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Found 7 results

  1. Many of you probably remember a few years back where magic player Korey McDuffie came into US Nationals and both qualified and won with a deck he was mostly unfamiliar with. While this isn't quite as dramatic as that (Oliver has been slowly rising in the MTG community) something fairly similar happened a few weeks ago. Dragon Duel World Champion Oliver Tomajko recently became Magic's National Champion and as such had the opportunity to compete alongside America's leading pro Reid Duke, and Nationals runner up/Platinum Pro Gerry Thompson as team USA in the World Magic Cup. They performed relatively well losing a win and in for top 8 on day 2. More importantly however they basically did the entire tournament in a bandit keith cosplay:
  2. Amonkhet Previews

    mythic spoiler amonkhet previews Figured we could get some discussion going around Amonkhet. I know there are some folk on this site prepping for the team constructed event in louisville, and I am thinking about going to the standard open in atlanta at the end of this month. Are there cards that any of you find interesting? Reprints that you like? Do you like the yugioh looking mtg reprints of cards for this sets masterpiece collection?
  3. Wizards announced that they were reverting back to a 'once per year' rotation. A little background info on how it used to work, what they went to, and what they are changing it to.... Before Khans of tarkir, WOTC had rotation period once per year. Standard was made of 2 blocks. Each block consisted of 3 Sets and 1 core set. That meant that there was 8 sets in standard, with a set coming out every three months. After the first set of the next block occured, the block that was around longest all rotated simultaneously. This would leave us with 1 full block (4 sets) plus the first set of the next block cycle. (5 sets in total). The first set of a block would remain in standard for two years, leading to some really stale formats. A large portion of this was due to 3 similarly themed sets in a block. Block 1 Block 2 (Theros) (Khans of Tarkir) (Born of the Gods) (Fate Reforged) (Journey into Nyx) (Dragons of Tarkir) (Core Set) (Core Set) In order to prevent super stale formats where cards remained for too long, Wizards decided to go to a new rotation cycle in 2014, where rotation occured twice a year. They got rid of core sets, and said there would only be a max of 6 sets in standard at once. They changed 4 sets per block to 2 sets per block. Long story short, there would be 3 blocks in standard. When the 7th set would come in, sets 1 and 2 would leave. This would leave us with sets 3,4,5,6,7 as new standard, with 8 being second set of the third block. when 9 would come in, 3/4 would leave, leaving us with 5,6,7,8,9. This cycle was supposed to continue. This meant standard was always changing, and not be so stale. Block 1 Block 2 Block 3 Block 4 (Block 1 leaves) (Dragons Of Tarkir) (Battle for zendikar) (Shadows Over Innistrad) (Kaladesh - causes rotation) (Magic Origins) (Oath of the gatewatch) (Eldritch Moon) The issue with this is that new players had difficulty keeping up with the game. There would be cards needed from sets 1/2 to build a specific deck, and when set 7 was coming in, the value of those cards dropped and they wouldn't be able to trade or sell those cards for newer ones they needed. Many complaints were filed. Wizards listened to their feedback, and said yesterday that the new once per year structure was effective immediately. Now, we are going back to a once per year rotation. However, they are going to keep their two sets per block rule, meaning we will have 4 blocks per standard instead of 2 blocks per standard. This keeps different themes Example of current standard shown below: block 1 block 2 block 3 block 4 (Battle for zendikar) (Shadows) (Kaladesh) (Amonkhet) (Oath of the gatewatch) (Eldritch moon) (Aether Revolt) (Laughs) When first set of block 5 comes in, block 1 AND block 2 will leave entirely. This would leave us with the following: Block 3 Block 4 Block 5 Block 6 Block 7 (Kaladesh) (Amonkhet) (Ham) (7th Set) (9th set coming Fall, 2017) (Aether Revolt) (Laughs) (Eggs) (8th Set) What does this mean for you? This means that Gideon, Ally of Zendikar and Nissa, Voice of Zendikar will be around for an additional 6 months (Planned for 18 months originally, back to 24 month lifespan for Battle For Zendikar) Questions? Comments? Concerns? More than happy to answer any question regarding this here. if this is confusing, shoot me a PM, I'm glad to help. Link to Wizards article, probably way easier to understand than this post: Revisiting Standard Rotation - WOTC
  4. http://www.dailydot.com/parsec/magic-the-gathering-pro-myth/ I posted this on my facebook originally. Allen suggested I share it here as well since it could spark some discussion. The article talks about MTG but can translate over to TCG's in general and how it is incredibly hard to make a living off of them as a pro.
