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Found 16 results

  1. Hey DGz welcome to my first tournament report. Last weekend I went up to Fargo with a few friends. Of all the places we travel to Fargo by far has the smallest regionals. But what it lacks in competitiveness it makes up for in…uh, being easy to top. Anyway, enjoy :D I wasn’t sure what deck to play. I didn’t have access to a lot of the top decks, but I did have a prophecy deck my friend lent me, so I didn’t have much of a choice I guess. This was exciting though, because unlike mermails and fire fists, there hasn’t been a pro player to show everyone how to play the deck. This meant it was on me to figure out how to build the deck to get the most out of it. Unfortunately, I don’t feel I ended up with a completely optimal build, but I believe I made some key changes that made it a lot better. Anywhere here is the build I ended with: Monsters(9) 1: World of Prophecy 2: High Priestess of Prophecy 3: Temperance of Prophecy 3: Spellbook Magician of Prophecy   Spells(21) 3: Spellbook Library of the Crescent 3: Spellbook of Secrets 2: The Grand Spellbook Tower 2: Spellbook of Wisdom 1: Spellbook of Fate 1: Spellbook of the Master 1: Spellbook of Eternity 1: Spellbook of Power 1: Spellbook of Life 3: Upstart Goblin 2: MST 1: Book of Moon   Traps(10) 3: Reckless Greed 2: Fiendish Chain 1: Torrential Tribute 1: Bottomless Trap Hole 1: Solemn Warning 1: Compulsory Evacuation Device 1: Mirror Force   Extra (all 1-of) Shining Elf Gachi Gachi Gantetsu Daigusto Phoenix Armored Kappa Herald of Pure Light Wind-up Zenmaines Temtempo the Percussion Djinn Number 30: Acid Golem of Destruction Number 17: Leviathan Dragon Dowenerd Magician Ally of Justice Catastor HTS Psyhemuth Black Rose Dragon Scrap Dragon Crimson Blader   Side 3: Maxx "c" 2: Effect Veiler 2: Breaker the Magicial Warrior 1: MST 2: Rivalry of Warlords 2: Overworked 2: Light Imprisoning Mirror 1: Soul Drain Choices that may need explanation: 2 Priestess 1 World: the reason people play 2 World is so that if they draw one they can still go into the other one with Temperance. However, I believe Priestess is good enough that if I draw my one World I can still win a large enough percentage of my games with Priestess plays alone. Not to mention I significantly reduce my chances of drawing World, and completely eliminate my chances of drawing 2 Worlds :P. Did I mention playing Priestess from the hand is busted? 2 Wisdom: Idk if it’s standard or not, but I love it at 2. I want it all the time. Gets blue boy through fiendish, gets Spellbook of Power plays through (which I learned are actually really important), and, of course, it gets your game winning Temperance and Priestess plays though. 1 Master: I simply don’t see why people played 2 to begin with. You only want it when you search it off of secrets or crescent, right? No seriously, am I missing something here? If you know why everyone is playing 2 let me know. I mean I understand there’s a few mid-late game situations it can come in handy, but really 90% of this decks problems are in the early game. I have yet to miss the 2nd and the one I do play is still clogging my opening hands now and again. 1 Eternity: same as Master, but it should be more obvious. This deck struggles in the early game. From my experience you will lose more often to brick hands (which Eternity LOVES to create) than you will to getting the cycle cut off. 3 upstart: This one I really don’t know…It’s an improvement from duality which conflicts with Temperance, Priestess and Crescents, whereas this just conflicts with Crescents, but it’s still frustrating at times. 2 MST: I kept losing the mirror to people who mained it…but mostly it’s just kinda filler. Worked out pretty well though. 3 reckless: another one that’s really tough to say. Whenever my hand was decent, it became busted. But if it was bad, it stayed bad and I couldn’t draw for 2 turns… No discard outlets: this one is tough to explain. Discard traps are bad in general, especially if you don’t draw World. If you do draw World there’s a very good possibility you won’t have the discard for it. And even if the stars align and you draw both World of Prophecy AND a discard trap, well, it’s not even a game winning combo. You’re still a long way from winning the duel. Simply not worth It IMO, I’ll just take the dead card every 5 games or so. Extra deck is whatever, apparently all you need is Shining elf, daigusto phoenix and downerd. I actually kinda wish I had the rank 7’s. There were a few games I wish I had Big Eye or Dracosack, but I’m pretty sure I won those games anyway so...idk. Also I would have played the good rank 4s since you can make plays with breaker and using life on a blue boy banishing another blue boy, but I was letting someone use mine. Side deck was pretty abysmal except for maxx “c” and rivalry. I completely missed the fact that light-imprisoning hurts me too. Ya de da heres the report; 120 people showed. Round 1 vs evilswarm. Unfortunately this tournament kinda has a lame start for me...this kid just started filling out his decklist when the round started. About 5 minutes into the match I felt I had to take the game 1 win. I know how evilswarm vs prophecy games can drag on for a while, and I didn't feel like taking a draw early on just to avoid being a jerk. With 31-32 minutes left we start shuffling and get to playing. I go second by default and open World of Prophecy. Luckily the rest of my hand was decent, and the kid wasn't super experienced and didn't know how to counter my plays. 1-0 Round 2 vs mermail. This one I remember very few details. Game 1 I’m pretty sure I won easy, game 2 a little back and forth but he mst’d my warning or something and puts a lot of pressure on me. Game 3 I opened double maxx “c” so I had to hope I wouldn’t die before I could use the cards I get from them. Things worked out though. 2-0 Round 3 vs Geargia Game 1: he sets Armor and 4 backrow. On my turn I make fate live right away with crescents and immediately banish his Armor. He flips geargia-gear in the end phase. All I had left for defense was book of moon, but it ends up being enough to push it into a grind game where Tower does its thing and I come out on top. Game 2: not much to say here, all he opened with were tuners and Redox, I take the game quickly. 