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Found 3 results

  1. you have got to be kitten me:   <3 <3 <3   captainameowica - keeperofthestars   <3 <3 white-bordered swamp - acpennington    rap-tan - rapture   <3 <3           Super Scum Bros:   <3 <3 <3    Audioslayne - Audioslayne   <3 <3 Gemstone Mine - BetterOnPaper   <3 Logic - RToTheZappicky   <3        War History:   white-bordered swamp > logic 2-1 gemstone mine > white-bordered swamp 2-1 captainameowica > gemstone mine 2-1 gemstone mine > white-bordered swamp 2-1
  2. DuelistGroundz Championship Series: Orlando Registration Tournament Organizer/Pairings : 7hhzz7 & Gojira Rulings Committee : War Council Dispute Committee : 7hhzz7   Hello Duelistgroundz! We're here to bring you another DCS for the next rotation in DGZ's new Past Warring Format, Perfect Circle [starting in June/July]. So now is the time to prep up and get ready for that format!   Format:   We will be operating as the game was during Perfect Circle pre-Phantom Darkness. Monsters have ignition priority. Field Spells are shared between players and will override each other. You draw a card when going first. If you do not remind your opponent to draw to 6, that is considered cheating. Everything before the set Phantom Darkness is legal. LADD, Phantom of Chaos, Dimension Prison, Foolish Burial and Gold Sarcophagus are legal BUT Crush Card Virus is BANNED.   The banlist for said tournament is : http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/September_2007_Lists_(TCG) If you need help on what is legal you can visit Jazz's format library http://formatlibrary.weebly.com/then click for January 2008. If you need some deck lists or find how to build it you can check here: http://kperovic.com/metagame/yugiohe321.html?tabid=33&ArticleId=9266   Decklists:   Decklists are NOT required to play in this event. You may choose to play a different deck every round if you so wish.   You may NOT change any part of your main, side, or extra deck during a round once you begin playing your opponent!   Tournament Format:   This tournament will use a Swiss pairings system. The number of rounds will be dependant on the number of participants.   After the Swiss rounds, there will be a cut to top 8. If the participants exceeds 64 players, we will cut to top 16 instead.   Each rounds will last 3 days. Special extensions may be made for holidays or tournament weekends.   You must player with watchers ON during this tournament. DO NOT play with a password or watchers off.   Activity:   Please do not sign up for this tournament if you do not intend on being active! I want to keep the tournament running quickly and smoothly, and having to deal with activity disputes impedes this.   If both players are found to be inactive, they will both be given a match loss.   If both players are found to be active, the match will result in a draw.   If one player is found to be active and one is not, the active player will receive a match win.   If you receive 2 inactivity losses in a row, you will be dropped from the tournament.   Resolving Game Disputes:   If there is a dispute during the game and the players cannot come to an agreement, contact an admin on Dueling Network or a War Council Captain/Member.   If one player disconnects during the middle of a duel, the opponent may choose to receive the win for that game OR replay the game. The exception to this is if a player disconnects before any cards have been played OR during side decking. In that case, there will always be a replay and no game loss will be issued. If a player disconnects during game 1, both players will be able to side deck for game 2.   If a player is unable to finish the match once it is started, both players should post in the tournament results thread stating so and stating what the game count is (0-1, 1-0, 1-1, etc.). Failure to finish a match may result in an inactivity loss. You may NOT change anything about your deck for the round once you and your opponent have started playing the match, even if you finish part of the match at a later time. Since deck lists are not required we will be following the "Don't be a faggot system" (you may know it as the honor system).   What to do once Pairings are posted:   Contact your opponent ASAP. Send them a PM on DuelistGroundz and ask them what times they are available to play, and state what times you are available to play.   Add them to your Dueling Network friends list.   Message your opponent when they are online. Tell them who you are and that you want to play for the DCS.   Play your match!   Report the results of the match in the results thread. Both players should report the results to ensure accuracy.   Prize:   The winner will receive the Member Title of Disk Commander similar to the Goat Controller Member Title received during the Goat Tournament.   How to Register:   Post your information EXACTLY like this. I'm serious. If you don't post it EXACTLY like I'm going to show you then I'm going to ignore it until you post again and fix it. It should look EXACTLY like this:   DuelistGroundz User Name  - Dueling Network User Name - Time Zone You Live In   Registration will end on Wednesday, April 22nd at 11:59 PM EST. Round 1 will begin Thursday, April 23rd 12:15 AM EST.   Good luck! If you have any questions either post in this thread or send me a PM.   Participants: 1) captainameowica - keeperofthestars - edt 2) gemstone mine - betteronpaper- cdt 3) Declining Sun - DecliningSun - DST 4) Gojira - godzillafan - CDT 5) Paraliel - l e i l y - EDT  6) grimey - xena! - edt 7) Urthor - Urthor - AEST [Australian] 8) Warpzone - ningunotro - EDT 9) TFJ -Runity - CDT  10) Metal Gear Salad - Metal Gear Salad - GMT 11)Soul - A$AP Yugi - EDT  12) white-bordered swamp - acpennington - EDT 13) Jazz - JazzDgz - EDT 14) rap game chris hentz - rap game chris hentz - PST 15) Semaj - Semaj - PST 16) itswhatever - itswhatever0 - cst 17) mzaazm - mzaazm - est 18) TINA FEY - TINA FEY - Central Time Zone (Iowa City) 19) A Loli - [DGz] A Loli - PST  20) dapper dan man - gangstarr1 - pacific time 21) sunnyd2293 - sunnyd2293 - EST
  3. you have got to be kitten me:   <3 <3 <3    captainameowica - keeperofthestars   <3  white-bordered swamp - acpennington   <3 <3 rap-tan - rapture   <3         Handsome Boy Modeling School:   <3 <3     №1| Itswhatever »itswhatever0   <3  №2| Andrew81090 »Andrew81090     №3| Yung Monet » iGay   <3 <3           War History:   white-bordered swamp > itswhatever 2-1 andrew81090 > captainameowica 2-0 white-bordered swamp > andrew81090 2-1 captainameowica > andrew81090 2-0 yung monet > rap-tan 2-0