) I would appreciate them, since my current magic/trap cars are more oriented to counter the outdated decks of my friends (plants, fairies, Nordics, I mean no Shaddoll stuff and that) and I feel they're not too "pro" oriented. Okay, just noticed that maybe I should add some Instant Fusion for level 3 Fusion monsters and Spell Striker to have a fun 3's XYZ party. Or Tour Guide From the Underworld. I don't know. Suggestions regarding this level 3 XYZ summoning strategy?   General questions: When you detach a XYZ material (which is a Madolche), does it return to the deck or it does stay in the Graveyard? Multiple Tiaramisus are used for recycling those who are in the Graveyard? Because that way you can have up to 2 Tiaramisu on the field and recycle them when they're in the Graveyard with the effect of the last Queen available.   Thanks for your time!
  7. Hey fitnessgroundz.   I know there are multiple threads regarding this type of issue, and I have read through most of them.  I'm still having difficulty and i've been trying this for months now.   When I graduated high school 5 years ago, I weighed 146 lbs.  I was very active, as I have been doing gymnastics for quite literally my entire life.  (Mom owns a gymnastics academy).  I ate everything in my path, etc.  I went to college in the mountains, where I had to walk uphill both ways to get to all my classes.  Eventually, I began losing weight.  I still ate quite a bit.  Sophomore year, I developed mild acid reflux.  It took me a few months to get over that.  In these few months, I dropped down to 120-125.  Since then, I have not been able to get it back. (over 2 years ago)   ----------   Obviously, I understand the most important part to gaining weight is to eat more calories and healthy proteins.  However, I do not want to eat to the point where I am uncomfortable and sick.  It is hard to continuously eat / snack all day without feeling full all the time, therefore correct calorie intake is difficult to achieve.  After this weekend, I am going to begin bringning peanut butter jars to work to snack on, maybe bags of carrots and ranch.  Make small pb sandwiches or something.  (I am a software developer, and sit in a chair 8 hrs a day).  I slowly want to ease myself back into eating 5 meals a day like a few years ago, so I am going to begin snacking when I can.  Does anyone have any suggestions of how I can get used to eating more, so my body can adjust properly to it?  Also, does anyone have any suggestions of high calorie snacks that would help out with my goal?  Any suggestions in general?  Ideally, I'd like to get back up above 140, eventually working to get in the 150-160 range.  I will start working out and training again after my body gains about ten pounds.    I plan on using this thread as my 'journal', to track / post my results and get feedback.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Plants (Help)

    ** I Don't know if i have posted this in the correct part of the website, if i have not please tell me and i shall delete the Topic **   Okay so really i'm looking to make a semi-competitive but fun deck using the plant engine. I had a Quickdraw/Plant synchro deck built up but it simply cannot compete with the new decks coming out that see alot of play at my locals.   Here is the deck i was playing :     I had a few ideas but couldn't find any deck lists i liked :   * Plant Rulers (The problem here is i dont have rank 7 xyz's and would REALLY prefer to play a Synchro based deck rather than an Xyz based one) * Quickdraw Quasar Plants (This is what i have now but was not fast enough) * Gigaplant (Pretty vague but i really like the card, even with supervise i think the meta is too fast for it)   What i don't want to play :   * Sylvans (Unless there's a cool synchro build)   The decks i have to (and will have to) compete with at locals are :   * Qliphort * Shadolls * Mermail * Infernity * Scraps (With pendulums soon) * Evilswarm   etc etc   If anyone can post decklists here or if you guys have any cool ideas we can work on that'd be aweosme - Any help is appreciated!          
  9. Can anyone help with this? I've been interested in purchasing an Ouya micro console, and found out it only outputs via HDMI. I'm working with a VGA or DVI capable monitor, and wanted to know if a simple, passive HDMI to VGA/ HDMI to DVI adapter for 10 bucks would do the job (I don't need audio). If not, what converter's/adapters should I look into? Thanks for any help, and please no "Ouya sucks" etc etc :)
  10. Plants