3-0 Round 4 vs Evilswarm. Game 1: I opened Torrential, 2 Priestess, Temperance, Tower, and Master. I set Torrent and pass. He plays castor->heliotrope, I torrential but he has infection. Then he attacks, makes ophion, searches, sets 1 and activates Kaiser colosseum. I topdeck into power, Temperance+power+master attack. Then I go into World, blow the field and he can’t come back. Game 2: He just gets going so fast I can’t keep up. Game3: similar to G2 I would have won with bottomless but he opened the infection again. I lose with a priestess and no spellbooks in hand…   I was a little salty after this one but I kind of deserved it. I didn't prepare for the matchup, knowing full well that at the regional level and lower evilswarms are a very common deck. 3-1 Round 5 vs frogs Game 1: He drops Mega-Mobius turn 2 and then another turn 3. Luckily I am able to play around them like you play around night beam or gyokkou. I would have probably lost if he made felgrand but he didn’t. After that we go into like a 20 minute grind game but spellbooks do it better than frogs and eventually I win. Game 2: I keep him from ever summoning mega-mobius. Frogs are just no match for tower+Fate. Oh yea I also had bottomless for his ronintoadin->inferno reckless summon-> des frog play :) 4-1 Round 6 vs mermails. This guy is my friend I came up with and he is the one person I didn’t want to play. Game 1: he goes first summons spike discard gunde for undine sets 3 and passes. My first 5 cards were pretty lousy with 2 crescent and an upstart, but my 6th card is Temperance. I have wisdom for his torrential, then I go into World to blow up his last 2 backrow, but they are both reckless greed. He ends up drawing his controller and I win a couple turns later. His opening hand was really quite good, shame to see it go to waste like that :/ Game 2: like game 1 but my hand is much better and his is worse. He goes spike discard tidal for undine and sets 2. This time I opened temperance secrets, so I blow his field and this time his backrows were not reckless greed, but sphere and something else. He chains sphere gets megalo, I atk over it, set soul drain, flip it in his standby and he scoops. 5-1 Round 7 vs Bujins. This guy goes to locals with me and has been playing for a long time, longer than me. This was going to be his first top 8…or not :D Game 1: I go second and open World :/ I get it to a grind game but it’s really eating away at our time, and since my hand was bad I decide to scoop like 18 minutes in. Game 2: I opened World AGAIN. But my hand was otherwise solid so between Fate and traps I get in control. Then he flips decree when I have like 3 traps and I can’t do anything about it for like 2 turns until I can drop my priestess and destroy it to regain control. At one point he had a DNA surgery, I can’t remember if it was game 2 or game 3, but I feel like it was game 2 and I popped it with priestess. Game 3: He opens yamato for the third time good for him. I didn’t open world but I am pretty sure I am going to lose anyway. I’m taking damage and can’t take control of the field. I grind it out for a while until at one point I have a temperance and need to top a secrets. Well, I top a secrets, and then another one off tower. Obviously I temperance into World and blow the field, he uses hare, so I use Power on World and atk Yamato, knowing his 2 in hand cards are both Crane. After that his deck decides to give him an incredibly ironic topdeck: Honest. Doesn’t matter though I’m in control and win. 6-1 End up getting 6th place. nice. Props 3 people from my locals got their first top 8. They have been going at it hard for a while so good for them Austin getting first Chillin with friends before and after Pulling exciton in my prize packs Got my 8th regional top 8.   slops the drive up Mark not being there my side deck, as usual
  2. Apprentice Books

      Monsters (14): 3 High Priestess of Prophecy 3 JUSTICE of Prophecy 3 Spellbook Magician of Prophecy 2 Apprentice Magician 2 Effect Veiler 1 Magician of Faith   Spells (too many22): 3 Spellbook of Secrets 3 Pot of Duality 3 Mystical Space Typhoon 2 The Grand Spellbook Tower 2 Spellbook of Eternity 2 Spellbook of Kanye 2 Spellbook of RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman 2 Spellbook of Goyim 1 Spellbook of Hate 1 Spellbook of Strife 1 (Spell)Book of Moon   Traps (4): 2 Mirror Force 1 Bottomless Trap Hole 1 Solemn Warning   Extra Deck: 1 Star Eater 1 Leodrake 2: Electric Boogaloo 1 Scarp Dagron 1 Blake's Row Dagron 1 Arcanine Magician 1 Tempest Magician 1 Hierophant of Prophecy 1 Dr. Cossack 1 Number 11: Big Eye 1 Down as fuck Magician 1 Shining Elf 1 Daigusto Phoenix 1 Herald of Pure Light 1 Gachi2 Gantetsu 1 Chimeratech Fortress Dragon (instead of 'Castle)   Side Deck: 2 Cyber Dragon Core 2 Maxx "C" 2 Dust Tornado 2 Mirror of Oaths 2 Overworked 2 Mind Crush 2 Retort 1 Soul Drain   - - - I've been playing prophecy for a little bit and I can't stand crescent. It restricts my plays, gives my opponent more knowledge than I'm comfortable with, and its 'random' selection is thwarted by differing prints and rarities. I'm currently testing this build, and it's been working better than I expected; I feel like it has potential. Can I get some thoughts on the build?
  3. What I'd take to YCS Toronto

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/luHx_-RlXvI" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>   Monsters - 8 3 Spellbook Magician of Prophecy 3 Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer 1 Jowgen the Spiritualist 1 Droll & Lock Bird   Spells - 28 3 Spellbook of Judgment 3 Spellbook of Secrets 2 Spellbook of the Master 1 Spellbook of Eternity 2 Spellbook of Fate 2 Spellbook Star Hall 2 The Grand Spellbook Tower 2 Spellbook of Wisdom 1 Spellbook of Power 1 Book of Moon 3 Upstart Goblin 3 Magical Mallet 3 Reload   Traps - 4 3 Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell 1 Solemn Judgment   Side Deck - 15 2 Droll & Lock Bird 1 Apprentice Magician 1 Old Vindictive Magician 2 Xyz Encore 3 Retort 3 Mind Drain 1 Solemn Warning 1 Rivalry of Warlords 1 Phoenix Wing Wind Blast   Could play a 3rd Master/Fate over a Droll or Cursed Seal but the Spellbook count has been fine so far. Sometimes have to pass on a couple searches etc to make sure you can Judgment again for the 2nd monster , etc and you're fine.
