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Found 19 results

  1. Felt Cute, Might Delete Later

    Rate and fix! 1x Mimikyu GX 4x Gardevoir and Sylveon GX Tag Team 1x Lusamine 2x Bill's Analysis 2x Lillie 2x Judge 4x Green's Exploration 4x Power Plant 4x Super Scoop Up 4x Pokegear 3.0 2x Reset Stamp 4x Great Potion 4x Custom Catcher 2x Energy Spinner 4x Cherish Ball 2x Tag Switch 4x Switch 1x Choice Helmet 9x Fairy Energy
  2. PPTQ top 8 report

    So my friend shipped me a list last minute: a variation of 4 color energy that the group had been working on for quite some time. I changed my sideboard a bit around 11:30 am, left my house at 11:50 am, walked in at 11:58, paid entry, and had a very, very illegible decklist written out by noon when rd 1 started. Here is the list I played: (37 spells, 23 lands) 4 Attune with Aether 4 Harnessed Lightning 2 Fatal push 1 Vraska's Contempt 2 Abrade 2 Essence Scatter 2 Vraska, Relic seeker 4 Longtusk cub 4 Glint sleeve siphoner 4 rogue refiner 3 whirler virtuoso 2 Bristling hydra 1 Gonti, Lord of luxury 2 The Scarab God 4 Blooming Marsh 4 Botanical Sanctum 1 Spirebluff Canal 4 Aether Hub 2 Canyon Slough 2 Dragonskull Summit 2 Swamp 2 Forest 1 Mountain 1 Island SB 1 Nicol Bolas, God Pharoah 3 Negate 2 Duress 1 Cartouche of Ambition 1 Jace's Defeat 1 Chandra's defeat 1 Search for azcanta 2 Deathgorge Scavenger 1 Confiscation Coup 1 Appetite for the unnatural 1 Vraska's Contempt ------------------------- Every time we drew Servant of the conduit in testing, we kept wishing it were something else. Sure, servant allows you to ramp into your bigger spells early, but it is not a great topdeck mid to late game, and is rarely used for attacking due to its 2/2 body. Glint-sleeve can be used offensively due to menace, and proactively increases our energy count by attacking. If left unchecked, Glint-sleeve can run away with card advantage over time. After swapping servant for the Glint-sleeve siphoners, we modified the mana base to be focused more on black. This also allowed us to fit in spells like Fatal push and vraska's contempt mainboard. We want to be able to land longtusk cub or glint sleeve early. The red splash is really just for the removal and whirler virtuoso. Bristling hydra is a necessary evil. outside of being an evasive threat at times, it does not really do a whole lot. When there are tokens on the opposing board, it is at its weakest because it can be chumped for days. 2 copies is plenty, I cut the third we were playing for Gonti, lord of luxury. (Gonti turned out to be MVP of the main deck) Abrade was boarded out often, it isn't great in energy mirrors. I wound up undefeated with 2 draws (1 unintentional, other ID'd me into the top 8). Was 5th overall seed in T8. My matches below. Round 1: Mono white vampires (win) g1: He wins the die roll, and opens up with a plains and the legendary enchantment that makes a 1/1. Our list isn't very good against the BW tokens deck, so I get a little nervous. On his second turn, he plays the white desert and some two drop vampire. That clued me in that he is probably not on tokens, and my removal spells will be pointed at real cards. He gets me down to 5 life, but I am able to cast The Scarab God, Whirler virtuoso, and Vraska relic seeker to take over the game. Not much he can do from there. g2: He lands Oketra's monument on curve, planning to go wide. I have the abrade, so he does not produce many tokens. Appetite for the unnatural dealt with his cast out, so my Longtusk cub was able to stick. Game kind of swept away from him due to the power level of the cards I was playing compared to his. He played well, but 2/3 bodies with lifelink don't match up to raw card advantage. round 2: Jeskai approach (win) g1: I get roflstomped. I didn't really get to play magic at all. After my fourth land drop, never drew another land or attune. His counterspells were great against my hand. I also drew a lot of removal. g2: Removal out, counterspells and duresses in. I'm able to stick 2 copies of glint sleeves and protect them. Drew 3 cards a turn for many turns in a row. He was finally able to stick an approach and begin digging for it. On my following turn, I cast Gonti and found his approach to exile it. Duress the settle the wreckage in his hand, and stuck a bristling hydra. He couldn't do much from there. g3: We go into turns after a very long, drawn out game. I negate his fumigate, and have duress for his settle the wreckage. I wound up winning on my following turn. Round 3: Temur (unintentional draw) g1: I deal a lot of damage to myself with glint sleeves. I was ahead on cards, and board presence, but I was low on life. He drew for turn, cast chandra uptick, deal two damage to me. Cast lightning strike, target me. Cast a second lightning strike, target me. I died. g2: All hail the mighty nicol bolas, god pharoah. Chandra's defeat dealt with his glorybringer. Gonti gave me a glorybringer, and nicol bolas gave me a second glorybringer. Not much he could do from there. g3: He takes his time to think through things, and we wind up going into turns. I have a line where I can kill him on my final turn, but didn't see it. I thought I had one more additional turn, so I took the safe route. That was my fault, I should have gotten aggressive with my scarab god one turn earlier to leave him at exactly 7 damage, where nicol bolas could downtick for lethal. It happens, brushed it off for next round. Round 4: Temur (win) g1: opponent is undefeated and asks for a draw. I decline because I was paired up and there was one round remaining. I beat him in game 1 once I'm able to stick vraska, relic seeker and scarab