  5. SCG Richmond VA Report

    Friday, August 26th: After weeks of trying to figure out whether or not I could attend Richmond due to my work schedule and getting a promotion, I finally put everything into place to make sure I could attend Richmond for the StarcityGames standard open. I called up Darthflaw the week before, and we decided to attend the event. I decided to play Bant Company. I've never registered the deck post spell queller, and the deck is obviously nuts. Over the next week, I tested....and tested...and tested. The local players were thrashing me, I obviously didn't have enough experience playing the deck. I decided maybe I should just try to race them.....being aggressive can't be an awful thing, right? Sideboard (15) : 3 Dromoka's Command 2 Elder Deep Fiend 2 Tragic Arrogance 2 Clash of wills 1 Learn from the past 1 Tamiyo, Field Researcher 2 Negate 2 Gideon, Ally of Zendikar Mainboard(60): 3 Fortified Village 5 Plains 4 Forest 4 Evolving Wilds 3 Prairie Stream 1 Island 2 Lumbering Falls 4 Yavimaya Coast 4 Collected Company 3 Declaration in stone 1 Ojutai's command 4 Selfless Spirit 4 Duskwatch Recruiter 4 Sylvan Advocate 4 Reflector Mage 4 Spell Queller 3 Tireless Tracker 2 Nissa, Vastwood Seer 1 Archangel Avacyn Added Declaration in stone to the mainboard. Dromoka's command in testing was not the best against the eldrazi decks, and I expected a lot of temur emerge decks. Dec in stone was excellent at removing eldrazi, and could also be a mirror breaker. Excellent card against Mono White humans too. Friday, September 2nd: I contacted Mason over Google hangout to discuss sideboard options while he was at work. Was meeting my friend around noon. Around 11:56, right before I had to leave to meet my friend then head to Richmond, he decided "Fine, I'll go". Sweet, more people makes everything cheaper. I drive over to my friend's apartment in Raleigh and wait for Dusty to get there. Due to the hurricane rain AND labor day weekend, traffic was insane. Eventually, Dusty got there and we began our 2 hour track from Raleigh to Richmond. Received a phone call from Mason right before we left, saying that he was already there. Here is where things get kinda entertaining. So we get to the hotel and check in. Dusty and I walk around this strangely designed place and eventually find our room. Pretty standard hotel room, except on all of the non-smoking corridors, absolutely everything smelled like weed. We set our bags down and walk around until we find Mason's room. We find it, and are sitting outside the room for about 10-12 minutes. I look through the window, and realize there is a door on the other side. He said to meet him outside his room, he must have walked out the other door and was on the other side of the building. We walk around and find him, tell him about the second door. He looked kind of bothered that there were two doors in his hotel room. One for walking outside, and one for walking into the hallway. Anyways, we leave to find dinner. We drive up to one restaurant that Google Maps told us about, and it was closed. To keep track of the number of times Richmond got the best of us, we will keep a simple score count. Score count: Richmond 1, Team DGZ 0. We drive for another ten minutes, and find some biker pub with a great rating on TripAdvisor. Absolutely crowded, no way to get inside. Score count: Richmond 2, Team DGZ 0. We make our way into Downtown Richmond, aka college town, aka parties everywhere, aka university city. On our way to the next restaurant listed on google, we pass a wood fired pizza place called Stuzzi Pizza. We decide to not drive around aimlessly and eat here. We park on the side street and walk inside. This place looks like a super high end pizza place. I'm down. We order drinks. Mason gets water, Dusty orders a way overpriced Crown and Coke. I ask for a beer list. Actual conversation goes as follows: "What beers do you have on tap?" "We are out of Yeungling, Porrozi, Sam adams" "Cool, I'll just have *insert some random craft brew listed here*" "Sorry, we are out of that as well" "Alright, I'll have *another brew*" "Sorry, we are out of that as well. We are out of everything" Come to find out, they are simply just out of everything except wine and liquor drinks. This is week 2 of college for the students, therefore all of the good restaurants are slammed and out of a lot of things. Don't exactly know why they handed me a beer list then. We order food, and eventually they bring Dusty and I a Vodka Pizza to split. It wasn't cut into slices, and we were confused why. Then the waiter drops a pair of scissors in front of us and walks away. We cut our pizza with scissors? This is actually kinda neat. We eat, pay our bill and leave. That pizza was fantastic. Mason liked whatever he got too, I think. Win in my book. Richmond 2, DGZ 1. We leave Stuzzi to find a walmart. I need a new backpack because the one