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Found 2 results

  1. Veil of Maya

    [media='650x800']https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3eig5K3hdI[/media]   [spoiler] [/spoiler]   MONSTERS (22):     3 X Star Seraph Scepter 3 X Star Seraph Sovereignty 3 X Satellarknight Deneb 3X Satellarknight Altair 1 X Satellarknight Vega  2 X Photon Thrasher 2 X Effect Veiler 2 X Maxx "C" 2 X Honest 1 X Denko Sekka     SPELLS (13):   3 X Instant Fusion 3 X Double Summon 2 X Photon Veil 1 X Raigeki 1 X Mystical Space Typhoon 2 X Reinforcement of the Army 1 X Forbidden Lance     TRAPS (5):   1 X Vanity's Emptiness 1 X Call of the Haunted 1 X Stellarnova Alpha 1 X Solemn Warning 1 X Solemn Scolding     EXTRA (15): 2 X Elder Entity Norden 1 X Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier 1 X Abyss Dweller 1 X Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer 1 X Constellar Pleiades 1 X Daigusto Emeral 1 X Evilswarm Exciton Knight 1 X Number 104: Masquerade 1 X Number 52: Diamond King Crab 1 X Shark Fortress 1 X Stellarknight Constellar Diamond 1 X Stellarknight Delteros 1 X Stellarknight Triverr 1 X Tellarknight Ptolemaeus     I've always been an avid fan of Satellarknights and their explosive yet very straightforward engine, which, to me, lends itself to an easily accessible core for a generic kind of Exceed-Spamming deck. The tellarknight specific Exceed monsters that the engine opens up are probably some of the best Exceeds in general as well, and are far easier to utilize with a satellarknight engine than in perhaps other Exceed oriented decks using a Clown engine or something similar. My main goal when building this deck was to create an Exceed-spamming deck that could easily extend its plays not only just purely to get more value out of cards like the Star Seraphs, but also to be able to play through the opponent's spot removal and effect negation. Many people would probably consider such cards as Double Summon and Photon Veil to typically be sub-par considering that, in most decks, they do not pay for themselves well enough to warrant consideration. In this deck however, due to the huge payoff of simply getting the Star Seraph engine to work, any sacrifice in immediate card advantage for the sake of consistently being able to just activate and resolve monster effects, is almost entirely mitigated and makes cards like Photon Veil clutch. Instant Fusion, Double Summon, and Photon Veil all play a vital role enabling both the Star Seraph and the Satellarknight engine to resolve their effects more easily and efficiently. There are some truly nasty combos that this deck can pull off involving Photon Veil and Scepter, for example:   Combo 1A: [spoiler] HAND: Photon Veil, Double Summon, 3 Light Monsters, 1 Random Card 1) Activate Photon Veil, shuffle in any 3 Light monsters to grab 3 Scepter from the deck to add to your hand 2) Normal summon Scepter, grab 1 Sovereignty 3) Activate Double Summon, normal summon Scepter, activate Scepter and the Sovereignty 4) Special summon Sovereignty from the hand and then from the deck that was searched off Scepter, activate their effects FIELD: 2 Scepter, 2 Sovereignty, HAND: 4 cards in hand 5) From there, you can go into many different plays, such as overlaying 2 Scepter and summoning Delteros to pop 2 cards off Scepter and then draw 2, which would look like: FIELD: 1 Delteros w/ 3 Material, 1 Sovereignty, HAND: 6 Cards 6) Let's say, that at this point you drew Instant Fusion which is very likely considering that we just drew to 6 cards. From there, you can detach a Scepter    from Delteros to pop another card, sometimes even itself if it can lead to something worthwhile. 7) Instant Fusion is activated, special summon Norden and use Norden's effect to special summon Scepter. FIELD: 1 Delteros w/ 2 Material, 1 Norden, 1 Sovereignty, 1 Scepter HAND: 5 Cards 8) It may also be likely that you drew another Sovereignty to summon off of Scepter, which would make your Field full. If so, then you could summon Sovereignty in attack mode and overlay Scepter (There are probably no more cards you could even pop on your opponent's side of the field, but if there were, you would be at 6 cards in hand at the end of this combo instead), Sovereignty in defense already on the field, and Norden for Ptolemaeus, detach to summon Shark Fortress, and go for game; 2500 + 2500 + 2400 + 800 = 8200 damage. [/spoiler] FIELD: 1 Delteros w/ 2 Material, 1 Shark Fortress w/ 1 Material, 1 Sovereignty HAND: 5 Cards Total Damage: 8200     Combo 1B: [spoiler] From after step 5 in Combo 1A: FIELD: 1 Delteros w/ 3 Material, 1 Sovereignty, HAND: 6 Cards 6) At this point, if you still have Vega in your deck, and Deneb and Instant Fusion in your hand, you can pop Delteros with its own effect, special summon Vega to special summon Deneb from the hand to search Altair.  7) Overlay into Ptolemaeus, detach 3 to summon Shark Fortress 7) Activate Instant Fusion, and go into Diamond Crab from Norden grabbing any Level 4 monster from your graveyard, for a total of 8400 damage using Shark's effect. [/spoiler]   FIELD: Shark Fortress w/ 0 Material, 1 Diamond Crab w/ 1 Material HAND: 5 Cards Total Damage: 8400     This deck is easily outclassed once more Pendulum support makes its way into the TCG, but for now, I think it is at the very least, quite a fun deck. Some of the following card choices in the deck are rather negligible and I would consider them easily interchangeable with something else, and would appreciate any feedback on this:   Honest: Solidifies and maintains board presence, especially against decks that don't utilize mass board wipe removal Denko Sekka: Can be somewhat counter-productive at high amounts in the main, so 1 usually works well, especially in conjunction with double summon. Forbidden Lance: Allows me to play through backrow to continue plays, and can be a versatile defensive tool. Call of the Haunted: Obvious synergy with tellarknights in general, but I personally have not felt like this card is utilized extremely well here.   The way the deck is built makes it very much an all or nothing gambit. Decks that tend to be able to grind well that run very heavy defenses such as Dark Law centered control decks, and some Kozmo decks tear through the little defense the deck affords in game 1. If possible, I either aim to straight up OTK and win with the deck, or setup a situation where I can use my 3 solemns (this includes Nova) to reduce the opponent's ability to comeback.    All in all, to me it's mostly a fun deck, but it has some tremendously explosive plays, as well as a very good BA matchup due to the ease of access to BA hate in the extra.
  2. happy dolls

