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Found 2 results

  1. IRL Budget(ish) Paleozoic

    So i built this deck recently using stuff my friends got me and whatever i could grab cheap online. the extra deck is incomplete and suggestions are welcome for that, fixes for the main are also welcome though prefaribly cheap-ish cards, budget is the biggest reason for one particularly large omission (Toadally Awesome) 3x Swap Frog 2x Ronintoadin 3x Dupe Frog 3x Tin Goldfish(This is the section i'm most concerned about, friend reccomended them but i only have 1 rank 4 and i rarely draw 2 of these cards together to grab said xyz, i think i did it once when i already had an established board and really didnt need it) 1x Silent Angler (see above) 3x Wetlands 2x Terraforming 3x Mirror Force 2x Magic Cylinder 1x Compulsory Evacuation Device 2x Paleozoic Leanchoilia 2x Paleozoic Dinomischus 3x Paleozoic Canadia 3x Paleozoic Pikaia 3x Paleozoic Olenoides 3x Paleozoic Marrella 1x Paleozoic Halucinogena 3x Paleozoic Opabinia 3x Paleozoic Anomalicaris 2x Number 45: Crumble Logos the Prophet of Demolition 1x Number 37: Hope Woven Dragon Spider Shark 2x Gachi Gachi Gantetsu Side: (subject to substantial change) 3x Mystical Space Typhoon 3x Galaxy Cyclone 1x Paleozoic Leanchoilia 2x Paleozoic Halucinogena 2x Paleozoic Eidonia 1x Paleozoic Dinomischus 1x Imperial Order 2x Kuribandit For the monsters, its just the standard frog stuff with a small rank 4 engine i wouldnt mind replacing. it was reccomended by a friend but not really working. the main cards are swap and ronintoadin swap dumps ronin or a dupe to revive ronin. ronin stays out pretty often with 2k def to block or make a quick xyz play. for the spells, wetlands is basically my wincon short of repeated swinging with Xyz since it turns paleos into 2400 beatsticks and even swap frog goes to 2200. plus a few cards these days have low enough def that a powered up ronin can take them out if i set them down first. the traps are all i could gather, though i did grab a dinosmasher's fury SD at my locals so i do have quaking mirror force if i dont decide to sell it. (might grab a couple more and try to build dinos, always good to have multiple options) mirror force is good board removal if they dont have anything to stop it, only one guy predicted it and put his ultimate conductor in def before swinging. magic cylinder is a nice game ender or just some quick damage if i need it. the paleos i chose were for the best effects like popping backrow, sending other traps, drawing. dinomischus is good being a straight banish but it does target and it requires a discard so i only play 2, one halucinogen is to make up numbers and its a nice battle surprise, leano is good for recycling paleos that got banished, but since its not always active i cut it to 2. the extra deck is whatever i could grab cheap, a friend reccomended cat shark and he might get me one, if not i might try to grab one. Crumble Logos is a surprisingly good card, the paleo Xyz are essential to the deck, i havent played gachi once so it could easily go same with spider shark if i decide to cut the level 4s, if i do pick up toad sometime i dont need bahamut shark to get it out so the rank 4s arent neccesary anyway. for the side, kuribandit is a good earlygame card to set up the grave with paleos. backrow hate is backrow hate though i dont think i need all of it. the paleos in the side are the ones i dont run in the main in case i need something like a quick power boost, an additional banish or to weaken some strong monsters. imperial order i pulled in my duelist saga packs i got the last time i was at locals and has helped a couple of times. the decks i usually face at locals are shaddoll trains, blue-eyes, a guy was playing new dinos today and there's a couple of spyral players. the biggest problem i (and everyone) else had was this guy playing invoker cybers. i couldnt do anything, he 2-0 me in about 10 minutes. any advice would be very helpful, as i said improvements would be best if they were budget choices. i don't need all the absolute best most expensive cards if something slightly cheaper does the same job. Thank you!