  4. muh spellbooks

    3 Spellbook Magician of Prophecy 3 Kycoo The Ghost Destroyer 1 Jowgen the Spiritualist 2 Effect Veiler 1 High Priestess of Prophecy   3 Spellbook of Secrets 3 Spellbook of the Master  3 Spellbook of Judgment 3 Spellbook Star Hall 3 Spellbook Library of the Crescent 2 Spellbook of Fate 2 Spellbook of Power 2 The Grand Spellbook Tower 1 Spellbook of Wisdom 1 Spellbook of Eternity 1 Book of Moon 1 Heavy Storm   2 Mirror Force 1 Phoenix Wing Wind Blast 1 Solemn Warning 1 Solemn Judgment
  5. Nova Prospekt

    <iframe width="640" height="360" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/68hxUjT2Ong?feature=player_detailpage" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>     Main Deck: ~2~ Blue-Eyes White Dragon ~3~ Blue-Eyed Maiden ~1~ High Priestess of Prophecy ~1~ Justice of Prophecy ~3~ Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer ~3~ Spellbook Magician of Prophecy   ~1~ Book of Moon ~3~ Spellbook Library of the Crescent ~1~ Spellbook of Eternity ~2~ Spellbook of Fate ~3~ Spellbook of Judgment ~1~ Spellbook of Life ~1~ Spellbook of Power ~3~ Spellbook of Secrets ~2~ Spellbook of the Master ~1~ Spellbook of Wisdom ~3~ Spellbook Star Hall ~2~ The Grand Spellbook Tower   ~2~ Phoenix Wing Wind Blast ~1~ Solemn Judgment ~1~ Solemn Warning   Side Deck: ~2~ Jowgen the Spiritualist ~1~ Tsukuyomi ~1~ Heavy Storm ~3~ Mystical Space Typhoon ~2~ Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell ~3~ Mind Drain ~3~ Rivalry of Warlords   Extra Deck: Ally of Justice Catastor Armory Arm Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon Black Rose Dragon Claiomh Solais the Hazehawk Crimson Blader Daigusto Phoenix Evilswarm Thanatos Gachi Gachi Gantetsu Gagaga Cowboy Lavalval Chain Maestroke the Symphony Djinn Number 96: Dark Mist Shining Elf Slacker Magician   I decided to see if I could figure out how to make the new Blue-Eyes cards viable and after reading the Spellbook thread and messing around I thought that there would be a good Spellbook deck that would run these in the future. This could even work without Spellbook of Judgment next format I'm sure if they hit it due to the insane effect of Maiden. Her effect is just so powerful combined with the cards that Spellbooks can play on her to pump out giant 3000 attack beaters that can also be turned into big synchro walls like Azure-Eyes. I also get to play around with the generic level 3 synchro, Claiomh Solais, who is very helpful in tricky matchups where you need to make some plays and you have a monster that is shutting you down and it also makes Spellbook of Power live a lot more since it reduces their attack. There are a lot of combos that come with running the Blue-Eyes cards that mostly come out in play, but they make the deck a lot more fiercesome. Also since I am running a lot of level 1 tuners, I elected to run the 1 High Priestess since she is a big boss monster that Prophecies can put on the board rather quickly and since I run her I run the 1 Justice of Prophecy so that I can search her out when the need appears.
  6. European WCQ

    3 Spellbook Magician of Prophecy 2 High Priestess of Prophecy 1 Justice of Prophecy 1 Jowgen the Spiritualist 2 Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer 1 Effect Veiler 2 Maxx "C" 3 Spellbook of Judgment 3 Spellbook of Secrets 2 Spellbook of the Master 2 Spellbook of Fate 2 Spellbook of Wisdom 1 The Grand Spellbook Tower 1 Spellbook of Life 1 Spellbook of Eternity 2 Spellbook Star Hall 1 Spellbook of Power 3 Upstart Goblin 1 One Day of Peace 1 Heavy Storm 1 Book of Moon 2 Phoenix Wing Wind Blast 1 Solemn Warning 1 Solemn Judgment 1 Gachi Gachi Gantetsu 1 Daigusto Phoenix 1 Shining Elf 1 Number 11: Big Eye 1 Hierophant of Prophecy 1 Armory Arm 1 Ally of Justice Catastor 1 T.G. Hyper Librarian 1 Tempest Magician 1 Arcanite Magician 1 Black Rose Dragon 1 Stardust Dragon 1 Scrap Dragon 1 Crimson Blader 1 Red Dragon Archfiend 2 Droll & Lock Bird 1 Breaker the Magical Warrior 1 Tsukuyomi 1 Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer 3 Dimensional Fissure 3 Mystical Space Typhoon 2 Rivalry of Warlords 2 Mind Crush   [spoiler][/spoiler] [spoiler] [/spoiler] [spoiler] [/spoiler] [spoiler] [/spoiler] [spoiler] [/spoiler]   Things I'm testing   -Crescents (I'm starting to like this card but I'm having trouble to find room since I want to play Priestess :/ ) -More Kycoo, thinking of adding one over one of the Veilers atm -2nd Star Hall over Reborn or sth -Main Droll Lock Bird -Maybe more Evilswarm hate in the side. -Exchange
  7. I really did no testing with exchange main deck I just wanted to try it at this regional and test it for nationals. It turned out being really amazing surprisingly anyway.... We got there pretty early since my friend Marcus was judging the event and had to help setup the tables etc. I handed in my deck list and lent out + looked for cards for my mate AJ. I was a little hung over from the night before so I didn't feel completely amazing since we had to leave super early because I live 1.5 hours away from the store :(.   Round 1 vs Evilswarm (dun didly chapa) I'm pretty sure he stacked my deck so I notified the judges after our match, he shuffled my deck and handed it back to me after I watched him shuffling my deck very suspiciously, he looks away and I look at my opening hand expecting it to be stacked. 2x priestess, 2x master, 2x tower. Na fuck that cut my deck and draw a real hand.   Game one: He opens rabbit into ophion. I also opened well and just grinded down his resources with fate+tower. he got me really low on LP though and the game dragged out for ages Game two: He opens rabbit into ophion. We go into time and I JD his dp he goes 2nd oph attacks then passes. I mst his pandemic (super fucking bendy half pipe) he chains then I chain fate and win from the + JD + jowgen. 1-0 Round 2 vs Darkworld Game one: I open pretty broken with secrets + JD + exchange so I do the usual + exchange giving him my priestess and taking his gates since he had a hand full of DW and no discard outlet. Game two: He eevs me I chain JD and reveal bottomless + blue guy for game. 2-0 Round 3 vs Elemental dragons Game one: He opens baby + discard but i had maxx c so he had to stop and rejuv EP. I go into an early jowgen + priestess summon to lock him out Game two: He card destruction's me at one point with 3 in hand but luckily doesn't hit a rejuv. Later in the game I exchange him a priestess for his tidal, overlay 2 blue guys for daigusto detach and summon the tidal to exactly game him was pretty cool :D 3-0 Round 4 vs Evilswarm Game one: I watch the guy shuffling my deck and looking at the bottom card the whole time, draw a hand of garbage. lucky for me he also draws double helio i think with no castor so i just eventually draw into a secrets and win. Game two: I ask the judge to cut the deck instead of my opponent and draw a reasonable hand surprisingly. He opens rabbit but i have veiler next turn heavy him for +2, summon kycoo double power with master and proceed to win. 4-0 Round 5 vs Spellbooks Game one: we both open terrible and it turns into a kycoo grind match. eventually I exchange him and steal his tower which wins me the game. Game two: he opens JD + secrets but i have the droll. I JD then exchange to steal his droll giving him a jowgen and pretty much win from there. 