god side by side. g2: I mulligan but draw multiple glint sleeves. He stumbles on mana turn 3, missing his land drop. I'm able to pull ahead and win from there. round 5: 4 Color energy (Intentional draw) Was paired up against a friend of mine. ID guaranteed us both in, whereas a loss would put one of us in probably 9th place. There were a lot of players who were live to make it in. We intentionally draw and watch the remainder of the games played. My friend Brad won his match, so all 3 of us made it in to top 8. top 8 prize payout: 1st: RPTQ invite, 200 dollars 2nd: 100 dollars 3/4: 50 dollars 5/8: 25 dollars top 8: Temur energy (win) - This is the guy I unintentionally drew with in round 3 g1: He crushes me with multiple glorybringers g2: I got there with nicol bolas, scarab god, and vraska relic seeker. Nothing super interesting. g3: I'm at 3 life, he is at 7. He activates search for azcanta trying to find lightning strike for game. He wiffs, so I win and move to t4. We decide to split cash in top 4, giving each player 100 dollars each. top 4: UG pummeler (loss) g1: he has the stones and I can't stop it. he makes pummeler a flyer, and gives it a lot of power. g2: I am able to take care of most of his threats and stick a scarab god while I am at a low life total. Scarab god animates a longtusk cub to chump block and pump up to be large enough to take down his 9/8 bristling hydra. we move on to game 3 g3: I have victory again, but don't see it because it is 3 turns away. I should have swung all out forcing him to make blocks that he didn't want to make, forcing him to burn all his energy to survive. I knew his hand was 2 aether hubs due to duress a few turns earlier. He top decks a cartouche of knowledge to give his guy flying, activates a rhonas that is in play to make his pummeler 4 power, and is able to make his guys 64 power from there with trample due to the rhonas. I lose. Overall was fun, and decided to go to this thing very, very last minute. Thought our build was interesting and a bit different, so I wanted to share this variation of 4 color energy with you guys. Sorry if this is formatted improperly, don't have much time right now and trying to rush typing this. I'll answer any questions if anyone has any. Overall I learned that I struggle seeing game through complicated boardstates, and that is something I definitely need to continue working on. Thanks!
  3. Standard: No bans Modern: No bans Legacy: Sensei's divining top banned Vintage: Gitaxian probe restricted, Gush restricted Discussion about it here, if you would like. SCG is offering full refund or card + store credit for anyone who preordered the new counterbalance to foil out their miracles decks. Good job SCG.
  4. SCG Louisville: May 20-21

    If you've been paying attention at all to the SCG circuit it should come as no surprise they switched the format of this to team constructed (1 player each on legacy, modern, and standard) as it seems universally beloved by players and twitch watchers alike. I'm currently down a player for my team, and would really like to try to salvage the trip still. We would prefer a standard or legacy player but we'll take anyone in any format at this point. Obviously doing well is always the goal but at this point it's more important to me that I go than that I do well so if you're from the area and haven't played in a while you should go, I'll even supply you a deck/teach you the basics of the format if needed. Also worth noting that this will be the weekend after the pro tour for amonkhet so Standard should (barring saheeli/mardu being left fully in tact) still be fairly open. As far as other people I know Lux is planning on going up to this, anyone else I'm not aware of going?
  5. STARCITYGAMES.COM® RICHMOND OPEN WEEKEND JANUARY 28–29 SCG TOUR® EVENTS STANDARDSaturday 10am — Day One — 9 rounds 21+ Points or tied for 64th advanceSunday 10am — Day Two — 6 rounds Cut to single-elimination Top 8Entry: $50 Register Today 1 FINISH PRIZES SCG POINTS INVITATIONAL QUALIFICATION Winner $5,000 30 Finalist $2,000 25 Top 4 $1,000 20 Top 8 $500 15 Top 16 $325 10 — Top 32 $200 6 — Top 64 $100 4 — Day 2 — 3 — Participation — 1 — Note: Maximum Main Event Seating Capacity for this event is 900. EXCLUSIVE PLAYMAT! All Season One Standard Open participants will receive the latest StarCityGames.com®exclusive playmat—Smuggler's Copter! MODERNSunday 9am Entry: $40 Register Today 1 STANDARDSunday 9:30am Entry: $40 Register Today 1 FINISH PRIZE WALL TICKETS SCG POINTS INVITATIONAL QUALIFICATION Winner 3,600 tix 15 Finalist 2,400 tix 10 Top 4 1,800 tix 8 Top 8 1,200 tix 6 — Top 16 600 tix 4 — Top 32 300 tix 2 — Participation — 1 — EXCLUSIVE PLAYMATS! All Season One Modern Classic participants will receive the latest StarCityGames.com®exclusive playmat—Aether Vial! All Season One Standard Classic participants will receive the latest StarCityGames.com®exclusive playmat—Smuggler's Copter! EXCLUSIVE INVITATIONAL TOKEN! All Open and Classic participants will receive a limited edition Invitational Champion token, featuring the likeness of the most recent Invitational Champion, while supplies last.
  6. SCG TOUR® EVENTS - Knoxville TN STANDARDSaturday 10am — Day One — 9 rounds 21+ Points or tied for 64th advanceSunday 10am — Day Two — 6 rounds Cut to single-elimination Top 8Entry: $50 Register Today 1 FINISH PRIZES SCG POINTS INVITATIONAL QUALIFICATION Winner $5,000 30 Finalist $2,000 25 Top 4 $1,000 20 Top 8 $500 15 Top 16 $325 10 — Top 32 $200 6 — Top 64 $100 4 — Day 2 — 3 — Participation — 1 — Note: Maximum Main Event Seating Capacity for this event is 900. Dgz role call! Who all is going to this thing?
