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Found 4 results

  1. M6 Relax mafia D1 - Take it easy

    Since I've joined the mafia experience here on dgz I've noticed that these games can be quite stressful: Gamethrows, players not reaching quota, modkills, a moron mixing up what a tracker does and what a watcher does... I've reached the point where I think a nice and easy game of matrix 6 mafia is needed and here I am offering what I think you all need. Let's make this a stressfree, relaxing game where we love and compliment eachother with the respect we all deserve. Namaste The host is not responsible for inactivity because of the theme And here are our players! - Faint - Walia - Mark - Broken Brilliance - Nelrick - Little bug - JC - Tyranno - Gemstone Usual rules apply. If you have a question about them just pm me - Full flip on death - Claiming your role is allowed. Claiming who you are (your rolename) is not allowed - quote of 4 per dayphase. - NK must be assigned to a player - First Dayphase is 48h. Second, third and so on are 24h. Nightphases are always 24h even when actions are given to me earlier - All other mafia rules and site rules apply - No hammering on D1 - And the most important rule is to have fun and ofcourse to relax
  2. Rules:- 36h day phases, 12h night phases. I liked running this in my previous game and I want to experiment a bit more with it.- Quota is 4 posts every day phase. First time you don't meet it you get an infraction, second time is a modkill. - Full Claiming is allowed. The obvious restriction is no screenshots of your role PM and the like.- Absolutely NO editing- No discussion of the game outside of this thread, barring QTs and PMs to me. - Spirit of the Game Clause: Please don't ruin the game to gain an advantage. Please don't intentionally modkill yourself or other stupid stuff. - Similarily, please don't monitor account activity Set-Up: A B C 1 Town Jailkeeper Vanilla Townie Mafia Goon 2 Mafia Roleblocker Town Cop Town Doctor 3 1-shot Bulletproof Townie Mafia Goon Town Tracker I have randomly selected a row or a column from this table. The roles in that row/column are in the game, along with 5 vanilla town and a mafia goon. The following roles (with flavor) could be in the game. Redshirt (Vanilla Town) Lieutenant Worf (Jailkeeper) Counselor Deanna Troi (Cop) Dr. Leonard "Bones" Mccoy (Doctor) Captain James T. Kirk (1-shot Bulletproof) Dr. Spock (Tracker) Mafia Goon Mafia Roleblocker Additional info: Mafia must declare who perfoms the NK. The Mafia Roleblocker can use their power and perform the NK in the same night. If there's a conflict between Mafia Roleblocker and Jailkeeper: Roleblocker resolves first. Players: 1. Tyranno 2. Jazz (Lynched D2 - Romulan Infiltrant) 3. Faint (Killed N1 - Dr. Beverly Crusher) 4. Wunterslaus 5. Frogman 6. Nelrick 7. Malcolm 8. PSK (Killed N2 Redshirt) 9. Kahu (Lynched D1 - Redshirt)
  3. Matrix 6 After-Game - Town wins!

    Captain's Log, star date 17317: The away team has dismantled the machine on the planet surface and eliminated the Romulan saboteurs with minimal redshirt losses. The USS DGZ is off to its next adventure! The Scum team was Jazz and Tyranno. We were in column B. Faint was Doctor, Wunterslaus tracker. (And he s p a n k e d Jazz. Good work, Ensign) Game was pretty straightforward after D2, idk?
  4. Matrix 6 Mafia Sign-ups

    PSA: JC and I will run 2 small games simultaneously. You can only sign up for one to prevent the two games interfering with eachother. If you prefer a closed setup or don't like playing vanilla town, wait for his sign-ups to open. Matrix 6 is a well-known setup from Mafiascum. It features 9 players with 2 scum. The game is semi-open: There are 6 possible setups, either a row or column from the following table: A B C 1 Town Jailkeeper Vanilla Townie Mafia Goon 2 Mafia Roleblocker Town Cop Town Doctor 3 1-shot Bulletproof Townie Mafia Goon Town Tracker I'll randomly select either a row or a column from this table, add 5 Vanilla Town and 1 Mafia Goon, and distribute the roles between the players. Full Claiming is allowed. Players flip on death. Mafia players must choose who carries out the night kill. (So they can be tracked and Jailkeeper can stop the NK if he imprisons the killer) Players: 1. Tyranno 2. Jazz 3. Faint 4. Wunterslaus 5. Frogman 6. Nelrick 7. Malcolm 8. PSK 9. Kahu