5-0 Round 6 vs Spellbooks Game one: I cant really remember too much but he opens busted and I get out paced. Game two: I open secrets JD but just set the JD and secrets-blue-master-star hall and pass with a set retort. I chain my JD to his and hes forced to pass. eventually he JDs and I resolve retort for the win. Game three: I open an unplayable hand of kycoo, tower, life, eternity, wisdom and warning. he goes first with JD + toon table and I lose. 5-1 Round 7 vs Evilswarm  We get deck checked and my opponent unfortunately gets a game loss for a deck infringement, he was a nice guy and I felt bad + I knew he was playing evilswarms after watching one of his previous rounds which is one of the easier matchups Game two: We both open slow but I start with an early starhall which wracks up about 12 or so counters. eventually he gets me really low on LP with a helio + ophion on board with no cards in hand and no backrow, I top deck the 3rd spellbook in hand secrets into blue search a book, use my set fate he chains pandemic and i chain book of moon on his oph then drop double priestess for game. 6-1 Conclusion: I end up coming 4th and receive $100 store credit + the playmat which I sold on the spot + the deckbox which i was happy with. My friend Jimmy came 1st also playing spellbooks and got $350 store cred which was cool. Like 5 of my friends top 8'ed which I was really happy about + AJ got his qualification for WCQ. Exchange worked out really well despite me vsing 3 evilswarms thoughout the day which its horrible against, ill definitely consider using it for WCQ. We went to get hooters for dinner after everything was done (standard post regional procedure). Pros: - Going 14-2 in games - AJ getting qualification - jimmy winning - exchange - another regional top - Limin finally getting his dam qualification Cons: - getting stacked twice - Horse dick misplaying MST and losing to some penrith guy Deck:  
  8. So I travelled 3 hours without reception to play at a regionals in some dodgy cafeteria. Had 3 hours sleep because the people I stayed with decided to stream max volume porn all night. I had intended to play water for the last time but the last minute, they called LTGY to be legal at the tournament so I just pulled out Prophecy and worked off that. Travel was shit, floor was hard as fuck to sleep on but when I was awake and everybody else was still passed out, I pulled off their blankets and started playing hopscotch around the house. More like hopstomp.   Before tournament, we went for a Maccas run !! And bought like 24 bottles of energy drinks for $10. Value.   Round 1 Geargia. Roll 1-6 G1 + G2: I don't think this is a deck anymore cause he couldn't do anything despite opening armor both games. 1-0 Round 2 Elemental Dragons.  Roll 6-2 So here I am sitting down in front of Tingy again, my only loss at the previous regionals. And this is time to avenge myself. Although I agreed to scoop already as he had the pressure of his team and a mutual friend on him G1: I open TToC , Toon Gemini and Storm and just scoop t2. G2: So like I opened Dfissure, and Kycoo and a strong hand in general G3: He made T1 Big Eye and EEV for a +4, except hits a tower so I get a Kycoo out. Then I draw another Tower. Second Kycoo. Then I draw Jowgen for the icing on top. Story of how I won but didn't really win. 1-1 Round 3. Lightsworns Roll 5-4 G1: He opens CotlB and Recharge but nothing much else after G2: He summons aurkus and ends milling Gorz and Honest so I just go wild 2-1 Round 4. Chaos Dragons Roll 4-2 G1: On T1 I use 3 TToC and 3 Upstart without Jday, so Im sad. He drops me to 1.4k on his turn with DAD in hand and I just play around the DAD and win eventually after grinding G2: He opens TkRO with Warning for my High PRiestess and I lose after drawing 2 Magicians in a row G3: I open D-Fi he opens bosses 3-1 Round 5 Rescue Rabbit Roll 1-6 G1: He only sees a Saber so I win over time and using a well timed Solemn Judgment G2: He plays Saber beat down and BTH on my Justice in End Phase and I never see a High Priestess ever. G3: I take 2 hits from Saber in time, but I clear his board and am ahead by last turn 4-1   Round 6 Fire Fist.   G1: He gets game loss for not siding out G2: He opens Tiger King 4 back row, and has SLR and I have no plays really. G3: He storms my Tower + Fate, so next turn I activate tower, set 5 back row, priestess on field and offer him a handshake. 5-1. Conclusion: So thats how I went 5-1 (6-0) but like instead of coming second, this place uses some garbage technology that puts me 4th. Like 2nd place lost to 13th and 3rd place lost to 6th so there was no way I could have been 4th if my only loss came 1st. Prizes were distributed as 36/24/10/5/.....3 so i felt gutted only getting 5 packs but its all good cause it came from a fresh box and I got a Dracosex and TORRENTIAL REBORN!!! We have a few more invites etc. and like I topped first day using Prophecy. Wish I played Starhall.   Pros -BEATING TINGY. -MHMM FOOOD -SO much personal space     Cons - 6 hour return travel -Sleeping was hell -Not much else   1 Effect Veiler 3 High Priestess of Prophecy 1 Injection Fairy Lily 1 Jowgen The Spiritualist 1 Justice of Prophecy 3 Spellbook Magician of Prophecy 1 Toon Gemini Elf   1 Book of Moon 1 Heavy Storm 1 Spellbook of Eternity 2 Spellbook of Fate 3 Spellbook of Judgment 1 Spellbook of Life 1 Spellbook of Power 3 Spellbook of Secrets 2 Spellbook of the Master 2 Spellbook of Wisdom 2 The Grand Spellbook Tower 3 Toon Table of Contents 3 Upstart Goblin   1 Solemn Warning 1 Solemn Judgment 2 Waboku   Extra Deck Used 1 Gachi Gachi Gantetsu 1 Daigusto Phoenix   Other Extra Deck 1 Ally of Justice Catastor 1 Ancient Sacred Wyvern 1 Armory Arm 1 Black Rose Dragon 1 Crimson Blader 1 Scrap Dragon 1 Stardust Dragon 1 TG Hyper Librarian 1 Tempest Magician 1 Gem Knight Pearl 1 Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack 1 Number 11: Big Eye 1 Shining Elf   2 Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer 1 Medium of the Ice Barrier 3 Dimensional Fissure 3 Mystical Space Typhoon 2 Compulsory Evacuation Device 2 Rivalry of Warlords 2 Royal Decree     Criticize away.     ADDING ON: 10 GUYS WATCHING MAX VOLUME PORN 4AM DEF NOT HOMO. CHRIS SHORT LIVES FUCKING NOWHERE. NAMBIRI DQ FOR CHEATING. ETC.
