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Found 1 result

  1. I've received overwhelming feedback that many of our newer members are having a hard time due to not really "getting" DGz. To those members, this post is for you. We used to have some pretty simple advice for our members: lurk more. In more recent times, this advice has often been ignored, and in many cases isn't that helpful anyways. The reason that lurking was (and still is) strongly advised was so that you can get a sense of DGz's culture before posting here. While we expect everyone to be their own person, there is some minimal amount of fitting in that is required to become a good member of a community. DGz members have a unique way of expressing themselves, and getting used to this is in many ways like getting used to living in a foreign country. The first thing that you need to know is to expect brutal honesty at all times. If you post a terrible deck on the boards, people will let you know that it's terrible. They won't say, "Nice deck, but I think it could use a few improvements." They will say, "This deck fucking sucks, and here's why." That being said, don't go around just blindly insulting people and thinking that it's going to earn you cool points. You need to explain why the other person is an idiot, not just post, "You're an idiot." In other words, your facts don't need to be backed up by insults, but your insults need to be backed up by facts. Do not post about Yugioh outside of the Yugioh-related forums. Realize that half of the site doesn't play, and many of them never want to hear the word "Yugioh" ever again. On the flipside, don't go into the Yugioh-related forums and tell them all that Yugioh is a shitty game. I've beaten that horse to death already. Besides, most of them already know that Yugioh is a shitty game; they're just continuing to play it so that they can fall back on their 2 YCS tops when they're questioning whether or not they've been a complete failure in all aspects of life. No, we haven't heard of you. If you go around the Yugioh boards acting like you're God's gift to Yugioh, you're going to get flamed off the site. If you want everyone to know how awesome you are at Yugioh, prove it. Post some cutting-edge theory. Share some sick decklists with us. If you do this, you will gain a following (and also lots of pos reps). We've had 13 years to develop inside jokes, shitty memes, and references to epic smashes that you have no clue about. We don't expect you to get them. No, we're not going to explain them all to you. Just quietly observe or ignore them and don't draw attention to yourself and the fact that you're new. After you've been here for awhile and we get to know you, a veteran might explain some of them to you. The best way to insure that you get negged as much as possible is to complain about your negs. Don't be that guy who makes your first post, gets -5 rep, then posts, "Wow why did all of you guys neg me?" gets negged some more, then loses their shit and says, "Fuck you guys," and leaves DGz after some angry rant about how we're all basement-dwelling cucks or whatever other terrible insult you can muster up. Just take your negs, take notes, and move on. My first DGz post sucked balls. Yours probably will too. There are a few people on this site who initially were quite disliked but changed their ways and eventually became mods. Make it look like you put some thought into your post, even if you actually didn't. Look at this post for example. I've listed out all of my points in logical order, spaced them out into nice paragraphs, and make it seem like I actually give a shit about what I'm saying. Short posts with little substance have a tendency to get negged. Don't post to just say that you agree with someone else's post. Just give the post a pos rep to show that you approve this message. Posts that just consist of phrases like "that post made me lol," "nice deck," etc will make you come off as a dumbass, even if you are actually quite intelligent. To our veterans: If you have other advice, post below, and I'll add it to my list of points. If you see a new member who is clearly not trying to do most of the above, tag them ITT so that they can hopefully set themselves on the right track. If you're a new member but you feel like none of this advice is helpful or that you're still having trouble fitting in, post below and we'll try to provide additional advice and clarification.