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Found 4 results

  1. "Best" Game

    "Oh shit, it's that guy that uses //rainbowtext//." Nah, not this time around. Don't even know why I even considered doing that. Anyway, if you even read my "content" regarding what I considered the "best manga", you might be wondering what I consider to be the best "video game". Well, that my friends is easy: Cory in the House for DS. It has superb graphics and voice acting, along with a talented cast that intermingle incredibly well throughout this masterpiece of a game! Jokes aside, I do have several games in mind that I consider to be the "best": Fallout 2, Skyrim, Breath of the Wild, Shadow of Colossus, Mass Effect (trilogy), etc etc. I have a massive list which could fit all the criteria I believe are needed to be the "best". However, only one can hold the title -- at the very least in my eyes. So, enough with the cookie-cutter shit, what do I consider to be the best game and why? Dragon Age: Origins! Now, if you're an avid RPG player like myself then you have most likely played this game, along with its SCI-FI sibling Mass Effect. But this particular game I rank higher than Mass Effect, despite its superior graphics and combat. Now Dragon Age isn't exactly the best franchise, mainly because of the disaster that was Dragon Age 2. However, Dragon Age: Origins - All of the DLC included (Awakening practically being its own game) - is a masterpiece that just drags you in. Now, admittedly, the graphics can be a bit off-putting: Morrigan's hair bending all the light around it, sometimes fire would cause the background to disappear, along with just an overall poor polish. Luckily, however, there are mods for that! But the graphics don't make the game, and isn't necessarily required for immersion (if not completely fucking terrible of course). What Dragon Age does exceptionally well is story, characterization, and building yourself within its world! Each decision you make will have a long-lasting effect, in the game and later editions. None of it is boring besides some of the little fetch-side-quests; Every event and character is intriguing and exciting, especially in regards to Dwarvan politics (I wont spoil much for those you haven't played it). Your party, varying quite a bit -- A dwarf drunk, a Qunari warrior, a Cloister bard, an elf assassin, a cheeky witch, a Tower mage, a smart-elect Templar/Greywarden, and a loyal mabari hound (DLC party members being excluded) -- all have in-depth characterization with ***various*** dialogue options. My favourite characters are Morrigan (witch/bitch), Alistair (sarcastic templar), and Oghren (drunk). However, I do enjoy the other characters as well, I just prefer those a bit more since I am a *coughs* shitposter. Now, how can you build your character? I will say that "Origins" is not without its meaning. You can choose from these categories: City Elft, Dalish Elft, Tower Mage, Dwarf Noble, Dwarf Commoner, and Human Noble. Each one unique and each one with major decisions that will heavily impact the game later. Here you start your legend into becoming a Grey Warden when you meet Duncan, who eventually recruits you -- albeit through willingness on your own part or the Right of Conscription. In which you then undertake a test and fight the creatures of the Blight in the name of your homeland and king! Anyway, enough with characterization and story (mainly because I don't want to spoil it), what about the gameplay? The gameplay is incredibly good, especially in regards to its leveling difficulty (I must press that you play on very hard or Nightmare). The combat is different, unless you played some Divinity, as you need to direct your party a bit. There's a lot of preparation and planning before you go to a certain area or do combat, in which I stress you need bombs and poultices (LOTS). You command your party on what they need to do, what opponents they need to focus on, if they need to be the support or the tank etc. You also have to focus on what stats you're going to be leveling on: Strength (STR). Dexterity (DEX), Cunning (CUN), Magic (MAG), Willpower (WP), and Constitution (CON). Not only for yourself, but your team as well. For example, Alistair: STR (40-5), DEX (26-30), and CON (35-45). Or if you're a DEX rogue, you want to put 20-ish on STR, 16 CUN, then everything else on DEX (which should get you to around 80 DEX without equipment, give or take a few points). This is crucial to your play-style and how you want to conduct yourself during combat. There are various equipment as well that you need to consider with your classes: Rogue, Warrior, Mage, and the subclasses that are with these. How much defence do you need? Do you need more mobility for backstabs? DEX being your main focus or STR? Your equipment will help immensely, especially the Juggernaut armour for Alistair since he's a tank -- it gives major boosts to magic/element defenses, nicely paired with his Templar abilities. Now the romances are just *generic French "muah" here*. My favourite romances being Morrigan and Alistair. I wont spoil anything about them, you'll just have to play (if you haven't). However, if you've played Mass Effect, I guarantee you that they definitely shine here in the romance department as they do in MA, if not more-so. Alright, enough of my blabbering -- GO PLAY THE GAME! It is an amazing ride that you will certainly enjoy! Now, I'd like you hear/read your thoughts: Do you agree with my points; What are your opinions on Origins; what do you consider to be the "best" game? I would really like to know. Cheers!!
