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Found 2 results

  1. I believe that Agents should either win or place very favorably at Atlanta for the following: [b]1) Under the Radar[/b] For whatever reason, this deck has been lost in the shuffle. It isn't hyped. It isn't new. It's almost an afterthought. Leeching the Light is still prominent in most side decks...but it is one or two copies. LIM never shows up anymore, especially since Lightsworn is super terrible. [b]2) Maxx "C" & Veiler[/b] Maxx "C" only hampers 1 play in this deck; Venus into Shine Ball. And, Agents can make the same play later if required. Veiler is similar except that it's a -1 against Venus. Hyperion doesn't much care that he gets Veiler'd, neither does BLS. [b]3) The Engine Allows for Flexibility[/b] As is the case with many decks, the engine is merely something to keep you in the game; but the "tech" is what sets it apart. Admittedly, the Agent engine is slightly larger than most at a minimum of 12 cards (Plant, Inzektor, Dino Rabbit). However, it still has plenty of room to tech against the metagame. [b]4) The Dino Match-up[/b] It is arguable, but Dino Rabbit is probably the best deck in the game at present. Against Agents, however, Dino Rabbit is at a disadvantage, given the right build. I don't think that this can be understated. Inzectors and Wind-Up (collectively, the new hotness) are wrecked by Dollka. Plants are wrecked by Dolkka. Agents, however, are not wrecked by Dolkka. And they can fairly consistently put monsters on the board with greater than 2400 ATK. Given the appropriate S/T, I would liberally say the match-up is in Agent's favor. [b]5) Krystia[/b] This deck plays Krystia. I probably don't need to say much more, but even at a single copy, Kristya ends games in a way no current card can. [b]6) Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning[/b] (I just wanted to type the full name). Absent Dino Rabbit (and to slight degree, Turbo Dark World), a successful deck needs to play BLS. Again, BLS is a card that requires little explanation. In some decks (like Dark World) BLSseems forced; however, Agents play this card easily. In particular, Number 96: Dark Mist makes BLS very consistent. Not only is Dark Mist a solid card by it's own merits, but it is DARK. Neither of these things are bad. [b]7) It is not a Combo-Deck[/b] Wind-Up, Dark World, Inzektor, and, to a degree Plants, are all combo decks. And, as combo decks, they are particularly weak to Hand Traps. Due to the ( very justified) hype of Wind-Up and Inzektors, Hand Traps *should* be in abundance at ATL. Venus is the only play weak to any of these cards, and the Venus play is available multiple times per game. Otherwise, Hyperion and BLS do the leg work, and neither are vulnerable. [b]8) Stall[/b] I am presently of the opinion that any deck that can successfully and repeatedly play Spirit Reaper and Wind-Up Zenmaines are at a strong advantage. Moreover, said deck should be able to respond to such a stall with an explosive play. The game has grown very fast, and these two cards, along with Hand Traps, have served to balance it. Agents make two plays; Rank 2 and Rank 3. Reaper and Zenmaines fit into this formula flawlessly. [b](9) Wind-Up & Inzektor (The New Hotness)[/b] The Wind-Up match-up is irrelevant. Like Samurai before it, Wind-Up depends on how each player opens while going first. Otherwise, it is a good deck, but not a great one. As said above, the deck has space for plenty of Hand Traps (although the correct ratio of said Hand Traps remains elusive). Inzectors punish decks that commit to the field. Fortunately, when Agents commit to the field, it is largely in the form of a Floater. While the Inzektor follow-up may be harsh, it isn't nearly as devastating when the only cards destroyed have already paid for themselves. I won't waste your time further by extrapolating on points that are either very obvious or of minimal significance. According to the above, I do think that Agent should stand more than a fighting chance at the upcoming event.