  7. Wizards announced that they were reverting back to a 'once per year' rotation. A little background info on how it used to work, what they went to, and what they are changing it to.... Before Khans of tarkir, WOTC had rotation period once per year. Standard was made of 2 blocks. Each block consisted of 3 Sets and 1 core set. That meant that there was 8 sets in standard, with a set coming out every three months. After the first set of the next block occured, the block that was around longest all rotated simultaneously. This would leave us with 1 full block (4 sets) plus the first set of the next block cycle. (5 sets in total). The first set of a block would remain in standard for two years, leading to some really stale formats. A large portion of this was due to 3 similarly themed sets in a block. Block 1 Block 2 (Theros) (Khans of Tarkir) (Born of the Gods) (Fate Reforged) (Journey into Nyx) (Dragons of Tarkir) (Core Set) (Core Set) In order to prevent super stale formats where cards remained for too long, Wizards decided to go to a new rotation cycle in 2014, where rotation occured twice a year. They got rid of core sets, and said there would only be a max of 6 sets in standard at once. They changed 4 sets per block to 2 sets per block. Long story short, there would be 3 blocks in standard. When the 7th set would come in, sets 1 and 2 would leave. This would leave us with sets 3,4,5,6,7 as new standard, with 8 being second set of the third block. when 9 would come in, 3/4 would leave, leaving us with 5,6,7,8,9. This cycle was supposed to continue. This meant standard was always changing, and not be so stale. Block 1 Block 2 Block 3 Block 4 (Block 1 leaves) (Dragons Of Tarkir) (Battle for zendikar) (Shadows Over Innistrad) (Kaladesh - causes rotation) (Magic Origins) (Oath of the gatewatch) (Eldritch Moon) The issue with this is that new players had difficulty keeping up with the game. There would be cards needed from sets 1/2 to build a specific deck, and when set 7 was coming in, the value of those cards dropped and they wouldn't be able to trade or sell those cards for newer ones they needed. Many complaints were filed. Wizards listened to their feedback, and said yesterday that the new once per year structure was effective immediately. Now, we are going back to a once per year rotation. However, they are going to keep their two sets per block rule, meaning we will have 4 blocks per standard instead of 2 blocks per standard. This keeps different themes Example of current standard shown below: block 1 block 2 block 3 block 4 (Battle for zendikar) (Shadows) (Kaladesh) (Amonkhet) (Oath of the gatewatch) (Eldritch moon) (Aether Revolt) (Laughs) When first set of block 5 comes in, block 1 AND block 2 will leave entirely. This would leave us with the following: Block 3 Block 4 Block 5 Block 6 Block 7 (Kaladesh) (Amonkhet) (Ham) (7th Set) (9th set coming Fall, 2017) (Aether Revolt) (Laughs) (Eggs) (8th Set) What does this mean for you? This means that Gideon, Ally of Zendikar and Nissa, Voice of Zendikar will be around for an additional 6 months (Planned for 18 months originally, back to 24 month lifespan for Battle For Zendikar) Questions? Comments? Concerns? More than happy to answer any question regarding this here. if this is confusing, shoot me a PM, I'm glad to help. Link to Wizards article, probably way easier to understand than this post: Revisiting Standard Rotation - WOTC
  8. SCG Richmond VA Report

    Friday, August 26th: After weeks of trying to figure out whether or not I could attend Richmond due to my work schedule and getting a promotion, I finally put everything into place to make sure I could attend Richmond for the StarcityGames standard open. I called up Darthflaw the week before, and we decided to attend the event. I decided to play Bant Company. I've never registered the deck post spell queller, and the deck is obviously nuts. Over the next week, I tested....and tested...and tested. The local players were thrashing me, I obviously didn't have enough experience playing the deck. I decided maybe I should just try to race them.....being aggressive can't be an awful thing, right? Sideboard (15) : 3 Dromoka's Command 2 Elder Deep Fiend 2 Tragic Arrogance 2 Clash of wills 1 Learn from the past 1 Tamiyo, Field Researcher 2 Negate 2 Gideon, Ally of Zendikar Mainboard(60): 3 Fortified Village 5 Plains 4 Forest 4 Evolving Wilds 3 Prairie Stream 1 Island 2 Lumbering Falls 4 Yavimaya Coast 4 Collected Company 3 Declaration in stone 1 Ojutai's command 4 Selfless Spirit 4 Duskwatch Recruiter 4 Sylvan Advocate 4 Reflector Mage 4 Spell Queller 3 Tireless Tracker 2 Nissa, Vastwood Seer 1 Archangel Avacyn Added Declaration in stone to the mainboard. Dromoka's command in testing was not the best against the eldrazi decks, and I expected a lot of temur emerge decks. Dec in stone was excellent at removing eldrazi, and could also be a mirror breaker. Excellent card against Mono White humans too. Friday, September 2nd: I contacted Mason over Google hangout to discuss sideboard options while he was at work. Was meeting my friend around noon. Around 11:56, right before I had to leave to meet my friend then head to Richmond, he decided "Fine, I'll go". Sweet, more people makes everything cheaper. I drive over to my friend's apartment in Raleigh and wait for Dusty to get there. Due to the hurricane rain AND labor day weekend, traffic was insane. Eventually, Dusty got there and we began our 2 hour track from Raleigh to Richmond. Received a phone call from Mason right before we left, saying that he was already there. Here is where things get kinda entertaining. So we get to the hotel and check in. Dusty and I walk around this strangely designed place and eventually find our room. Pretty standard hotel room, except on all of the non-smoking corridors, absolutely everything smelled like weed. We set our bags down