  2. Tzolkin Heroes

    Ratios: |[40]|[15]|[22]|[3]| |3| Destiny Hero - Malicious |2| Armageddon Knight |2| Elemental Hero Shadow Mist |2| Red Resonator |2| Summoner Monk |1| Dark Grepher |1| Destiny Hero - Diamond Dude |1| Fairy Tail - Snow |1| Plaguespreader Zombie |3| A Hero Lives |3| Allure of Darkness |3| Destiny Draw |2| Instant Fusion |2| Mask Change |2| Resonator Call |2| Twin Twister |1| Foolish Burial |1| Raigeki |1| Reinforcement of the Army |1| Soul Charge |1| Upstart Goblin |2| Anti-Spell Fragrance |1| Vanity's Emptiness |2| Masked Hero Dark Law |1| Elder Entity Norden |2| Coral Dragon |1| Stardust Charge Warrior |1| Ultimaya Tzolkin |1| Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon |1| Scarlight Red Dragon Archfiend |1| Stardust Spark Dragon |1| Void Ogre Dragon |1| Psy-Framelord Omega |1| Beatrice, Lady of the Eternal |1| Abyss Dweller |1| Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer |2| Chaos Hunter |2| Maxx "C" |3| System Down |2| Pendulum Storm |1| Twin Twister |2| Royal Decree |2| Solemn Strike |1| Solemn Warning Explanation, Choices, Combos and Match Ups So the deck is geared towards creating a strong board as early as possible in the game by making Dark Law, Crystal Wing, and Void Ogre to stop your opponent from playing, and to collect salty tears for your collection. Vanity's Emptiness and Anti-Spell Fragrance add to this and gives your opponent fewer ways to break your opening. Thanks to these kinda openings I find the deck still viable in the meta but it certainly prefers to go T1 then let your opponent play first. I've randomly drawn a few hands using YGO Pro Percy: [1st Hand: Mist, Mali, Mali, Arma, Foolish Burial] In this scenario it's really not the best of hands, however you have choices. Use Armageddon Knight and Foolish Burial to dump Plaguespreader Zombie and Malicious. Use Plague to put a Mali to the top of the deck. Special Mali and either make a Level 8 Synchro (Omega), make Stardust Charge Warrior then Beatrice or make Coral Dragon and go into Tzolkin to top a spell/trap (numbers are in your favour). In this scenario I would be torn between Omega and Tzolkin, but I would of more than likely gone Omega too be honest and play it safer. [2nd Hand: A Hero Lives, Allure of Darkness, Destiny Draw, Red Resonator, Shadow Mist] Activate A Hero Lives, special Shadow Mist but don't use the effect. Summon Red without effect and Synchro Coral Dragon. Search Mali. Use Destiny Draw, discarding Mali. Draw 2. (In this example I went into another Allure and Mask Change). Use Mali's effect, then activate Mask Change for Dark Law. [Current state - Dark Law / Coral on field, 2x Allures and Shadow Mist in hand / 1 Mali banished / 1 in gy / 1 in deck]. Use Mali again but this time synchro for Tzolkin and draw 1 (RotA). Use RotA, search Dark Grepher and then use Allure (into D-Draw and Upstart). Use Allure into Emptiness and Mask Change. Banish Shadow Mist. Use Upstart into A Hero Lives. Set all 4, and use Tzolkin for Void. Flip Emptiness before opponent's MP1. [My reasoning in the choices is thinning the deck of monsters to either drawer an extender or a floodgate] Most of the deck builds itself essentially with little variations. For my take I main a Diamond Dude, Fairy Tail Snow, Soul Charge and double Anti-Spell Fragrance. So I shall focus on explaining those choices rather than the engine of the deck. Destiny Hero - Diamond Dude - At the moment this provides a few benefits being a target for Mask Change, Destiny Draw, Shadow Mist target, and potential pluses by it's own effect. There's not much more to explain as it fills those roles perfectly for the time being and will potentially be replaced by a Destiny Hero - Celestial later in the month. Fairy Tail - Snow: She has thrown the lifebuoy to save my ass so many times when I've lost control of the board or in a grind game. Her niche to stop Utopia the Lightning when I have Crystal Wing out is never to be underestimated either. Further to this capability if I've dumped my dark