  9. Deep Green

    10 Pos rep to anyone who gets the reference of the title.         So I decided to attend YCS Jersey with Spellbooks, I had Water at my disposal, but I didn't feel comfortable with it enough to take on 11 rounds of swiss, WU was another option, but it's got too much of a "stun" feel to it now, same as Fire and Evilswarm.  Which is what YGO has pretty much turned into, you play Water, or you play a "stun" variant.  I haven't played anything higher than a lolcal since RI, so I'm feeling a bit out of it, not to mention, I started having respiratory issues the week prior to Jersey, but I stick it out because I'm the only one old enough to book a room for the gang/got a Military Discount for them all as well, the night prior, I'm thinking about just skipping the YCS entirely and going to do something else, because I'm having mixed feelings about the list I'm running, and I'm just not rly feeling the game as a whole at the moment, so I just have a "expect nothing, don't be disappointed" mindset throughout the weekend.         We get to our room, I play a few games, and hang out with Tyree and co, during this time, I also had the extreme displeasure of meeting Desmond Johnson, I didn't know who this guy was, but boy did he change that really fast, not only did he introduce himself with how many YCS he topped, but within 5 minutes of this guy talking to us, he mentions how many YCS he has topped about 4 fucking times (which was a reoccuring thing the entire weekend with a lot of individuals I happened to cross paths with), I really want him to go the fuck away and not ever speak to me again, so I pretty much pretend he isn't there, then while I am playing with a friend, he picks up one of my cards off the table to read it, I wanted to lay into his ass after that, you don't fucking know me like that, and I certainly don't want to know you.  I go up to the room and write my list out, that's when my friend let's us know he didn't bring a toothbrush, so I accompany him to the Wal-Mart down the street to get him a toothbrush and as I come back in, I see Tyree and Raheem are sitting down with Steinman, so I go to say what's up and what not and I talk to him about tomorrow, and I see he is playing Spellbooks as well, I take a gander at his list, and I really like what I see with the mained Aoi's and Mind Crush, there are a few things I didn't like about it, I'm not fond of Justice of Prophecy at all, nor am I fond of Bottomless Trap Hole and Warning in the deck, but I went upstairs to eat and came back down to compare ideas with them.  Then I decided on this:             Monsters: 11   3 Spellbook Magician of Prophecy 2 High Priestess of Prophecy 2 Breaker the Magical Warrior 2 Madolche Magiliene 2 Effect Veiler   Spells: 20   3 Spellbook of Secrets 2 Spellbook of the Master 2 Spellbook of Eternity 2 Spellbook of Fate 2 Spellbook of Power 2 The Grand Spellbook Tower 2 Spellbook of Wisdom 2 Pot of Duality Spellbook of Life Heavy Storm Monster Reborn   Trap: 9   3 Mind Crush 2 Spiritual Water Art - Aoi 2 Fiendish Chain 2 Torrential Tribute   Extra: 15   Gachi Gachi Gantetsu Daigusto Phoenix Shining Elf Abyss Dweller Lavalal Chain Maestroke the Symphony Djinn Gem Knight Pearl Number 11: Big Eye Ally of Justice Catastor T.G. Hyper Librarian Tempest Magician Arcanite Magician Black Rose Dragon Scrap Dragon Crimson Blader   Side: 15   3 Maxx "C" 2 Tragoedia 3 Mystical Space Typhoon 2 Swords of Revealing Light 3 Soul Drain 2 Rivalry of Warlords         I played a few games with Tyree, and I was really liking the results, the Aoi and Mind Crush give it a solid g1 vs Water, which is about all you can ask for from a deck that isn't Water right now, it does make the FF match drag just a bit, and the Evilswarm matchup drag a lot, but I would rather take the upperhand v Water then both of those decks combined really. It also gives you an edge vs the mirror, which my list prior to this one was severely lacking, and the mirror with this deck is pretty much a coin flip, draw better and win. So with this new list I'm actually feeling confident about the tournament.  The monsters are kept at a low count because of the constant cycling of Magiliene, it's only 2 of them because it's not too important that you draw her, also, when I played 3, I drew into multiple copies far too often, with 2, if I ever drew into 2, I could simply set 1, get it thrown back into the deck, summon the 2nd, get gears rolling. I like Breaker a lot v Fire Fist and Evilswarm, he can be pretty neat in drawing out Abyssphere vs Water too, and I like it for the obvious absorbing a Bottomless Trap Hole/Warning for a HP drop. I do not play Justice because right now, I do not like using my normal summon something that's just going to go away, hence why I also dropped Tsukuyomi, I also only run 2 HP, I don't feel you ever need 3 HP during a single game, and it helps to keep more live draws flowing, High Priestess also becomes easily accessed with Lavalal Chain, I can just turf it, then Life her back. I originally ran 3 copies of Fate and Power, but to make room for the hand disruption traps, I had to make cuts on them as well as Dark Hole, to accommodate them, I did not miss Dark Hole at all. I played 2 Grand Tower because not only does it have Spellbook in it's name, but it makes it easier to see as well, you can completely blow your opponent out if you can erase crucial cards in their hand, then have a 2nd draw phase a turn after you both become simplified. The traps are self explanatory, I wasn't feeling the Bottomless or Warnings, so I opted to play more spells over them.  The extra is pretty standard, the side is as well, outside of the SoRL, the reasoning behind SoRL is this, I originally had Messenger of Peace over SoRL, and there were times I needed to use Power to get over something and I would have to to let the MoP go, or not make that play, with SoRL, I don't have to choose, the 3 turns isn't that big of a drawback because if I have 3 turns of peace with an extra draw phase every turn too, I would be in a good position anyway, and MoP is equally prone to removal as MoP is, a friend of mine running SoRL as well told me one game he played over the weekend he used a SoRL on an opponent's field and it flipped a Fossil Dyna that nuked his own board. I didn't side Soul Drains all weekend, I would probably replace them with Fissures again, and maybe up my Rivalry count to 3, that card is absurd, I played Wind-Ups for about a year, and yesterday was the first time I was at the opposite end of Rivalry v WU.         