  2. Nostalgia Syndrome

    Hello there again, another gaming topic here. However, this topic isn't about a particular game but rather games in general, and how nostalgia can affect one's judgment of a game. Now when it comes to the gaming experience, nostalgia is definitely a key part of it. It helps establish the tone of the world you're playing, along with leaving you awe inspired. However, in many cases, this quality tends to cloud a player's judgment of a game. I have dubbed this the "Nostalgia Syndrome". ---- A great example of this would be Skyrim. Now don't get me wrong, Skyrim is a fantastic game and is one of my favourites. During my first ten hours of gameplay, I thought it was the best video game I ever had the pleasure of being immersed in. However, there were several key flaws I began to notice after the "Nostalgia Syndrome" wore off. The first major thing I noticed was the overall story. You have to battle dragons, resolve a long-lasting conflict between the Stormcloaks and Imperials, save Tamriel from the World Eater, Alduin!!! There are also several interesting side quests like becoming a werewolf, an immortal vampire lord, an assassin lurking in the shadows, a powerful mage, and a clever thief. The side quests previously mentioned are well-done for the most part. What gets me is what is supposed to sell you, the main story. WARNING: Spoilers ahead!!!!!! You're a prisoner waiting his execution when suddenly a dragon lands on a tower and calls forth balls of flame from the sky! You must escape, either with your fellow prisoners or your captors. Once you do, you go to Riverwood to recoup and then set off to Whiterun to deal with the dragon threat. You eventually discover that you are dragon born, and thus sent on a quest to exterminate these beasts by devouring their souls and unlocking new powers of your own! And that's where the excitement ends, really. The main questline is extremely short without any major events. Even finally facing Alduin in a final confrontation was honestly... a bit of a bore. The battle was easily won (Difficulty: Master) and Alduin didn't really present anything knew from the previous dragons you faced... other thank calling a storm of fireballs, of course. All of which one could easily dodge without having to even pay attention. Or hell, retrieving the Elder Scroll, the most important artifact in the game as it gives you one of the most useful shouts, was honestly not that enjoyable to do. It felt like a chore... sure, you got to explore a dwemer ruin, but it was like every single one before... just with a very easy puzzle at the end with some confrontation with a dumbass elf that decided to get in your way. What also really disappointed me was the discussion period between the Stormcloaks and Imperials regarding their ceasefire... there was no challenge to it, it wasn't interesting, or really like a political confrontation of any sort. It was easy to establish agreeable compensation for both sides so they would have a ceasefire until the threat was neutralized. I think this should have been explored more, because I really LOVED Dwarvan politics in DA:O. ---- Another issue I had with it is that most of the sidequests, other than the "mini-main quests", were not really memorable. I can only name two quests that really stuck with me: Blood on the Ice and The Forsworn Conspiracy, of which I enjoyed the latter more than I did the former. [Note: Loved every Daedric Prince quest, fun as hell] Besides that, every other quest was just... meh. Really bland and boring. Retrieval of a specific item that looks exactly like an item you found the last time, slaying an enemy, clearing a den of bandits, or missions that are very similar to these. ---- Now for the most part I did enjoy the combat. It was dynamic for its time and very fluid. However, magic wasn't really all that great. Now don't get me wrong, I did enjoy playing as a powerful mage, but compared to its previous edition (Oblivion) the magic skills were heavily downgraded. Now I can understand the reasoning behind this, they had to build a MASSIVE WORLD from the ground up and make it look good (which they did). However, the magic tree was severely lacking. Oblivion's magic tree(s) was so diverse and unique respectively with each magic skill. There was a spell that would make you FLY goddamnit! Imagine flying in the skies battling a dragon, that would have been severely badass! ---- These were the main flaws I had with the game revealed after the nostalgia wore off. There are some minor gripes like with unique weapons/armour/staffs/etc not actually being unique or not being able to marry Serrana and Frea. However, that doesn't really affect the quality of the game IMO. Don't get me wrong, the major flaws I listed (that I found anyway) does not mean this game is by any means bad! However, it isn't a 10/10 game like a lot of people rated due to nostalgia. If I were to actually rate it, I would give it a solid 8/10.It is a superb game with good gameplay, crafting system is excellent, compelling stories for the most part (other than the main questline), and intriguing lore. ---- Anyway, back to the main point of what I was saying earlier. Many people, including myself initially, rated this game a high 10/10. It was new, fresh, and was just overall badass. But that was because of the nostalgia; our judgment was clouded with all the good looking graphics and the dynamic combat. We couldn't see the "chore quests", the main questline, or the downgraded magic systems. Or hell, all of the graphical glitches or a few game-breaking ones (which is to be expected with a game on this scale). I even had some qualms with the leveling system as I preferred the old one in Oblivion. Only when the nostalgia wears off, if you allow it to, can you see all the flaws that don't make it a 10/10 game. Fallout 4 is another great example of what nostalgia can do to cloud the judgment of players (although the nostalgia wore off faster with this game because the plot is just overall terrible). However, I wont get into it because then I would be writing an entire novel on "Nostalgia Syndrome". Screw what I think, tho! I want to know what your opinions are. Do you agree with my opinions? Do you disagree with them? What other games do you think caused some "Nostalgia Syndrome"? Discuss below! BTW, I focused on a singular game as an example mainly because it would have been easier to explain with just one example, and also since it was (is) glorified by most players/critics, Just thought I'd let you know. Anyway, cheers!
