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Found 1 result

  1. Mini Mafia

    Mysterious magic rolled over the small farming town of Cliffedge like a dense fog. The humble villagers found themselves transforming, gaining strange new powers. A few days passed quietly, but then, to the town's shock, all of their livestock was destroyed and eaten during the night. The town's defence system surely kept wolves at bay, yet all evidence pointed to them as the culprit. The town's wise Seer deduced that one of the townsfolk must have been transformed into a Werewolf! A messenger has been sent out to the nearest town for help, but it is several days travel away. By the time reinforcements arrive, they may be saving a ghost town. PLAYERS @BuildTheWalia @Death Sentence @Jazz @rei @TheGoldenTyranno ROLES HUNTER: You are the Hunter. You are aligned with the town. If you make it to the final 2, you destroy the wolf. SEER: You are the Seer. During the night, you have a vision. You learn if that player is the Wolf. Note: You cannot identify the Sorceress, even though she is not aligned with the town. SORCERESS: You are the Sorceress. During the night, you have a vision. You learn if that player is the Seer. You are aligned with the Wolf, but do not share any form of communication with them. In fact, you don't even know who they are! VANILLA: You are Vanilla Town. You have no special powers. WOLF: You are the Wolf. You kill one person per night. Notes Claiming IS allowed. Roles WILL flip. Quota is ZERO. Speed Game - 24 hour days, 24 hour nights (but preferably much less). The day ends at 5:00PM NYC Time on April 4th, 2018. Votes made at 5:00 will count, but not 5:01. Other standard rules apply.