Now onto the tournament itself.  Round 1 I played the mirror, the mained Mind Crush paid off tremendous, round 2 v WU, I took a loss to turn 1 Shock Master game 1, but game 2 and 3 hand traps and Rivalry made it too easy. I lost round 3 to Macro Rabbit, it was game 3, and I topped into Pot of Duality he had 5 backrow, I took MST over Storm out of fear of Road, as the game progressed his traps revealed he never had the Road and had I took the storm, I woulda won right there, kinda burned me that I lost doing the right thing. Round 5 I lost to Tin Gadgets, I take game 1 due to Mind Crushes, game 2 I get hit by 2 Cosmos and have to work around them forever, then I get beatdown by Machina Fortress, game 3 I get Magiliene and a lot of Books, he gets Green Gadget and a lot of traps, I go into my turn, he flips Cosmos, I chain MST, he chains another Macro, so I run over the Gadget and have no defense and pass, he draws summons Red, flips Offering, I offer the handshake, he's hesitant to shake my hand and apologetic, I tell him it's no big deal, shit happens, he's trembling btw, and eventually shakes me hand, I wish him luck and sign the slip and consider dropping, but I decide against it, because I'm fucking stupid. I win my next 5, my last round against Vincent Ralambomiadana, so that gave me a bit of confidence boost, I go to the room eat, shower and hit the hay, the next day I wait for round 10, and Wilson Tsang gives me my walking papers.     Pr0ps-   -Going to Time Square, I had a blast there. -Mike for sharing a very sweet list with me, thanks dude. -I met Brandonballs, Arabs n Scrabs, and Marcus, I also saw Jordan, Marcus Hale, Tariq, Tyree, Elijah, Steffon, Sean, Calvin, Thomas and others again thanks for being, cool, great and tolerable people. -Tyree captured a second title, good shit dude, I seriously don't know anyone on a personal level who applies themselves as much as Tyree does, his work ethic towards this game is outstanding. Also Tariq and Marcus for a great showing, well done guys.   Sl0ps-   -The state of New Jersey, I'm very sorry if you live here and you feel offended by this, but every negative stereotype about New Jersey I have ever seen in the media is absolutely true. -Desmond Johnson and other fuck niggas who find it necessary to bring up your YGO tops in normal conversation, like what the fuck do you do in non-ygo surroundings? -Why the hell do people lose their humanity and sense of decency when playing? Like win or lose, I offer the handshake, I had one opponent literally leave the table in a fit of rage because I won the game after I used Spellbook of Power while I control'd a Spellbook Magician of Prophecy and Breaker, and he had an Ophion, I attack it with Breaker and he states "you never declared who you were powering" I was like, c'mon man, really? Even the judge who was sitting by us, told him to put the Ophion in the grave.  Another opponent beat me and when I extended the handshake he didn't want to? wtf people?
  10. See No Evil

      Priestess.dek Monster: 13 3 High Priestess of Prophecy 3 Spellbook Magician of Prophecy 2 Effect Veiler 2 Justice of Prophecy 1 Toon Gemini Elf 1 Jowgen the Spiritualist 1 Injection Fairy Lily Spells: 24 3 Spellbook of Secrets 3 Toon Table of Contents 3 Spellbook of Fate 3 Spellbook of Judgment 2 The Grand Spellbook Tower 2 Spellbook of the Master 1 Spellbook of Life 1 Spellbook of Wisdom 1 Monster Reborn 1 Spellbook of Power 1 Dark Hole 1 One Day of Peace 1 Heavy Storm 1 Spellbook of Eternity Traps:03 3 Threatening Roar   http://youtu.be/fXXiR6hi7R0
  11. Big Bang

    <iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/NtsVpMJLotI" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>     Main: 2x Apprentice Magician 2x Effect Veiler 2x High Priestess of Prophecy 1x Maxx C 1x Prophecy Destroyer 3x Reaper Of Prophecy 2x Spellbook Magician of Prophecy 1x Temperance of Prophecy 2x Tragoedia 1x Dark Hole 1x Heavy Storm 1x Miracle Synchro Fusion (Testing) 1x Monster Reborn 2x Reasoning 1x Spellbook of Eternity 2x Spellbook of Fate 2x Spellbook of Life 2x Spellbook of Power 2x Spellbook of Wisdom 3x Spellbook of Secrets 3x Spellbook of the Master 1x Spellbook Star Hall 2x The Grand Spellbook Tower 1x Treacherous Trap Hole Extra: Supreme Arcanite Magician (Testing) Arcanite Magician Scrap Dragon Tempest Magician Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger Inzektor Exa-Beetle Leviair the Sea Dragon Maestroke the Symphony Djinn Magi Magi Magician Gal (Testing) Number 11: Big Eye Number 39: Utopia Number 50: Blackship of Corn Photon Strike Bounzer Shining Elf Wind Up Zenmaines Card Choices: High Priestess+Reaper. I don't see a lot of prophecy decks running both. I just felt like it gives the deck more power, prior to setting up the Reaper play. Dropping high priestess gives them a high priorty target, or else it just sits on board and pops stuff. Especially when running reasoning, if they see something temperance, or apprentice magician, they'll call like 6. So to hit the 7 or a trag is amazing turn 1. (May consider dropping priestess to one, and removing temperance.) Star Hall: I just really like the one of Star Hall. After so long they won't use MST on it anymore. Worse case Scenario they MST it and you get a free Effect Veiler. Dropping this turn one, means all your spellcasters monsters are usually +500-700 by turn 3 It's great when you look at shining elf, and his I guess decent body. Miracle Synchro Fusion: Psudo Backrow, baits mst's most of the time people don't like hitting the tower. So they'll target the facedown. It's either this, wisdom, or fate. It's a +1 if they mst it. Late game if this hasn't been popped or sits in the hand. You could book of life your reaper back, summon veiler, pop 2, then supreme arcanite, and draw/pop a card and swing for 2400, or swing 3400 on a clear borad, and pop the gorz token, or trag in mp2. I just found it to be a cute card. (If it feels overly inconsistant I'll pull it for maybe another eternity.) No Breaker/Lyla/Justice or Hermit: Player prefrence, I just really really, don't like breaker. I feel like justice/hermit aren't good enough. Like, hermit, gets himself where he needs to be really fast. But the level gain. :/ 4 spells and he gets beefy fast, especially with star hall up, that's like +400 every spell. If I ever start to feel the deck isn't strong enough, i'll put in two. However if anything I'll put a lyla or two in the main, just to help get reaper started up.