    This is a plants deck. I would like some tips to make it better. Thanks!   Monster   1x Black Luster Soldier Envoy of the Beginning 2x Quickdraw Synchron 3x Junk Synchron 3x Synchro Magnet 1x Dandylion 3x Doppelwarrior 3x Maxx "C" 2x Level Eater 1x Spore 3x Naturia Cherries 2x Big One Warrior 2x Jester Confit 3x Effect Veiler   Spells   1x One for One  1x Reinforcement of the Army 3x Upstart Goblin 3x Tuning 3x Hand Destruction   Extra   1x Formula Synchron 1x Mist Bird Clausolas 1x Armory Arm 1x Ally of Justice Catastor 1x Armades, Keeper of Boundaries 1x T.G. Hyper Librarian 1x Drill Warrior 1x Orient Dragon 1x Black Rose Dragon 1x Junk Berserker 1x Beelze, King of Dark Dragons 1x Crimson Blader 1x Shooting Star Dragon 1x Shooting Quasar Dragon 1x Leviair the Sea Dragon  
  11. Naturia Deck

    Hi, here is my Naturia deck. I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to improve it. This deck is about shutting the other person down from doing anything.      List:   Monsters   1x Cactus Bouncer 1x Dandylion 1x Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo 1x Lonefire Blossom 2x Naturia Bamboo Shoot 3x Naturia Cherries 3x Naturia Cliff 1x Naturia Cosmobeet 2x Naturia Marron 1x Naturia Mosquito 2x Naturia White Oak 1x Spore 1x Tytannial, Princess of Camellias   Spells   1x Book of Moon 2x Creature Swap 1x Dark Hole 1x Mind Control 2x Mystical Space Typhoon 1x One For One 1x Pot of Duality 1x Swords of Revealing Light   Traps   1x Bottomless Trap Hole 1x Call of the Haunted 1x Divine Wrath 1x Fiendish Chain 1x Mirror Force 2x Safe Zone 1x Solemn Warning 1x Torrential Tribute 1x Trap Stun   Extra   1x Formula Synchron 1x Armory Arm 1x Ally of Justice Catastor 1x Naturia Beast 1x Scarred Warrior 1x Gaia Knight, the Force of Earth  1x Naturia Barkion 1x Black Rose Dragon 1x Naturia Landoise 1x Scrap Dragon 1x Stardust Dragon 1x Mist Wurm 1x Gagaga Cowboy 1x Maestroke the Symphony Djinn 1x Wind-up Zenmaines
  12. Spellbook Deck Help

    Here's the deal: Nationals are in about 1 week, and for the first time in a while I went to locals and didn't get first place. I ended up losing to a Dragon Ruler deck in the cut. I sided in 3 Mind Drain and a second Jowgen, he sided in Last Day of Witch and some Fusiliers for a first turn EEV. Now, for the other rounds, I won BUT I noticed a lot of dead drawing into Drolls (I main deck 2). So, here's what I need help with: I like my Spellbook deck for the most part, but in Nationals, bad hands just won't cut it. I'd like to accomplish a few things:   -I'd like a monster option in my deck other than Droll and Lock (I may not even side them, since most good Spellbook players can play around it) but on the other hand I want people's opinions on this card.   -I'd like side options that can counter Dragon Rulers more efficiently, since if I don't open Mind Drain I'm kinda wide open.   -One of the reasons I lost was he was able to Tsukuyomi my Hall'd up Kycoo. I realize that Tsuk is a problem for me, so I'd like more options for it other than Solemns.   -And if there's anything else wrong with the deck, let me know. (For example, I've been told Upstarts are better than Crescents, but I'm not really sure which one I'd like to go with yet.)   Here's my build:    (If the link doesn't work, let me know and I'll just type my build). In any case, thanks for reading and (hopefully) helping me out. :)
  13. Cancer's a bitch.

