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Found 2 results

  1. Tune Magician

    Hey guys, I've noticed this site has been dead for awhile. Not sure if it's because of format or just dying in general. Anyway, looking at cards going into nats season and this card seems to be really really good, yet nobody is talking about it. I'm not quite sure if we are getting it in pendulum evolution but if we do I am wondering if this deck will be top tier going into nationals. It tutors your magicians from deck and is a 1 card synchro or xyz like startime or omega/ignister. Pendulum effect: All monsters you control gain 100 ATK and DEF for each face-up "Magician" Pendulum Monster with a different name in your Extra Deck. Monster Effect: Cannot be Special Summoned from the Extra Deck. If this card is used as a Fusion, Synchro, or Xyz Material for a Summon, all other Materials must be "Magician" Pendulum Monsters. When this card is Pendulum Summoned from the hand: You can Special Summon 1 "Magician" Pendulum Monster from your Deck in Defense Position, except "Tune Magician", but it has its effects negated, also banish it when it leaves the field. You can only use this effect of "Tune Magician" once per turn.
  2. Odd Monkeys

    Monsters: 28 3 Dragonpit Magician 1 Dragonpulse Magician 3 Oafdragon Magician 3 Wisdom-eye Magician 1 Nobledragon Magician 3 Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon 3 Majespecter Unicorn - Kirin 3 Performapal Skullcrobat Joker 3 Performapal Monkeyboard 3 Maxx "c" 2 Ghost Ogre and Snow Rabbit   Spells: 12 3 Sky Iris 3 Wavering Eyes 2 Pendulum Call 2 Terraforming 1 Chicken Game 1 Odd-eyes Fusion   Extra: 15 1 Odd-eyes Vortex Dragon 1 Odd-eyes Meteorburst Dragon 1 Black Rose Moonlight Dragon 1 Ancient Fairy Dragon 2 Odd-eyes Absolute Dragon 1 Odd-eyes Rebellion Dragon 1 Red-eyes Flare Metal Dragon 1 Number 11: Big Eye 1 Number 39: Utopia Beyond 1 Constellar Ptolemy M7 1 Trapeze Magician 1 Castel the Skyblaster Musketeer 1 Abyss Dweller 1 Majester Paladin, the Rising Dracoslayer   Side:  2 Kumongous, the Sticky String Kaiju 2 Denko Sekka 2 Effect Veiler 1 Psi-Blocker 1 Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress 3 Swift Scarecrow 2 Forbidden Chalice 2 Twin Twister         I ran something very similar at Sydney and this is me still tweaking with the deck and refining it to be the best I can make it. Here are my explanations to the deck and it's build process;   Monsters:    [spoiler] Magicians I believe I am running a "optimal" amount of the magicians which has been discussed but I will quickly re-cap over them just to cover the bases. Wisdom eye and Dragonpit will always be at 3, the former just extending your combo's and looping cards and setting the extra deck, the latter being the only good high scale pendulum to run with no draw backs and main deckable s/t destruction. Oafdragon is the low scale I always want, I didn't quite understand why people wanted to run dragonpulse as the low scale instead because I believe Oaf's effect is most of the time more relevant and keeps you playing the game, while dragonpulse is just basic removal at the expense of 1 card in your hand, which being a combo deck actually hurts more then you think, because the only way to reform that advantage is to, surprise, use oafdragon and summon it to the field, which makes the card overall better. The situation explained is also how you do plays turn 1 and not be neg to your opponent. Nobledragon is at 1 because you can always search it with pendulum call or joker, and is the most optimal card you discard with dragonpit because it works from the grave. Pulse is as mentioned earlier basic removal and I guess has decent status and is highly searchable should you need it. I chose not to run Xiange magician because the build can get lv 7's to the hand easy, and his effects are really situational. I have only ever once summoned Odd-eyes rebellion dragon with it's full effects with Xiange, and it's light negation I only really used against kozmo farmgirl. Might be relevant to cyber dragon infinity, I doubt it though.   Beaters: I'm running 3 Odd-eyes and 3 Kirins as the beatdown for the deck, over say something like Apex Avian. I'm running max Odd-eyes as even though he can be potentially dead at points of the game, I find him to be relevant most of the time. He helps me have targets always for sky iris, is the enabler of most otk's in the deck with his monster effect, lv7 for rank 7's and can search out for combo pieces if need be during the end phase. Kirin was chose over Avian because even though he is weaker status wise, his abilities such as destruction and targeting immunity, monster removal and re-use of joker, being pendulum for magician discards, as well as being more lv6's in the deck for Utopia beyond, makes the card twice as useful over avian. I guess one final thing is needs only 1 tribute if for some reason you need to tribute away something, like face down monsters affected by quaking mirror force, or flying "c".    Consistency:  Joker is arguably one of the most powerful cards this format. Being stratos reborned, he searches anything you need in the deck to start playing the game and I think little will argue with me over why you shouldn't be running any less then 3. During last format though, I found that there were games that if I didn't open joker of pendulum call, the deck could brick and be vulnerable t1, in which the opponent had an opening to otk you. With BOSH we got Monkeyboard, who I immediately put in to see joker more, and as others put it "Is a 1 card scale". Which holds true to this deck, as the only cards affected by a Monkey-Joker scale are Kirin and the hand trap monsters, which don't much to be summoned most of the time.    