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Found 4 results

  1. Machopony Tries his luck at the LLDS

    So this wasnt my average locals, this was a proper event with judges, proper scorecards. decklists to be submitted and a sharp start and completion. Having (almost) completed my World Chalice deck (was missing 2 venus, 3 shine ball and 2 guardragon, picked up a venus and 3 shine balls at the event ordered guardragons and venus off ebay) i decided to try my luck with the deck. Build is here: Card Choices: i drew into too many of the normals too often, will cut those down when i get venus in the deck, might also cut a gofu. the field spell wasnt really ever useful, it was a test thing and it didnt work i'll probably take it out, Kurenai was a niche tech which i never drew and sided out more often than not. Grand Horn and Dimensional Barrier are amazing, i might actually main a couple more grand horn. since i didnt have the raw speed i needed i tried to gear more towards setting up plays over a few turns and slowing down my opponent, worked fine against slower decks, but against the big boys it struggled. Friday night there's a Vanguard sneak peek some guys go to, locals guy says that he'd let the YGO guys come and test and buy mega tins early (i bought 3 yugi and 1 kaiba, ended with a playset of dark magical circle and magicians rod for a deck down the line, otherwise not much. some zoo stuff and a couple of twin burst, and a grand total of 6 fking Fairy Tail Sleeper) first match was a world chalice mirror against a guy i'm getting friendly with, he had the proper build and showed me some combos i didnt know for the tour on sat, we had a fun duel, he won obv but it was a good match. also played a little kid with his ancient gear deck who sacked 2 power bond in 2 games, yeah i cant stop 9k chaos giant without my sideboard. i mean with dimensional barriers and grand horn i could stop it coming now but meh. so me and my buddy got there like 45min early, lifted some cash, i bought a set of shine balls and paid entry, pulled jack shit from my 2 mega packs for entry. buddy had to go post some cards and get a snack, i filled out my decklist and waited for it to start. R1: Dinomist And as luck would have it, my buddy/roomate in the first fking duel. i was pretty confident, he's not that great and he re-built this deck last night after selling a fair bit of it away then pulling the stuff back off the mega tins. G1 he got out 2 plesios and a ceratops with 6 dinomist cards on board and powerload, i scooped. G2: reversal of fate, i opened pretty nuts and did my spamming to end with a blademaster, ningrisu, priestess and a spare beckoned out. beat over his monsters and swung direct, he couldnt respond and next turn was game. G3: Man i love Dimensional Barrier. drew it like Turn 1, set it, he got a decent board out i managed to get my stuff out and clear it for a bit of direct damage. on his Standby i flipped Barrier, called pendulum, he looked at me with a "i'm going to kill you later you son of a bitch" look and ended, i swung direct for the game. 1-0 R2: Mermail Atlantean Hey 2012 called, it wants its deck back! In all seriousness, nice guy, good games G1: he derped and herped, not much i could do in response, he ultimately won G2: he bricked like hell and i got a nice board out swung over 2 turns for the game G3: Opened a pair of Mind Crush, managed to stop the worst of his plays, he still got a good board out after i beat some LP off him, and then he OTKed me 1-1 R3: True King Dinos A member of Team New Tier, a proper professional team? yeah i had absolutely no chance and i knew it, wasnt even trying G1: he spent 5 min playing solitaire to end with some True King Xyz an oviraptor and a babycerasaurus. got rid of the xyz and beat over cera, but my hand wasnt good enough to make a big play. next turn he crushed me. G2: i put up a fight, drew a half decent hand and got a good board out, which he promptly beat over with Ultimate Conductor and a true king monster. OTKed. 