    Since DG tends to take care of its own, we'll discuss what we can do to help here.
  14. Gelen's lightsworns

    Hey guy it's me Glen again and I wanted to share with you my glensworns again I know last time you didn't like it very much but I took some of your advice even though it was really mean some of the time and I've changed the deck to be more consistent and I've found that gragonith is relaly good against tokens in dragons and so is celestia and the 3 maindecked maxx c are really helpful just not agian prophecy but that decks dumb anyway they should jsut ban judgment it's so stupid but I really would like to hear what you have to say on my meta call here oh and also the dd crows are really good and theyre darks please give me some advice for my deck thanks from Glen.    http://i.imgur.com/IdyIjc7.png
  15. Wind-Ups for Regionals

    Hi Guys Im Bringing You My Decklist for A Regional Im Thinking of entering With Wind-Ups! All Help Will Be Appreciated, Fairly New To The Deck So Please Constructive Criticism Thanks :D The Deck Total (42) Monsters (15) 3 WU Rat 3 WU Shark 3 WU Rabbit 2 WU Warrior 1 WU Magician 2 Tour Guide 1 FF- Bear Spells (13) 3 WU- Factory 2 FF- Tenki 2 MST 2 Forbidden Lance 1 Heavy 1 Dark Hole 1 Reborn 1 Avarice Traps (14) 3 Fiendish Chains 2 Compulsory Evacuation Device 2 Bottomless Trap Hole 2 Mirror Force 1 Torrential Tribute 1 Solemn Judgment 1 Solemn Warning 1 Trap Stun 1 Starlight Road Side Deck (15) 2 Snowman Eater 2 Swift Scarecrow 2 Maxx "C" 3 Dimensional Fissure 2 Soul Taker 1 Level Limit Area B 1 Messenger of Peace 1 MST 1 Trap Stun Extra (15) 1 Leviair 1 Leviathin 1 Soul of the Silver Mountain 1 Zenmaines 1 Temtempo 1 M-X Saber Invoker 1 Maestroke 1 Utopia 1 Pappy 1 Dweller 1 Shock Master 1 Tiras 1 Volcosaurus 1 Gaia 1 Stardust Dragon I Will be Happy To Anwser All Questions you have And Will Listen To All the Input you have ^^
  16. Inzektors

          Monsters 18 1 Gorz 1 Dragonfly 1 Hornet 1 Giga-Mantis 3 Centipede 3 Ladybug 2 Tour Guide 1 Sangan 2 Card Trooper 3 Cyber Valley   Spells 12  2 Dualities 1 Reborn 1 Dark Hole 1 Heavy 1 Allure 1 Mind Control 1 Foolish Burial 1 Inzektor Sword 3 MST   Traps 10  1 Judgment 3 Call of the Haunted 3 Threatening Roar 2 Torrential Tribute 1 Compulsory   Inzektors are a combo deck. Simple. If the don't hit their pieces soon enough it is hard to win. So my goal with this deck was to create a fast build. No outside combo pieces that didn't either help me get deeper in my deck, protect my monsters, or recur them. That's it. Curious to see what others think of it and am welcome to suggestions.  Also the side constantly changes for my locals so don't bother with it.
  17. This is borne of a discussion I had with NeoArkadia on a wiki talk page a while back, which can be found [url="http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Talk:Sylphine,_the_Cold_Bird_Beast"]here[/url]. I said I'd make a wiki forum post and I did not. I've been thinking about how to approach this (plus I've been busy). Essentially, I'm thinking the best way get the wiki community to agree to less literal translations (and thus have more card names between Dueling Network and the wiki be identical) is get facts from and the opinions of, well, all of you guys. In the past, the wiki has allowed much less literal translations. It's only in the last few years we've had more users specifically looking into this kind of thing. I myself was always a big proponent of keeping the name as close as possible to avoid speculation, with archetypes being the obvious exception for simplicity's sake. This would affect a great many pages, so it's just straight-up not something I can go and start doing myself without community approval. This is also not relevant to cards that have phonetic pronunciations that are in English (God Medallion being an example we've already discussed). Ultimately, not literal =/= inaccurate, and that's what many wiki users (myself included) have failed to see. So yeah, basically, I'd like you guys to list reasons why literal translations suck and why "localization" is not a bad thing.
  18. Dark World Help Thanks!

