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Found 40 results

  1. This all happened yesterday at a regional. My score was 5-2, with one more match left still with a chance to top 16 if I won. First game I won, now I am quite happy as I only need to win one more and I will top. Both of us has sided cards in and about to begin the next game, then a judge stopped us and takes our deck for a deck check. I think everyone get nervous when getting deck check and I'm no exception. Before this event I have resleeved my deck, so my sleeves should be good, only thing i worry about if any card was bent. After they carry out the deck check, I can see one judge returning only with my opponent deck box, this is not a good sign for me. The judge ask me to go judges desk. As I got there, three different judges were waiting for me. As I sit down, one judge ask me to shuffle my deck and draw a hand. I did what I been told, then the judge say to play out the hand. I followed as instructed, I was playing monarch and I tribute summon kuraz with return on board, I search either from return and destroy return & edios with kuraz effect then draw two. After that the judges reshuffled cards in the deck, hand the deck to me and ask if I can found something wrong. First thing I do is check sleeves is any was marked, I could not see any problems. Then I look at the top of the deck checking if any card was bent, I picked out two card that look slightly bent. The judges ask why I pick these out and I said that they look bent. One of judge put them back in the deck, then picked out 7 card out my deck from looking at top of the deck. They were three pantheism, ether, kuraz, tanicity and another monarch spell which I can't exactly remember. The judge say these cards was sticking out of their sleeves, at this point I did not know what to say as the three judges stare at me. At this moment I thought back during the day, I did notice a lot card was sticking out and start pushing them back in individually, but someone told me to tap the deck on the table to push them in as this would be quicker, I did as what he told me and they look like they are back in. Now I know I not in a good position as three of cards are the same, three of judges left discuss about this between themselves and Im just sitting there scared thinking that they think I'm cheating and wondering why does it have to be three pantheism that was in the seven card that are sticking out. As the three judges return they told me that I'm disqualified from this tournament and I would have to write a statement on what happened to konami and judges also have to write a statement, which decide if I will get suspended or not. I'm here completely shock on what happened, so I wrote the statement as did the other three judges. After what happened I was really frustrated and thinking I could handle the situation better but I was way too nervous. I'm not sure what do now, as I did not cheat or intentionally stick any cards out their sleeve. I feeling really depress on the whole incident.
  2. Registration will start at 8 am or earlier (basically as soon as the venue is all set up). Registration will close at 9:45 am or earlier, based on attendance. The tournament will begin between at 10:00 am. Please arrive early to guarantee a spot and not receive a lateness penalty. Expect the tournament to end at around 9 pm.   Entry Fee: $20 (Players will receive 5 packs of the latest standard TCG booster set).   Prizes: Top 8 players will receive a 2016 Regional playmat, and top 4 players will receive a deck box. A number of players (based on attendance) will also receive invites to the 2016 World Championship Qualifier.   Date: Saturday, March 5th,2016   Location: Aviator Sports & Events Center 3159 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11234 This venue has free parking.   Venue capacity: 450 people (please come early to guarantee a seat)   Decklists will be collected at registration for this event.   Please bring your Cossy ID cards/numbers. If you don't have one already, we can give you one there. You, or your parent/guardian, must have photo ID to enter the event and claim prizes. Driver's license, school ID, or credit card with your photo on it are all acceptable. Facebook or birth certificates are not.   Call Bulletproof comics & games @ 718-434-1800 for more info. or Visit Bulletproof comics @ 2178 Nostrand ave. Brooklyn, N.Y. 11210 or 8109 Flatlands ave, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11219   If you are interested in judging at this event, please email CiroJosephborriello@yahoo.com with your full name, cossy ID, and experience.
  3. The Next Level Games is hosting another regional on November 15, 2014 in our store right outside of Nashville, TN. It's the weekend after NECH comes out and the weekend before YCS Anaheim (aka the perfect time to test).    Doors open: 8:00 AM Start time: 10:00 AM   The Next Level Games 2064 Gallatin Road North Madison, TN 37115   Phone: 615-859-8654   Hope to see everyone there!
  4. Global Warming

    Monsters: 13 3 Fire King Avatar Barong 3 Fire King Avatar Yaksha 2 Fire King Avatar Garunix 2 Fire King High Avatar Garunix 1 Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Bear 1 Coach Soldier Wolfbark 1 Earthbound Immortal Ccarayhua   Spells: 19 2 Circle of the Fire Kings 3 Fire Formation - Tenki 3 Mystical Space Typhoon 3 Onslaught of the Fire Kings 3 Soul Charge 2 Forbidden Lance 2 Kaiser Colosseum 1 Rekindling   Traps: 8 2 Skill Drain 2 Generation Shift 1 Bottomless Trap Hole 1 Compulsory Evacuation Device 1 Solemn Warning 1 Torrential Tribute   Some card explanations. *I use the earthbound immortal since he is an oh shit button that i can sit on all game if needed and clear a scary field. He activates all of my fire kings so if im stuck with a fiendished garunix with no way of destroying it, this card helps. He can activate in hand through yaskha and destroy a whole field during damage, which can be game changing. Also this card has neat interactions in grave when an opponent msts/destroys a facedown call of the haunted and you can revive him to destroy everything.   * I main kaiser for a few reasons. This card with a garunix loop is extremely devastating. My opponent can not use any monster like ark or dweller to disrupt garunix. Also when a fire king is destroyed i can special another from in hand to help preserve the kaiser and still only allow my opponent to control 1 monster. a person at my locals has recommend in me dropping this card for a breakthrough skill to be able to stop dweller instead of relying on kaiser.    *as i stated above i use call of the haunted for a few cute reasons. When mst is used on it i can recycle a barong, garunix, or ei to gain any sort of advantage off of it like a field nuke or adding circle or onslaught to hand. Also call on wolfbark to summon into an xyz is a strong play that does not use a normal summon. and in general when using it in the battle phase for additional damage to close a game is beneficial.
  5. my ghostricks for regs

    Main Deck: (40 Cards) Monsters: (16 Cards) 3x Ghostrick Jiangshi 2x Ghostrick Lantern 3x Ghostrick Specter 3x Ghostrick Mary 2x Ghostrick Jackfrost 1x Dark Armed Dragon 2x Cardcar D   Spells: (8 Total) 3x Pot of Duality 3x Mystical Space Typhoon 1x Book of Moon 1x Dark Hole   Traps: (16 Total) 1x Bottomless Trap Hole 2x Needle Ceiling 3x Ghostrick Panic 1x Compulsory Evacuation Device 1x Solemn Warning 1x Torrential Tribute 2x Dimensional Prison 3x Fiendish Chain 2x Black Horn Extra Deck: (15 Cards) 2x Ghostrick Alucard 1x Mechquipped Angineer 1x Temtempo the Percussion Djinn 3x Ghostrick Dullahan 2x Slacker Magician 3x Downerd Magician 1x Giga-Brilliant 1x Zenmaines 1x Acid Golem   i made some changes!
  6. So who's all going?   Heroes and Fantasies on Summit.
  7. Hey DGz welcome to my first tournament report. Last weekend I went up to Fargo with a few friends. Of all the places we travel to Fargo by far has the smallest regionals. But what it lacks in competitiveness it makes up for in…uh, being easy to top. Anyway, enjoy :D I wasn’t sure what deck to play. I didn’t have access to a lot of the top decks, but I did have a prophecy deck my friend lent me, so I didn’t have much of a choice I guess. This was exciting though, because unlike mermails and fire fists, there hasn’t been a pro player to show everyone how to play the deck. This meant it was on me to figure out how to build the deck to get the most out of it. Unfortunately, I don’t feel I ended up with a completely optimal build, but I believe I made some key changes that made it a lot better. Anywhere here is the build I ended with: Monsters(9) 1: World of Prophecy 2: High Priestess of Prophecy 3: Temperance of Prophecy 3: Spellbook Magician of Prophecy   Spells(21) 3: Spellbook Library of the Crescent 3: Spellbook of Secrets 2: The Grand Spellbook Tower 2: Spellbook of Wisdom 1: Spellbook of Fate 1: Spellbook of the Master 1: Spellbook of Eternity 1: Spellbook of Power 1: Spellbook of Life 3: Upstart Goblin 2: MST 1: Book of Moon   Traps(10) 3: Reckless Greed 2: Fiendish Chain 1: Torrential Tribute 1: Bottomless Trap Hole 1: Solemn Warning 1: Compulsory Evacuation Device 1: Mirror Force   Extra (all 1-of) Shining Elf Gachi Gachi Gantetsu Daigusto Phoenix Armored Kappa Herald of Pure Light Wind-up Zenmaines Temtempo the Percussion Djinn Number 30: Acid Golem of Destruction Number 17: Leviathan Dragon Dowenerd Magician Ally of Justice Catastor HTS Psyhemuth Black Rose Dragon Scrap Dragon Crimson Blader   Side 3: Maxx "c" 2: Effect Veiler 2: Breaker the Magicial Warrior 1: MST 2: Rivalry of Warlords 2: Overworked 2: Light Imprisoning Mirror 1: Soul Drain Choices that may need explanation: 2 Priestess 1 World: the reason people play 2 World is so that if they draw one they can still go into the other one with Temperance. However, I believe Priestess is good enough that if I draw my one World I can still win a large enough percentage of my games with Priestess plays alone. Not to mention I significantly reduce my chances of drawing World, and completely eliminate my chances of drawing 2 Worlds :P. Did I mention playing Priestess from the hand is busted? 2 Wisdom: Idk if it’s standard or not, but I love it at 2. I want it all the time. Gets blue boy through fiendish, gets Spellbook of Power plays through (which I learned are actually really important), and, of course, it gets your game winning Temperance and Priestess plays though. 1 Master: I simply don’t see why people played 2 to begin with. You only want it when you search it off of secrets or crescent, right? No seriously, am I missing something here? If you know why everyone is playing 2 let me know. I mean I understand there’s a few mid-late game situations it can come in handy, but really 90% of this decks problems are in the early game. I have yet to miss the 2nd and the one I do play is still clogging my opening hands now and again. 1 Eternity: same as Master, but it should be more obvious. This deck struggles in the early game. From my experience you will lose more often to brick hands (which Eternity LOVES to create) than you will to getting the cycle cut off. 3 upstart: This one I really don’t know…It’s an improvement from duality which conflicts with Temperance, Priestess and Crescents, whereas this just conflicts with Crescents, but it’s still frustrating at times. 2 MST: I kept losing the mirror to people who mained it…but mostly it’s just kinda filler. Worked out pretty well though. 3 reckless: another one that’s really tough to say. Whenever my hand was decent, it became busted. But if it was bad, it stayed bad and I couldn’t draw for 2 turns… No discard outlets: this one is tough to explain. Discard traps are bad in general, especially if you don’t draw World. If you do draw World there’s a very good possibility you won’t have the discard for it. And even if the stars align and you draw both World of Prophecy AND a discard trap, well, it’s not even a game winning combo. You’re still a long way from winning the duel. Simply not worth It IMO, I’ll just take the dead card every 5 games or so. Extra deck is whatever, apparently all you need is Shining elf, daigusto phoenix and downerd. I actually kinda wish I had the rank 7’s. There were a few games I wish I had Big Eye or Dracosack, but I’m pretty sure I won those games anyway so...idk. Also I would have played the good rank 4s since you can make plays with breaker and using life on a blue boy banishing another blue boy, but I was letting someone use mine. Side deck was pretty abysmal except for maxx “c” and rivalry. I completely missed the fact that light-imprisoning hurts me too. Ya de da heres the report; 120 people showed. Round 1 vs evilswarm. Unfortunately this tournament kinda has a lame start for me...this kid just started filling out his decklist when the round started. About 5 minutes into the match I felt I had to take the game 1 win. I know how evilswarm vs prophecy games can drag on for a while, and I didn't feel like taking a draw early on just to avoid being a jerk. With 31-32 minutes left we start shuffling and get to playing. I go second by default and open World of Prophecy. Luckily the rest of my hand was decent, and the kid wasn't super experienced and didn't know how to counter my plays. 1-0 Round 2 vs mermail. This one I remember very few details. Game 1 I’m pretty sure I won easy, game 2 a little back and forth but he mst’d my warning or something and puts a lot of pressure on me. Game 3 I opened double maxx “c” so I had to hope I wouldn’t die before I could use the cards I get from them. Things worked out though. 2-0 Round 3 vs Geargia Game 1: he sets Armor and 4 backrow. On my turn I make fate live right away with crescents and immediately banish his Armor. He flips geargia-gear in the end phase. All I had left for defense was book of moon, but it ends up being enough to push it into a grind game where Tower does its thing and I come out on top. Game 2: not much to say here, all he opened with were tuners and Redox, I take the game quickly. 3-0 Round 4 vs Evilswarm. Game 1: I opened Torrential, 2 Priestess, Temperance, Tower, and Master. I set Torrent and pass. He plays castor->heliotrope, I torrential but he has infection. Then he attacks, makes ophion, searches, sets 1 and activates Kaiser colosseum. I topdeck into power, Temperance+power+master attack. Then I go into World, blow the field and he can’t come back. Game 2: He just gets going so fast I can’t keep up. Game3: similar to G2 I would have won with bottomless but he opened the infection again. I lose with a priestess and no spellbooks in hand…   I was a little salty after this one but I kind of deserved it. I didn't prepare for the matchup, knowing full well that at the regional level and lower evilswarms are a very common deck. 3-1 Round 5 vs frogs Game 1: He drops Mega-Mobius turn 2 and then another turn 3. Luckily I am able to play around them like you play around night beam or gyokkou. I would have probably lost if he made felgrand but he didn’t. After that we go into like a 20 minute grind game but spellbooks do it better than frogs and eventually I win. Game 2: I keep him from ever summoning mega-mobius. Frogs are just no match for tower+Fate. Oh yea I also had bottomless for his ronintoadin->inferno reckless summon-> des frog play :) 4-1 Round 6 vs mermails. This guy is my friend I came up with and he is the one person I didn’t want to play. Game 1: he goes first summons spike discard gunde for undine sets 3 and passes. My first 5 cards were pretty lousy with 2 crescent and an upstart, but my 6th card is Temperance. I have wisdom for his torrential, then I go into World to blow up his last 2 backrow, but they are both reckless greed. He ends up drawing his controller and I win a couple turns later. His opening hand was really quite good, shame to see it go to waste like that :/ Game 2: like game 1 but my hand is much better and his is worse. He goes spike discard tidal for undine and sets 2. This time I opened temperance secrets, so I blow his field and this time his backrows were not reckless greed, but sphere and something else. He chains sphere gets megalo, I atk over it, set soul drain, flip it in his standby and he scoops. 5-1 Round 7 vs Bujins. This guy goes to locals with me and has been playing for a long time, longer than me. This was going to be his first top 8…or not :D Game 1: I go second and open World :/ I get it to a grind game but it’s really eating away at our time, and since my hand was bad I decide to scoop like 18 minutes in. Game 2: I opened World AGAIN. But my hand was otherwise solid so between Fate and traps I get in control. Then he flips decree when I have like 3 traps and I can’t do anything about it for like 2 turns until I can drop my priestess and destroy it to regain control. At one point he had a DNA surgery, I can’t remember if it was game 2 or game 3, but I feel like it was game 2 and I popped it with priestess. Game 3: He opens yamato for the third time good for him. I didn’t open world but I am pretty sure I am going to lose anyway. I’m taking damage and can’t take control of the field. I grind it out for a while until at one point I have a temperance and need to top a secrets. Well, I top a secrets, and then another one off tower. Obviously I temperance into World and blow the field, he uses hare, so I use Power on World and atk Yamato, knowing his 2 in hand cards are both Crane. After that his deck decides to give him an incredibly ironic topdeck: Honest. Doesn’t matter though I’m in control and win. 6-1 End up getting 6th place. nice. Props 3 people from my locals got their first top 8. They have been going at it hard for a while so good for them Austin getting first Chillin with friends before and after Pulling exciton in my prize packs Got my 8th regional top 8.   slops the drive up Mark not being there my side deck, as usual
