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Found 1 result

  1. Perfect Circle

    I kinda like this format over other retro formats. It's a balanced version of troop dupe format. Here's the banlist: http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/September_2007_Lists_(TCG) First thing you see is Brain Control, Trap Dustshoot and Card Trooper (recognition cards of Troop Dup format) are all limited to 1. Ring of Destruction is banned, Confiscation is banned, Breaker and Faith are unbanned and back to one, Snipe Hunter, the Transmigration Prophecy and Smashing Ground got limited and Jinzo, Malicious, all the Gadgets, Pot of Avarice and NoC are all semi-limited. Synchros weren't out yet. I would highly recommend banning Light and Darkness Dragon as he alters this format so so so much, and I would recommend to play post-LaDD as a separate format from this one (that would be January 2008 I think). I think that LaDD is a card that nailed first nail into the coffin of this game as it used to be (advantage based mostly) and altered the way we look at the game. I will leave that for discussion. Also, I would ban SJC exclusive cards, which, at the time were Crush Card Virus and Gold Sarcophagus. Back then just a handful of people had acces to them and including them will not represent the format as it actually happened (not to mention that you just can't play around CCV, it's not balanced) Top tier decks were zombies and perfect circle. Zombies got nice support in TAEV in form of Zombie Master and Il Blud, and three Card of Safe Return were legal back then, and Perfect Circle didn't get a boost from the banlist, banlist instead made it balanced. I can't remember other top tier decks, if there's other, write it down and I'll edit. Deck Breakdown: Perfect Circle Monarch Example Decklists: Perfect Circle (Monarchs) - Johnathan Labounty's SJC Washington D.C. List (1st Place) Zombies - Matt Peddle's SJC Washington D.C. List Volcanics (w/ Conversion Sideboard) Return from the Different Dimension HERO Baboon Burn