    Monsters: 15 3 Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World 3 Snoww, Unlight of Dark World 3 Broww, Huntsman of Dark World 2 Sillva, Warlord of Dark World 2 Tour Guide From the Underworld 1 Beige, Vanguard of Dark World 1 Trance Archfiend Spells: 16 3 The Gates of The Dark World 3 Dragged Down To The Grave 2 Dark World Dealings 2 Mystical Space Typhoon 1 Allure of Darkness 1 Card Destruction 1 Foolish Burial 1 Heavy Storm 1 Dark Hole 1 Monster Reborn Traps: 9 2 Solemn Warning 1 Solemn Judgment 1 Starlight Road 1 Skill Drain 2 Compulsory Evacuation Device 2 Torrential Tribute Side: 15 1 Malefic Stardust Dragon 2 Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter 1 Mystical Space Typhoon 2 Mind Crush 2 Rivalry of Warlords 1 Skill Drain 1 Dust Tornado 2 Dark Smog 2 Deck Devistation Virus 1 Eradicator Epidemic Virus Extra: 15 1 Stardust Dragon 1 Heretic Sun Dragon Overlord of Heliopolis 1 Adreus 1 Tiras 1 Utopia 1 Black Corn 1 Maestroke 1 Abyss Dweller 1 Acid Golem 1 Levithian 1 Leviair 1 Temtempto 1 Zenmanies 1 Muzurhythm The Strings Djinn 1 Melomelody The Brass Djinn _________________
  19. Premium Pack 15

