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Found 1 result

  1. Insane Deck Theory-Draw and Destroy (Snipe Hunter)

    Essentially, I draw like crazy, and then use Snipe Hunter to wipe the opponent's field. This deck is very consistent. Its all about card advantage. Here's how it works:   1. Play stall cards and draw cards 2. Use the tremendous draw and consistency power to get what I need for the situation (If I don't already have them-I usually do) 3. Snipe Hunter turns all the 'dead' cards into destruction power. Keep drawing for nuke-like effects.   The third point is especially important, as it essentially means I have no dead cards at all, further improving consistency. I already get a lot of stall, so what I 'need' is usually something to protect monsters other than stall (Bribe, My Body as a Shield, and Fiendish) General card choices:   Draw Engine Worm Linx- Pot of Greed each turn. This is so boss. Cardcar- An obvious choice PoD & Upstart- Makes it more consistent Reckless- I don't worry about the 2 turn wait often, an I draw into another draw card. It provides momentum.   Protection A mixture of chainable stall, (Waboku, Roar), medium term stall (Swords), and long term stall (Red Screen, Wall) provides flexible means of protection from battles. For effect protection, Mbaas, Fiendish, and Bribe covers almost everything (cards that activate in grave are more troublesome, but made up for by advantage). Jowgen shuts down tons of plays, but I run 2, not 3, because the effects don't stack, and it doesn't offer as much utility as the Grand Mole, which is handy at times.   Win Condition Snipe Hunter isn't needed earlygame generally, and there are only 3 copies in the whole deck. It might sound dangerous to put all the eggs in one basket, but the ratios are sound and it works well; there is also adequate protection for it.   The deck works well, I let my opponent special summon and combo all they want, I just remain passive and only activate cards to protect my monsters. I wait, then explode. Works very well, I plan to use it in upcoming tourneys.