  8. I've been building on a competitive level for four years, but have only attended a few locals before this. After playing infrequently for so long (went a couple years not playing at all), I decided to start going to regionals/ycs to attempt to get a nationals invite. I also started going back to my locals recently. One of my friends works at the shop; He had friends from New Orleans coming in that were judging/playing and they were really good (one of them was the Geargiakuri player that won Tuscaloosa regionals last weekend). After some discussion, I dropped two Mirror Force and Compulsory Evacuation Device for two Dimensional Prison and Torrential Tribute. Stayed up ridiculously late of course, but made it with time to spare.   I'll start off with the decklist:   Monsters: 14   3x Infernity Archfiend 3x Infernity Necromancer 2x Summoner Monk 2x Stygian Street Patrol 2x Dark Grepher 1x Armageddon Knight 1x Archfiend Heiress   Spells: 12   3x Upstart Goblin 3x Mystical Space Typhoon 2x Instant Fusion 1x Reinforcement of the Army 1x Foolish Burial 1x Book of Moon 1x Infernity Launcher   Traps: 14   3x Infernity Barrier 2x Infernity Break 2x Fiendish Chain 2x Dimensional Prison 2x Trap Stun 1x Bottomless Trap Hole 1x Solemn Warning 1x Torrential Tribute   Extra: 15   1x Abyss Dweller 1x Darkfire Dragon 3x Diamond Dire Wolf 1x Evilswarm Exciton Knight 1x Gagaga Cowboy 1x Kamionwizard 2x Lavalval Chain 2x Leviair the Sea Dragon 1x Number 50: Blackship of Corn 1x Number 66: Master Key Beetle 1x Number 101: Silent Honor ARK   Sideboard: 15   2x Black Horn of Heaven 1x Dark Hole 2x Debunk 1x Dimensional Fissure 2x Needle Ceiling 2x Overworked 1x Soul Drain 2x Twister 2x Zombie World   Round 1: Rock Stun - lost the die roll   Game 1: This guy has not kept up with the game for a few years. I see a Diamond Dire in his extra deck and he still has to read mine along with every other card I play. I'm able to combo out and seal the win.   Game 2: Opening hand: Zombie World, D-Fissure, Barrier, Break, Necromancer, Fiendish. Next monster is a few cards in and it's another fucking Necromancer. I'm stuck with two dead fiendish chains and trap stun/mst in hand. I scoop it up in an attempt to avoid going into time.   Game 3: I monk into key beetle, chain and archfiend turn 1 only to get wrecked by mirror force and a set fossil dyna that I knew were there because of duality. I could have prevented this by using key beetle again before battle or just making smarter decisions in general but my anger has pushed out my common sense at this point. I try to swing with a stygian in turn 5 of time to get 100 lp more than him but he has the fucking book for it. I scoop it up and go smoke a cigarette to calm down.   Round 2: Chaos Dragons - won the die roll   Game 1: He shrines a tri-horned and I'm just like wtf. He tells me it's his own teched build and I give him props (he was very nice and fun to play with). Barrier on eclipse wyvern and trag for gg.   Game 2: He fiendishes my lavalval chain so I can only swing for 3600. Next turn I go for game and he tries to drop gorz with his fiendish still out. GG.    Round 3: Geargiakuri - lost the die roll   Game 1: He trap stuns into double burei and scrap dragon to my set necromancer and frozen backrow. I scoop it up to make him blind side.   Game 2: He end-phase decrees me, I don't chain break in an attempt to keep necromancer fodder in. Completely wrong call as he shows me that he can go for game. Worst way to find out that geargiakuri doesn't suffer from d-fissure bar hand traps. Did I mention this guy was 14? Not as aggravating as round 1, but still upset nonetheless.   Round 4: Hanzo.dek - lost the die roll   Game 1: He Hanzos into super transformation and sets three, I set up for exciton but he doesn't read it. I blow his field; He tries to insist that Exciton can't start his own chain so I get a judge after the game to clarify for him.   Game 2: He summons king tiger wanghu of all things. I thank my higher power that I wasn't able to find a second kamionwizard and go for exciton again only to be stopped by a maindecked starlight road. Probably not the best call on my end in hindsight. I upstart into a combo and put 8800 on the board then follow up with cowboy for game.   Round 5: Fire Fist (Dragon build) - can't remember die roll results (probably lost because Infernity)   Game 1: He summons Dragon, so I'm not worried at all. Another nice player/fun match. I combo out for the win.   Game 2: I end up regretting putting in zombie world as it locks out my diamond dire plays (I was expecting it to get destroyed so that I could flip my overworked). I get my overworked and another trap frozen, so my turn I read mirror force and key beetle one of my frozen traps to make a push. Grind it out for the win and have the answers for bear.   Round 6: Dragunity - won the die roll   Game 1: I go off and he says "Oh boy, this deck." I just laugh a little and keep going. He summons a dragunity and I ask him how it runs without ravine. He tells me it runs but it won't with two barrier set. Barrier on dragunity effects and bottomless on tempest takes it easily.   Game 2: Mid-game he gets a field wipe and he ends up with no hand or field to my three set backrow. I topdeck into stygian and go into beatdown with it; He sets a card and looks at his graveyard so I flip Soul Drain (Not sure if that is a situation where a judge could be called to penalize me [if it is please tell me in the comments; I need to know more about event rules]). He mirror forces stygian and I'm able to topdeck an Infernity Necromancer to take the win.   Round 7: Fire Fist - won the die roll   Game 1: Another really cool guy, he came into town from Houston with DNA (the comic shop hosting the event). I think his build was the +1 build with duality and upstart, but I didn't see cardcar all match. I take a classic ten-minute Infernity turn going through all three diamond dire wolves and both leviairs ending with key beetle, leviair, lavalval chain, Infernity Archfiend, and four backrow. I leave him with 100 lp and he scoops it up.   Game 2: I open Archfiend Heiress, mst, and traps (some sideboard). He is a bit despondent about his matchup and goes duality into mst, mirror force, and upstart (chooses upstart and draws into nothing). He reads incorrectly for d-prison and doesn't have a fire formation, so he tiger kings right into my black horn. I go into heiress beatdown and topdeck another blackhorn. He has two level fours on the field and is considering scooping to my four backrow. He asks if I have another black horn and goes into tiger king; I reveal it and he scoops. I told him during the match that I was playing for my invite, so he was nice enough to stay in and not dick me out of my chances.   Round 8: Mermail - lost the die roll   Game 1: This was probably the coolest guy I met all day. He came in from Houston with DNA comics and about halfway through the event we played a couple of fun games and looked at each other's builds/sides. When we ended up at table 11 together we were just like awww hell. His buddy came to sit in on the match. He opens by setting a monster, so I (admittedly unfairly) read linde, make abyss dweller, and get an archfiend search. He comes back with double teus and double pike and I just can't come back after drawing archfiend heiress.   Game 2: He starts shuffling and I ask if he's siding. He says he'll only side if I do or if he loses. After some inner debate, I decide against it since I've seen two skill drain and three crevice in his side (among other things that would wreck me). I'm able to make a nice field and he spits out megalo, but I fiendish it to limit his marksman targets. He ends up with teus and marksman on the field and makes dewloren, I hesitate but end up using warning which ended up being the correct play. I end up taking this one (MST on Sphere is real).   Game 3: Neither of us sides. I open ass with heiress, stygian, and mostly dead cards; He opens up decent is able to keep the pressure on me. I 101 his teus and swing at his undine, which is a terrible call on my part since I left him with pike on field and controller in hand (I even calculated that he could black rose and still left pike out, but I like the guy and the match so I shrug it off without really getting upset). He recklesses and I chain trap stun with no real backrow on my side. He black roses and specials teus with linde, swings to put me around 1000 lp, and ends with gaios and dweller. My hand is heiress, infernity archfiend and mst. I draw bottomless for turn and scoop it up. He figured Mermail would get hit hard in April and sold his deck after the event, as did most other water players (they were very well represented).   For my first big event, I feel I did alright; I did experience some tropes such as getting sacked/bricking  and misplaying by ignoring my instincts, but overall I'm not too upset about my performance and am planning on going to more events to get my invite/more experience. Ended up X-3 at table 11 in an 8-round event with 178 players netting 44th. Only 24 got an invite; most players I beat dropped and the two that beat me before round 8 didn't end up at the top tables.   Props: Trading away my battle city mat and token for super foolish (TU02), secret Italian grepher, three overworked and an extra abyss dweller that I lent out the night before the event Getting a custom tele-dad mat Cool judges who didn't fuck me My buddy getting third with a unique Bujin build Pulling Ghostrick Mary from my entry packs 2-0ing four rounds in a row Meeting cool people Getting event experience Selling/Trading and NOT getting fucked or fucking anyone Slops: Misplaying against rock stun and losing round 1 because of it Getting 2-0ed by a 14-year-old Geargia player that tried to black horn my Archfiend summon off of necromancer (In hindsight, he probably knew he couldn't but thought I was a scrub and tried to bluff me into letting it go) Losing to rock stun Fucking rock stun Getting fucked by the vendor I traded my battle city mat to (I had to throw ten bucks in because of course he overvalued his shit and undervalued mine) Losing my cool in round one Not siding in round 8. It would have been a more skillful matchup and I could have had more specific outs. Something else I'm probably missing
  9. What’s up everyone?  I hate writing regional reports as they are so insignificant, but I am writing this report basically just because I haven’t had anything good to post on this site in a while, as I haven’t been to any YCS for a while, and only 1 ARG circuit, and I just really wanted to talk about Yugioh for a bit.   So as with every format for a while, I started testing Geargia at the start. I was astounded with the results, being that Armor and Gear are incredibly good cards, but everyone knows that.  After Dalton won ARG with his Cardcar Fire Fist deck, and it took up many spots in the following 2 events, the deck became more popular, and I started fearing that deck with Geargia. I made the switch to fire after seeing how well it fared against the rest of the meta, and it plays some of my favorite cards, being Thunder King, Cardcar D, Lance, etc. This would be my first time playing anything bigger than a local this format, so I tried to prepare as well as I could.  The week leading up to it I considered dropping effect veiler from the deck, because I truly felt I was never happy when that card was in my hand. So I type out a decklist with full house in the main and no effect veilers, and traptrix myrmeleo which I love.  I had a side deck, and then change it up a LOT leaving me with 14 cards. I decide to just add a random mind crush for bujin and prophecy. I get no sleep before the regional, and I am driving so this probably wasn’t the best idea.    On the way to the regional we stop at a McDonald's and it is this point that i know this will be a good day. We order food, and the person at the 1st window is a fellow duelist from a local we know. He tells use we're good when we go to pay. We laugh at this hilarious occurrence and agree free food is always better.   I get to the regional and start talking with Nick Testa, Alex Ahearn, Chumlee Doublestack, Tim Leduc, and Joe Bogli about the deck. They are all advocates of main deck dust tornado, and when Nick and I agree on essentially everything, I cut Gyokkou for Dust tornado in the main deck and feel confident with that. Here is the decklist I submitted.     The deck looked very odd, but I never had any issues and would definitely play this exact main deck again for Chicago.   Sorry If I don’t remember everything, I didn't sleep the night before, and it was a long day. Hell, I don’t remember the ride home, and I was driving.   The regional has about 600 people, but only 9 rounds (Let’s just not follow Konami tournament rules lol) Round 1 vs Madolche   This is a young kid from a Philly Local that seems pretty new to the game   Game 1: I Open wolfbark and 5 traps, including multiple fiendish chains, full house, and mystical space typhoon. After a few turns of both of us having 5 backrow, he chooses to MST, targeting my MST, and I chain it targeting another of his, and chain full house on the other 3. I am plus a lot at this point and he veilers my bear in main phase, and next turn he hootcakes and I fiendish, he summons spell striker, and I fiendish the Invoker, and the game is basically over when I pop it with bear and resolve it to get another tenki. He doesn’t scoop until he is at 0 life, even though I had multiple monsters, backrow, and cards in hand.   Game 2: He doesn’t learn his lesson from game 1, and after he fiendish chains my bear and activates ticket, he sets 2 backrow, and then another the following turn, and I full house him for all 5. I resolve bear and I am just too ahead in the game and win.   1-0   Round 2 vs Fire King   Game 1: He inadvertently plays around my full house, to a point where if he set 1 more backrow the game would basically be over. He blind Gyokkou’s my d prison, swings with garunix, and just resolves so many tenkis and wolfbarks that I cannot come back.   Game 2: Essentially the same as game 1. He blind spaces my soul drain, resolves multiple circles to get around all my traps, and I really just can’t win. I haven’t been beaten this savagely in a long time. During this match I remember Nizar walking over, looking at garunix, and says “How fucking stupid is this card?”   1-1   I strongly consider dropping, because I know this regional has 600 people and they are only doing 9 rounds, so several x-1’s will not top, but I decide to just keep playing.   