    I knew it was coming, but sheesh, someone should've told me it was here! I forgot what everyone wants to call these, so... [img]http://images.wikia.com/yugioh/images/d/d2/GimmickPuppetDrearyDoll-PP15-JP-ScR.jpg[/img] PP15-JP001 92418590 Gimmick Puppet - Necro Doll Level 8 DARK Machine-Type Effect Monster Card 0 ATK 0 DEF If this card is in your Graveyard: You can banish 1 other "Gimmick Puppet" monster from your Graveyard; Special Summon this card from your Graveyard. You can only use the effect of "Gimmick Puppet - Necro Doll" once per turn. This card cannot be used as an Xyz Material, except for the Xyz Summon of a "Gimmick Puppet" monster. [img]http://images.wikia.com/yugioh/images/4/42/GimmickPuppetMagneDoll-PP15-JP-ScR.jpg[/img] PP15-JP002 39806198 Gimmick Puppet - Magne Doll Level 8 DARK Machine-Type Effect Monster Card 1000 ATK 1000 DEF If your opponent controls a monster and every monster you control is a "Gimmick Puppet" monster, you can Special Summon this card (from your hand). [img]http://images.wikia.com/yugioh/images/f/fb/ChronomalyTulaGuardian-PP15-JP-ScR.png[/img] PP15-JP003 05291803 OOPArts' Tula Guardian Chronomaly Tula Guardian Level 5 EARTH Rock-Type Effect Monster Card 1800 ATK 900 DEF If a Field Spell Card is face-up on the field, you can Special Summon this card (from your hand). You can only control 1 face-up "Chronomaly Tula Guardian". [img]http://images.wikia.com/yugioh/images/5/57/TripleBellyKnight-PP15-JP-ScR.png[/img] PP15-JP004 32696942 Sandanbara Knight Triplewide Knight Level 4 EARTH Warrior-Type Effect Monster Card 1000 ATK 1600 DEF If this card is sent to the Graveyard because it was an Xyz Material and it was detached to activate an Xyz Monster's effect: You can Special Summon 1 Level 3 or lower monster from your hand. [img]http://images.wikia.com/yugioh/images/1/17/PowerToolMechaDragon-PP15-JP-ScR.png[/img] PP15-JP005 68084557 Kikairyuu Power Tool Power Tool Mecha Dragon Level 7 DARK Machine-Type Synchro Effect Monster Card Synchro Materials: 1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters 2300 ATK 2500 DEF When an Equip Spell Card is equipped to this card during your turn: Draw 1 card. You can only use this effect of "Power Tool Mecha Dragon" once per turn. Once per turn, during either player's turn: You can target 1 face-up Equip Card on the field that could appropriately target this card; that target now targets this card. [img]http://images.wikia.com/yugioh/images/a/a6/AncientFairyDragon-PP15-JP-ScR.png[/img] PP15-JP006 04179255 Youseiryuu Ancient Ancient Faerie Dragon Level 7 DARK Dragon-Type Synchro Effect Monster Card Synchro Materials: 1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters 2100 ATK 3000 DEF If a Field Spell Card is activated during your turn: Draw 1 card. You can only use this effect of "Ancient Faerie Dragon" once per turn. Once per turn: You can target 1 face-up monster on the field; destroy that target. A Field Spell Card must be face-up on the field to activate and resolve this effect. [img]http://images.wikia.com/yugioh/images/b/b2/ZubabaGeneral-PP15-JP-ScR.png[/img] PP15-JP007 31563350 Zubaba General Rank 4 EARTH Warrior-Type Xyz Effect Monster Card Xyz Materials: 2 Level 4 monsters 2000 ATK 1000 DEF Once per turn: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; Equip 1 Warrior-Type monster from your hand to this card. This card gains ATK equal to those equipped monsters' combined ATK. [img]http://images.wikia.com/yugioh/images/a/ae/JunkPuppet-PP15-JP-ScR.jpg[/img] PP15-JP008 67968069 Junk Puppet Normal Spell Card Target 1 "Gimmick Puppet" monster in your Graveyard; Special Summon it. You can only activate 1 "Junk Puppet" per turn. [img]http://images.wikia.com/yugioh/images/b/b9/ChronomalyCityBabylon-PP15-JP-ScR.png[/img] PP15-JP009 04357063 OOPArts' City Babylon Chronomaly City Babylon Field Spell Card Once per turn: You can banish 1 "Chronomaly" monster from your Graveyard to target 1 other "Chronomaly" monster of the same Level in your Graveyard; Special Summon it. [img]http://images.wikia.com/yugioh/images/3/39/HopeBuster-PP15-JP-ScR.png[/img] PP15-JP010 30341772 Hope Buster Normal Spell Card If you control a "39: Utopia" monster: destroy the 1 face-up monster your opponent controls that has the lowest ATK, and if you do, inflict damage to your opponent equal to the destroyed monster's ATK. (If it's a tie, you get to choose.)
  20. Cats and Power Buttons

    Ok so here's my setup: [img]http://img210.imageshack.us/img210/9696/img0292n.jpg[/img] As you can see, it's quite easy for a cat to step on the power button and turn off my computer at any random point during the day (such as when I'm downloading something, playing MTGO, or typing up a wall of text to post on DGz). This happens multiple times a day and is extremely annoying. Sometimes the cat will even turn on the computer while I'm sleeping, and the sound, heat, and bright light will wake me up. Does anyone have possible solutions to this terrible problem? Solutions I've considered: 1. Is there a way to change the amount of time I need to hold down the power button before the computer turns off? The way it is now, you just press it once and it turns off. Can I make it so that you have to hold it down for 10 seconds, 30 seconds, etc. before it turns off? 2. Could I attach some plastic case on the power button so a cat's paw would be too big to do anything, but for example a key would be small enough to fit in and press the button? 3. Is there some kind of scent I could spray on the computer so the cat would not want to go near it?
  21. Hi, long story short there was a situation where a drunk driver lost control of her car and swerved onto a sidewalk hitting 3 young ladies, killing 2 and putting one more in critical condition. From what was posted in the news they said she might face around 10 years and her bail was posted super low. I basically wanted to know what could I do to possibly get the sentence lengthened?? Very serious situation, serious answers please.
  22. blocking sigs and avatars?