and walk around until we find Mason's room. We find it, and are sitting outside the room for about 10-12 minutes. I look through the window, and realize there is a door on the other side. He said to meet him outside his room, he must have walked out the other door and was on the other side of the building. We walk around and find him, tell him about the second door. He looked kind of bothered that there were two doors in his hotel room. One for walking outside, and one for walking into the hallway. Anyways, we leave to find dinner. We drive up to one restaurant that Google Maps told us about, and it was closed. To keep track of the number of times Richmond got the best of us, we will keep a simple score count. Score count: Richmond 1, Team DGZ 0. We drive for another ten minutes, and find some biker pub with a great rating on TripAdvisor. Absolutely crowded, no way to get inside. Score count: Richmond 2, Team DGZ 0. We make our way into Downtown Richmond, aka college town, aka parties everywhere, aka university city. On our way to the next restaurant listed on google, we pass a wood fired pizza place called Stuzzi Pizza. We decide to not drive around aimlessly and eat here. We park on the side street and walk inside. This place looks like a super high end pizza place. I'm down. We order drinks. Mason gets water, Dusty orders a way overpriced Crown and Coke. I ask for a beer list. Actual conversation goes as follows: "What beers do you have on tap?" "We are out of Yeungling, Porrozi, Sam adams" "Cool, I'll just have *insert some random craft brew listed here*" "Sorry, we are out of that as well" "Alright, I'll have *another brew*" "Sorry, we are out of that as well. We are out of everything" Come to find out, they are simply just out of everything except wine and liquor drinks. This is week 2 of college for the students, therefore all of the good restaurants are slammed and out of a lot of things. Don't exactly know why they handed me a beer list then. We order food, and eventually they bring Dusty and I a Vodka Pizza to split. It wasn't cut into slices, and we were confused why. Then the waiter drops a pair of scissors in front of us and walks away. We cut our pizza with scissors? This is actually kinda neat. We eat, pay our bill and leave. That pizza was fantastic. Mason liked whatever he got too, I think. Win in my book. Richmond 2, DGZ 1. We leave Stuzzi to find a walmart. I need a new backpack because the one I brought with me had many problems, and I didn't want to use it as my card bag anymore. GPS takes us to a walmart grocery store on campus. Nope, not what we were looking for. Richmond 3, DGZ 1. GPS eventually takes us onto a toll road. Shit. We pull up to the toll booth, and it needs exactly 70 cents. We scrounge around for a minute or two for change while the line of cars is slowly getting longer. I throw the change into the thing and pull away. We get to the exit for the walmart which is ANOTHER 70 cents just get off of the highway. Mason donates a dollar to the "Todd couldn't make it to round 1 because he didn't have 70 cents" fund. Richmond 4, DGZ 1. Off to a great start. We find a walmart, we get into the parking lot and the entire parking lot smells like weed. We walk inside and everyone inside smells like weed. I've determined Richmond is a giant pot leaf at this point. We find the backpack and take it to the register. Mason starts cracking jokes about camo being on the bag, which we didn't realize till after it was already paid for. Good news, bag can't be stolen because bag can't be seen. We grab change to get back onto the toll road to head back to the hotel. We were prepped for it this time. We test a bunch of games that night and go to bed. Dusty said he had trouble sleeping, I passed out very fast. Wake up in the morning to take a shower, turns out the shower switch in our bathroom is broken off. We call Mason and ask to shower in his room and try to talk with the hotel staff about getting the shower fixed before we get back. We shower, and head to the convention center. Richmond 5, DGZ 1. SCG had sleeves listed as 5 dollars on a sign, but listed on their picture that sleeves were 4 dollars. I took full advantage of this. Guy ahead of me spent 5 bucks on sleeves and walked away. They ask me if I need help, and I showed them that those same sleeves are 4 dollars. Guy looks a little taken back, because they had been selling sleeves for 5 dollars all day. Lucky for me, I read the description print. Hey, I'm happy buying sleeves for 4 rather than 5 dollars, alright? Richmond 5, DGZ 2. Round 1: Brandon Beauregard (Bant company mirror) game 1: win, Tireless tracker is great. Game goes long. He put a bunch of sylvan advocates into play early, and I hit them all with dec in stone. He sacs selfless spirit to give them indestructible, and realizes after announcing it that it doesn't stop Declaration. game 2: He wins, crushes me with multiple Collected company being cast. game 3: I get him to 2 while i'm at 20. At this point, He draws planar outburst an is able to awaken it and beat me with an animated land. Never saw selfless spirit this game. 0-1. The usual start. Round 2: Bob Healey (UG Crush) game 1: He starts chaining multiple part of the waterveil late game trying to draw into crush of tentacles to go for the win. He can't get there. game 2: Beat him down early like game 1. I draw clash of wills and negate for his crush and part of the waterveil. 1-1 Round 3: James Schoenherr (Mono white humans) game 1: He doesn't play around dec in stone, drops multiple threats into play with the same name. No resources afterwards. game 2: Same as game 1. 2-1 Round 4: David Rick (UG Crush) This round was very similar to round 2, honestly. Beat him down both games, counterspells game 2 were great. 