targets with Dark Grepher, she is something else I can dump with Beatrice / Foolish Burial. She''s like the secret weapon in the deck and with the drawer power and dumping you do, she's pretty much guaranteed to be live, furthermore to her niche she can ensure there is nothing in hand to make sure Void Ogre can negate to. Soul Charge: Oddly enough I don't often see this being used in Hero Tzolkin builds mainly due to the LP resource being eaten up quickly by A Hero Lives and the Solemn brigade, however since I'm not maining the Solemn brigade, Soul Charge can extend plays T1 and further lockdown the field by pushing to end T1 with Void / Crystal Wing / Beatrice / Tzolk`in / Dark Law on the field with Snow in the GY. Anti-Spell Fragrance: I quickly found out that in testing ending T1 with Crystal Wing and Anti-Spell Fragrance is stronger than opening a Crystal Wing and Solemn. Utopia the Lightning is still very problematic however with the exception of Photon Thrasher most decks are going to struggle to even make Utopia without their spells. Anti-Spell Fragrance also offers more protection to Crystal Wing forcing any spell card that has monster removal / make face down to be set with again exceptions in quickplay. Solemn Brigade: In an earlier variation of this I was maining 2 Solemn Strikes and 1 Warning that you now see in the side. While these proved effective, they haven't felt as strong for me as 2 Anti-Spell Fragrances. I may switch back later if the meta shifts again but I only prefer them in a few match ups, while I prefer ASF in a lot more of them. A quick note of some of the combos: [Resonator + Armageddon Knight] Summon Red Resonator, Special Armageddon Knight, Send Destiny Hero - Malicious to the graveyard. Synchro summon Coral Dragon using Armageddon Knight and Red Resonator. Activate Destiny Hero - Malicious to special summon 1 from the deck. Synchro Ultimaya Tzolkin using Coral Dragon and Destiny Hero - Malicious and draw 1. - If Destiny Draw is in the hand - use Armageddon Knight's effect to send Shadow Mist to grave and search Destiny Hero - Malicious. Then proceed to discard Destiny Hero - Malicious to draw 2. - With A Hero Lives in hand, you can also end up with a field of Dark Law, Tzolkin, LV8 Synchro Dragon. [Red Resonator + Summoner Monk] (Special Armageddon Knight) - see above ^ However if you open double Destiny Hero - Malicious in hand. Search Dark Grepher, discard Destiny Hero - Malicious and send Plaguespreader Zombie to the graveyard. Use Plaguespreader Zombie to make Coral Dragon or Void Ogre Dragon dependent on if you have Instant Fusion / Soul Charge / Red Resonator. You can also use Plaguespreader Zombie in place of Red Resonator. With extenders like Instant Fusion and Soul Charge you can make a Tzolkin and draw, or if you've not opened optimally make a Crystal Wing without negging yourself. For a quick way to OTK you can make a Beatrice, Scarlight and have a Snow in the graveyard. If the opponent has no monsters either due to Raigeki or Coral Dragon destroying their only monster, Beatrice, Scarlight, and Snow do just over 8000 (7350 in attack, then burn with Scarlight for 1000 / 1500 if you made Tzolkin). In terms of match ups, it is dependent on two things like most decks: 1) Did you win the die roll? Y=Profit | N=Hope they don't make an unbreakable board. 2) Did you brick? Y=Play it out, and make Dark Law | N=Profit. The side is mainly engineered to help with going second with Decree / Solemns being the exception. ABC = System Down / Maxx "C" / Chaos Hunter Majespector = Twin Twister / Pendulum Storm Metalfoes = Maxx "C" / Pendulum Storm PK Fire = Solemns / Maxx "C" Dark Synchro = Maxx "C" / Solemns Lightsworn = Maxx "C" Mermail = Maxx "C" / Solemns Herald = Maxx "C" Other Hero Variations = Maxx "C" Barriers / Anti-Meta / Paleozoic / Trap Heavy = Royal Decree / Twin Twister Thanks for reading and I will probably end up posting a picture of the deck once I have my hands on the 3rd System Down, the Hunters, and Pendulum Storm.