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Found 2 results

  1. Army of Darkness Mafia Day 3

    Players: 1: The Golden Tyranno 2: BuildtheWalia 3: Faint 4: Jazz 5: MacDude 6: The Antagonist 7: Sophocles 8: Broken Brillance 9: Malcolm 10: Logic 11: Sage Rules: Mafia cannot post in their QT during the day or contact each other outside of game/QT related to the game No players are allowed to discuss game outside of game Claiming is fine Days are 24 hours-ish and thread will autolock. Mods who post after the autolock will be modkilled if more than a minute after lock, post will be deleted otherwise. Autolock time will always be posted. nights are 18 hours to speed things up, or when everyone submits all actions. The mighty warrior from the Future, Ash, has arrived with his boom stick to get the rest of the primitive screwheads (...the townsfolk) to listen up and get him back to his time. Unfortunatly there's a deadite (scum) invasion going on so that'll just not do. The town must try and vote off a member of the deadites every day - town wins when all deadites are dead, scum wins when they achieve voting parity with town. Good luck, godspeed. The day will end at 2:00 PM EDT tomorrow by autolock. The extra 20 min is for me to finish sending role PMs
  2. Hello Everybody, this letter is directed to the whole DGZ community but especially to SageRhapsody, I wanna apologize to all of you but more importanly to SageRhapsody, you know man we both struggled quite a lot, but we succeeded to outpass our problems, I know I have been quite a dick to you and an immature retarded child.. but stuff happened in my life too, so for the first time ever, DGZ this is my story: I started to play Yu-Gi-Oh! when I was 11 on a DN account called idriss, I was not really relevant at that time because all I cared about is playing with my scrub ojama neo-spacian deck and thought I would open as broken as the protagonist of the anime. then I went on to DevPro, my best language was obviously french and I went to DevPro-French chat which was a cancerous chat, those people were ruthless and insulted me so badly.. just like you SageRhapsody, they called me gay.. at that moment, a flame on my heart occured that I'll become a competitive player, 2-0 all their lives and earn the respect I deserved. But each time I got onto their game, I became more cancer and insulted more and more, I wasn't that innocent kid anymore, I was a cancerous machine.. then I somehow whored myself out to the head administrator of DevPro and became a moderator.. I thought that I would become more chill but I kept abusing my powers and spamming "Heil Hitler" on the german chat.. I thought I was cool and all but I was just an immature piece of shit.. I eventually got IP banned from DevPro and went to DN.. I thought that this will be a new beginning, I cannot remember how retarded my brain was to name myself "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Power" with 13 "!" exactly and I fucking wrote it every single time to log in.. nothing too spectacular I swept some GOM team 6-0 and eventually got relevant, but then I faced this shark Hakan-Sama, he sharked me so hard and I won anyways but I kept insulting him so bad so he fooled me, screened it to an admin called dluc23, and eventually got me banned for 3 days, after that happened what I would like to call a pure showing on autism. Instead of waiting 3 days of my unban, I kept making alternative accounts everytime because I was too addict to this damned game, not Yu-Gi-Oh!.. but insulting every single person.. All of this because of the bullying, I've had by people for being gay.. just like you SageRhapsody. I got IP banned for making too many alternative accounts, but then I found a way to evade anyways, I became "DarkKing77" and I made a team called [TNE] The Nightmare Ending, it was basically Me, zarnold98 and Near N and some retarded useless french kids that all they did was losing.. No high expectations.. We won a few wars, beat The Exile thanks to porkyra "gl for the rest" and The_Master10 another Moroccan retarded kid but way more retarded than us.. they caught me on Darkking77 so Near N and zarnold98 took over , .. They added some good members like James who eventually become the leader of TNE , he was a nigga from uk who can never get banned even tho he did the same mistakes as us , , anyway james and nir continued the season and won it after beating TD Farzi team thanks to maithamx noid deck who sacked 5-0 , and i was known as the first guy who won a season while being ip banned , meanwhile plant sell TDU for donation codes after he took the leadership , tdu will play important role in my life aswell