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Found 2 results

  1. DGz Hangover Mafia Signups 2.0

    15 players full claim (no screenshotting role pms or anything stupid) 24 hour day phases, 24 hour night phases this is bastard and i am a horrible host with awful game design the flavor will be delicious antag approved game so it's all his fault if it goes badly 1.PSK 2. BuildTheWalia 3. Death Sentence 4. Cunning 5. Jc 6. Tyranno 7. Wunterslaus 8. Duk3star 9. rei 10. Broken Brilliance 11. Malcolm 12. Sophocles 13. Markus 14. Loli 15.
  2. [img]http://www.mangaupdates.com/image/i117982.jpg[/img] Description from baka: [quote]The world is in mortal peril. Sir Noi Crezant, the Lizard Knight, has been sent to gain the aid of the great warrior Amamiya Yuuhi in hopes of finding the Princess Samidare and protecting the planet from the incredible 'Biscuit Hammer' poised to crack the Earth in two. Unfortunately Yuuhi wants no part of it, and the Princess doesn't prove to be the shining 'hero of justice' role model that Noi had hoped for.[/quote] I made a thread on this awhile back but nothing ever became of it. Ignore the tone of the description, it really was written in a way to be sarcastic/funny (although it is a completely correct description). It has comedy, tragedy, romance, it actually has ended (aka its a completed manga for those not wanting to get involved with something ongoing). It even has young asian girls for rei. blah blah blah, now go read it. http://www.mangareader.net/732/the-lucifer-and-biscuit-hammer.html