Round 3 vs Mermail   Game 1: He sets 2 backrow, I summon bear swing and he spheres, main phase 2 I tensu for another bear hoping to dweller, but he has torrential for the complete blow out. He gets pike with linde drops infantry to pop tensu, searches gunde and I assume that I will just get OTK’d next turn. Next turn he just swings with pike, so I can regain advantage with tenki into bear over pike so set another tenki. He summons tidal and I have to mirror force it. Next turn I tenki for bear get bark, swing with bear he spheres, and main phase 2 I wolfbark into bear and make cardinal to send back the linde and tidal to deck. I win soon after.   Game 2: He sets 2 backrow, I summon bear and swing, and I have mst for the sphere but he has the mst for the tenki I get with bear. He drops dragoons for teus, searches and passes. I make kagetsuchi and beat over teus, leave main phase 2, he has 2 backrow but neither are sphere. He drops 2 for megalo and torrential punishes him. I read his backrow as both overworked so I swing in with kagetsuchi and he uses the sphere he got off the megalo, and I summon wolfbark and make dweller and ride him to victory.   2-1   Round 4 vs. Fire Fist   This guy comes up to me and says “Hey man what’s up” and I have no idea who he is but apparently he thought I played him at a regional once with evilswarm and I am just like no that wasn’t me lol.   Game 1: We go back and forth trading bears for a while, when one turn I summon bark he chains and I lance, make tiger king, tenki for another bark and pass. He sets another backrow and I full house him for everything. He scoops next turn when I summon another wolfbark and he realizes he can’t win.   Game 2: He opens the absolute stones, full house, warning, thunder king, tenki, MST, Duality and my hand really loses to thunder king lol. I out the thunder king and he MIND CRUSHES POT OF DUALITY and I have 3. Late game I summon have a board but he summons exciton blows it up and he tops tenki and I can’t come back.   Game 3: I misplay really hard this game by playing into his full house, but I ended up beating him because he was pretty bad and I actually knew what I was doing. He turn 1 tenkis for wolfbark, summons bear. I set 2 and he swings into prison sets the rest of his traps (1 in hand) and I house him leaving him with one backrow (His full house). I activate tenki and he full houses me. He tops tenki for bear pop and I have to fiendish. I summon my own bear swing over tenki for wolfbark. He draws summons wolfbark and MAKES EXCITON KNIGHT BUT CAN’T COUNT. We both have 3 cards so I just negate exciton with tiger king next turn and beat over it. He savagely tops another wolfbark to take tiger king with ARK but I prison the ARK. I top lance and finally gorilla and start swinging and he doesn’t draw an out, because he has no more tenkis or barks and I win.   3-1   Round 5 vs Dark World   This guy walks to the round and is like “Hey do you want to buy the win?” I laugh at him.   Game 1: I go first summon bear and set multiple traps, he proceeds to set 3, activate gates, activate dragged down and I full house him lol. He curses and says how that card is “Very gay” and scoops up angrily.   Game 2: I tenki for gorilla pop gates turn 1 after he sets 2 backrow and neither are skill drain.  He makes this really weird board t2 by XYZ summoning  Leviair, Maestroke with 2 Trance archfiends, and overlays Leviair into downerd. He is under reckless so I end phase Full house his 2 sets, gates, and my 1 set, and tenki. His words exactly are “I still don’t know how you can beat this board.” Bear has an effect, I remind him. I bear lance through maestroke and pop downerd and he complains that I sacked him lol. After the match I savage him in a trade lol.   4-1   Round 6 vs Mermail   Game 1: I savagely roll an 11 and open tenki into wolfbark summon cardcar set multiple. He teus discard dragoons -____- and searches megalo gunde I think. I get the tenki bear train going and have mst for his sphere and search another tenki. He has Tidal also, so the grinding is pretty hard for a few turns. I have to torrential and chain lance on my bear when he summons tidal, so I can have a monster to make cardinal with next turn. I swing with bear and he spheres, wolfbark main phase 2 to get back bear and cardinal his linde and tidal. His last card is like aqua spirit or something and I win. This game was incredibly long and a fun game.   Game 2: I remember my exact 6 card hand; Tenki, Tenki, Fossil Dyna, Thunder King, Fiendish Chain, Torrential tribute.  He sets 2 and passes. I tenki for bear summon dyna, swing into mirror force, and set torrential and Fiendish. He drops marksman for teus, targets the fiendish and I chain it. He the summons turge discards linde to get back gunde. He summons aqua spirit and I torrential everything. I summon thunder king next turn, and swing, have Maxx “C” for the sphere into linde, then made dweller the following turn with wolfbark and I take it.   Really nice guy I thoroughly enjoyed this match. I appreciate you playing it out and keeping my tiebreaker as strong as possible.   5-1   Round 7 vs Evilswarm   Game 1: I win the roll and Open duality, tenki, cardcar d after setting bottomless and warning. He summons rabbit,  I bottomless the heliotropes and he has pandemic, so I have to take both attacks and warning the ophion, leaving myself at 2100. On my turn I tensu summon bear, swing and lance my bear when he fiendish chains, search for tenki for gorilla, gorilla pop his other backrow, and I can’t decide what to xyz into. In hindsight the play was probably Kagetsuchi in defense, but I make tiger king to set a another tenki from my deck. He has kerkyeon and I have shudder thinking of the incoming exciton. BUT he makes ARK to swipe my tiger and swings into d prison. I draw fiendish and summon wolfbark and he scoops.   Game 2:  He summons thunderbird and sets a few traps. I have bear and gorilla but no formations or lance to get value but I summon bear and swing and he fiendish chains. I have black horn but he just never xyz’s. He veilers my tiger king on the following turn, after spacing the black horn I shudder once again over the incoming exciton, buthe makes bahamut to take tiger king and swings for a lot. I draw fiendish a turn late and set it. I fiendish hoping to top bark or tenki but I don’t and scoop.   Game 3: I open really strong with duality and tenki, but I really wanted black horn or warning. I summon bear and set a few. He summons castor and helio and am attempt to prison helio and it resolves! I bear pop on the next turn, kerkyeon never becomes live and I win. After the match he confirms my suspicion; he doesn’t own an Exciton Knight.   6-1   Round 8 vs Derrick Truong, Fire Fist   I was friends with most of the X-1s, so I assume I will have to play 1 of them and I do.   Game 1: I go first and open full house mst cardcar d. I play badly and allow him to resolve tenki in order for me to resolve full house, but he only sets 2 and he full houses me instead after summoning thunder king. If I played correctly I would have probably just won this game outright but I wanted to resolve full house and lost because of it.   Game 2: I have multiple traps to stop his bears, and he has to set multiple backrow to stop my push, asks if I have the full house, I do, and we move to game 3.   Game 3: This was probably one of my best games of the day. He drew considerably better than me, but goes through multiple tenkis and wolfbarks early. I resolve myrmeleo early and have both bottomless and regular trap hole to out any monster he summons (He duality into lance). I resolve memory of an adversary on his bear a few turns later, which pretty much ends up winning me the game because it nets me a bear. I accidently reveal to him that I have full house making him have to gyokkou it instead of getting the tenki with his bear that connected. I connect with a bear netting me a tenki which gets MST’d, and I make the mistake of setting both my overworked and my prison. He has no cards and tops wolfbark to make tiger king (If he makes exciton I am sure that I would have lost the game at the current time). He searches wolfbark and prison his tiger king. I swing with bear and tenki get wolfbark, and set another. He draws and wolfbarks, get bear and I overworked. I wolfbark into bear, swing with both, decide to make Emeral (Because I don’t own a giant hand) and float a wolfbark, and emeral draws me into torrential. He dark holes, and I choose to save my emeral to play around overworked. I draw MST 3 turns in a row while swinging with emeral and answering his backrow and finally draw wolfbark to seal it.   He calls me a savage a few times and we laugh, his friends behind me asks why he didn’t win, I tell them I don’t know I pretty much let him win game one. We shake hands after a really fun match and I am ready to top this regional.   7-1   After round 8 I find out that the 2 undefeated players are both playing bujin so I am happy that I don’t have to play either of them and hopefully I would just play a fire mirror or something.   Also, I will share now that the whole regional I said I will probably get 9th place, because they cut a round from the regional and I had the worst possible tie-breaker. My tie-breaker beat me round 2, proceeded to lost round 3, and then get DQ’d round four. So I figured the whole time I would basically just play for practice, and by some luck get top 8 as the worst X-1.   Round 9 vs BUJIN   So my friend tells me I am playing at table 1 this round, which is impossible, because the 2 undefeated are playing there. So I check the pairings and I am playing what appears to be the sole undefeated at table 1. The guy who should have been the other undefeated questions this; and the judges say no you are not undefeated, and play the round. So I ask the player if he would just give me the win, because he will get 1st or 2nd anyway and that would allow me to top. He says no, and everyone around me is like wow what an asshole. I had no idea that this round would probably be the single EASIEST match of Yugioh that I have played in a long time, and definitely the regional.   Game 1: I open gorilla, no fire formations, but with 2 MST, full house, and fiendish chain. I just set 4 backrow and end. He summons Bujin Hare, activates Kaiser colosseum, and sets 3 backrow. I see this win in my sight, but I am greedy so I do not full house. I draw and pass. He draws, attacks into mirror force with Hare, and passes. I decide to full house now, and take the plus 2 while I can. It resolves, and he has no chainable cards. I summon gorilla and swing, now sitting behind infinite backrow. I have another mst for his tenki, and when I draw my tenki and pop mikazuchi and swing, he draws brick and scoops.   Game 2: I know this deck plays decree but I have no choice but I still side into additional traps. He opens summon Mikazuchi set 4, and my 6 cards are duality with nets me warning, gorilla, 2 MST, fiendish chain, and full house. I set 5 backrow, shuffling them up so I don’t know what is where, and he decides to blind MST AND HITS THE FULL HOUSE. I am not happy. He attacks with Mikazuchi and I fiendish, and then he summons hare, and tries to xyz into Bujin Tsukyomi, and I warning. I drew bear, but I do not want to attack with it into 4 backrow, as I don’t have lance. I choose to summon gorilla and swing and he fiendish chains? He summons Crane and attacks, and I respond with memory of an adversary. He thinks for a long time on this (I telegraph lance chain hare, or another crane, but that would make him go -2 literally just to kill a gorilla that he already fiendish chained). He allows memory to resolve and I take the damage. I summon bear, swing and he fiendish chains, and I MST allowing bear to connect which nets me a tenki. I tenki for wolfbark and his last backrow literally HAS to be lance. I XYZ for tiger king here, assuming I can just win by burying him with advantage. On his turn he activates tenki and I have dust, and he summons crane and lances to kill tiger king, and end phase I take his crane from memory. At this point I have tenki set, a wolfbark in hand, multiple backrow. He has 1 set backrow and 1 card in hand. I summon wolfbark to get back bear, XYZ into Emeral with crane and bear, drawing another card which I believe was mind crush. He draws and scoops.   I realize this win will definitely help my tiebreakers, and the final standings go up and I get 7th and my friends Nick and Luke also top.  1st Place and 2nd Place were both Bujin, I honestly don’t understand how that deck does so well. I never missed effect veiler, or gyokkou. But there were a number of times that I did want giant hand.   8-1. the pairings go up and I get 7th Place. Immediately sell the mat and go home   I have to tell a side story from this regional. My friend finished 6-2-1 with infernity randomizer, and round 6 I believe he played the worst kind of person. I wish I knew his name, I would tell everyone so we could all grill him. He was playing the level 1 deck, with 3 ghostrick jack frost, 3 swift scarecrow, 3 battle fader, 3 Mystic Piper, 3 Kinka-Byo, treeborn frog, etc. The deck had literally no win condition outside of BLS. He basically just kept making ghostrick dullahan, and slacker magician, and recycling jack front with dullahan. He was stalling an insane amount. He attempted to rule shark my friend over foreign cards also. He demanded to see a translation of an infernity archfiend (Even after admitting he knew its effect), Night Beam,  Infernity Launcher, and more.  He took 1 minute to get up, close the door because he was cold, took a substantial amount of time to draw for turn, think during opponents end phase, and more.  My friend won game 1 with a few minutes left in time, and he sided out all his life point related cards like upstart because this guy would obvious just stall and win game 2 and get a draw. Game 2 the player starts off by revealing golden ladybug in order to gain 500 life points. My friend got so mad lol. My friend manages to draw a few cards off randomizer, and turn 1 of time swing in with fossil dyna, archfiend, and randomizer. Even after he was losing in time, he kept stalling. After the judges end time and award my friend the winner, this guy starts complaining how he “Sacked” him with fossil Dyna, even after revealing that he had 2 barrier and break set, along with warning after the game was over. I was furious with the guy. I really don’t understand how you can complain about losing when your deck has literally no win condition. I really wish I knew this guy’s name. According to a few people, he played the deck at YCS New Jersey also (Obviously without the new cards), so I am assuming he just enjoys being an awful person.   Props:   Luke, Nick, and I all topping Full House is the stones Not playing Effect Veiler Actually playing Yugioh for the first time in a while Savaging the undefeated guy last round Seeing Chumlee, Luke Feeney, Nick Testa, Alex Ahearn, Joe Bogli, Tim Leduc, Derrick Truong, and other people that I rarely get to see Traptrix Mymeleo still being real Activating all my side cards at least once Main decked dust tornado Monster Energy Drink The regional being at a nice hotel and not a disgusting church basement   Slops:   Never going first and opening thunder king My last round opponent being so anti-social that whenever I tried to have a nice conversation he gave me a dirty look Rolling 6 or below 7 of 9 rounds Bujin finishing 1st and 2nd Place The smell of Yugioh players Not going undefeated, and having an awful tiebreaker that got DQ’d lol The stalling asshole Not Having Giant Hand   See you all at Chicago if I decide to go, and if not, Richmond or Philly.   “Why would they reprint Harpie’s Feather Duster as a trap?” #FullHouse2014