  12. Prophecy

    Monsters: 17 2 Tragoedia 3 Effect Veiler 3 High Priestess of Prophecy 3 Justice of Prophecy 3 Spellbook Magician of Prophecy 2 Breaker the Magical Warrior 1 Temperance of Prophecy Spells: 23 1 The Grand Spellbook Tower 3 Spellbook of Secrets 3 Spellbook of Power 3 Spellbook of Wisdom 1 Spellbook of Life 1 Spellbook of Eternity 2 Spellbook of Fate 2 Spellbook of The Master 1 Heavy Storm 1 Dark Hole 1 Monster Reborn 2 Pot of Duality 1 Wonder Wand 1 Book of Moon Total = 40 Side Deck: 2 Injection Fairy Lily 2 Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo  1 Soul Taker 2 Mystical Space Typhoon 2 Dimensional Fissure 2 Soul Drain 2 Mind Crush 2 Royal Decree
  13. Long time lurker, first time poster. I haven't really tested this much, but it seems good in theory. I built this with the Prophecy mirror in mind.   Main:   3x Priestess 3x Magician 3x Justice 3x Temperance 2x Tragoedia 1x Prophecy Destroyer   3x Secrets 3x Judgment Day 2x Master 2x Power 2x Wisdom 2x Fate 1x Life 1x Eternity 1x Tower 1x Reborn 1x Heavy 1x Dark Hole   3x EEV 3x Threatening Roar   15/20/6   Extra:   2x Big Eye 2x Drago-SAC 1x Hierophant 2x M7 1x Strike Bounzer 1x Maestroke 1x Zenmaines 1x Daigusto Phoenix 1x Gachi Gachi 1x Arcanite Magician 1x Ancient Sacred Wyvern 1x Crimson Blader   Side:   2x Injection Fairy Lily 2x Breaker 2x Effect Veiler 1x Secret Village 1x Terraforming 3x Decree 2x Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell 2x DDV   Or in picture form:     Some explanations:   41 total: This deck searches everything, it should be consistent enough. The change in odds of drawing shit from 40 to 41 isn't that drastic either.   3x Justice, 3x Temperance: Temperance gets Destroyer to the field for the Viruses, whereas it'd be pretty useless in hand. I also figure it helps alleviate those hands where you can't get your hands on a Priestess, although with all the thinning this deck does, that should be rare. Still, the rarer the better. Another cool thing is to Temperance during the main phase, then grab Justice off of Judgment Day to use in the end phase.   1x Destroyer: I've considered Reaper, but I wouldn't be able to utilize the Rank 6 abilities with Temperance, and I don't like Fool very much. Destroyer also has the revival ability which can help with double virus hands, or for just putting more damage on board to push for game. There shouldn't really be a problem putting Spellbooks in the grave for him, even with Tower up.   3x Threatening Roar, 2x Tragoedia: I'm not sure if it's just me, but it seems like a lot of decks are capable of exploding. The ones that aren't have monsters like Bear, Gorilla, and Guaiba that benefit from battle. And I suppose Roar can also protect Priestess from bigger monsters so you can pop them the next turn. Trag can be big as fuck after a Judgment Day, is a target for the viruses, and has a bunch of neat effects.   2x Fate: It seems this is where I differ from a lot of other Prophecy decks in terms of Spellbook ratios. I like 2 Fate because it is so versatile, and is very good for protecting from pushes when you don't have a Roar or Trag. The fact that its chainable helps a lot against things like Forbidden Lance, the Evilswarm version, and opposing Wisdoms. And if you have it set and don't need it to protect yourself, you can bounce one of their S/Ts before going for a push of your own.   (Side) 1x Secret Village, 1x Terraforming: I haven't really tested the side, but I figure games shouldn't last long enough where you will draw and activate 2 Secret Villages, unless lots of battle stoppers are happening. Terraforming gives me a "second" copy to draw, as well as being another Tower. Its also an extra spell to activate after Judgment Day.   (Side) 3x Decree: Mainly for Fire Fist, maybe Dino Rabbit. Fire Fist can search their themed traps, getting around EEV after it activates. Also helps against any rogue shit like Countdown or Chain Burn, moreso than EEV, although against those I'd probably keep both in.   (Side) 2x Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell: Mainly for Fire Fist and the mirror. I should have plenty of spells to discard, especially after a Judgment Day, and stopping things like Tenki or Secrets from going off all game can be pretty fatal.   (Extra) Crimson Blader: I figure he's like Ophion but I can actually summon him. Synchroing level 8 probably is extremely uncommon anyways, but I figured he'd be one of the better ones to throw in there. Stardust and Scrap Dragon don't seem that great in this deck.   I feel like I don't have that much sided for Mermail, maybe I could fit a couple Soul Drains or something in. Other than that, I think I have most things covered.