I brought with me had many problems, and I didn't want to use it as my card bag anymore. GPS takes us to a walmart grocery store on campus. Nope, not what we were looking for. Richmond 3, DGZ 1. GPS eventually takes us onto a toll road. Shit. We pull up to the toll booth, and it needs exactly 70 cents. We scrounge around for a minute or two for change while the line of cars is slowly getting longer. I throw the change into the thing and pull away. We get to the exit for the walmart which is ANOTHER 70 cents just get off of the highway. Mason donates a dollar to the "Todd couldn't make it to round 1 because he didn't have 70 cents" fund. Richmond 4, DGZ 1. Off to a great start. We find a walmart, we get into the parking lot and the entire parking lot smells like weed. We walk inside and everyone inside smells like weed. I've determined Richmond is a giant pot leaf at this point. We find the backpack and take it to the register. Mason starts cracking jokes about camo being on the bag, which we didn't realize till after it was already paid for. Good news, bag can't be stolen because bag can't be seen. We grab change to get back onto the toll road to head back to the hotel. We were prepped for it this time. We test a bunch of games that night and go to bed. Dusty said he had trouble sleeping, I passed out very fast. Wake up in the morning to take a shower, turns out the shower switch in our bathroom is broken off. We call Mason and ask to shower in his room and try to talk with the hotel staff about getting the shower fixed before we get back. We shower, and head to the convention center. Richmond 5, DGZ 1. SCG had sleeves listed as 5 dollars on a sign, but listed on their picture that sleeves were 4 dollars. I took full advantage of this. Guy ahead of me spent 5 bucks on sleeves and walked away. They ask me if I need help, and I showed them that those same sleeves are 4 dollars. Guy looks a little taken back, because they had been selling sleeves for 5 dollars all day. Lucky for me, I read the description print. Hey, I'm happy buying sleeves for 4 rather than 5 dollars, alright? Richmond 5, DGZ 2. Round 1: Brandon Beauregard (Bant company mirror) game 1: win, Tireless tracker is great. Game goes long. He put a bunch of sylvan advocates into play early, and I hit them all with dec in stone. He sacs selfless spirit to give them indestructible, and realizes after announcing it that it doesn't stop Declaration. game 2: He wins, crushes me with multiple Collected company being cast. game 3: I get him to 2 while i'm at 20. At this point, He draws planar outburst an is able to awaken it and beat me with an animated land. Never saw selfless spirit this game. 0-1. The usual start. Round 2: Bob Healey (UG Crush) game 1: He starts chaining multiple part of the waterveil late game trying to draw into crush of tentacles to go for the win. He can't get there. game 2: Beat him down early like game 1. I draw clash of wills and negate for his crush and part of the waterveil. 1-1 Round 3: James Schoenherr (Mono white humans) game 1: He doesn't play around dec in stone, drops multiple threats into play with the same name. No resources afterwards. game 2: Same as game 1. 2-1 Round 4: David Rick (UG Crush) This round was very similar to round 2, honestly. Beat him down both games, counterspells game 2 were great. 3-1. Round 5: Jonathan Blank (Mono White humans) game 1: Declaration in stone is great in this matchup. He misses his third land drop. My sylvan advocates are eventually 4/5's and he can't deal with it. game 2: Tragic arrogance helps clean things up early on. He starts racing me on the ground, so I take things to the skies. Dec in stone allows me to clock him slightly faster, as his thalia's lieutenants were becoming fairly large. 4-1 Round 6: Allen Shank (Temur Emerge) game 1: He drops a turn 6 Emrakul. Can't win. game 2: Selfless spirits and avacyn's protect my board from kozilek's return. game 3: I race him hard. He is low on blue sources for the elder deep fiend in his hand. Eventually he hits it, and I can't get a card to protect my creatures from kozilek's return. 4-2 Round 7: Dakota Voirol (Bant Spirits) game 1: My company hits are more powerful than his. He eventually drops avacyn and tries to sacrifice selfless spirit to wrath my board. I have ojutais command to reanimate my selfless to protect my board during upkeep. He can't stop the crackback. game 2: I have ojutai's command this time for his avacyn. He uses multiple spell quellers on my reflector mages and collected company. I eventually draw declaration in stone, for a quller, cast mage on queller, cast mage on queller, cast company for the blowout. 