  10. Earlier in the week I decided it was time to change my decklist. So I talk to Robby and he tells me to not play dark hole or torrential, so I cut them and the 3rd veiler. I decide on foolish, blaster, and compulsory. I decide on them because I want my deck to just be as fast as possible. Blaster also gives outs to things like Abyss-Gaios. So friday I wake up, play some DN, head to locals. I lose in top 4 and go home and play DN all night, because my friends wanted to leave at 5am. I meet them at our meeting place and it took until almost 6 for them to get there. Get to the event and it doesn't start till 1pm.    Here's my list.     Round 1 - Geargia Karakuri   G1: I lose the die roll and I open all spells/traps and I grind out his backrow with msts and gyokkou while holding off his monsters with my traps then I finally draw a tenki and he cant keep up. G2: He sets armor set 2, I gyokkou one set a tensu and a fiendish and pass. He flips armor, I let it go through, He normal summons dog and makes stardust, flips geargiagear, specials accelerator synchros for bureido and I fiendish then he specials another accel and makes gigant. I combo and rekindling and end with horseprince and acid golem. Horse prince over gigant and he forgets to trigger gigant, then acid golem over stardust. He normals mk2 brings out accel, birdman, accel. I almost scoop cause he has everything, but I don't, and he makes burei, brings out the level 3 tuner and makes zenmaines, crashes zenmaines and attacks over horse prince. My hand is bear gorilla and I have tensu up, draw solemn warning for turn, tensu summon gorilla pop his 1 facedown and he fiendishs, then summon bear pop zenmains attack over zenmains get a tenki, make cardinal put back his two synchros, set warning and win.    1-0   Round 2 - Heroes G1: He opens Alius set 2, I Blaster the Alius, outgrind him with plusses and win. G2: He opens Alius set 2 again, and once again I Blaster the Alius, he has a dead spark and we both get into topdeck mode he tops ecall and kills my rooster, but I have blaster in graveyard so I just win.   2-0   Round 3 - Fire Fist Dragon build G1: He summons Dragon sets a few backrow, I just outgrind him. G2: He opens weak and I run him over.   3-0   Round 4 - Mermails   G1: Gets to late game where I combo and clear his board and I send my tensu for a tenki to get wolfbark, which I didn't need to do cause I had spirit, bear, and gorilla in hand, but I thought I was okay, because he only had 2 in hand. He draws discards gunde and linde specials megalo, gets linde off gunde, crashes linde gets leed, kills my board and makes gaios, I'm in trouble but I have at least 8 cards in my deck I can draw to win me the game still, I live for 8 more turns by setting all my cards, but I just drew msts, gyokkous, and more guys and died. G2: I get a bunch of plusses and he can't keep up. G3: I open 5 fire fist monsters and he sets 2 and sets a monster. He plays breakthrough so I blind space, cause I'm not worried about sphere, I hit reckless and he chains, then i summon leopard get tensu, summon gorilla, attack and he overworks me, couldn't go more wrong. Then he pushes, and sets one. I summon two bear and try to exciton but get breakthroughed and he kills me.   3-1   Round 5 - Gravekeepers G1: He opens set 2 and a set monster. I'm not sure if he's playing geargia or mermails. I gyokkou both backrow, activate tenki debate whether its mermail or geargia, I decide to grab bear and pop the facedown instead of gorilla or comboing. It was a Gravekeeper spy! I feel relieved. I set a couple and He can't do anything.  G2: I lose some guys to backrow and then I try and go off and he skill drains me, next turn I summoned leopard and gorilla and make acid golem in defense to stall for removal cause theres no way hes getting past that, we go back and forth for like 3-4 turns, I draw dust and set it, then he sets another backrow. So he has necro, drain, 4 set, one was gyokkoud. Then I draw Full House. dust one of his backrow set it and pass. I draw enter main phase, full house his 3 backrow, necro, skill drain, and go off and he loses next turn.   4-1   Round 6 - Harpies G1: I open terrible. I had 2 gyokkou, fiendish, veiler, spirit, and rekindling against harpies. He tries to channeler and I stop it, then I gyokkou his 2 backrow. I draw and summon wolfbark to get over channeler and he karma cut me discarding sign, was pretty sure the game was over there. He goes off, but I veiler him so its not that bad. I end up drawing a leopard and comboing, but I'm pretty sure I'm still going to lose cause he's drawing into 4 cards and I'm really low, but he just dark holes me and passes. I push and put him low, he draws and scoops, shows me 2 signs, divine wrath, and some other dead card. I almost scooped that game, good thing I didn't. G2: He opens dracossac field spell, trigered sign, and a backrow. I end up comboing to bounce the dracosack and end up winning that game.   5-1   Round 7 - Mermail G1: Idr much, I think I just combo'd and he couldn't keep up. G2: He drew 2 overworked and I just lose. G3: I don't remember the early game, I just remember he makes a Bahamut Shark, detaches the dragoons, and brings out trite, but I D.D. Crow the dragoons to stop it from going off. Then later he has a set monster that I know is linde, I draw maxx c, attack into linde with my rooster discard c, he brings out pike, and discards the one card in hand which was gunde. adds a linde. specials leed with gunde. I drew my 2 cards which were tensu and rekindling, but I only had spirit in grave, no leopards. I decide attack the leed with blaster instead pike cause I'm more afraid of rank 7s at that moment. He makes 101 and steals blaster and attacks rooster. I draw leopard get tenki, bear, pop the 101, special blaster, rekindling, summon a flurry of guys, and attack for game.   6-1   Round 8 - plus one Fire Fist I don't remember much about this match, but we went to G3 and I opened foolish, rekindling, rooster, so I foolished leopard, rekindling, got tenki, spirit, summon rooster, get tensu, summon spirit effect, horse prince, rooster add bear, swap formations, make lion emperor, add spirit, and that's all i remember, but I won.   7-1   Round 9 - 3.5 axis Fire Fist G1: He opens combo, sets gyokkou with rooster, and sets 2 backrow, I gyokkou the two backrow, and combo. then he pushes back and adds wolfbark, but I draw rekindling and kill him when he's at 8600. G2: I lose cause he plays 3 wolfbarks and he just wolfbarked every turn and I couldn't keep up. G3: I summon leopard, and say "veiler" out loud, he thinks for a few seconds and veilers it, I activate tenki and get spirit, activate tensu, summon spirit and combo, set 2 mst, and bottomless. He sets 4 and passes, I just blind space 2 end phase, activate rooster he fiendishs it. I summon bear turn my 2 guys to def and attack and he prisons. He summons bear and I bottomless. then I push for almost game. He can't do anything cause he draws mst and has a dead wolfbark.   8-1   Round 10: Harpies G1: I go first open combo set my tenki and fiendish, because I didn't want to get my fiendish blind spaced by only setting one and I didn't need the tenki. He summons channeler and uses it and I fiendish then he hysteric signs and elogant egotists and I'm kinda afraid of exciton, but he makes chidori and sends my tenki to the bottom. He got rid of my horse prince somehow, attacked my rooster and put my gyokkou on top, I get time-locked for 2 turns by chidori, and when I finally can draw a real card for turn I end up going off and winning. G2: He opens dracossack, 2 backrow. I mst both backrow, both were hysteric party. I summon tenki for leopard and he veilers, I attack a token and pass. He attacks the leopard. He summons a dancer and attacks and bounces her. He stopped me again next turn, and I'm really low, but I go off the next turn, had veiler in hand, and theres not much he could do to keep up after that.   9-1   There were calculations done and 3 x-1's weren't gonna make top 8, but two people drew in the last round or something knocking them out. I'm anxious for results cause I'm unsure if I'll make it since I lost round 4 and hadn't seen that guy since. Someone comes over and tells me I got 8th while we were waiting standings to be put up. So I topped my 2nd regional in a row with the same deck in 2 different formats, which is pretty cool.    Props -Topping second regional in a row -Not having to play against Bujins -D.D. Crow stopping Atlanteans -Playing my favorite deck -Foolish Burial   Slops -Tournament starting at 1pm -Tournament ending at 1am -Loli getting 9th -Jonathon bubbling  -Having to walk down the hall for pairings every round -Not eating all day -Mat being ugly
  11. Gladiator Beast

    As of now this will be the deck I will most likely be running. I need help for finding room for overworked in the side deck also might add a second seven tools in the main deck.  I just put cyber dragon in this week and it has helped especially against fists with getting over any ff that is too big.      Monsters 2 GB Laquari 2 GB Equeste 1 GB Bestiari 1 GB Darius 1 GB Murmilo  3 Test Tiger 1 FF Bear   Spells 3 MST 3 Proving ground 3 Forbidden Lance 2 tenki 1 book of moon 1 dark hole   Traps 3 GB war chariot 2 dimensional prison 2 fiendish chain 2 call of the haunted 2 icarus attack 2 wobaku 1 warning 1 seven tools 1 bottomless   Side  2 cyber dragon 1 GB Retiari 1 Grand Mole 1 Thunder King 1 D-Fissure 1 soul drain 2 dna surgery 2 light mirror 2 trap hole 2 dust tornado  
  12. i debated in my mind if i really wanted to write this or not but now im here in my room and i don't want to start actually doing school work yet so i'm going to go for it and write a tournament report. ok whatever.   anyway some backstory. I sold pretty much all of my collection almost exactly a year ago. I've been to a locals once in the past 6 months. I play this game online  sometimes a lot during one week but sometimes not at all during others. I keep tabs on the game because I grew up with it and I still think that its really interesting and can be fun sometimes, but I admit that there is SO MUCH that is absolutely god awful about this game.    so regional in philly is coming up and hey i live in that city maybe i should go play i'll meet up with old friends and have fun. I pretty much just had everything for blackwings except for dualitys and emptinesses because i played blackwings when it was next level top tier #omgsopro. I talk to my yugi-friends from old locals during the weeks leading up to it and they can get me the cards i need so im not worried.    My list is pretty much the same as Jazz's list. I tried a bunch of different varitions and different ratios of cards in bw but im pretty sure that his build is just correct. Maxx C is shitty in the main. I don't even like it that much in the side either. I just forgo having to hunt the card down and just cut it from the list lol.   the night before the regional my roommates are all, "hey lets be edgy and underage drink! #socollege" but i try to explain to them i have to yu-gi-oh in the morning. they don't care and instead we all drink and celebrate this one girl's birthday and i eventually pass out at like 3 am.   wake up at 7 am because its friday saturday and its time to duel hungover i guess. hop in the shower, grab my stuff, go on the subway to center city, then get some coffee and donuts from dunkin because real americans run on that shit. i meet up with my friend Ale and the first thing he says to me is, "man i just hate yugioh players" and i laugh because i feel the same way. In general yugioh players are all pretty selfish and unpleasant to be around. I've played in a lot of Chess tournaments and a MTG GP and everyone i talked to there was really nice, at least in comparison to yugioh.  So i ask for Ale the stuff i need to borrow from him to fill out the rest of the deck for me and he has everything except the emptinesses and i'm all "well...fuck." But then out of nowhere he just ask some random guy he knows if he could still borrow the emptinesses and then just hands them to me and i'm giddy with excite because i get to play yugioh. In thanks i let him borrow my hannah montana cards because he doesn't have dracosac tokens.    i register, but when they check my deck i only have 14 in my extra because i miscounted and i didn't have a random extra deck card so i just man up and play 14.    w/e  Round 1 vs. Constellers Game 1: I win the roll so i get to set up first hehe. He summons FF Bear vs. my Shura and backrow so i think he is Fire and i'm all "oh cool this should be fun." Then he enters battle and attacks me. 'ok'. He plays lance into my obvious kalut so i get a free blackwing. thanks bro. I just start grinding him out and he goes for some plays with Consteller guys that I have to read because i have no idea what any of them do and they don't seem that good so he just looses.  Game 2: He goes first and yeah does all this consteller bullshit where he bounces my d-prison to my hand. i lose. Game 3: I open Double Whirlwind Duality into Shura w/ Book and other traps. There was nothing he could do. 1-0 Round 2 vs. Herald Game 1: I win the roll and set up with set Kalut with Blizzard in hand and set Icarus/Comp/Prison. He goes off with herald summoning and gets out a Herald and Tethys with two fairys in hand. He doesn't attack which doesn't matter because I burn the fiarys in hand with icarus and comp druning his endphase and then summon blizzard into Catastor which proves to just be too much for him. Game 2: Royal decree is a bitch even when you get mst. I chained anti-spell fragrance to the activation of decree to see if he would burn a card/to have card open for zeph in the gy to return an im p sure he though that he had to set his spells still lol. I lost Game 3: Vanity's Emptiness + Whirlwind/Shura. I OTK him turn two ; ) #yugioh 2-0   Round 3 vs. Spellbooks Game 1: I lost the roll and he goes library for Fates/Tower/Secrets and im p sure i hit fates because he didn't play either of the latter two sooo. He sets 3 and summons Jowgen. Idk. I summon Zeph and attack over and he is like, k. Set Icarus and d-prison. He summons Temperance and tries to use Power over it but I chain d-prison and he chains fate to set his guy ok.  He sets another and I icarus the fresh set and another backrow. I just get ahead and win because thats how you win yugis Game 2: He opnes the water spellbook searcher for secrets and master to tower but I have shura+whirlwind and I pretty much ride that to victory off of an eventual second whirlwind and anti-spell fragrance.  3-0   oh yes lunch time. i grab wawa becuase there is no wawa in north philly becasue they don't want wawas in the ghetto for some reason : ( i would go to reading terminal but like its so crowded during lunch and its expensive af   Round 4 vs. Dragons Oh neat table 5 look at me guys im the next billy breake Game 1: #Dragons like free cards are free cards man. I don't think he even played that well he just got up so much compared to me. Consistency kills, and while i try my hardest to fight i know that my game 1 isn't that strong vs. dragons so i just loose. Game 2: Double Vanity's Emptiness +Stardust lockdown. I thought about making Key Beetle but I wanted to have a better postion vs. Blaster's destroy effect so I opted for Stardust and everything worked out. Game 3: I open Shura and 4 backrows but he has breaks/msts for all my stuff. good cards, man, good cards.   3-1   After this match I meet up with arroganceclause who is checking out his goat decks and i introduce myself and we talk and he is a cool guy. I tell him that I want to play him in goats and but i kinda don't want to lose next round.   Round 5 vs. Dragons Game 1: guy keeps trying to use a dragon effect more than once so idk if he just sucked or if he was just an idiot. It didn't really matter though because he just played real aggressive since he had return from the dd. nice Game 2: didn't see any of my side cards which was p awful. Im able to blader him turn but it doesn't buy me enough time.  3-2  i drop it's funny because on my registration sheet for the event i wrote "Philadelphia Regional #Joe2Drop" hehe im like a fortune teller or a wizard or something . For some reason people get delusional in philly regs and think that x-3 is fine and you should keep playing when you are x-2 but they are stupid and bad its x-1 and better or bust.   i meet up with arroganceclause again and we play a bunch of goat games and chat about how much this game sucks but how much we still love it. he heads out and I go home a little later after trying really hard to get a game of "Everyone's a Winner" going but to no avail. Get off the subway and eat some crown fried chicken because i live in the hood guys idk if i mentioned that.  then i get drunk and go to a frat party. #edgy   alright props/slops i guess   props: MY FRIEND ALEJANDRO FOR LETTING ME BORROW A LOT OF CARDS THANKS FRIEND (he is never  going to read this) arroganceclause aka Matt you are a cool dude and you have a fishy t-shirt breast cancer awareness walkers who were also at the convention center they were really nice and full of energy unlike these yugioh weirdos wawa Icarus Attack Black Whirlwind Stardust Dragon random guy who sold me a key beetle fake yugioh cards goat format underage drinking having hannah montana/miley cyrus tokens before it was cool being edgy hashtags pokemon x/y discussions    slops: x-2 dropping lol that rule where all your sleeves have to be the same color like what random guy who sold me a key beetle for being kind annoying and for ripping up the fake card i gave him to thank him constellers aren't good. blackwings aren't either though. judges where were they? whenever i needed one to confirm a match result i need to wait SO LONG we didn't get to play "Everyone's a Winner" septa where was Luke Feeney? i didn't know he was Sqirmywurmy on here we met before a few times but i did not know you were dg ALSO JJ SNATCH i thought i saw you there was two guys with coolers were the more physically fit one idk i didn't want to be wrong you looked like you could beat me up and im pretty annoying irl so i was scared you punch me in the face if you didn't like me. irrational fear but im sorry i would have let you borrow my fiendish chains i just hope you got them.  being 2013 and not 2008   yeah thats pretty much it thanks for reading sorry i didn't do so good peace to everyone on dg you guys make me laugh   ; )      