  3. Best Manga

    I would like to take a moment and discuss what I find, personally to be the best manga. Naturally, our opinions will diverge as everyone has their own tastes and preferences - Which is totally acceptable, as we are all human - so we needn't agree completely. However, I find this particular manga to be inspiring through its story, artstyle, and overall feel. Berserk is just amazing. Its story, art, dark themes, everything about it is exemplary. It's truly a masterpiece in modern/old manga. The only other manga I consider to come close to being quite like Berserk is Vagabond, another brilliant manga. Why do I refer to this piece of literature as a masterpiece? Let's start simple, the artwork: As you can clearly see, the author (Kentaro Miura) puts a quite a bit of effort in his artwork -- each panel I dare say belongs in an art museum. Detailed, expressional, and picturesque. Each panel gives you a feeling, it expresses something with the imagery without the necessity to verbally describe what is occurring: Daunting, chaotic, dread, sorrow, peaceful, etc. It also leaves you in awe of its beauty, even if it is... gory. But not only is it utilized to express certain characteristics, but also to convey the story as well. It is essentially a movie on paper, each scene meticulously crafted. But how's the story? Is it truly worth reading? Well, if you're into Dark Fantasy, by golly it is! Like its inspiration (Devilman), it doesn't shy away from violence, gore, or sex. Allow me to give you a quick summary: The protagonist, Guts, was born from a dead whore and was fostered by a soldier who vigorously physically/sexually abused him. Since the day of his birth, all he knew was being a warrior: Slaughtering all in his wake, including his foster father. Eventually he joins a vagabond group known as the Band of the Falcon the leader of which being Griffith, who Guts later greatly admires [Note that he joined the Band because he lost to Griffith in a duel]. This band's, or should I say Griffith's motivation is to set the world right leading it into a new age. Casca, an apt sowrdswoman of this group, falls in love with Guts (still deeply "admires" Griffith) and the two become a couple for a time. Until Griffith has sexual intercourse with the kings daughter, was tortured and mutilated, and opened the Gates of Hell on his band to save himself and become a living God -- raping Casca in the process, causing Guts to cut his arm off with a broken sword in anger. I won't spoil anymore as it gets incredibly good beyond this point. But despite all of the action and the dark themes, Berserk always remains "quiet" in a sense (returning to its "picturesque" way of story-telling here). It is intense, sure, but there isn't any godd**n frying pan noises when he swings his sword (don't, DON'T watch Berserk 2016/17) btw)... hrm, sorry. Anyway, which is part of its aesthetic. It presents with a story and there's no "noise" distracting you from it. Not saying that kinetic-type manga aren't good, I bloody love My Hero Academia!. However, Berserk doesn't need it, both for the fighting sequences and leaving you at the edge of your seat. But not only is it the aesthetic of the way it presents the story, but also how relatable it is: Discovering your identity in the ones you walk aside, finding redemption, looking for a cause to fight for, a bit of sword-swinging demon-slaying vengeance on the side. Well all look for (the first three) these things, and we can see ourselves in the various characters in the story. Just read it, if you don't mind rape/gore/violence. It's truly a brilliant piece of work. So, what's your opinion on Berserk? What do you consider to be the best manga? Let me know!!!
