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Found 1 result

  1. Monster Lunalight Black Sheep x2 E-HERO Neos Alius x2 Sangan Neo Spacian Air Humming Bird Neo Spacian Grand Mole Destiny HERO Diamond Dude Destiny HERO Decider The Dark Hex Sealed Fusion Elemental Hero Neos Summoner Monk E- HERO Shadow Mist x2 Elemental Hero Stratos Elemental Hero Solid Solider Keeper of Dragon Magic Destiny Hero Dynatag Spell Mash Changex3 Skydive Scorcher Monster Reborn Destiny Draw Fusion Tag Polymerization x2 ROTA E Emergency Call Miracle Contact Miracle Fusion x2 A Hero Lives Mask Charge Trap Solemn Warning Crush Card Virus Hero Signal Destiny Signal Extra Deck E-Hero Gaia E Hero Great Tornado Masked Hero Dark Law Elemental Hero Nebula Neos Contrast Hero Choas Decode Talker Elemental Hero Air Neos Masked Hero Koga x2 Mudragon of the Swamp Masked Hero Divine Wind x2 Firewall Dragon Arcana Extra Link Joker Link Spider Number 39: Utopia I know this variant seems somehwat weird but here me out. I'll explain my more bizzare chocies Lunalight Black Sheep x2: An extra Poly. Pretty Important for making Great Tornado and Gaia Neos Engine The Dark Hex Sealed Fusion Elemental Hero Neos E-HERO Neos Alius x2 Neo Spacian Air Humming Bird Neo Spacian Grand Mole Keeper of Dragon Magic I know it seems pretty bad. I mean I don't even run Panther but they synergize pretty well with my other HERO's. Neos And Alias are searchable by Stratos/Decider, Grand Mole is decent removal and Humming Bird summons the fusion. Plus Dark sealed can work for any fusion and Dragon Magic can discard Miracle Fusioon. You see. Synergy. Destiny Hero Dynatag: Honestly I'm thinking of chainging this one. Who should I replace him with. Skydive Scorcher: They work well with Gaia, Great Tronado, and the Neos Fusions. Mudragon of the Swam: Don't really summon him, should I replace him. Fusion Tag: Can summon Contrast Hero Choas pretty easy. Crush Card Virus/ Sangan: Crush card can work with both Shadow Mist and Summoner Monk and Sangan is a good combo with it. Hero Signal/ Destiny Signal: Summon Mist/Decider/Stratos. E-Hero Gaia/ E Hero Great Tornado: Fusion. Use Miracle or Regular Poly. Synergizes with Neos Masked Hero Dark Law: You only really need one of them. Deck that it kills don't have any real outs and if it isn't a deck it kills it can be easily revived. Elemental Hero Nebula Neos/ Elemental Hero Air Neos: Air can OTK and Nebula can be useful for a comback Contrast Hero Choas: Again Quick play Negation plus give Fusion Tag a use. Decode Talker: Link Shokun Masked Hero Koga x2: Running Koga at two is pretty odd but it's nessicary for the Koga FTK. Masked Hero Divine Wind x2: YOu only really need one for drawpower but I run two just in case Firewall Dragon: LINK SHOKUN Arcana Extra Link Joker: Warrior Link, summons Alias, SYNERGY Link Spider: SYNERGY Number 39: Utopia: My Excitons are in my Bujin Deck.