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Found 4 results

  1. I'll leave you with the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6IJCFc_qkHw
  2. Madolche Deck Regionals

    Hey guys this is my madolche deck ill be running at an upcoming regional so far ive used it at 2 regionals placing 5th and 12th respectively any advice/tips are appriciated   XVII   III Madolche Magileine III Madolche Hootcake  II Madolche Messengelato II Madolche Mewfeuille II Effect Veiler II Maxx "C" II Cardcar D I Madolche Cruffssant (Pretty much just in for the combos)   XI   III Mystical Space Typhoon II Forbidden Lance II Pot of Duality II Madolche Chateau I Madolche Ticket I Book of Moon   XII   III Fiendish Chain II Divine Wrath II Trap Stun II Mirror Force I Bottomless Trap Hole I Solemn Warning I Torrential Tribute   XV   II Madolche Queen Tiaramisu II M-X-Saber Invoker (I realise you dont need two but Id rather run two and not need it then run one and not have it) II Leviair The Sea Dragon (Same as above) I Wind-Up Zenmaines I Mechquipped Angineer I Ghostrick Alucard I Downerd Magician I 101 Silent Honors ARK I Diamond Dire Wolf I Lavalval Chain I Abyss Dweller I Gagaga Cowboy   (Excluded Acid golem because if skill drain IS up how the hell am I going to make it anyway)   XV   II D.D. Crow  II Fencing Fire Ferrets  II Twister II Mind Crush II DNA Surgery II Light-Imprisoning Mirror  I Soul Drain  I The Transmigration Prophecy   I White Duston
  3.   Here's the list I've been trying at locals, and I've been doing fairly well with it.   Megalo: I run triple Megalo because without Tidal, I like three to facilitate Rank 7 plays. I like to see it more than I used to. Turge: Turge allows for recycling of the one Deep Sea Diva as well as your Infantries and can allow some very unfair things if combo'd with Gunde and a Pike in the graveyard. Having an infantry in the graveyard with this play is icing on the cake. Deep Sea Diva: Despite its limitation on the banlist, it can still be searched by your one Dragoons, and allows instant access to Armades for Bujins, Geargia, and GK's, Armored Kappa to pop face up threats, or even combined with an Atlantean, Black Rose Dragon. Aqua Spirit and Abyssocea: I run two Aqua Spirits and Ocea in the main for the broken Bahamut Angineer play. If you don't draw that well, Ocea allows for an opening like Zenmaines and Linde which is very good. As the very least, Ocea can tutor Linde from the deck with a less-than-optimal hand. Creature Swap: This card is the absolute stones in this deck. If you don't like this card, you've never seen the look on somebody's face when you give them a Linde and take their bigger monster (If it's Crimson Blader, extra lulz). I side a second one for Bujin and decks that make Crimson Blader. Mystical Space Typhoon: I feel like this card is necessary at 3 now, alongside three Marksman (great against Geargia and GK's). Space alone is great for Fire Fists, (gotta hit that Tenki) and great against Spellbooks and GK's for their field spell. Backrow is what holds this deck back from putting well over game on board each turn. Being able to put pressure on board along with getting rid of problem backrow (or forcing premature use of it) is what I think this deck does better than any other one. Maining 3 to hit things like Decree, Soul Drain, D-Fissure, and Macro lurking in random rogue/anti-meta decks is good as well. I side 3 Dust Tornado for anything I suspect may side those 4 cards, because the latter three simply prevent you from playing Yugioh. Dark Hole: I think Dark Hole is good again. With the relative lack of Dragon Rulers in the meta, your field is much more important and less... temporary? Dark Hole is once again a game changing card that I think should come out of the side deck. Abyss-Squall: [TESTING] Not quite sure about this card. It's a +2 if used optimally, which is late game. It's a massive momentum shift that lets you bring out any Xyz from your extra deck (as well as getting a linde effect off, OR coupled with a normal summon, a second Xyz) but it only obviously works late game. It is a dead draw early game and requires a bit of setup. I play one copy because it's really good, and I'm testing it atm. Traps: I play the four one-of traps Torrential Tribute, Mirror Force, Bottomless Trap Hole, and Solemn Warning to help back up the powerful boards this deck produces and to deal with threats the opponent places on board. I opted not to use Compulsory Evacuation Device because of the lack of things to return in bad situations. Yamato? Bear? Megalo or Teus? Armor? It's still a very good out to Extra Deck cards and it is of course chainable to opponent's destruction effects so I would like some input on the use of Compulsory.  Extra Deck: Should be pretty standard, I play only Armades as my level 5 because the primary reason to play that OR Catastor is Yamato, and Armades is simply better for that. Other monster threats can be dealt with with Kappa which provides more synergy. Black Rose is nuts in the deck, all you need is Diva and an Atlantean. Side Deck: Self explanatory. Side third Infantry for Evilswarms. Encore for Evilswarms, Constellars, and Dragon Rulers (or anything else that makes Felgrand). Overworked for Fire Fists, Inzektors, and maybe Noble Knights. Second Creature Swap for Noble Knights and Bujins. DNA Surgery for Bujins and Prophecy. Imperial Iron Wall for Prophecy, Dragon Rulers, and maybe Bujins. And finally, Dust Tornado for super backrow heavy decks, as well as things suspected to main/sideboard any of the floodgate "can't play Yugioh" cards.   Things to try: (are these any good?) Fishborg Archer, Divine Wrath, Lack of Aqua Spirit/Ocea, Abyssdine, Dragon Ice, Genex Engine, Abyss-Squall (currently in) Any comments or suggestions are welcome, this is a new build I'm testing and I want input and criticism. I think this deck has a lot of potential this format, despite the hits on the F/L list. Reason being is because the floodgate cards to stop it are all limited, and it has one of the most powerful removal engines in the game, as well as pumps out Rank 4's and 7's, and as a very powerful boss monster for each of those types. (Bahamut Shark and Mermail Abyssgaios). Thanks guys!    
  4. Wondering what the "Member Title" is meant / for? I went onto my profile and it says: "Member Title: Guardian". What does that mean/what is it for, and what are the other titles also out of curiosity? The same applies for the "Group" as well. Is there a list on what the other groups are? Mine says Duelist because I've posted most inside TCG. But what are the others? Again, curiosity has got the better of me lol.