3-1. Round 5: Jonathan Blank (Mono White humans) game 1: Declaration in stone is great in this matchup. He misses his third land drop. My sylvan advocates are eventually 4/5's and he can't deal with it. game 2: Tragic arrogance helps clean things up early on. He starts racing me on the ground, so I take things to the skies. Dec in stone allows me to clock him slightly faster, as his thalia's lieutenants were becoming fairly large. 4-1 Round 6: Allen Shank (Temur Emerge) game 1: He drops a turn 6 Emrakul. Can't win. game 2: Selfless spirits and avacyn's protect my board from kozilek's return. game 3: I race him hard. He is low on blue sources for the elder deep fiend in his hand. Eventually he hits it, and I can't get a card to protect my creatures from kozilek's return. 4-2 Round 7: Dakota Voirol (Bant Spirits) game 1: My company hits are more powerful than his. He eventually drops avacyn and tries to sacrifice selfless spirit to wrath my board. I have ojutais command to reanimate my selfless to protect my board during upkeep. He can't stop the crackback. game 2: I have ojutai's command this time for his avacyn. He uses multiple spell quellers on my reflector mages and collected company. I eventually draw declaration in stone, for a quller, cast mage on queller, cast mage on queller, cast company for the blowout. 5-2 round 8: Marquis Johnson (bant company) game 1: You can tell he has a lot of experience with the deck. I get crushed. Don't remember too many details. game 2: I mulligan to 5 to a relatively keepable hand. He keeps 7. Eventually, we get to a large board stall, and he draws tragic before I get a chance to. 5-3 Round 9: Stu Somers (4 Color Almalgam) Game 1: I clock him pretty quick. Dec in stone keeps almagams exiled so he can't make super large plays. game 2: he crushes me with a large zombie push. game 3: We are getting close to time. He activates Haunted dead on my end step, and discards a almalgam and a kozileks return. I have learn from the past in hand for the blowout. He can't win from here. 6-3 made day 2. Earlier in the day, we ran into Mike Lux, and talked with him throughout the day. He made day 2 as well, and tiebreakers very similar to mine. He is on company. We go try and find dinner at some mexican restaurant. We drive around and can't find a parking spot. eventually, we accidentally wind up on a toll road again to go around to another parking spot. Mason pays for the first one. He didn't realize the exit was also a toll exit, and blows right through it at 40 mile an hour. Luckily, no cops were around. He made sure 70 cents was not holding me back for day 2. Outplayed the city and outplayed the cops. Richmond 5, DGZ 3. Hope he doesn't get fined for that. We get to this restaurant eventually after tirelessly tracking to try and find a parking space. Order queso, our food. Everything was delicious. Mason paid for it without us realizing. That was kind, appreciated man. We get back to the hotel to find our shower was fixed. Things were looking up. I take the air mattress, Mason was pretty happy about that. It was hard for me to sleep, was nervous. We wake up in the morning, check out. Mason leaves to go home, and Dusty and I make our way to the convention center to battle more. Round 10: Kent ketter (Bant company) game 1: He crushes me. game 2: I crush him. game 3: I Keep a hand that I thought had a blue mana source in it. I was wrong, and that "blue source" was actually a fortified village. Damn, bad beats. can't cast my quellers, mages, or O-command. 6-4. After this round. Kent and Tenjum walk by me at one point. I stop them and wanted to discuss their sideboard plan, because I was doing something very wrong. Couldn't beat the mirror it felt like. We have a 10 minute discussion of gameplans and theory. I won't lie, i've heard a lot of negative things about Ketter in the past. He was a very kind guy, and was willing to talk about things with me. I appreciated that. I have some positive points about Tenjum in my book as well (Only have interacted with him one other time before). Round 11: Matt Montgomery (Bant spirits) This played out very similarly to my spirits round from the day before. Quick 2-0, was able to get food. 7-4 Round 12: Chad Hilton (4 color almalgam) I messed up in game 3 here. I beat him game 1, I mulligan to 5 game 2 and get crushed. game 3: It gets to a point where he is at 4 or 5 life. I has one kozileks in grave, and I have selfless spirit. He sacs an almalgam for Wretched gryff, trigger return. I sac selfless. He sacs wretched gryff to cast elder deep fiend, re-trigger kozileks return. At the time, I was baffled, signed the slip and let him take the win. (Later, on our way back to raleigh, I realized that he couldn't sacrifice the gryff for fiend because it wasn't on the field yet. That was my mistake, and usually catch things like that. Won't happen again though) 7-5 Round 13: Joshua Altizer (Mono white) Dec in stone is literally the stones against this deck 8-5 Round 14: Andrew Jessup (Mono white) He saw me playing earlier, and he did play around dec in stone very well game 1: I can't stop his team, multiple lieutenant and always watching. Gryff's boon puts in work. game 2: Manage to pull ahead early on and win. Avacyn allows me to wipe his field and I win in the skies. game 3: see game 1. 8-6. Dunno if x-6 can cash or not, but i'm gonna play it out anyways. I was 63rd out of 64th going into this round, Lux being in 64th place. If we win, we cash. Round 15: Christopher McSweeney (UR THermo-alchemist) game 1: I win. Dec in stone beats multiple alchemist in play game 2: I mull to 6. He gets there game 3: was super, super close. He wins. Dusty points out later that a made a couple of misplays against him. I didn't see them in the moment. Its fine. 8-7. At least I day 2'd an open finally. I always thought x-3 couldn't get in, but everyone told me to stick it out this one, so I appreciate it. I have to get back to work now, If I think of anything else later, i'll add it here.