1-2 R4: Performapal Props for uniqueness, and a surprisingly strong deck. G1: he rolled over me, i drew absolute garbage and got decimated G2: drew a decent opener and got a nice board out, played around a couple of traps and managed to beat him over a couple of turns. G3: just as we started, Time was called for the round so we had to go for a quick 5 turn duel. T0 he got a silverclaw out, T1 i got some stuff out beat him down a bit T2 he got some stuff out beat over my link spider for a good chunk of damage T3: using proxy dragon i managed to get ningrisu out and beat him down to like 800 LP. T4: he dropped proxy to 0 and got his monster up to 3600, exactly how many LP i had left. was a really GG 1-3 R5: Graydle I like the guy, he calls me "cheeky smile". has a shirt with a pair of owls saying "Nice Hooters" too. G1: i open shit and get stomped, manage to stop his big plays with some well placed traps but ran into a storming mirror force and got beat down G2: ran into storming again, but managed to beat through the disadvantage and stop his big plays (swords of revealing light + drill barnacle for one) beat him over a couple of turns time got called before G3 so judge ruled a draw on account of no time. 1-1-3 Overall Thoughts: i did better than i thought i would. sure i lost 3 but 2 of them were extremely close and if i had the proper build, mightve swung in my favour. Dimensional Barrier is amazing, Grand Horn of Heaven is great and Mind Crush is still a fantastic side card against search heavy decks that rely on one or 2 big cards. Had a good time even if i did end up losing a fair few games. it was a learning experience for next time, and hell organizer said he would probably do a Regional either before or after christmas. if i can perfect my deck and combos for then, i might stand a proper chance next time.
  2. Organised play for yugioh was recently taken over by Quickplay Events, before that Carl was the head of Hazam games.      http://www.thamesvalley.police.uk/newsevents/newsevents-pressreleases/newsevents-pressreleases-item.htm?id=297480                                                                     Following an investigation by Thames Valley Police, a man has been sentenced to a total of seven years’ imprisonment for various sexual offences Carl Crook, aged 45, of Pale Gate Close, Honiton, Devon, was sentenced to seven years’ imprisonment at Oxford Crown Court on Friday (12/12) for a number of sexual offences. Following a five day trial, a jury found Cook found guilty of three sexual assaults of a child under 13, five counts of sexual activity with a child, assault of a child under 13 by penetration, causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity, engaging in sexual activity in the presence of a child and two charges of making indecent photographs of children. Crook had previously pleaded guilty to four counts of taking indecent photographs of a child. All the charges relate to one victim and occurred in either Thame or High Wycombe between 2004 and 2008. Investigating officer, Det Con Maria Morrisey of the Thames Valley Police Paedophile Online Investigation Team said: “I am delighted with the sentence given to Crook, who has proved to be an extremely dangerous and predatory paedophile. “The jury saw through Crook’s lies and concluded he groomed his victim before taking advantage of her for his own sexual gratification. “I praise the victim for showing the courage to give her testament first to police and then to the court. I also praise the jury who did their duty with diligence and had to listen in detail about Crook’s depraved crimes. Finally, I praise all Thames Valley Police and Devon and Cornwall Police officers and staff who helped in this investigation, without them Crook’s conviction would not have been possible.” Join us on www.thamesvalleyalert.co.uk to receive local crime and safety messages. JW Media Team (01865) 846699       I think it's important that this is out everywhere so that players that may have been affected can come forward, he was very active in the community.
  3. Hey everyone.   Some of the guys from Konami's European office will be in Hull this week at the Platform Gaming Expo: http://platformexpos.com/   If you're in the area feel free to pop in, talk to the Yu-Gi-Oh! team and share your thoughts on the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG.     Rob Hooley (Yu-Gi-Oh! Events Manager) and Matthew Bell (Yu-Gi-Oh! Product Development Assistant) will be on-site from Thursday to Saturday. http://www.reddit.com/r/yugioh/comments/1qjs67/want_to_talk_to_konami_this_week/
  4. Not really sure if this is the right area for this, but I figured more people frequent here instead of the Event forum. Anyway, Konami recently updated the Regional FAQ, and I noticed that there is no more top cut after swiss rounds.       Also, it seems like the number of rounds and invites based on attendance have changed as well. Although, I really can't remember what they were last time so don't quote me on that. The new invite system for the 2014 season is below.       http://www.yugioh-card.com/en/events/regionals/regionalsfaq.html