  14. Enchanter Books

    [url="http://i.imgur.com/Q9GS1.png"][img]http://i.imgur.com/Q9GS1.png[/img][/url] [color=#ff0000][u]Enchanter Books[/u][/color] ~ Monsters ~ 3 Dark Red Enchanter 3 High Priestess 3 Apprentice Magi 3 Spell Book Prophecy 2 Justice 2 Temperance 1 Hanged Man ~ Spells ~ 3 Book of Secrets 3 Wisdom 2 Power 2 Life 2 Tower 1 Fate 1 Goethe 1 Star Hall 1 Reborn 1 Dark Hole ~Traps ~ 2 Mirror Force 2 Solemn Warning 1 Call 1 Solemn J. Looking for opinions And Possible Changes. If any card needs explaining just ask me and I will do so. ~The Originator Of Enchanter Books (I believe..lol)
  15. Seven Devils

    Their names are Magician, Secrets, Life, Wisdom, Power, Tower, and Eternity. I'll have to fix the video later I had posted this in the Spellbook thread but figured I'd go for a proper rate. Testing has gone exceptionally well so far. [SPOILER] [img]http://i.imgur.com/H9kwh.png[/img] [/SPOILER] [color=#ffa500][size=5]14 Monsters[/size][/color] 3x Breaker the Magical Warrior 2x Effect Veiler 3x High Priestess of Prophecy 3x Spellbook Magician of Prophecy 3x Temperance of Prophecy [color=#00ff00][size=5]19 Spells[/size][/color] 1x Dark Hole 1x Heavy Storm 1x Monster Reborn 1x Mystical Space Typhoon 2x Spellbook of Eternity 2x Spellbook of Life 2x Spellbook of Power 3x Spellbook of Secrets 3x Spellbook of Wisdom 1x Terraforming 2x The Grand Spellbook Tower [size=5][color=#ee82ee]7 Traps[/color][/size] 2x Dimensional Prison 1x Solemn Judgment 2x Solemn Warning 2x Torrential Tribute I don't like Kycoo mained because I find its use is limited when it can't get over the most common decks (Wind-ups and Geargias). Where he is most useful is vs Chaos Dragons which is where Breaker loses all of his utility. That makes it an easy siding swap. While it's true Chaos Dragons &quot;could&quot; side into traps, it isn't very likely vs prophecy (I don't think they are going to be very interested in siding Torrential and Decree into a deck that relies on a low monster count and spells), which makes Breaker completely useless games 2 and 3. Effect Veiler is what keeps you in games vs Wind-ups, Geargias, etc. that begin to go off. It's also the main synchro Engine when combined with Tower or Life, but its primary use is just stopping all the ridiculous monsters out there. 2 Grand Tower and 1 Terraforming is the &quot;strange choice but it's for a couple of reasons. Obviously, you would prefer to open with Grand Tower but you don't want to draw into more than 1-2 in almost any game. Terraforming alleviates that. Spellbook of Secrets, Power, or Magician could all get Tower: that is true, but in most cases, I wouldn't imagine passing up on Premature Burial or a searchable Forbidden Lance, not to mention in most cases, these 3 cards are searching themselves. Because Grand Tower can shuffle a used one in grave, it allows Terraforming to avoid being dead should I draw into both before Terraforming. Terraforming also is useful in the Dark World match-up where I can swap field spells for Secret Village, which is searchable by Terraforming and not by any Spellbook. This allows me to run 2 Secret Village and be allowed to open with them 40% of the time game 2/3, freeing up additional side space. The trap line-up is important for allowing me to stay in games vs someone who has Thunder King early, or for Six Sams (Naturia Beast) / Wind-ups / Geargias attempting to go off. Breaker is a great stand-alone card that I run in three, so it slowly burns their resources along with the traps making it a solid investment.
  16. new fangled casters n shit

    [img]http://i.imgur.com/lzuH5.jpg[/img] this is my new build that im testing, its doing ok, kinda slow tho [color=#daa520]MONSTERS (16)[/color] [color=#daa520]2 High Priestess of Prophecy[/color] [color=#daa520]2 Strength of Prophecy[/color] [color=#daa520]1 Temperance of Prophecy[/color] [color=#daa520]1 Justice of Prophecy[/color] [color=#daa520]3 Spellbook Magician of Prophecy[/color] [color=#DAA520]1 Hanged Man of Prophecy[/color] [color=#DAA520]2 Summoner Monk[/color] [color=#daa520]1 Junk Synchron[/color] [color=#daa520]3 Effect Veiler[/color] [color=#008080]SPELLS(24)[/color] [color=#008080]2 Spellbook Library[/color] [color=#008080]2 Spellbook of Alma[/color] [color=#008080]3 Spellbook of Secrets[/color] [color=#008080]2 Spellbook of Life[/color] [color=#008080]2 Spellbook of Power[/color] [color=#008080]3 Spellbook of Goethe[/color] [color=#008080]3 Spellbook of Wisdom[/color] [color=#008080]1 Miracle Synchro Fusion[/color] [color=#008080]1 Monster Reborn[/color] [color=#008080]1 Book of Moon[/color] [color=#008080]1 Dark Hole[/color] [color=#008080]1 Heavy Storm[/color] [color=#008080]2 Mystical Space Typhoon[/color] E[color=#000000]X[/color][color=#ffffff]T[/color][color=#800080]R[/color]A(15) [color=#000000]1 Heirophant of Prophecy[/color] [color=#000000]1 Magi Magi * Magician Girl[/color] [color=#000000]1 Empress of Prophecy[/color] [color=#000000]1 Alchemic Magician[/color] [color=#000000]1 Number 39: Utopia[/color] [color=#000000]1 Number 17: Leviathan Dragon[/color] [color=#000000]1 Leviar, The Sea Dragon[/color] [color=#000000]1 Gachi Gachi Gantetsu[/color] [color=#800080]1 Supreme Arcanite Magician[/color] [color=#ffffff]1 Arcanite Magician[/color] [color=#ffffff]1 T.G. Hyper Librarian[/color] [color=#ffffff]1 Stardust Dragon[/color] [color=#ffffff]1 Brionac Dragon[/color] [color=#FFFFFF]1 Ally of Justice Catastor[/color] [color=#FFFFFF]1 Armory Arm[/color] upon testing i realize traps are for fools, and summoner monk is a boss, more spellbooks = more speed, and monk gets the dead ones in grave faster and can make an alchemic magician really fast, also thins the deck alma recycles shit, might max it out over the 3rd goethe wisdom is a boss dont need more than 2 spellbook towers