  9. Giratina EX/Zoroark

    ##Pokémon - 16 * 4 Talonflame STS 96 * 2 Shaymin-EX ROS 106 * 2 Zorua BKT 90 * 2 Zoroark BKT 91 * 3 Giratina-EX AOR 93 * 1 Blitzle BKP 48 * 1 Zebstrika BKP 49 * 1 Hoopa-EX PR-XY XY71 ##Trainer Cards - 36 * 4 Trainers' Mail ROS 92 * 2 Lysandre FLF 90 * 2 N DEX 96 * 2 Enhanced Hammer PRC 162 * 4 Professor Sycamore BKP 107 * 4 Ultra Ball FLF 99 * 1 Special Charge STS 105 * 3 Fighting Fury Belt BKP 99 * 2 Reverse Valley BKP 110 * 3 Float Stone PLF 99 * 4 Random Receiver DEX 99 * 4 VS Seeker PHF 109 * 1 Team Flare Grunt XY 129 ##Energy - 8 * 4 Double Dragon Energy ROS 97 * 4 Double Colorless Energy XY 130 Explanations Talonflame: I am currently testing this as a theory, but so far I believe just about any deck that maxes Ultra Ball and Sycamore should be playing this. I fully believe it is just the best Pokemon in the game right now, and it's definitely the best starting Pokemon. 130 HP basic, free retreat so even if you do not want to commit energy to the attack you simply retreat into whatever you do want. Double free Computer Search is obviously always going to be the nuts no matter what you get paired against. The con of drawing dead copies is normally easily mitigated by having Receiver/Seeker to always see Sycamore(s) and Ultra Ball can pitch dead copies. Giratina: I'm not a big fan of any of the Mega decks going around right now, except maybe Scizor but my testing with that is limited at the moment, so I think this guy is the next best card to build your deck around. Fury Belt lets it hit for 110 which is a 2HKO on most relevant Megas and combined with putting down your own Stadium and/or energy removal it’s the best control card we currently have access to. 2-2 Zoroark: This feels like the best partner for Giratina imo as a secondary attacker. Only needs 1 DCE to attack, and with Float Stone it mitigates the massive retreat cost of Giratina. With Reverse Valley and 5 bench on their side it hits for 170, the magic number to OHKO most Exs such as Giratina, Rayquaza, Scizor, Sceptile, Yveltal, and maybe a few others I'm forgetting. 1-1 Zebstrika: Card is the absolute blowout vs Mega Ray, also OHKOs Shaymin for 2 prizes. Not much else to say about it, simple but effective. 2 Enhanced Hammer: I was originally wanting to play 4 but something had to go to make room for Talonflames, and after adding Flare Grunt for VS Seeker loops it's not as necessary. Multiple copies gives you a significant edge in any Giratina mirrors and vs. Mega Ray. Random Receiver: Naus's idea but I've really quite liked it so far, I feel like they just make your deck so much more consistent. You do have to sacrifice a little bit of room for tech in order to streamline your deck in a way to get the best use of Receiver but I feel its worth the tradeoff. Matchups Mega Ray: By far the best matchup, it feels borderline unwinnable for them most of the time. Can't damage Giratina with the Mega, the bigger their bench is the more Zoroark does, Zebstrike OHKOs, and Hammers/Flare Grunt help keep them at bay. Greninja: TBD, I feel like Greninja is a terrible meta call right now but it might be a difficult matchup for this since they don't really rely on Special Energy or Tools to do anything and their bench will probably never get big enough for Zoroark to do enough damage to OHKO a Break. Mega Scizor: If they play Garbodor/Hex it probably becomes difficult but outside of that I can't imagine it being too big of a problem unless they play tons of Hammers and never miss. Scizor cannot remove energy from Giratina and this deck is not at all reliant on Stadiums. Mega Mewtwo: Seems pretty annoying on paper since Mewtwo just keeps healing itself, I think it’s a manageable matchup if you just focus on keeping Garbodor/Wobbuffet off the board and take prizes off their Shaymins/Hoopa. It's definitely slightly in Mewtwo's favor at the least though I would think. Mirrors: Hammers/Flare should give a slight edge, and opening Talonflame is a huge edge in the mirror. Getting Tina locked would absolutely suck though, which makes me feel like maybe I should play Ranger but this needs more testing to confirm. Things I'm considering playing: Another secondary attacker: Biggest thing I'm currently looking for. I wanted to play Mew #29 FAC since it's another good free retreat starter, unfortunately it only copies basics so I cannot copy the 1 good attack I could meet the energy requirement for in here (Mind Jack). It would've been a perfect way to help out vs Mega Mewtwo as well. Other options are Lugia EX for the mirror/decks overly dependent on keeping up a Stadium, something like Jolteon EX with a few Lightning Energy or Yveltal EX and a few Dark Energy. I feel like most of these require me to cut Talonflame however, which I don't think is worth it. Puzzle of Time: Good way to get back multiple energies if they play a ton of removal, or get more uses out of Hammers/Stadiums in matchups that comes up in. Pokemon Ranger: Only seems relevant in a Giratina mirror, and it honestly just seems better to play the energy denial game against them.
