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  1. The Performages are: The Performapals are: Other Performapals that see or saw occasional play but are far less relevant include: The Dracos are: The Reptiles/Familiar Possessed theme monsters are: Before coming to the more obscure or niche things in the deck and its history, it is time for the most important Spell in the game right now: Spells, Monsters and engines that are or have been played are: Especially recently, at ARG events (Anaheim at 21./22. Nov.), the Gem-Knight engine is also used. It consists of only 3 cards, which are Brilliant Fusion, Gem-Knight Garnet and Gem-Knight Seraphinite in the extra deck. Generic cards especially worth including here: Sample builds, combos and explanations: Version/Update History: November 2015 - Original post, minor additions and edits December 2015a - Magician section added, Combo section removed, further small edits December 2015b - Performapals and Dracos added with own sections; side-deck will become a section (soon)