    I remember there was a way to block sigs and avatars on the old layout but I can't seem to figure out how to do it on the new one. I'm in a school computer lab so if someone could tell me how to block sigs and avatars that would be great !
  23. I have a few C++ programing assignments that I cannot finish by myself, that I need help with TODAY.(If you just code whatever for me that is fine, but I need it explained to me also, but if it doesnt work out thts ok lol) If you are really good with C++ (sorry guys if you are good with other languages I'm sure you wont be able to help me too much because of the specificness of the syntax, but I you think I'm wrong still PM me) PM me and I'll give you problem statements etc. I will pay you via paypal. I was thinking about $20 for the whole thing if everything isn't too hectic. Any questions PM me. Here is an example of the stuff we would work on. Figure 1 shows the specification for an irregular cylindrical shape, defined by seven inputs. Your task is to develop an object-oriented console program that asks the user for the seven (double) and the measurement units (string) as inputs and computes the volume of the shape. The application then asks the user for a density of the material (value and units), and prints an estimated weight for the object. Figure 1. Composite Shape Specification Develop a Shape Class which contains an array of Cylinder class instances and an array of Cone class instances. Use the Cone instances to compute the volume of the ‘top’, and the Cylinder instances to compute the volume of the body of the shape. [url="http://www.imagecabin.com/index.php?view=32241078733a25a61f0964184&html=1"]http://www.imagecabi...f0964184&html=1[/url] Using these classes, develop an algorithm that will do the following: Continue the normal flow until a valid exit condition is given as an input:[list] [*][i]Normal Flow:[/i] Ask the user to enter a six numeric (fixed point, positive) strings representing h1, h2, h3, r1, r2, r3 respectively, one (positive integer) string representing the number of cylinder pairs in the body, and one string representing the units of linear measure. Continue requesting definition strings until eight valid strings are given, or the program exits. When seven valid strings are defined, evaluate the shape for volume. Display the result, and request the density and (fixed point, positive) string and units string. Then restart the normal flow. [*][i]Exit Condition:[/i] If one of the characters given in an 8-string definition is a ‘q’ or ‘Q’ quit the program, and provide an exit message. Otherwise, print a string that repeats the input given, and indicates that shape definition is invalid. Then continue requesting the definition for a valid shape. [/list][list=1] [*]Develop a set of inputs that will test all the paths in the flowchart design. Record this derivation in a .docx, or other file. [/list][list=1] [*]Write an object-oriented C++ console application to solve the shape/volume problem. The main program must only use Shape public member functions. All public and private variables used must be of correct type, have meaningful names, useful comments and follow the coding standard expressed in the [i]C++ Style[/i] text. Each major organization of data must be encapsulated within its own class (e.g., Cone, Cylinder). [*]Record screen shots of tests of your program by running it using the derived test values. The set of tests you submit must exercise all of the different success paths in your algorithm. Note any bugs or issues in a text file. [/list] EDIT: This one is almost done, I just need the main to call all the functions/classes etc. here is what I have. : [url="http://www.megaupload.com/?d=EL2KIJJK"]http://www.megaupload.com/?d=EL2KIJJK[/url]
  24. Is my Computer Broken?

    I've had my hp desktop for like a year. A week or so ago I got a blue screen and the compuer stopped working. When I turn the power on the monitor doesn't turn on. The monitor works fine with another computer. This week when I would come home from school the computer would seem to be working again, but within 5 minutes would freeze and refuse to boot the rest of the day. I would come home the next day and the same problem would repeat. Now the computer turns on and just displays nothing. What should I do techgroundz?
  25. Good recording softwares

    I need a software to record with just needs to be really basic i dont have a good mic yet anyway, thanks.