  10. Sept 2-4. Anyone going? Registered yesterday, was curious about who all was going to try and make it.
  11. 1 Lightning Bolt 2 Ancestral Knowledge 1 Ancestral Spirit 2 Lava Shock 1 Stormcrack 2 Doomsayer 2 Elemental Destruction 2 Healing Wave 2 Hex 2 Lightning Storm 1 Hallazeal the Ascended 1 Harrison Jones 1 Cairne Bloodhoof 1 Emperor Thaurissan 1 Sylvanas Windrunner 2 Thing from Below 1 Chillmaw 1 Chromaggus 1 Ragnaros the Firelord 1 Ysera 1 Deathwing, Dragonlord 1 N'zoth, the Corruptor Screenshot is missing N'zoth. Deck I've been working on for awhile to play for fun. The deck pretty much wins any control matchup because you simply just have too many threats and they don't apply enough pressure early on, as well as the fact that you have double Hex to get rid of any actual worrying threats they have. Versus Aggro and Tempo, you hard mulligan for any of your four copies of AoE and any early game removal and just get yourself to the later turns where you can start dropping threats or make a good Thing from Below tempo play. Heal when necessary, Healing Wave usually heals for 14 health, and Hallazeal + AoE pretty much wins the game from there a good amount of the time. Usually after 1 or 2 AoE swipes, they have a hard time coming back. Tech Cards: Ancestral Spirit: With the lack of silence, this card is super strong in my opinion. Putting it on any Deathrattle minion in this deck is bonkers, putting it on any threat like Ragnaros or Ysera makes the Control matchup a sealed deal. Might be a tad win-more, but it definitely helps keep up with an opponent's N'zoth play creating a stickier huge threat and all for them to deal with. Also, playing it on a Deathrattle minion and both copies dying just makes N'zoth even crazier. N'zoth bringing out double Deathwing is quite hilarious. 1 Lightning Bolt/ 1 Stormcrack: Honestly don't really know which one is better at the moment. Stormcrack has been amazing dealing with clearing all of Tempo Warrior's early 4 health minions, but the 1 mana less removal has definitely helped considering you are overloading a significant amount with this deck. Harrison Jones: Feels like a staple in this meta honestly, especially cause Aggro Shaman playing Doomhammer is an easy way for them to beat this deck. Chromaggus: I felt the need to play 2 Big dragons along with Chillmaw and Deathwing, Dragonlord because I want Deathwing to bring out at least 1 minion when it dies. Chromaggus has been a solid choice, making people feel the need to kill it ASAP when I drop it, which makes it great removal bait to safely play another more important threat like Ysera or Ragnaros. Deathwing, Dragonlord: Dropping a 12/12 on turn 10 with this deck often turns you into the beatdown. If they don't clear it, you're hitting them for 12 and often times at this stage of the game, they can't be letting that happen. If they do clear it, you are often dropping 1 or 2 more huge threats for 0 mana. Then you play N'zoth and they concede because you're board is Ysera, Sylvanas, Cairne, Chillmaw, Deathwing, N'zoth or something like that. Cards I have tried: Reno Jackson build: I found that even though Reno Jackson is broken, this deck needed the extra copies of mass removal and 2nd Hex. Plus, healing to full with this deck is already possible due to easy wins on the joust with your 2 copies of Healing Wave and Hallazeal + AoE. Onyxia: Honestly, didn't feel like this card was too strong. The 1/1's were often cleared with ease. Alexstrazsa: I found that the 15 damage was irrelevant because I simply won on board or could have taken an extra turn to win anyway. Malygos: Kept on instantly getting removed, or if it didn't, I didn't have any burn cards to hit face with besides double Lava Shock and 1 Lightning Bolt. And often enough, the other removal spells were used in the early game already. Nefarian: I rarely need more cards, especially two random ones. Mana Tide Totem: Cut for space, found Ancestral to do more for me so far. Feral Spirit: Cut for space. Haven't missed it much. Things I want to try: Malygos + Alexstrasza + double Lightning Bolt: Thinking maybe with double Lightning Bolt and putting more emphasis on holding them and discounting them with Thaurissan will make it a strong win condition, even though I have enough late game win conditions. Naga Sea Witch: Solely because it is a fun card and the deck plays around 10 big threats. Also, being able to play Thing from Below and then Naga early on gives Naga a decent chance to stick. Far Sight: Haven't found room for this card but obviously would be dope to discount some of these cards. Blackwing Corruptor + Fire Elemental: More tempo-oriented cards that I opted not to play because couldn't fit them in, but perhaps making the deck more tempo-oritented and faster paced with these cards could be good. Although, probably would just turn into a whole different deck. Anyway, give it a try if you guys are feeling it. Definitely a fun deck and has been winning me a lot of games. Personally I've found that, besides an overwhelming aggro start that I can't keep up with, if you just play smart in the control matchups by counting threats and counting removal spells from your opponent, this deck has a solid time.
  12. SCG Open ATL June 4-5

    Anyone going to be at the open this weekend? I'll be jamming GW tokens at the event.
  13. Example Deck Garage Thread

    Class: Rogue [2] Backstab [2] Preparation [2] Cold Blood [2] Conceal [1] Deadly Poison [2] Eviscerate [2] Sap [2] Shiv [1] Bloodmage Thalnos [2] Earthen Ring Farseer [1] Edwin VanCleef [2] SI:7 Agent [2] Tomb Pillager [1] Xaril, Poisoned Mind [2] Azure Drake [1] Shadowcaster [2] Gadgetzan Auctioneer [1] Yogg-Saron, Hope's End [insert explanation here]
  14. SCG Tour - Atlanta

    Starcitygames.com SCG Tour - Atlanta is a week and a couple of days away.  This will be the first event where Oath of the gatewatch will be legal for constructed play.   I'll be attending this event, hope to meet some DGZ folk while I'm there.  Is anyone else attending/making an appearance?    