5-2 round 8: Marquis Johnson (bant company) game 1: You can tell he has a lot of experience with the deck. I get crushed. Don't remember too many details. game 2: I mulligan to 5 to a relatively keepable hand. He keeps 7. Eventually, we get to a large board stall, and he draws tragic before I get a chance to. 5-3 Round 9: Stu Somers (4 Color Almalgam) Game 1: I clock him pretty quick. Dec in stone keeps almagams exiled so he can't make super large plays. game 2: he crushes me with a large zombie push. game 3: We are getting close to time. He activates Haunted dead on my end step, and discards a almalgam and a kozileks return. I have learn from the past in hand for the blowout. He can't win from here. 6-3 made day 2. Earlier in the day, we ran into Mike Lux, and talked with him throughout the day. He made day 2 as well, and tiebreakers very similar to mine. He is on company. We go try and find dinner at some mexican restaurant. We drive around and can't find a parking spot. eventually, we accidentally wind up on a toll road again to go around to another parking spot. Mason pays for the first one. He didn't realize the exit was also a toll exit, and blows right through it at 40 mile an hour. Luckily, no cops were around. He made sure 70 cents was not holding me back for day 2. Outplayed the city and outplayed the cops. Richmond 5, DGZ 3. Hope he doesn't get fined for that. We get to this restaurant eventually after tirelessly tracking to try and find a parking space. Order queso, our food. Everything was delicious. Mason paid for it without us realizing. That was kind, appreciated man. We get back to the hotel to find our shower was fixed. Things were looking up. I take the air mattress, Mason was pretty happy about that. It was hard for me to sleep, was nervous. We wake up in the morning, check out. Mason leaves to go home, and Dusty and I make our way to the convention center to battle more. Round 10: Kent ketter (Bant company) game 1: He crushes me. game 2: I crush him. game 3: I Keep a hand that I thought had a blue mana source in it. I was wrong, and that "blue source" was actually a fortified village. Damn, bad beats. can't cast my quellers, mages, or O-command. 6-4. After this round. Kent and Tenjum walk by me at one point. I stop them and wanted to discuss their sideboard plan, because I was doing something very wrong. Couldn't beat the mirror it felt like. We have a 10 minute discussion of gameplans and theory. I won't lie, i've heard a lot of negative things about Ketter in the past. He was a very kind guy, and was willing to talk about things with me. I appreciated that. I have some positive points about Tenjum in my book as well (Only have interacted with him one other time before). Round 11: Matt Montgomery (Bant spirits) This played out very similarly to my spirits round from the day before. Quick 2-0, was able to get food. 7-4 Round 12: Chad Hilton (4 color almalgam) I messed up in game 3 here. I beat him game 1, I mulligan to 5 game 2 and get crushed. game 3: It gets to a point where he is at 4 or 5 life. I has one kozileks in grave, and I have selfless spirit. He sacs an almalgam for Wretched gryff, trigger return. I sac selfless. He sacs wretched gryff to cast elder deep fiend, re-trigger kozileks return. At the time, I was baffled, signed the slip and let him take the win. (Later, on our way back to raleigh, I realized that he couldn't sacrifice the gryff for fiend because it wasn't on the field yet. That was my mistake, and usually catch things like that. Won't happen again though) 7-5 Round 13: Joshua Altizer (Mono white) Dec in stone is literally the stones against this deck 8-5 Round 14: Andrew Jessup (Mono white) He saw me playing earlier, and he did play around dec in stone very well game 1: I can't stop his team, multiple lieutenant and always watching. Gryff's boon puts in work. game 2: Manage to pull ahead early on and win. Avacyn allows me to wipe his field and I win in the skies. game 3: see game 1. 8-6. Dunno if x-6 can cash or not, but i'm gonna play it out anyways. I was 63rd out of 64th going into this round, Lux being in 64th place. If we win, we cash. Round 15: Christopher McSweeney (UR THermo-alchemist) game 1: I win. Dec in stone beats multiple alchemist in play game 2: I mull to 6. He gets there game 3: was super, super close. He wins. Dusty points out later that a made a couple of misplays against him. I didn't see them in the moment. Its fine. 8-7. At least I day 2'd an open finally. I always thought x-3 couldn't get in, but everyone told me to stick it out this one, so I appreciate it. I have to get back to work now, If I think of anything else later, i'll add it here.
  6.   normally we don't get spoilers this early but these were just announced at PAX Australia. other highlights include: the third set in the block is confirmed to be Dragons of Tarkir Elspeth vs Kiora duel decks next year
  7. How do i learn the game etc, is there a DN/YVD for mtg? How much is the average deck? What decks are top tier atm Are there any big tournaments in the UK? And is there a money-making aspect in mtg like yugioh? thanks to everyone that can help me out