  13. I thought putting this together could be helpful so people can get an idea of what is doing well heading into the WCQ. If you see any incorrect or missing info in the thread, please post so we can correct it. If you attended one of these events please post if you know what topped so we can fill in information. If anybody can find decklists or number of players for these events those are welcome as well.   Current Totals: [spoiler]24 Dragon Ruler 6 Prophecy 3 Evilswarm 2 Mermail 1 Inzektor 1 Karakuri [37] [/spoiler]   Results: [spoiler]5/18 Los Angeles, CA Top 8 Decks: 5 Dragon Ruler 1 Evilswarm 1 Karakuri 5/18 Miami, FL Top 8 Decks: 4 Dragon Ruler 1 Prophecy 5/18 Lenexa, KS Top 8 Decks: 6 Dragon Ruler 2 Prophecy 5/18 Poughkeepsie, NY Top 8 Decks: 5/18 Akron, OH Top 8 Decks: 6 Dragon Ruler 2 Prophecy 5/18 Ft. Worth, TX Top 8 Decks: 5/18 Taylorsville, UT Top 8 Decks: 1 Prophecy 5/18 W. Allis, WI Top 8 Decks: 3 Dragon Ruler 2 Evilswarm 2 Mermail 1 Inzektor 5/19 Charlotte, NC Top 8 Decks: 5/25 Indianapolis, IN Top 8 Decks: 5/25 Tulsa, OK Top 8 Decks: 5/25 Montreal, QC Top 8 Decks: 5/26 Norcross, GA Top 8 Decks: 6/1 Mesa, AZ Top 8 Decks: 6/1 Tallahassee, FL Top 8 Decks: 4 Dragon Ruler 3 Evilswarm 1 Mermail 6/1 Madison, TN Top 8 Decks: 6/1 Houston, TX Top 8 Decks: 6/1 Seattle, WA Top 8 Decks: 6/1 Toronto, ON Top 8 Decks: 6/2 Countryside, IL Top 8 Decks: 6/2 Frederick, MD Top 8 Decks:[/spoiler]
  14. Hi, my name is Nick and this is my report for the Seattle regional I played in on June 1, 2013. I didn't do as well I would have liked, but am posting anyway to get the deck list out there. I have played Yu-Gi-Oh since the release of LOB, but have played competitively for just the last year and a half. I used Wind-Up with an Earth engine. The list is as follows:   Monsters (20)   x3 Wind-Up Rabbit x3 Wind-Up Rat x3 Wind-Up Shark x2 Wind-Up Warrior x2 Tour Guide From The Underworld x2 Maxx "C" x2 Redox, Dragon Ruler Of Boulders x1 Cardcar D x1 Swift Scarecrow x1 Grandsoil The Elemental Lord   Spells (11)   x3 Wind-Up Factory x2 Fire Formation-Tenki x3 Mystical Space Typhoon x1 Monster Reborn x1 Dark Hole x1 Heavy Storm   Traps (10) x2 Torrential Tribute x2 Dimensional Prison x2 Bottomless Trap Hole x1 Solemn Judgment x1 Solemn Warning x1 Trap Stun x1 Memory Loss   Extra Deck x1 M-X-Saber Invoker x1 Soul Of SIlvermountain x1 Leviair The Sea Dragon x1 Wind-Up Zenmaines x1 Number 17: Leviathan Dragon x1 Temtempo The Percussion Djinn x1 Diamond Dire Wolf x1 Number 16: Shock Master x1 Maestroke The Symphony Djinn x1 Photon Butterfly Assassin x1 Abyss Dweller x1 Number 61: Volcasaurus x1 Tiras, Keeper of Genesis x1 Shark Fortress x1 Gaia Dragon, The Thunder Charger   Side Deck   x2 Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo x2 Snowman Eater x1 Puppet Plant x1 Electric Virus x2 Messenger of Peace x2 Dimensional Prison x2 System Down x1 Enemy Controller x1 Mind Crush x1 Trap Stun   The Report   I start the day by paying $25 for parking. Excellent. My cousin Chris, my friend Sam and I walk to the short line and fill out our registration forms and get our packs. Chris is using Dino Rabbit today, and Sam is using Nurse Burn. LOL. On the way to a table, a friend of mine from locals points down at the table and says, "First pack." I look down and see a Dragossack. We sit near him and open our packs. I open my first pack, then turn to him and say, "Look, first pack," showing him my own Dragossack. I wanted to build this deck at first, but I would later sell the card for $100, which pretty much paid for the whole trip, which included the entry fee, parking, and the Dicks. I get a set of foreign secret Wind-Up Rabbits from a buddy, and pick up the second Redox. I fill out my list and then help a friend fill his out, and once this is done the judges collect the lists and the tournament begins, and at this point I have not slept for around 18 hours.   Round 1: vs. Guy from Locals He didn't show, so I get a freebie. Yay. I instead watch the duel next to me between Battlin' Boxers and Constellar. Every time the Battlin' Boxer duelist does damage to his opponent, he stares right at me with a very serious look on his face for a few seconds, then continues dueling. This, along with his nasally voice, provides for some good entertainment. 1-0   Round 2: vs. Luke (Elemental Dragons) This is my first time playing against this deck. Game 1: I remember him having a Dragossack with one token on board. I make Butterfly Tiras to attack token and pop Dragossack at the end of battle phase. This leaves him at 200. I am unable to put 200 damage on board for the rest of the game. I really wish I had played Cowboy. Game 2: Memory Loss, Scarecrow, and Redox let me hold on a little longer, but I make no headway and am just avoiding the inevitable. 1-1   Round 3: vs. Robert (Malefic Skill Drain Gravekeeper) Game 1: This is Rabbit Beatdown. He has very little monsters and I have traps for the few he does get. Game 2: Royal Tribute Game 3: I beat him down with Rabbit for a couple turns. He eventually Skill Drain Barbaroses me, and I take 1600 when he attacks Rabbit. I have Trap Stun down, but wait until next turn to use it so I can Rat Shark into Invoker Volcasaurus for the GG. 2-1   Lunch Round: I eat a bunch of Dicks. Nick 1 Dicks 0   Round 4: vs. Jacob (Chain Beat) Game 1: He opens Thunderbird set 2 and I assume this is Evilswarm. I Tenki, he banishes, I Rabbit Factory and he takes the 1500. I search in end phase. He draws and Tenki for Wind-Up Rabbit. He swings with Thunderbird, sets a 3rd backrow and ends without summoning. I hit him with Rabbit a couple of times, and use a Memory Loss Torrential play to get rid of the Thunderbird. I finish shortly thereafter with a Trap Stun followed by Rat Shark Grandsoil. Game 2: I open subpar, and he hits me with Thunderbird several times early on. I Memory Loss Torrential again, but I have no follow up. I activate Messenger with only 700 LP, attempting to hold on, but it gets me nowhere. Game 3: I Judgment for 4k early on and hit him with a couple Rabbit attacks. Again I Trap Stun and finish him with Redox plays that result in a Shark Fortress and Invoker, among other monsters. 3-1   Round 5: vs. Big Tony (Evilswarm) This is someone I know from locals, and I know he is very good. I was expecting E Dragons here because a mutual friend had said Tony needed Dragossacks for regionals at locals a few days ago. Game 1: I open Factory Rabbit Dimensional Prison. He Rescue Rabbits, and the surprise is evident on my face. He makes the mistake of attacking with Heliotrope. I banish one, and take the other directly. It dies at the end of the turn after he sets a couple. Two turns later I Trap Stun and OTK with Shark Fortress. Game 2: Here I make the mistake of going off under Maxx "C". He draws the Veiler for Invoker and it leaves me in a terrible position, allowing him to capitalize. Game 3: At this point an army of his friends are around the table watching. I make a couple small pushes, and reduce him to 5450 before the game slows down and I am forced to activate Messenger of Peace. He resolves Cornship twice, and sets up with an Evilswarm Nightmare. I Trap Stun after several turns of nothing, and he Maxx "C" the Tour Guide. I make Zenmaines and end up running over Nightmare, refusing to make the same mistake as last game. A couple turns later he summons Kerykeion. I allow this, and Judgment the Ophion. On my turn, I go off, and finish him with a Shark Fortress and Zenmaines swinging directly. I honestly love playing Evilswarm with this deck, grinding out a victory is such a thrill. 4-1   Round 6: vs. Armando (Dark World) Another player I thought was using Dragons. Game 1: He begins by Alluring and banishing Dark Creator. What? After a Card Destruction for no DW effects and some other draw cards, he ends with Grapha and two sets, and Gates. I draw and he Eradicators spells. I chain my only spell, MST, to destroy Gates, and reveal the rest of my hand. He Eradicators traps next turn. I make an attempt at a comeback, and after Scarecrowing to save my LP I drop Grandsoil. This almost turns it around, but he drops a 3k Trag to seal the GG. Game 2: I remain calm siding, telling myself this is what Dark World does, it's a game one deck. I get deck Dev'd this game, and am left with a Rabbit and Factory. I hit him with Rabbit, and then take a Grapha directly. On my turn he attempts to Eradicator, and I Trap Stun. This leaves him open for a gameshot with Shark Fortress Invoker Rabbit, which goes through. Game 3: He opens badly, and after taking a few direct hits he is at 3600. He makes a Zenmaines, and I Bottomless. My Rabbit is banished, so he is forced to Zenmaines himself and detach a second material. On my turn I go off, ending with Tiras, Invoker, Shark Fortress, and Redox. I activate Fortress' effect targeting Tiras, and he sees this is more than enough to run over Zenmaines and hit for game, even through a Trag. 5-1   Round 7: vs. Chancy (Spellbook) I am on table 3 at this point, and have the honor of listening to Alexander Thomas, who is on table 1 with Madolche, yell at his opponent for saying he doesn't think Jennifer Aniston is hot. I played my opponent round 1 of my last regional, so I know he means serious business. Game 1: I open Rabbit Factory, and win the die roll. Doesn't matter. I also reduce him to 200 LP on turn 3. Doesn't matter. Judgment Days every turn, along with Tower, allow him to recycle his Fates very efficiently, and putting Jowgen on board when possible forces me to waste my battle phase to kill it with Rabbits. The scary part is he didn't even sack me, its just that once you Judgment day once, you will constantly have a way to get another one back.  Had I ran Cowboy in my extra deck, I was in a position to bait the Fate and then finish him. Sigh, I need Cowboy. Game 2: See game 1. Fate and Jowgen ruin my day. This guy was very fun to play against, and he is a very good and respectful player. He seemed interested in my deck idea, and liked that I had taken it up this far. He is a large part of the reason I am posting it here, as he suggested it. I hope to see/play him again in the future. 5-2   Round 8: vs. Chris (Constellar) sigh Game 1: I misplay super hard here. My field is Rabbit Rat Factory, with Torrential and Prison set. He has Tenki, a dead Fiendish, a set, and Sheratan on board with two in hand. He normals Sombre and I allow it, he grabs Kaus and normals it. Now, I have no idea why I didn't Torrential and chain Rabbit here to banish Rat and search, but I didn't. Of course, he makes Omega and this ends up winning him the game. Game 2: I take a couple early hits, pound him with Rabbit, then finish with a bunch of XYZ summons.  Game 3: Pleaides This is that one that got away. I feel like I should have won game 1. Oh well. I resolve that come hell or high water I will win my final round. 5-3   Round 9: vs. Andrew (Hunder) And I do. Game 1: He opens Stardust equipped with Vylon Prism. I set TT and Prison. He summons Giraffe, attacks. I take it, then attempt to Prison the dragon. He is very quick to point out Giraffe's effect, which I should have read. Next turn, I make Tiras and kill Giraffe. I target Stardust with it's ability, and he attempts to sacrifice Stardust to negate. I point out it will not destroy Tiras, and he calls a judge. She agrees with me. I take the game from here. Game 2: It's T-King beatdown. I have a couple search cards that I can't use. I finally bait the negation by making Zenmaines. I revive Thunderking with Reborn, as I feel it is fairly useful against his deck. Next turn, I normal Warrior and make Wolf. I employ Rabbit shenanigans with my on field bunny against his backrow. With T-King under Wolf, I Tenki and attack, then end. He kills my Wolf on his next turn. On my turn I normal my second Rabbit and start applying pressure. He is low on life and begins to use traps to stall for time. Next turn he Cylinders my Rabbit, and I chain effect. He calls a judge, insisting that I still take the damage. The judge explains that I don't, and when I Warning the monster he draws on his next turn he scoops it up. 6-3   After tournament: I eat a bunch of Dicks. Nick 2 Dicks 0   So after all is said and done I place 35th out of what I believe was 280. I am pleased, considering my deck choice, but I missed my invite by 3 spots. Eh, whatever. After the tourney, I would definitely remove Abyss Dweller or Butterfly and replace it with a Cowboy. Shark Fortress was definitely the best card all day. I still can't believe its a common for how little restrictions it has. I may consider a 3rd Redox and second Cardcar. A second Memory Loss is definitely happening, that card worked well. Bottomless has to go, it did nothing for me. I never sided Dyna once, as it clashes with my deck. I will definitely be adding Droll and Lock Bird.   Props Pulling Dragossack Sam winning one round with Nurse Burn Jake for the foreign Rabbits Shark Fortress and Trap Stun Having a really good match with Big Tony Getting to table 3 with this deck Doing better than expected Chancy Dicks   Slops 6-3 This shitty format $25 parking Misplaying terribly against Constellar 29 hours of no sleep Buying 6 packs of LTGY and getting nothing but Gauntlet Launcher Missing invite by 3 spots
