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Found 2 results

  1. I've been taking a class on the philosophy of language this semester. It's been technical enough that the material more or less overlaps with linguistics. We've mostly just been talking about the language people use to make claims about ethics in normal, everyday speech. In other words, we've been talking about the common use of words like 'ought' and 'should' rather than the meaning of 'ought' and 'should'. (If that sounds subtle and arcane, worry not; it is.) I've been tasked with writing a paper for the course, but the professor requested I take a survey of native English speakers before making any broad, sweeping, philosophical claims. (How dare he be so responsible.) Naturally, I have no funding to conduct a legitimate live-interview phone survey of a demographically representative sample of sufficient size to make any real claims. Thus, I turn to the next best thing: Duelistgroundz. If you'd like to help out a fellow DGz-er, take my SurveyMonkey survey on the use of the words 'ought' and 'should' in a few basic contexts. (It's extremely short and informal.) Here's the link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/8F5CYTD I thank you all in advance for your continued benevolence.
  2. What is democracy?

    Democracy is a nebulous concept and as such has been used as a label for systems as diverse as ancient Greece to the Soviet Union. So concepts of democracy range from direct local participatory democracy to liberal bourgeois democracy to democratic centralism. I would like to have a discussion of whether or not you view these conceptions as truly democratic and perhaps outline your own conception of what a democracy should look like. I have been studying Rousseau lately and the idea that democracy must exist beyond the ballot box has really resonated with me. We do live in a society where we are enslaved at all points when we are not participating in our democracy. This meshes well with the Marxist perspective that the state in liberal democracies is an instrument being used against the masses. I'll post a more complete post at a later point, I just wanted to get the ball started and get the introduction out of the way.