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Found 1 result

  1. Dragon Rulers are a crime against humanity deck introduced to the TCG in Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy. The deck revolves around the Four Dragon Rulers and their demon spawn children, using them for access to easy Rank 7 Monsters and various other plays. The deck has been a dominant force since it's release in the OCG and looks to do the same here.     [MONSTERS]   Since all the Dragon Rulers basically have the same effect excluding their 1 Specific one, those will be the only effects mentioned under the cards.    But here is a quick summary of things you should know about the Big Four: - Their Summons are effects, not inherent summon. - You can only use ONE of these effects a turn, not one of each effect. - Pay attention to both the above with playing with/against this deck as it is incredibly easy to cheat with this deck if you don't pay attention.        Redox's Special effect is a Monster Reborn if you have another Earth in hand, setting up more plays while loading your grave with Redox and another Earth for plays next turn.       Tidal's effect lets you discard another water monster with it to send any monster in your Deck to the Graveyard. This is a very handy effect that gives you the potential to run certain cards you want in the Graveyard immediately, and at the very least lets you dump a different Elemental Dragon into your Graveyard.       Blaster's effect lets you discard Blaster and 1 other Fire Monster to destroy any card on the field. This is incredibly useful as it is one of the deck's natural outs to things such as Evilswarm Ophion, and lets you clear problem cards before proceeding with your plays.       Tempest lets you discard it and another Wind monster to search out any Dragon from your Deck, a very useful effect if your hand really wants a specific Dragonn monster that you otherwise be unable to search out.       Lets you bring out Redox, and also has a nice beefy 1800 body to go along with it.       Lets you bring out Tidal, also comes with 1600 ATK and a nice 2000 DEF if you need to set it and buy yourself a turn or two.       Lets you bring out Blaster, comes along with a Level 3 body and 1000 ATK. Also a target for Rekindling!       Lets you bring out Tempest, and has very relevant stats that make him a target for Debris Dragon! (And no, we aren't sure who decided that was necessary either.)     Outside of the previously mentioned Monsters, the rest of your Monster lineup will be filled out by tech monsters you decide to run.    List of potential Monsters: Debris Dragon Dragunity Corseca Droll and Lock Bird Eclipse Wyvern Effect Veiler Exploder Dragon Flamvell Guard Light and Darkness Dragon Maxx "C" Montage Dragon Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon Swift Scarecrow   These Monster choices will make or break your build and will be what separate your build from the field so choose carefully!   -----   [SPELLS]       A very simple but incredibly effective card in this deck. Banish a Dragon Lord, search for the effect then claim your Dragon Lord in 2 turns!       Your deck discards naturally quite a bit and can pump out easy Tribute fodder. That makes this card insane in here, and the reason it will probably end up on the next ban list. Not much else to say here, just remember if you play one copy and draw another in the End Phase you can use that copy as well since the card is a Quick-Play!       A nice themed draw card that triggers your banished searches. Since you can only use 1 per turn it is probably not worth maxing but the card is extremely good nevertheless.   Outside of the above cards and things like Heavy Storm and Monster Reborn, you probably won't have room for much else. Just test out different cards and see what you like alongside the Staples and go from there.   -----   [TRAPS]   Outside of whatever Traps you decide to run, there are no real Traps considered Staple in this deck at this point. Some builds even choose to run none at all. Tech cards like Breakthrough Skill, Torrential Tribute, and etc are worthy of consideration however.   -----   [EXTRA DECK]     A very important card that lets you break down their Defenses before going in for the kill, and offers some protection to a deck that doesn't have a lot of room to run much otherwise.       A very important card that the deck can summon at will. Also an Eradicator Virus target in Sided games. Just be careful not to leave this card sitting on the field if you can avoid it against other decks that can also easily make it, as it will be a prime target for their Big Eye.     The rest of your Extra Deck will probably build itself based on your Main/Side. If you choose to run Level 1 tuners, you will want a couple of Level 8 Synchros. Debris Dragon also requires a few Synchros as well. Just mix and match based on what you feel you need and you should be fine.   Potential Extra Deck Monsters: Ancient Fairy Dragon Black Rose Dragon Colossal Fighter Crimson Blader Exploder Dragionwing Gaia Dragon, The Thunder Charger Mermail Abyssgaios Rank 3/4 outs to Ophion Red Dragon Archfiend Scrap Dragon Stardust Dragon Thought Ruler Archfiend