  15. I really did no testing with exchange main deck I just wanted to try it at this regional and test it for nationals. It turned out being really amazing surprisingly anyway.... We got there pretty early since my friend Marcus was judging the event and had to help setup the tables etc. I handed in my deck list and lent out + looked for cards for my mate AJ. I was a little hung over from the night before so I didn't feel completely amazing since we had to leave super early because I live 1.5 hours away from the store :(.   Round 1 vs Evilswarm (dun didly chapa) I'm pretty sure he stacked my deck so I notified the judges after our match, he shuffled my deck and handed it back to me after I watched him shuffling my deck very suspiciously, he looks away and I look at my opening hand expecting it to be stacked. 2x priestess, 2x master, 2x tower. Na fuck that cut my deck and draw a real hand.   Game one: He opens rabbit into ophion. I also opened well and just grinded down his resources with fate+tower. he got me really low on LP though and the game dragged out for ages Game two: He opens rabbit into ophion. We go into time and I JD his dp he goes 2nd oph attacks then passes. I mst his pandemic (super fucking bendy half pipe) he chains then I chain fate and win from the + JD + jowgen. 1-0 Round 2 vs Darkworld Game one: I open pretty broken with secrets + JD + exchange so I do the usual + exchange giving him my priestess and taking his gates since he had a hand full of DW and no discard outlet. Game two: He eevs me I chain JD and reveal bottomless + blue guy for game. 2-0 Round 3 vs Elemental dragons Game one: He opens baby + discard but i had maxx c so he had to stop and rejuv EP. I go into an early jowgen + priestess summon to lock him out Game two: He card destruction's me at one point with 3 in hand but luckily doesn't hit a rejuv. Later in the game I exchange him a priestess for his tidal, overlay 2 blue guys for daigusto detach and summon the tidal to exactly game him was pretty cool :D 3-0 Round 4 vs Evilswarm Game one: I watch the guy shuffling my deck and looking at the bottom card the whole time, draw a hand of garbage. lucky for me he also draws double helio i think with no castor so i just eventually draw into a secrets and win. Game two: I ask the judge to cut the deck instead of my opponent and draw a reasonable hand surprisingly. He opens rabbit but i have veiler next turn heavy him for +2, summon kycoo double power with master and proceed to win. 4-0 Round 5 vs Spellbooks Game one: we both open terrible and it turns into a kycoo grind match. eventually I exchange him and steal his tower which wins me the game. Game two: he opens JD + secrets but i have the droll. I JD then exchange to steal his droll giving him a jowgen and pretty much win from there. 5-0 Round 6 vs Spellbooks Game one: I cant really remember too much but he opens busted and I get out paced. Game two: I open secrets JD but just set the JD and secrets-blue-master-star hall and pass with a set retort. I chain my JD to his and hes forced to pass. eventually he JDs and I resolve retort for the win. Game three: I open an unplayable hand of kycoo, tower, life, eternity, wisdom and warning. he goes first with JD + toon table and I lose. 5-1 Round 7 vs Evilswarm  We get deck checked and my opponent unfortunately gets a game loss for a deck infringement, he was a nice guy and I felt bad + I knew he was playing evilswarms after watching one of his previous rounds which is one of the easier matchups Game two: We both open slow but I start with an early starhall which wracks up about 12 or so counters. eventually he gets me really low on LP with a helio + ophion on board with no cards in hand and no backrow, I top deck the 3rd spellbook in hand secrets into blue search a book, use my set fate he chains pandemic and i chain book of moon on his oph then drop double priestess for game. 6-1 Conclusion: I end up coming 4th and receive $100 store credit + the playmat which I sold on the spot + the deckbox which i was happy with. My friend Jimmy came 1st also playing spellbooks and got $350 store cred which was cool. Like 5 of my friends top 8'ed which I was really happy about + AJ got his qualification for WCQ. Exchange worked out really well despite me vsing 3 evilswarms thoughout the day which its horrible against, ill definitely consider using it for WCQ. We went to get hooters for dinner after everything was done (standard post regional procedure). Pros: - Going 14-2 in games - AJ getting qualification - jimmy winning - exchange - another regional top - Limin finally getting his dam qualification Cons: - getting stacked twice - Horse dick misplaying MST and losing to some penrith guy Deck:  
  16.   Hi guys. I'm headed to my second regional in Tallahassee Florida and I'm hoping for my first top. After about a month of extensive playtesting, this is the build I feel gives me the greatest chance in the event. Suggestions/comments are welcome! Main Deck: 41 Monsters: 22 3x Evilswarm Heliotrope 1x Dark Armed Dragon 2x Effect Veiler 3x Evilswarm Castor 3x Evilswarm Kerykeion 3x Evilswarm Mandragora 3x Evilswarm Thunderbird 2x Maxx "C" 2x Rescue Rabbit Spells: 7 1x Heavy Storm 3x Infestation Pandemic 1x Monster Reborn 1x Mystical Space Typhoon 1x Reinforcement of the Army Traps: 12 2x Compulsory Evacuation Device 2x Fiendish Chain 1x Infestation Infection 2x Safe Zone 1x Solemn Judgment 1x Solemn Warning 2x Torrential Tribute 1x Xyz Reborn Extra: 15 1x Abyss Dweller 1x Daigusto Emeral 2x Evilswarm Bahamut 3x Evilswarm Ophion 1x Evilswarm Ouroboros 1x Evilswarm Thanatos 1x Gagaga Cowboy 1x Gem-Knight Pearl 1x Maestroke the symphony djinn 1x Number 16: Shock Master 1x Number 50: Blackship of Corn 1x Evilswarm Nightmare Side: 15 3x Droll & Lock Bird 1x Electric Virus 2x Mystical Space Typhoon 3x Eradicator Epidemic Virus 2x Gozen Match 2x Imperial Iron Wall 2x Soul Drain Most of the deck is fairly standard but I'll explain some of the more questionable choices. I opted for Dark Armed Dragon over Dark Hole because of the amount of graveyard control I maintain through Kerykeion. Dark Armed serves a similar removal function but it is much more useful in the mirror match and it can kill Dracossack easily. A late game Dark Armed often seals the game. Most people seem to main Eradicator Epidemic Virus but I opted to side it because of how useless it is in the Dragon Ruler matchup. My game 1 against prophecy becomes a bit harder but my games against dragons are much smoother. I also decided to main 1 mystical space typhoon for the mirror. Even against dragons, I often hit a book of moon or breakthrough skill that could have sealed the game in my opponent's favor. I chose to play a fairly small amount of Ophion protection to prevent dead draws, opting for only 2 safe zone and 1 xyz reborn to bring Ophion back. Xyz reborn also allows me to win games by reborning other xyzs as well. Thanks for reading. Any suggestions are appreciated! -chan  
  17. Gamescape 2415 N. Monroe St., Tallahassee, FL Tallahassee, FL 32309 email: support @gamescape.com (850) 325-6600
  18. Lenexa KS 05/18/13

    Yet another dgz regional thread where nothing is really needed beyond the topic title.  Who's going?  What's the venue like?  What's the localized meta like?  Who's ready to send pre post tachyon ygo out in with a bang, etc?
  19. Figured I'd post about this since it was just confirmed on the konami website and this will likely be my last regional before I head off to law school.  I don't have my invite but would like to go to nats, so I really want to attend this one.  Wanted to know who else plans to go to this one, and for those who attended the most recent poughkeepsie regional, how many players were turned away (if any) from that one?
  20. This is my first time posting a tournament report on here, so bear with me. (lol bear..)   I played Inzektors this weekend, went 8-1, first place. How was I in first place at 8-1? I'll explain in a moment.   I have played Inzektors for over a year for numerous reasons. I think the deck is really fun to play, it can still keep up with the format, if played with precision, and patience. It is NOT the best deck, it WILL draw inconsistently every so often, because it is a deck that was punished the first ban list, then the second ban list it lost Sangan. (I miss that guy) I do not like the current format. There isn't a single deck that I find appealing.   Friday: I was at my local card shop and Hidden Arsenal 7 was legal. I was looking around for Evilswarm stuff and I completely forgot that Lavalvalvlalvallvaalvll Chain was in this based set. Anyway, one of my teammates acquired Chain, then asks me if I'm going to play the Monks. I was reluctant to at first, simply because I have not tested the list that I thought of months ago, but the idea of manipulating your graveyard and top deck in one turn is divine. We make our four hour departure to Orlando, crash at a friend's house, perform rituals, no sleep.   Saturday: I wake up after falling asleep for two hours, we get to the venue, there's a bunch of 12 year old cheerleaders, and a bunch of bearded men playing children's card games..... awkward..... I was pretty salty because I pulled a Quick Booster from my packs, my teammate pulls a Megalo. fml. Decklists, blah, blah, blah.     Round One: Fire Fist (2-0)   Game One: I owe Monk a cold one. I open monk game one, special summon Armageddon Knight, send Hornet to the Graveyard, overlay into Chain, send Dragonfly to the top of my deck. I believe I otk'd him after that.   Game Two: It was a slow paced game, we were pretty much grinding it out. I did not open very well, however, I utilized Threatening Roar, and Messenger of Peace to slow the pace of the game until I drew a Centipede, then I summoned Centipede, equipped Heart of Clear Water, searched Hornet, activated Centipede's effect, destroyed his Burr, searched Dragonfly. The next turn, he summoned a Bear, killed my Centipede with its effect, set one, passed. At his End Phase, I flipped Royal Decree. I summoned Dragonfly, went on to otk him.     Round Two: Geargia (2-0)   Game One: I lost the die roll. I did not really see Hornet this round, but I still put in work with Exa-Stag. I used Dragonfly and Lady Bug, recycled Centipede and Zektkalibur and prevented him from reviving his Machina Fortress. No, no, no, not in my house.   Game Two: I used the same strategy this game as well. He activated Compulsory on Exa-Stag, using Zektkalibur, I returned Dragonfly to my hand, but the very next turn, I equipped his Fortress to my Exa-Stag. Extra-Swag too strong.     Round Three: Gladiator Beasts (2-0) Game One: I was slightly confused about my opponent's play. I opened Centipede/Ladybug, searched Dragonfly, set Book of Moon, passed. He activates Heavy Storm, summons Laquari, attacks over my Centipede, tags out into Retiari, banishes my Centipede instead of Ladybug. I capitalized on his misplay, activated MST on his one set, summoned Centipede, searched Hornet, went into Crimson Shadow Armor Ninja. I kept control of the game with Ninja/Centipede. Game Two: He sets three, summons Laquari. I activate Heavy Storm, wipe out his three, activate Messenger, and camp on that card until I drew Centipede, slowly sniping, until I went in for the kill.   Round Four: Six Samurai (2-1) Game One: I lost the die roll. He opens Kageki, Kagemusha into Shi En, summon Kizan, set three, pass. I set Call of the Haunted, Solemn Judgment, Lance, and Torrential Tribute. I take 1800 + 2500, he then passes. I summon Cenipede, he activates Bottomless, I activate Torrential in response, he flips Magatama, I chain Judgment, he chains Judgment. I scooped immediately.   Game Two: I summon Centipede/Ladybug search Dragonfly, set MST, pass. He opens United, summons Kageki, Kagemusha, specials Kizan, I MST his United, he runs over my Centipede with Kizan, I take 2500, he sets two. My turn, I activate Book of Moon, he negates, I MST (blind MST ftw), I hit his solemn Warning. I summon Dragonfly, he activates Fiendish, I Lance, then I go off into Tiras. He had nothing left, so we went to game three.   Game Three: He opens Enishi/Kizan, set two. I set two, then pass. He attacks, sets one more. I summon Thunder King-Rai-Oh, I attacked Enishi. He draws, activates Gateway, Summons another Kizan, he overlays into Shadow of the Six: Shi En, I warn him without hesitation. He passes. I attack him directly, set one. He flips his set Dark Hole, I chain Safe Zone. I continue to camp on Safe Zone until I summoned a Thunder King, attacked him directly, he attempts to Fienish Chain, but I respond with MST. He was at about 4100, he draws, then passes. I drew Heavy Storm, I clear the entire board, destroy my own Thunder King, Reborn that Thunder King, normal summon Maxx "C", then attack for game.   Round Five: Frog (2-0) Game One: I don't remember much of this game, but I increased the level of my Dark Armed Dragon to level 8, with a Leviair, a Dragonfly, and Centipede on the field, he dropped a huge Trag on me, which I could not get around because the Centipede was already used. He steals my DAD by sending LADD to the grave, uses Trag's effect to reduce his level to two, overlays into Dai Gusto Phoenix, uses DAD's effect to destroy the sword equipped, triggering my Dragonfly, adding Hornet back to hand with Zektkalibur, summon Centipede from the deck. He cleared all but one Centipede. I won the game from there on.   Game Two: The game was kind of slow, I don't remember this match much, but we were going back and forth, I had D-Fissure, he was abusing Caius/Swap Frog, but I won that one.     Round Six: Mermail (2-0) (I was in Table 1) Game One: I open Centipede/Ladybug, grab Dragonfly, set Threatening Roar, pass. He opened poorly, summoned Abysspike, attempted to enter Battle Phase, I flip Threatening Roar. I otk'd him the very next turn. My board ended with Dark Armed, Leviathan, Shock Master, and a Centipede equipped with Giga-Mantis. Game Two: He summons Abysspike, pitches Dragoons, searches Megalo and Marksman, sets two, passes. I summon Centipede, activate his effect, run over his Pike, Main Phase 2, I send Hornet to the grave, destroy his set, search Dragonfly, set Threatening Roar, end of Main Phase two, he attempts to activate Sphere, I MST. He tries going off, I flip Threatening Roar, I otk'd him the very next turn.     Round Seven: Mermail (2-0) Game One: I open Dragonfly/Ladybug, into Centipede, search Centipede, overlay into Crimson Shadow Armor Ninja turn one, set Threatening Roar/Bottomless. He Heavy Storms, I threatening, he doesn't follow up with it, the next turn, I OTK him with a Shock Master. Game Two: We grind it out, he ends up with Gaios destroying my Ninja, I rip into Book of Moon, then I explode with Dragonfly/Sword/Hornet. I destroy his field of Gaios, double Abysslinde, Abysspike, leaving him with Abyssdine only. My board was Gaia Charger, Leviathan Dragon, and a Hopper with one set. He activates Dark Hole, sets one, then passes. I drew nothing, passed. He flips Sphere, into Linde, into Leed, I bottomless his Leed, he didn't follow up the next turn, I played Centipede and defeat him.   Round Eight: Karkuri (Win by DQ) We were the only undefeated players left. It was unfortunate, because he was ejected from the venue. He apparently was banned from the store that was hosting the Regional. I was actually very upset because I wanted to play it out, win or lose. Certain players told me a win is a win. I did not want to win that way, that's for sure.   Round Nine: Fire-Fist (1-2)   Game One: I open Monk/Arma Knight, Chain, place Dragonfly on top of my deck. I don't remember this match very much, because I was drained already, but I won that game one.   Game Two: We had to grind this game out, but he gained advantage because Bear/Banisher is too strong. Game Three: I summoned Thunder King, set Bottomless/Safe Zone. He Heavy Storms me for two, destroys me with Banisher/Bear again.   It was unfortunate that I don't remember the exact detail of these matches, but my last round was definitely my most difficult match, and I lost to a friend, putting him in 5th place. I'm definitely happy we got to play a good match, and he got into top eight.   Top Eight: GB (2-0)   Game One: He received a game one loss because of some error in his deck list.   Game Two: He summons Laquari, sets one. I MST his Mirror Force, summon Centipede, equip Hornet, destroy his Laquari, search Zektkalibur. He summons Laquari, destroys Centipede, summons Darius, revives his Laquari, overlays into Maestroke. He then sets two. I summon Card Car D, set Safe Zone, draw two. He summons another GB, tags out into Bestiari, attempts to destroy Safe Zone, I chain, destroying his Bestiari, next turn I Heavy Storm, summon Dragonfly equip Hornet, Sword, win game.   Monsters: 15 3 Centipede 3 Ladybug 1 Giga-Mantis 1 Hornet 1 Dragonfly 1 Hopper 2 Summoner Monk 1 Armageddon Knight 1 Dark Armed Dragon 1 Card Car D Spells: 15 3 Mystical Space Typhoon 2 Zektkalibur 2 Pot of Duality 1 Heart of Clear Water 1 Forbidden Lance 1 Heavy Storm 1 Dark Hole 1 Monster Reborn 1 Foolish Burial 1 Allure of Darkness 1 Book of Moon Traps: 11 3 Threatening Roar 1 Call of the Haunted 1 Safe Zone 2 Bottomless 2 Torrential 1 Solemn Judgment 1 Solemn Warning Side Deck: 3 Maxx "C" 2 Thunder King Rai-Oh 1 Tragoedia 2 Royal Decree 3 Dimensional Fissure 2 Messenger of Peace 2 Soul Taker Extra Deck: 15 Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger Tiras, Keeper of Genesis Number 61: Volcasaurus Number 12: Crimson Shadow Armor Ninja Inzektor Exa-Stag Number 39: Utopia Number 16: Shock Master Maestroke the Symphony Djinn Lavalval Chain Number 30: Acid Golem of Destruction Number 17: Leviathan Dragon Number 20: Giga Brilliant Leviair the Sea Dragon Temtempo the Percussion Djinn Wind-Up Zenmaines Pros: Hidden Arsenal 7 It was about as consistent as it could be The deck received quite a bit of attention Cons: Round 8 A few people attempting to call this a fluke because Mermail/Evilswarms were not at table 1 I didn't get to play vs. Evilswarms, though they were ALL AROUND me the first three rounds. The format is probably going to get worse. Shout-outs to: Juan "Save_Us" Berenguer Tyler Gallinaro Team EGG: John, Zach, Kevin, Ginger, and Tristen.    
