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Found 3 results

  1. Superb Tea

    This thread is to discuss good ways to farm Superb Tea. Reward Cards
  2. Syrus Truesdale

    This thread is to discuss good ways to farm Syrus Truesdale. Reward Cards: Lv 40.
  3. Serious Chazz

    This a guide to farm lv30 & 40 Serious Chazz. Majority of lv 40 decks should work against lv30 though I have unknown data on his lv 30 deck and I only faced it once. Serious Chazz's Lv 30 Deck: Serious Chazz's Lv 40 Deck: Farming Decks Lv 30 Kidmodo Blue-Eyes 7000-8000. A bit expensive and you can replace Floodgate for a 3rd Shard of Greed and Magnetic Mosquito. Lv 40 Dark Paladin 8000+. (If you lack a Swamp you can replace it with other fusions subs and fusion sage/draw cards) Ra Lv40 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQ-Uzj9jOVU&feature=youtu.be