since it will be my future team after 2 days TNE got banned for raiding skype chats especially the captains chat , then we had to find an alt team to war again , so Near and james decided to send topdeckedbls0_0 a 13 year old from germany who used to be on TDU but the problem was that plant sold TDU for dono so we couldnt get back the team from dn admins we had to beg so much , eventually topdeckedbls succeded to take back tdu We used alts on the new TDU team Near was K-dot and james was 1 UP , Necro was heaven monarch and ofc plant choose weeb name like megan winter .. we start playing as TDU then we had to face some serbian random team that have Samopoosteno and super aca aka Kralj on roster , he start sweeping TDU but he lost the last heart in the end , plant moved and tried to steal him but samo was loyal . Anyway our important war was vs EX we had to crush joco team ofc since he was responsible for our TNE ban .. , we won the tdu ex war after so much fights and more than 60 dodges from ex , meanwhile i was on mexicans teams still playing for dono and disbanding them after i got what i want Anyways, at some point, admins got sick of banning me, I made like 100 accounts at that time.. Sjir-Sama allowed me to stay but I should not enter the forums.. I went on my account got 1654 rating on 3 days free.. and went to the forums and got IP banned another proof of my autism, I kept joining team after team, so the admin team made a new rule, whoever makes me join his team, will get his team disbanded and himself leaderbanned, I turned from an IP banned legend, to a spreading virus, I can proudly say that I got 75% of the mexican community IP Banned shoutouts to my man NiggaMemories who let me pass the admin exam on his account 2/10 and an IP ban must be fun ! Anyway , After DN died we moved to devpro we were chill playing rated there , and tag duels only , plant was noob at devpro he didnt even know how to pend summon on automatic system duels so we trained him , then a new community rised it was DU ( duelistunite ) it was new and young and nobody thought it will be active since they used ygopro , alot of new ppl joined the community and we formed LPG , it was a mix of TDU players and some ELAR Players like Gift1 , Lazerman33 and TRIUMVIRATE like smiddy , zanna and jack . anyway we sweeped the server going 31-0 while others teams were like 4-2 at the time , but there was a problem the ranking system of DU was using a dumb true skill elo system that we thought was rigged after our loss to TDS team which is new team formed by some sos members , we were 2nd with 31-1 W/L and tds first with like 4 wins and 1 loss ... so we decided to ruin the server after mods refused to show us the sheets for elo , we team up with our rival team back in the day aka Team Legend and gift give us power and we succefully deleted 800 people manually . Ofc after du revived the war scene we were banned then we moved to war zone aka masq forum we went undefeated 2 seasons again and won them both but the site got inactive lately Now before talking about the DGZ arc, I wanna talk about a very important moment, DB Donation Code Contest Chat, made a custom tournament for 6 months donation codes, I was vs flaming_ice on the finals for 6 months dono, It was 1-1, Ice had some xyz's summoned by Magical Scientist.. a Live Monarch Ehther.. and 6 cards in hand.. 2 prime monarch too.. I had 1 card in hand, I topped pot of greed, to pot of greed, to pot of desires.. The rest was just history.. I managed to play through all that.. end with 5 true draco monsters and attack for game.. the watchers chat went crazy, I went crazy sad retard cried, I won 6 months donation codes, I was so happy, donation codes are my life. After conquering every warring forum that existed, only one was left and it was the "duelistsgroundz" that one was not different from the others since we beat ATO twice, ESPN once and Kolkata once.. but as obvious nobody appreciated our colossal domination, so they made stupid excuses to get rid of us.. the saddest thing is that US LPG destroyed on a format they played for 10 years called GOAT format where I destroyed AZP and MMF and Soul, the funny thing is they still worship some gris berovitch guy but nobody fucking cares, even after our ban as a team we were still there as normal members.. but then you appeared SageRhapsody.. and we trolled the fuck out of you but I swear I saw in you a lot of the older me, I regret the current myself so hard, All of this happened because everybody made fun of my sexual side.. and how I liked to fuck goats for fun, stay nice and don't change bro, I'am so sorry bro and I hope one day you'll accept my apology...