  15. UB Control

    1 Ugin, the Spirit Dragon   1 Pearl Lake Ancient 1 Torrent Elemental   2 Perilous Vault   4 Dig Through Time 4 Dissolve 4 Hero's Downfall 3 Bile Blight 3 Disdainful Stroke 1 Jace's Ingenuity 1 Silence the Believers 1 Murderous Cut   3 Crux of Fate 2 Thoughtseize 1 Treasure Cruise   5 Island 4 Swamp 4 Polluted Delta 4 Dismal Backwater 4 Temple of Deceit 2 Radiant Fountain 1 Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth 2 Evolving Wilds 1 Flooded Strand 1 Bloodstained Mire   Side: 4 Drown in Sorrow 2 Negate 1 Disdainful Stroke 1 Bile Blight 1 Silumgar, the Drifting Death 2 Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver 1 Liliana Vess 1 Perilous Vault 1 Thoughtseize 1 Rakshasa's Secret  A few things: I went with Silumgar and Ugin for the maindeck win-cons. Silumgar I feel is better against the non-blue control decks. It's a strong blocker, has some synergy with Crux of Fate, and is a beating against tokens. It remains to be seen whether it's worth it's 6-mana cost though, when prognostic sphinx is available.   Jeskai sage is something I'm messing with still. I think it might work because black now has more sweeper effects, and it can stall/draw into those.   For the removal spell numbers, most of it is up in the air. I think at least 2 Vault is necessary to get rid of non-creature permanents, since this deck doesn't have access to Utter End. I'm not sure if it should be run at a higher number than Crux of Fate, though, since Crux is much better in emergency situations. Because of what I'm hoping Jeskai sage will do, I cut down a little on the numbers for 1/1 removal spells overall. I'm worried I'm a little lacking in the exiling department, with whip decks being abundant. Possibly copies of Dissipate or Silence the Believers should be sided/mained. (The Despise slot is basically open)
  16. I've been expecting a board wipe to be printed in Khans of Tarkir for a while to replace Supreme Verdict.  I've never played in a format that didn't have a wrath going back to mirror force, TT, and Dark hole when I played YGO back in the day.   Yesterday WotC pucblished this article: http://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/ld/developing-annihilation-2014-08-15   Seems like they won't be printing any more straight up wraths for a while.  The take aways from the article: - Efficient, unconditional removal (both spot and mass) is being phased out for conditional, situational, or more-expensive-with-a-slight-upside removal. - This is so that creature strategies can be better without having to print "overpowered" creatures that demand an immediate answer.  i.e. they want to make midrange value beatdown more prominent - it is also so that greater diversity in deck building can be promoted since all removal will be good in some situations and bad in others. - They are moving away from making shroud, hexproof, protection, ETB abilities, etc. so that the weaker/conditional removal will still be effective if not played around by the opponent in the situations/matchups where the new removal is meant to shine. - Theros block is the new normal for standard featuring removal such as bile blight, anger of the gods, fated retribution, and hero's downfall etc. and having virtually no major contributions to eternal formats being a historically underpowered block.   The bottom line here I think is that Wizards wants to make competitive standard look more like kitchen-table magic by lowering the power level in standard in order to be more appealing to newer players by promoting midrange strategies with value creatures and conditional interaction.  I presume other motives are to make combat tricks more playable and to sell more to those new players.   I really don't like this.  Standard is already the slowest competitive constructive format.  Powering it down means little to no support for Modern.  Throwing new players a bone doesn't have to come at the expense of veterans.  Less powerful sets are not going to sell as well, other things being equal.  Resource denial and combo strategies have already long been nerfed for standard play.  Nerfing control to promote midrange really tickles my jimmies in a bad way.   Am I just a biased non-new player who enjoys control decks?  Are my thoughts on this change being bad legitimate or am I just selfishly clinging onto strategies I enjoy at the expense of other players who prefer creature decks?  I can see the argument that conditional removal increases the skill level to play around it, and the deckbuilding ability to play the right removal for a given metagame, and for new players who want their battleship voltron deck to be viable but I don't think that's worth powering down the whole format. Anyone else have thoughts on this?
  17. BUG control

    Planeswalkers: 8 3 Jace, Architect of Thought 3 Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver 2 Vraska the Unseen   Creatures: 7 4 Sylvan Caryatid 3 Polukranos, World Eater   Spells: 20 2 Underworld Connections 3 Dissolve 2 Opportunity 3 Thoughtseize 4 Hero's Downfall 3 Far // Away 3 Abrupt Decay   Lands: 25 4 Temple of Mystery 4 Temple of Deceit 4 Watery Grave 4 Overgrown Tomb 4 Breeding Pool 2 Forest 2 Swamp 1 Island   Sideboard: 2 AEtherling 2 Gaze of Granite 3 Lifebane Zombie 2 Mistcutter Hydra 1 Thoughtseize 2 Scavenging Ooze 1 Jace, Memory Adept 2 Desecration Demon     I probably don't need the 3rd polukranos, might drop it for another planeswalker or a maindeck gaze. It's been testing pretty well actually.
  18. I've been testing golgari for a while which play pretty similar to mono black and it has some advantages over mono black. You gain abrupt decay to get rid of cards like underworld connections and detention sphere. You gain options like scavenging ooze, sylvan caryatid, and reaper of the wilds while still maintaining sufficient black devotion. There are also some interesting sideboard options such as golgari charm, skyslasher, fog, and mistcutter hydra.   Something like this:   Creatures: 17 4 Gray Merchant of Asphodel 4 Desecration Demon 2 Reaper of the Wilds 3 Nightveil Spectre 2 Pack Rat 2 Scavenging Ooze   Other spells: 19 4 Thoughtseize 1 Vraska the Unseen (could possibly be replaced) 2 Devour Flesh 4 Hero's Downfall 3 Abrupt Decay 4 Underworld Connections 1 Whip of Erebos   Lands: 24 3 Forest 4 Golgari Guildgate 4 Overgrown Tomb 12 Swamp 1 Mutavault   Total = 60
  19. BUG control

    Creatures: 8 4 Deathrite Shaman 4 Snapcaster Mage Planeswalkers: 8 3 Liliana of the Veil 3 Jace, Architect of Thought 2 Garruk, Primal Hunter Instants/Sorceries: 22 2 Abrupt Decay 4 Forbidden Alchemy 4 Thought Scour 2 Tragic Slip 2 Tribute to Hunnger 2 Ultimate Price 4 Farseek 1 Sever the Bloodline Lands: 23 3 Forest 3 Swamp 3 Island 4 Overgrown Tomb 2 Woodland Cemetery 4 Hinterland Harbor 4 Drowned Catacomb The land numbers need adjusting, and I might switch the sign in bloods (althought they've been working fine) for another liliana, more removal, or maybe even some counterspells. Current side deck (haven't really worked on it, though) 2 Vampire Nighthawk 1 Sever the Bloodline 2 Dissipate 2 Thragtusk 1 Jace, Memory Adept 1 Dispel 1 Abrupt Decay 2 Appetite for Brains 3 Duress Cards I want to test somewhere in 75 Shimian Specter Desecration Demon Underworld Connections Barter in Blood Talrand, Sky Summoner Griselbrand xathrid gorgon curse of echoes curse of death's hold nephalia drownyard tamiyo, the moon sage temporal mastery