    [spoiler] [/spoiler]   1 - Armageddon Knight 1 - Elemental Hero Blazeman 1 - Photon Thrasher 1 - Shaddoll Hedgehod 1 - Shaddoll Falco 1 - Shaddoll Dragon 2 - Shaddoll Squamata 2 - Shaddoll Beast 3 - Star Seraph Scepter 3 - star seraph sovereignty 1 - Performage Trick Clown 1 - Performage Hat Tricker 1 - Performage Damage Juggler 1 - Jigobyte 1 - Gem-knight Garnet 21-   1 - Polymerization 2 - Shaddoll Fusion 3 - El Shaddoll Fusion 3 - Brilliant Fusion 1 - Raigeki 2 - Reinforcement of the Army 3 - Instant Fusion 3 - Upstart Goblin 18-   1 - Shaddoll Core 1-   2 - Elder Entity Norden 1 - Gem-knight Seraphinite 1 - El Shaddoll Winda 1 - El Shaddoll shekhinaga 1 - El Shaddoll anoyatyllis 3 - El Shaddoll Construct 1 - Abyss Dweller 1 - Daigusto Emeral 1 - Castel, the skyblaster Musqueteer 1 - King of the Feral Imps 1 - Stellarknight Delteros 1 - Number 104: Masquerade 15-   3 - Denko Sekka 2 - Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit 1 - Elemental Hero Prisma 1 - Cyber Dragon 1 - Chimeratech Fortress Dragon 1 - Mystical Space Typhoon 1 - Galaxy Cyclone 2 - Dark Hole 1 - Stellarknight Constellar Diamond 1 - Steelswarm Roach 1 - Evilswarm Exciton Knight 15-   The side deck is just tentative, because i live in south america and crab king isnt legal, and didnt think about all the matchups yet.   With the release of Norden i really wanted to play a deck that can get the most value of it and brilliant fusion, because brilliant can tutor whatever you need at the cost of drawing the fucking garnet. At first i think that Nekroz was the deck that can do the trick, since using double ju AND having a way to put a masquerade in the field to OTK in the same turn with just playing 4 cards is huge.   But after goldfishing it, drawing double ju and a live brilliant only happened at 11% and the mathematician fiasco, so i was dissapointed about it until remebered that brilliant also gives all that dolls wanted all this time, a searcheable light without wasting the normal summon AND a way to unbrick the multiple normal summon hands, I think that hobban explains better this in his article in ARG, since it gives me the RotA engine to fix the nospellhand problem without clogging my hands with normal summons.   So now, i have a way to search a light, to search a spell/doll/light,what is missing? Something to abuse the double normal thing, here is where star seraph comes in. In the past, when you open scepter, you can only get value of it when you hit a second one after searchigng sovereignity, but with brillian, you can do the XYZ of 3 materials to draw more cards whenever you start with another level 4 ( pretty much the whole deck ). You brilliant for Juggler/Tricker, Normal the Scepter, Normal the other level 4, make delteros/X and draw another card after digging for 3-4 cards.   Right now, my only problem is how i deal with unicore, with engine cards since i really dont want to mainboard shitty cards like dark hole, and how this deck interacts with anothers Nordens decks of the format.