  21. Seattle Regionals Report

    So for the past couple weeks I've been freaking out over what to play this weekend, only finally deciding to go with HERO Beat the day before. Between going to two different locals, and borrowing cards from a couple friends I was able to complete the main deck and most of the extra and side.  After spending the night testing with a friend I realized how desperately I needed an Escuridao for the Six Samurai match up, and told him that we had to get there an hour early for some last minute trading.  He told me he was going to get up around an hour earlier than me, so he slept in a different room with the alarm and said he would come to wake me up, unfortunately that didn't happen.  I woke up at 9:15 and went to his room to find him fast asleep after all 3 of his alarms went off.  Despite this he decided to take around 10 more minutes getting dressed and washed up.  Like shit bro, that should take 2 minutes max.  We get there at 9:50 and are told that the 300 person cap had already been reached and that if we still choose to play, we would be getting a round 1 loss.  I didn't have the time to trade people for most of what I planned to side, or some extra deck cards, but I got an Escuridao which I figured was the most important thing.  Eventually after a shitload of waiting, I finally get to play.   Round 2: Windups; lost the die roll G1: No offense, but the guy was terrible.  Used tenki while his own thunderking was on the field, then shit just went downhill from there. G2: Acts like he drew the nuts, but I mind crush his shark, and he just willingly minuses himself over and over again until I win.   Round 3: Fire Fist; lost the die roll G1: Not much to say, it was a very close game but in the end the match up was just in my favor, and I managed to win. G2: Another very close game that I actually had to think through.  I get on the offensive by baiting him into setting 3 for me to heavy, and then making maestroke, but then he topdecks tour guide.  He chose to make acid golem instead of a zenmaines in defense, and I'm lucky enough to top deck a mirror force the next turn for it and the gorilla he summoned.  At that point he had no cards and I was +2 on him, he couldn't fight back.   Round 4: Six Samurai; lose the die roll G1: He makes first turn shi en with a few backrow.  I duality, and he negates, then I summon alius and attempt to gemini spark but he has the magatama.  I didn't have much choice, but admit that was a reckless and noobish move, and it cost me the game. G2: I go first and just have all the right backrow.  I prevent him from making shi en and just push for game from there. G3: This was an intense game , it actually had my heart racing.   He makes shi en with one backrow.  I have a hand of super poly, torrential, mirror force, 2 dualitys and a fiendish chain.  I activate the first duality and add alius, then summoning it and setting the super poly, fiendish and mirror.  He tries to attack and I super poly shi en for escuridao (thank God I was able to trade for it), discarding the 2nd duality.  I attack on my turn and set the torrential.  On his turn he summons fucking shi en's chancellor which surprised me, and attempted to destroy escuridao, but i used fiendish.  Then he summoned enishi.  At this point I was almost positive the set card he had was a maga, so i knew i couldnt wait and expect mirror force to save me.  I use tt and he negates it with judgment!  Then he specials Kizan and uses enishi's effect, and after thinking things through attacks into mirror force.  We're both top decking at this point, all i get I'm getting are traps and s/t removal while he sets bluffs.  Eventually I topdeck a sided penguin soldier and start laughing hysterically at how weird things were turning out.  I attack for a couple turns, protecting my penguin from anything with the traps i got (my opponent at one point yells "this is an insult, im not losing to a fucking penguin soldier), and finally win when I top Thunder king.  This summary doesn't give the duel justice, it was probably the most stressful game of my life.   Round 5: Fire Fist; lose the die roll.  I fucking suck with dice. G1: This guy wasn't bad by any means, but the match up was in my favor and the way things turned out just didn't make things very difficult.   G2: I open 1 HERO blast and 2 gemini sparks with no monsters.  Eventually get a thunder king which just gets bottomlessd. G3: My hand isn't shit this time so things go pretty smoothly.  The guy was really chill, it was a great way to soothe myself after the last round.   Round 6: Evolsaurs; WIN THE DIE ROLL, FINALLY G1: Another all trap/g spark hand.  He only knows what I'm playing because i duality and show HERO blast. G2: Fine hand, and I'm able to power through his set westlos and najashos with HERO blasts and sparks.  When they're not dead those cards are game winners. G3: He flips decree on me when I have 3 backrow and attacks with a westlo and 2100 Cerato.  I spark the decree and miracle for the shining to fight back.  Later he flips another decree but I'm forced to judgment it, then warning westlo, leaving me with only 350 life and him with 2350.  He only has a d fissure and set card to my shining, alius and 2 backrow when he tops evo-diversity and searches najasho.  I see him start to smile and realize that whatever his set card is, he found a way to win with it, so I flip mst with it.  It was Enemy controller, and he concedes.   Round 7: Lightsworn; lose the die roll G1: He turn 3 msts one backrow, drops jd into my fiendish chain, summons lyla to get rid of chain then blows up the field witht he rest of my backrow, then drops a second JD.  This was after he turn 2 heavied me. G2: Draw almost no back row, and he turn 3 drops JD, nukes the field, then follows with lumina into garoth and BLS.  I wasn't salty because the dude was legitimately a nice guy, but that shit wasn't fair and with my round 1 auto-loss made topping a lot harder.   Round 8: Fire Fist; win the die roll G1: This dude complained about literally everything, he was nice but Goddamn...anyways we went back and forth for awhile and when he had no more backrow I miracle, which wins it for me. G2: Another really bad hand that would've been terrific had I drawn alius/stratos/e-call/rota.  He uses mind crush for no reason and ends up going -2 because of it, but there was literally no way for me to even fight back. G3: Another just 'what the fuck' kind of hand.  I almost felt like giving up, but thought that'd be the bitch way out.  Fortunately for me my opponent said something about 9 hours of yugioh frying his brain, and it showed in how he played.  His misplays made up for my hand, and I was able to win to both of our surprise.   Round 9: Rabbit Glads; lose the die roll G1: first turn rabbit, but i breath a sigh of relief when he goes for andal and makes maestroke instead of kabas and laggia.  We go at it and I'm on the offensive, he ends up setting a card and since hopplomus could put the game in his favor i make photon pappilloperative and use its effect, showing it was just a rescue rabbit.  At this point I have game if I summon the alius in my hand, but afraid of tt/mf I just attack with the buttefly.  MP 2 I realize i drew every hero, and set my e-call as a bluff with a d-prison.  My opponent tops test tiger, uses it to go for darius to bestiari to gyzarus and pops the butterfly and prison instead of my bluff.  He brought out laquari and equeste to add chariot, and on my turn i top decked a 4th monster and scooped since none of them were photon thrasher or honest, and he had enough on board to attack for game. G2: Is just glad shenanagins.  He has the pieces for herk then i tt and he starlights, so I'm in a really bad spot.  He attacks with herk and i fiendish, forcing him to negate then with no other cards i drop gorz and after i attack on my turn he ends up just dark holing.  I'm at 900 life and just end up top decking better than him to make a comeback. G3: He sets a trap and a monster, I summon alius and he bottomlesses it, making the HERO blast in my hand useless. He flps spirit reaper and i fiendish it, then I topdeck Gemini spark.  I realize how impatient I was, and that it was idiotic to summon alius without protection when I knew bottomless/prison would hurt this much.  I don't remember much else other than him making utopia and me top decking bottomless the next turn, and tt after that, which he obviously read and didn't run into, eventually attacking for game.  My opponent was a good guy and a good player, but that was a really bad way to end the day for me.   I lost twice and was late, so I ended the day 55th place out of 357 people with a 6-3 record.  Apparently I had a high tie-breaker score, since a friend of mine was 71st with the same record.  Went home and knocked the fuck out on my bed.   Props: Another friend of mine won a side event and got the new Galaxy-Eyes mat Going 6-3 with my only side cards basically being mind crush, a third mst, and the great penguin soldier Aside from the windup player, i got along with and liked all of my opponents Aside from the 3 fire fist, went against a new deck every round Met Squiddy   Slops: Still going 6-3 like a scrub Realizing too late that running 2 HERO blasts instead of 1 hurt consistency a lot Making a few bad misplays  Losing 5 out of 7 die rolls
  22. H.A.M. Monsters: 26 3 Mermail Abyssteus 3 Atlantean Marksman 3 Mermail Abysslinde 3 Mermail Abyssmegalo 3 Mermail Abysspike 3 Atlantean Dragoons 3 Deep Sea Diva 2 Atlantean Heavy Infantry 2 Mermail Abyssgunde 1 Mermail Abyssleed Spells: 8 3 Mystical Space Typhoon 1 Mind Control 1 Pot of Avarice 1 Dark Hole 1 Monster Reborn 1 Heavy Storm Traps: 6 3 Abyss-sphere 2 Torrential Tribute 1 Abyss-squall Extra: 15 2 Mermail Abyssgaios 1 Number 11: Big-Eye 1 Ally of Justice Catastor 1 Armory Arm 1 T.G. Hyper Librarian 1 Dewlorean, Tiger King of the Ice Barrier 1 Gungnir, Dragon of the Ice Barrier 1 Scrap Dragon 1 Mist Wurm 1 Wind-Up Zenmaines 1 Number 17: Leviathan Dragon 1 Abyss Dweller 1 Bahamut Shark 1 Mermail Abysstrite Side Deck: 15 3 Mind Crush 3 Dust Tornado 2 Maxx "C" 2 Deck Devastation Virus 2 Tragoedia 1 Gorz the Emissary of Darkness 1 Soul Taker 1 Breakthrough Skill Not entirely sure if I want to stick with THAT trap line up or: 3 sphere 1 squal 1 warning 1 judgment I'm expecting 8-10 rounds for this weekend's Anaheim regionals and I think the torrent line up is better suited for it but idk, tested both and loved both line ups.
