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Found 3 results

  1. Darklord Turbo

    Monsters (17): 3x Ixtab 2x Tezcatlipoca 3x Superbia 1x Zerato 3x Kristya 3x Mastema 2x Amdusias Spells (19): 3x Casting out the Darklords 3x Altar of the Darklords 2x Allure 3x Cupidity 3x Trade-in 3x Advance Draw 1x Soul Charge 1x Upstart Traps (4): 2x Darklords Falling from Grace 2x Darklords' Temptation Extra (15): 1x Seven Sins 1x Ravenous Tarantula 1x Super Dora 1x Gustav Max 1x Pain Gainer 1x Enterblathnir 1x Galaxy Cipher Dragon 1x Titanic 1x Heliopolis 1x Felgrand 1x Alsei 1x Giant Grinder 1x Dracosack 1x Big eye 1x Photon Strike Bounzer This deck is with tcg in mind, I’m just testing out the new stuff. The new darklord cards are very powerful. All of the monsters are like nekroz in that they have an effect on the field and one in the hand. Some are better than others, but each have their uses. Also, running all of them helps as each one can only be ss’d once per turn and use their effect once per turn. Not to mention it allows you to xyz with monsters stolen with temptation. The best ones are the ones ran at 3. The lvl 10 digs into the deck and set-ups the grave. The level 7 is the only one you can actually summon and gives the deck more plays. Being a quick effect allows you to immediately start to recur advantage once you summon him. He is also a nice way to play around something like titanic as the deck relies on altar, which is once per turn, to summon things. The lvl 9 protects your monsters from destruction and does not activate. This means you if they raigeki you, you can chain one of your guys and add him to discard. The lvl 6 is good for manipulation the fairy count and retrieving s/t. If you add it back with Kristya you can add back a s/t essentially. The spells are self-explanatory and allow you to build up resources due to the shuffle back mechanic. The traps are very powerful. None target and they turn all your guys into trap monsters. Temptation can act as a threatening roar on a bad hand to an otk piece in a good one. It allows you to out anything like stormforth does for monarchs. Stuff that is normally tricky to deal with, like DD, you can just steal, beatdown, and xyz/tribute away. The main strength of darklords is their ability to play during the opponent’s turn, not weak to hand traps, and Kristya. Kristya is a very powerful card. At face value it is a floodgate, but it is actually a recovery card for the deck too. You can establish a strong board and whether they break it or not you can drop it next turn and add something back. Since you can recycle your traps you don’t even need to run over something they summoned. I find myself summoning it through its effect quite a bit and it seems better to hold it to ‘seal the deal’. This also creates a conflict for your opponent. They may need to waste an out on your initial set-up instead of Kristya and may be put into a lose/lose situation right off the bat. I recorded some duels of how the deck functions. You go first so the opponents don’t matter much: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RY9Q36rijDo
  2. Kristyasworn

    [SPOILER][/SPOILER]   3 Archlord Kristya 2 Sephylon, the Ultimate Timelord 2 Judgment Dragon 2 Celestia, Lightsworn Angel 3 Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner 3 Raiden, Hand of the Lightsworn 2 Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress 1 Ehren, Lightsworn Monk 1 Garoth, Lightsworn Warrior 1 Wulf, Lightsworn Beast 1 Minerva, Lightsworn Maiden 1 Honest 3 Necro Gardna 2 Kuribandit 27   3 Solar Recharge 3 Soul Charge 2 Trade-In 1 Charge of the Light Brigade 9   2 Beckoning Light 2 Royal Decree 4   --   Ignore the side deck, obviously will change when new list hits.   I felt like Arcanite Magician was better overall than ASW. I rarely had higher LP and was making more use of AM.   I think this is better than the DRuler version because not a lot of decks ATM run outs to Kristya g1 (common ones being Dark Hole/Book of Moon) and Trade-In puts you farther in the game.   Deck is still in testing. I've tested Allure and that was very inconsistent (only dark being bandit, not having darks, etc).
  3. In my opinion, Archlord Kristya is The greatest card. Boasting 2800 atk as well as shutting down special summons and recycling itself. That card is unstoppable (Figuratively), I know there are alot of drawbacks to it but it really can put you opponent in a tight spot.