Hand Traps:   With pepe as the best deck, the inclusion of hand traps is needed going forward I believe. Maxx is undeniably the most used right now and for good reason, and Ghost Ogre is used over veiler in here because better status and being lv3 makes lv7 synchro's which can extend your combo's into rank 7 plays, or give you another way to make meteorburst dragon or Ancient Fairy dragon, both cards with powerful effects that can help you set up for control or go for game in case of Meteorburst. I would like to acknowledge Robert Chou for using hand traps last format as well, as I mentioned earlier the deck can sometimes suffer from weak hands that don't do much first turn, and the inclusion of hand traps can try and slow down the opponent so that you can start playing by turn 2.     [/spoiler] Spells: 12   [spoiler] Focusing on Field Spells: Over time, I've begun to see that probably the card that keeps the deck glued together and works is sky Iris alongside joker. Sky iris loads the extra and rewards you for it, as well as gives some protection to your scales (if only from wavering). With the inclusion of Monkeyboard, I begun testing it at 3 and have rarely had fault with it. Before I was running 3 Sky iris/ 1 terraforming ratio, but now I am recently testing 2 terraforming to see it even more, as well as a chicken game to combo with running more field spells and terra, as well as Ancient Fairy dragon who I made room for the engine. Time will tell if this is the right route, and I will report more results back after testing it more extensively.   The rest: 3 Wavering is pretty standard, I get the idea at running it at 2, being it can just do absolutely nothing for you, but at the same time having 1 wavering when your opponent has 1-2 is the worse feeling, so running 3 ups the odds of you having the second wavering while they do not. Worse/best case scenario, it does what sky iris does and searchs monkeyboard to re-set the scales and fix the hand with joker. Only 2 Pendulum call as I can't tell you how awkward it is to run 3 in the deck and draw 2. You most likely in that scenario discard the second copy, as discard another card next turn can half your plays and it's effect to protect the scales honestly half the time hinders you from using wisdom eye or popping scales with sky iris, which this version of the deck is trying to center on. Running 2 I believe is the correct number over 1, because the card is still good for setting up scales and fixing hands, as well as adding oafdragon to hand to regain the card you lost with call in the first place if you discarded a magician or odd-eyes pendulum. Finally, as mentioned before the deck is being based around sky iris, and running the 1 fusion gives me more targets in the deck to add and make plays with. Not to mention Vortex dragon is a very powerful card, and can help seal games when your opponent tries to establish a comeback the next turn.  [/spoiler]   Extra deck:   [spoiler] Fusions I'm running 1 Vortex dragon instead of 2, mainly because of trying to find room. This may change to 2 later, as there is a play which Ryan Cook mentioned in his deck profile in which you could make 2 Vortex by playing fusion on a Absolute dragon, although I'm not sure how often the play is made to be relevant. A thank you to Ryan as well as his build and as mentioned earlier Robert Chou build helped made my build for now and when I took the deck to Sydney.   Syncho's I chose 1 Meteorburst and ran Moonlight dragon and Ancient Fairy dragon in order to have more versatility in the extra deck. You can also always recycle meteorburst with absolute dragon, or return it to the extra with oafdragon in the rare cases. The same thinking also helped me decide to enforce the use of 1 vortex dragon. Moonlight was chosen over black rose as the latter is really only appliable if I've used pendulum call that turn.   Xyz's   Not much to say I think. I ran Rebellion for it's atk for Absolute, as well as a second Absolute because it's the only Odd-eyes extra monster I think I would make twice the most, as well as to use with Odd-eyes fusion as I always usually send rebellion and the second copy. Big eye is good for stealing ignister or mightslayer to help protect my monsters, and red-eyes flare is for those times I want to seal the game, and he is very useful against combo decks. I sometimes have trouble with Water decks this format, and against my friend I found a field of red-eyes and Kirin to be extremely effective against that match up. For rank 6's, utopia for the Obvious otk with Odd-eyes, and I chose to use Ptolemy over Norito in this deck because I run Monkeyboard and in order to help otk through boards and recycle back cards.Rank 4's are used for as you'd imagine I'd use them, just for situations they would be helpful, trapeze burn and otk's, castel remove annoying cards, dweller for grave effects, paladin to search out joker for next turn. [/spoiler]   Side: I've written quite a fair bit by now, so I'm just going to list what I bring in which cards for which match-ups in order to wrap this up quickly. I made the side deck with no floods because as I've mentioned in the magician thread before, I think of this deck as combo-aggro otk, and believe any purple cards would just slow the deck down, even though I will concede this deck could us Dragon Bind very effectively if it wanted to;   2 Kumongous, the Sticky String Kaiju (annoying monsters, pepe) 2 Denko Sekka (backrow, artifact kozmo) 2 Effect Veiler (pepe, mermail sometimes for megalo/ glacia) 1 Psi-Blocker (ASF, floods) 1 Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress (ASF, Gozen, Rivalry, backrow) 3 Swift Scarecrow (Kozmo, water, otk decks) 2 Forbidden Chalice (Kozmo, possibly other match-ups I haven't though of yet)  2 Twin Twister (Backrow, floods).   If you made it this far then I congratulate you, that was way more words then I expected. If anyone has more questions or wants to argue my choices please do. I'm enjoying this deck and just basically want to see if it can be relevant. Thanks for reading :)