  23. Orlando Regional March 2nd

    So this being the the new format and all (like it matters) who's gonna be here? I know vic and I will be here without a doubt
  24. This regional event was my first one playing in about a year (I usually judge these events), and ended up being my invite for the year and my first regional top (I've only been playing competitively for a year an a half - was a casual the first 8 years of this game for me). I figured that it's worthy of a report or something.   So the night before, I had a few friends all cram into my studio apartment so we could carpool down to Colorado Springs from Denver. I had Luke Mattingly, Matt Wright, Alan Johnson, and Donovan (I never learned your last name, but Donnie on DGZ) all huddled up into this tiny hotel room of an apartment. We had a good time - Old Chicago is right next door to where I live, so pizza and beer followed by Archer episodes. It was legit. We all went to bed by midnight, but for a few reasons - heat plus noise, mostly - none of us got a lot of sleep. Poor Matt only got about 2 hours, where I got the most at 5.   Saturday morning rolls around, we're all up and ready to leave by 7am for the hour-long drive. We were expecting snow, so we left a bit earlier, but there ended up not being enough to worry about - I blazed down the highway at 90mph the whole way. Once we arrived, I had the most overwhelming experience. I've never walked into a room before and have no joke 60+ people happy to see me and wanting to say hi. It just really made me feel appreciated as a human being.   So I juice some people on trades, roam and around and scout and see a LOT of fire fists, wind-ups, samurais, dark worlds, dino rabbit, water, etc. A lot of variance at this tournament, but I was shocked at the amount of people that had the fire fist deck built. With the price of Bear skyrocketing, I did not expect it to be built by that many people. They end up starting the tournament extremely late (almost noon before we got started), and we tied our record with 246 attendees.     Pairings are announced, and it's time to roll. I had been talking mad shit for the past 3 weeks about how I was going to come in and smash fools (jokingly, of course), with full expectations of scrubbing out like I did at Seattle. My round 1 was almost the start to that steamroll, but it worked out in the end with some good luck.     Round 1: Kenny Sisco (Wind-Ups) vs. Sean Hembree (Stall/Burn)   Game 1: So I win the die roll but open absolute shit - Magician, Magician, Rat, Thunder King, Thunder King, MST. I summon Thunder King, set MST. He starts off with a Wave-Motion Cannon and a set, I MST the set. I summon a second Thunder King and poke for 3800, totally not expecting him to drop Lava Golem on his turn, which he promptly did. He was able to get  a second Cannon down that same turn and stall out long enough before I could draw an answer. Match: 0-1   Game 2: I side in Dust Tornado and Trap Stun. I open complete shit again. Tour Guide, Tour Guide, Sangan, Thunder King, 2 backrow. I don't remember this game very well, but he fizzled himself out of answers and I was able to claim the win despite the bad hand. Match: 1-1   Game 3: Another suboptimal hand, but not unplayable: Rat, Shark, 4 backrow. I get a very slow start. He starts off with a Wave-Motion Cannon and 4 sets and a set monster. I draw into a Thunder King and attack into the Marshmallon. He draws for turn, sets another monster. I attack it again, yet another Marshmallon. I end up going into Blackship of Corn and taking out the Marshes only to run into a Mirror Force like an idiot, and I compulsory my own Blackship, as I'm having a hard time with these Marshmallons. I was just unable to make reads against this deck at all, as he ran a bajillion cards that I either hadn't seen in years or just straight up didn't know. At one point, he was stalling me out with Scrubbed Raid and a Wave-Motion Cannon (at 4 turns) with a full back field and a Golden Ladybug in hand to my 6000 life points and fully developed field (came back after the Mirror Force). I needed some backrow removal something fierce. I rip an MST for turn and target the Cannon, he Bribes. I draw Heavy off the Bribe. I activate it, he Starlight Roads, I flip Warning for the game. Very scary game, as I was misplaying left and right, unable to make a read for the life of me. Not a good start to the tournament. Match: 2-1   Overall: 1-0.     Round 2: Kenny Sisco (Wind-Ups) vs. Oscar Guillen (Inzektors)   Game 1: I win the die roll and start with Thunder King + 2 backrow. He summons Hopper, and based off of his facial expressions, I suspect he opened poorly, so this was probably a desperation play. I bottomless the Hopper right off the bat. He sets 2 and passes. I poke for 1900, set another backrow and pass. He summons Card Trooper, which I Warning. He gets extremely frustrated and asks if I'm going to ever let him make a play and is guessing that I'm playing some anti-monster deck (lol). I poke for another 1900, then summon Wind-Up Rabbit main phase 2, expecting a Torrential. He doesn't respond. He passes his turn. I summon another Wind-Up Rabbit and he scoops. Match: 1-0   Game 2: He starts by setting Hornet and 2 backrow. I have a juice hand of Magician, Shark, Shark, Rabbit, Book, Warning. I start with a Wind-Up Rabbit and attack over the Hornet. I set 2 and pass. He rips Centipede and promptly plays it into my Warning. He flips Call. He equips Hornet, I respond with Book of Moon before he can pop a card and search. He sets 1 more and passes. I draw a Lance and decide to go for it. I summon Magician, he allows it, reveal Shark, which he also allows. Trigger Magician, which he Warnings (he later says that he had the OTK hand next turn had he not misplayed this Warning). Make Shark 3, and point to his last backrow, reading it as either Call or Threatening Roar, telling him he doesn't have an answer, to which he agrees. I make Zenmaity and end the board with Maestroke, Tiras, and a face-down Lance, clearing his field (backrow was Call). His next turn, he specials Cyber Dragon, makes a 2000 Chimeratech with Zenmaity, normals Tour Guide and goes into Acid Golem to push over Tiras, to which I respond with Lance. He scoops. Match: 2-0   Overall: 2-0.     Round 3: Kenny Sisco (Wind-Ups) vs. Miguel Hernandez (Hero Beat)   This guy is Oscar's teammate and is a really nice guy. I've seen him before and he's always cool and chill about everything. Shame he has some bad luck in this match.   Game 1: I start out strong with a Thunder King and a set MST and Lance with a Thunder King in-hand. He starts off with a blind MST on my MST, then Dark Holes the Thunder King. Not knowing what he's playing, I allow it and save the Lance for the second T KIng. He ends up going E Call -> Stratos -> Set 3 and attacks. I draw for turn, summon the Thunder King, and attempt to attack over Stratos, since I'm sure I'll get Gemini Sparked or something next turn anyway, run into D. Prison. He gets a few direct attacks in with the Stratos, but doesn't summon the Alius for some reason (probably fearing Warning or Bottomless). I end up coming back with Wind-Up Rabbit and using Lance on Stratos in the damage step to save my life points. When he finally summons the Alius, I have Torrential. He tries to Hero Blast it back, and I Judgment since all he's doing is complaining about not getting to a monster (so I assume most of his backrow is dead). I beat him down with Rabbit Magician for the game. Match: 1-0   Game 2: He opens very poorly and just sets 2 and passes. I open Wind-Up Rabbit and a few backrow cards and Heavy. I decide to try to bait the Heavy for a plus, since I'm pretty sure he'll walk into it, based on how many backrow he was setting game 1. I summon Rabbit, poke for 1400 and set Torrential. He sets 2 more and passes. I reluctantly play the Heavy, expecting Road, but he instead just scoops it up instantly so we could go to lunch earlier. Match: 2-0   Overall: 3-0.     Went to lunch at Qdoba with everyone in my car and Andrew Perez, Ray Hall, Adrian Sean Shakir, and Kevin Abernathy. I fucking love Qdoba. I also introduced these guys to Peach Fanta, which sounds as gay as it tastes, but who the fuck cares, it's god-damned delicious.     Round 4: Kenny Sisco (Wind-Ups) vs. Roberto Cera (Lightsworn)   I remember this guy from the last Colorado Regional - he made top 8 with Lightsworn then running Phantom of Chaos. I had asked around before the round started, and everyone said he's still playing Lightsworn. I prepare to get shit on because apparently this guy's been getting lucky all day.   Game 1: He doesn't say much and isn't pleased to be playing against Wind-Ups. I try to show him good sportsmanship by shaking his hand, smiling, wishing him luck, etc. I just want people to have a good time playing against me, but this guy didn't seem to be having it. He wins the die roll and starts off a set Ryko and a set Book of Moon (which I read as MST). I start with a Wind-Up Rabbit, a set MST, and a set Warning. I don't attack, making the read. He flips the Ryko, targets my MST, I chain, he chains Book on Ryko, mills a Lyla, and 2 spells. I draw and get nowhere. Not wanting to lose my Rabbit, I pass with another set. He flips the Ryko, I warning. He drops Lumina, discards Ehren to bring back Lyla, I Bottomless. I summon another Rabbit and attack over Lumina. I hold Dark Hole and Heavy in hand. He drops a Judgment Dragon out of nowhere and I have to check his graveyard. Apparently he milled what he needed off of Lumina, as he had exactly 4 in grave. He pays the 1000, I banish both Rabbits. He drops the second JD for game. I was devastated. Match: 0-1   Game 2: I don't remember the rest of this match very clearly, but I do know that game 2 was in my control the whole time. It was a slower grind-fest, and he kept milling MSTs and Dust Tornados while I had infinite backrow. Ended up playing it safe and dropping a Zenmaines with a Zenmaity on-board, in fear of Honest while he had low life points. He didn't have the Honest, and I got him anyway. Match: 1-1   Game 3: He starts off with a set Ryko, set MST. I start off with either Tour Guide Shark or Magician Shark, I don't remember, but he has an answer to it - Veiler iirc. I protect the Maity for a turn with backrow and am able to Shock Lock him next turn. He can't comeback. Match: 2-1   Overall: 4-0     Round 5: Kenny Sisco (Wind-Ups) vs. Matt Wright (Dino Rabbit)   Sucks  to play a friend this early. He just got finished playing our mutual friend Luke as well. Brutal line-ups for him. I feel bad here and entirely expect to lose, as Matt is a phenomenal player.   Game 1: This becomes a complete grind-fest, and he controls the entire game with a Thunder King while I've got Rabbit + Factory. He gets a few good attacks in, and I keep his Dinos off the board, as a Dolkka would surely seal the game. I rip a Dimensional Prison, and I was at very low life. He tries to make a push for game and runs into the D. Prison. I amount a comeback with the Factory searches in the next couple of turns and end up taking it. He comments later that he misplayed that badly and should have made that read. Some other friends of mine comment on how hard it is to read my traps, since I run a bunch of one-ofs. I dunno, I just amount it to a damn good game and go to game 2. Match: 1-0   Game 2: He opens extremely poorly with 4 vanillas, a Rabbit, and a Maxx C. He sets a Kabazauls and pass. I read it as either a Sangan or a Reaper. I have Magician Shark, but he chains Maxx C, so I just Maestroke and pass. I considered grabbing the Rabbit to have a blowout play next turn, but I had something in-hand that made me not want to do that. I don't remember exactly what, and I really didn't think he opened that poorly, I just thought he was conserving resources. After a couple of turns running Rabbits into his face-down Kabazauls, I realize that he's got a hand of vanillas and I should be playing a lot more aggressively. He's able to get a Dolkka on-board with Guaiba, but I've been holding Soul Taker since turn one. Once I have double Magician Rabbit on the field, he watches me go off with Maity, Leviair, a rank 4 (I think Papilloperative?) and Soul of Silver Mountain to freeze his face-down Mirror Force, which caused him to promptly scoop. He's clearly upset about the bad luck and I apologize to him, because I know how it feels. He shakes my hand anyway and is really cool about it later on. Once he cooled down from being upset about the bad luck, he ended up cheering me on the rest of the day and was very proud to see me doing well. Match: 2-0   Overall: 5-0     Round 6: Kenny Sisco (Wind-Ups) vs. Taylor Bjelka (Fire Fists)   I was terrified of this match-up. I knew there were a lot of Vorse Raider builds here today, and that the Bro Fists have a very strong match-up against Wind-Ups. I wasn't as prepared for them as I should have been, as I had built my deck with the variance of Colorado tournaments in mind, not so much focused on new product. I sat down expecting to get stomped.   Game 1: I don't remember a lot of details about this game, but I did see an early Nin Ken Dog, which made me just secretly go "YES!" knowing that the Nin Ken Dog build isn't that great and that I can keep a Thunder King on the board longer with those guys, which is exactly what I did. This one went back and forth at the beginning, but I was able to get control mid-game and he couldn't come back. Temtempo put in work. Match: 1-0   Game 2: He starts off with a Tenki into Vorse Raider and I immediately know what's going to happen. He Deck Devs me in my draw phase for 3 with my Heavy and Dark Hole left in hand. Over the next 3 turns, I'm able to keep the few monsters he draws off the board while Deck Dev takes away a Magician and a Tour Guide. He doesn't draw monsters for a couple of turns, and I don't draw any useful ones. I saw him Duality for a Starlight Road turn one, and there was only one set toward the end of it, which I knew was Road. I had Heavy, Dark Hole, and MST in hand. I make the play in my head, then do some really stupid shit and play the Dark Hole first. I immediately know what I did wrong, and he flips the Road. I chain MST so he doesn't get the Stardust, play the Heavy anyway, and let him attack for game. I quickly point out how stupid I am and he said I may have lived since he couldn't get a monster for the life of him. Match: 1-1   Game 3: I ruthlessly sack into Magician, Shark, Factory, and he can't live through it. He scoops by turn 3. Match: 2-1   Overall: 6-0     This is the point where I just start getting really lucky against opponents or they get really lucky against me. No grind matches, which I'm better at than the blowout ones. :(     Round 7: Kenny Sisco (Wind-Ups) vs. Mike Wong (Wind-Ups)   Game 1: Mike wins the die roll and starts strong with a protected Thunder King. I have a Wind-Up Rabbit and a couple of sets, but he still gets that poke in for 1900. I draw an out to the Thunder King, which succeeds, but he has the second one in his hand already. I can't amount to anything with it out, and he seals the deal with an Xyz play and a Solemn Judgment. Match: 0-1   Game 2: A ruthless blowout of Magician, Shark, Factory, Judgment. I Shock Lock for spells, and he has this glimmer in his eyes and he drops his own Magician. I Judgment it and he scoops. Match: 1-1   Game 3: He has a decent start, but it's not a blowout by any means. I draw the nuts again and since he doesn't have backrow when I go off, I just call monster effects, with enough backrow to handle a Dark Hole if he has it. He doesn't have it, and I win in a couple turns. Match: 2-1   Overall: 7-0     Round 8: Kenny Sisco (Wind-Ups) vs. Anthony Eckroth (Water)   Game 1: I get an attack in with Rabbit over his Undine, but I don't have much defense at all and be relentlessly beats my face in with an OTK on turn 2. Match: 0-1   Game 2: I start with Rabbit and I think a backrow? I don't remember. He summons Genex Controller and pokes for 1400 while I blink away. Following that, I D. Fissure, summon another Rabbit, go to Zenmaity, he promptly MSTs the Fissure. I activate Maity, he Veilers. I poke for 1500 at some point (I don't remember how Controller left the field), but I follow it up with a Messenger and another backrow to protect the Maity. I Shock Lock next turn for the win. Match: 1-1   Game 3: He opens nothing but Atlanteans with nothing to trigger them and a face-down Linde. I end phase MST his Sphere and he makes me work for my Shock Master again, as I have Tour Guide Shark this time. He Veilers once again, and I'm able to protect the Maity again. Shock Master on Monster Effects does it from there. Match: 2-1   Overall: 8-0     Undefeated in swiss for my first regional top. I'll be the first to admit that I got pretty lucky, but I'm still pretty happy about it. I got paired up in top 8 against Joey Chou, who didn't want to play (every single top 8 pairing was either won with a die roll or a scoop to someone, since it was 9pm and nobody wanted to play anymore). He gives me the deckbox and some bragging rights and passes me the win in return for future sexual favors. Whatever, I'll take it.       Here's the decklist:   [spoiler] Monsters: 3x Wind-Up Shark 3x Wind-Up Magician 3x Wind-Up Rat 3x Wind-Up Rabbit 2x Tour Guide from the Underworld 1x Sangan 2x Thunder King Rai-Oh 1x Spirit Reaper   Spells: 3x Mystical Space Typhoon 3x Wind-Up Factory 1x Dark Hole 1x Heavy Storm 1x Monster Reborn 1x Pot of Avarice 1x Book of Moon 1x Forbidden Lance   Traps: 2x Solemn Warning 2x Torrential Tribute 2x Bottomless Trap Hole 1x Fiendish Chain 1x Dimensional Prison 1x Mirror Force 1x Compulsory Evacuation Device 1x Solemn Judgment   Extra: 1x Wind-Up Zenmaines 1x Wind-Up Zenmaity 1x Leviair the Sea Dragon 1x Temtempo the Percussion Djinn 1x Soul of Silver Mountain 1x Giga-Brilliant 1x Leviathan Dragon 1x Acid Golem 1x Photon Papilloperative 1x Blackship of Corn 1x Maestroke the Symphony Djinn 1x Abyss Dweller 1x Shock Master 1x Tiras 1x Adreus   Side: 2x Maxx C 1x Effect Veiler 1x Snowman Eater 1x Tsukuyomi 3x Dimensional Fissure 2x Messenger of Peace 1x Soul Taker 1x Dust Tornado 1x Trap Stun 1x Dimensional Prison 1x Compulsory Evacuation Device [/spoiler]     Thank you to everyone that was so supportive of me yesterday. You all really made my day great. I expected haters and the like, as I see it at every tournament, but everyone was just really genuinely proud of me, and it was just really nice of you all. Thanks for being cool people. :)   See you all at the Utah regional on March 2nd!