  4. [url="http://articles.alterealitygames.com/?p=7806"]http://articles.alte...mes.com/?p=7806[/url] [quote] Hello article readers. My name is Rory Toedtemeier. For those that know me I go to all of the regionals in the Northwest (Oregon and Washington) and I post on many online Yu-Gi-Oh! forums. For those who don’t today will be a great chance to get do know about me a little bit. Today I’m going to be talking about losing a match early or late on in an event such as a YCS or regionals and how you can still push on through with that record. I’ve been to plenty of regionals and YCS’s in my 8 years of playing and there have been times I’ve done well and times I haven’t but I’ve never let it get me down. I’m going to tell you a few tips on how to still do well after you hit that mark. 1. Remain confident in yourself Most players tend to lose their confidence after they go x-2 or x-3 at events. This is easily one of the biggest mistakes you can make as a player. At past events I’ve lost matches that dropped me down to x-1 or x-2 early on and I’ve felt like a Debbie Downer. Because of this I’ve usually tended to scrub out or completely drop from the event in which I was playing in. First of all you have to remember that Yu-gi-oh! is a somewhat luck based game. There are losses you can prevent by playing well and there are losses you can’t prevent even if you do play well. Sometimes you lose because you drew a bad hand and your opponent drew better than you or your opponent top decks his or her only out like [url="http://www.alterealitygames.com/products/search?query=Dark+Hole"][u]Dark Hole[/u][/url], [url="http://www.alterealitygames.com/products/search?query=Heavy+Storm"][u]Heavy Storm[/u][/url], or[url="http://www.alterealitygames.com/products/search?query=Monster+Reborn"][u] Monster Reborn[/u][/url] for instance. Just remember this happens to everyone. There are times when we top deck our only out and there are other times when our opponents do it. 2. Making the right plays next game or match. Let’s say you lose game 1, 2, or 3 of your previous match because you accidentally made a minor or crucial misplay. All I’m going to say is that it happens to the best of us. For instance I went to a regional this weekend in Salem Oregon. In game 2 of my round 7 match I was playing against a Hero Beat deck. I won game 1 but I made a big misplay that cost me game 2. Did I beat myself up over it? No I did not. I came back game 3 and won the match. I learned from that misplay and I didn’t feel bad because of it. Good players will eventually realize and learn from their mistakes. You can’t start playing Yu-Gi-Oh! and automatically be really good like Jeff Jones, Billy Brake, or Frazier Smith. If you lose because of a misplay you made you just move on to the next round and try not to make the same mistake. 3. Having the right mindset at events I’ve gone to events thinking I will go x-2 or x-3 drop because I didn’t feel confident or I would do really well and ended up scrubbing later on. I don’t think you should set up any high or low expectations for any event. If you think you’re going to top and you end up going x-2 or x-3 drop you’ll probably be disappointed. I know this because it’s happened to me. It’s not always your fault though. Maybe something traumatic happened to you the day before the event and you can’t focus to make the right plays because of it or maybe your opponent just got really lucky even after he or she has gone through all of their resources or they top decked their only out in a really close game. Don’t blame yourself for losing after a match. 4. Keep on fighting through Most players would think that going x-2 or x-3 is a bad thing. It can be but it can also be a blessing in disguise. I’ve personally topped a regional going x-2 but there have also been times I have gone x-2 and missed the top cut. For example I went 6-2 at the regional I went to this weekend and I ended up getting 11[sup]th[/sup]. I was disappointed that I missed the top 8 but I was also satisfied with how I did. I was 3-1 after round 4 in round 5 I had to play my good friend Chris Hentz (he made it to the finals of SJC Seattle 08). I lost that match and now I had an x-2 record but I didn’t let that get to me and I won my last 3 matches in a row. With that 6-2 record I achieved this weekend I got my invitation to next year’s World Championship Qualifier. If I had dropped from the tournament or felt bad after going x-2 I would have not received the same result. 5. Don’t get ahead of yourself. The last tip I want to give is about starting well then scrubbing. With starting out going x-1 or x-2 there is always starting out going x-0. But just because you start out x-0 doesn’t always mean you’ll do well or auto top. I’ve been to several events where I have started x-0 but then proceed to scrub out. This could the result of exhaustion in later rounds, especially when you’ve had little or no sleep the night before or it is humid or hot in the store or venue. Don’t let these things get to you. Make sure you eat a good breakfast and lunch before or during the event and maybe have a small snack to munch on during the tournament as well (trail mix, beef jerky, and literally anything with protein). Also get a good night’s worth of sleep before you head out to the event so you can have a clear mind. I’ve been to plenty of tournaments where I didn’t plan ahead by not eating or sleeping and I suffered (physically and mentally) because of it. Well I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope to write more of these in the future. Anyways until next time guys see you on the far side. Rory Toedtemeier Vancouver,Washington The Yu-gi-oh! Outlet [/quote] I'd like to try to get some feedback on this like what I did right and what I could do better. I may post another article if this one is popular enough so I'd love to hear your input DGZ. Also if you guys want me to write another article give me suggestions on topics I should write about if I do. Thanks for your opinions.