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Found 1 result

  1. Brilliant Subterror Princesses

    Just got all the cards I need for this build I've been working on and was hoping to get some input. Still going through some alternative tech options and tweaks, but here's what I've got. Monsters (21) 3 prediction princess Tarotrei 3 subterror stalagmo 3 sub umastryx 3 sub nemesis warrior 3 manju of the ten thousand hand 2 mid shield gardna 2 gem-knight lazuli 1 prediction princess Coinorma 1 spirit of the fall wind spells (20) 3 hidden city 1 ritual sanctuary 2 terraforming 3 prediction ritual 3 pre-preparation of rite 3 brilliant fusion 2 twin twister 1 book of moon 1 ROTA 1 instant fusion Extra: 2 Gem-Knight Seraphinite 1 superdreadnaught rail cannon 1 norden 1 Number 81: superdreadnaught rail sannon super dora 2 Phantom Fortress Enterblathnir 1 Number 11: Big eye 1 Red-eyes flare metal 1 evilswarm ouroboros 1 castel 1 daigusto emeral 1 utopia 1 utopia the lightning 1 silent hint ark Here's the rundown; All subterror monsters are at 3 because there are so few cards released for the archetype you'll be shot handed by running any less. Tarotrei recycles your Behemoths and is a book of moon/ book of taiyu. The main Tarotrei play will be getting Stalagmo to hand and tributing him for the summon to bring him back at the end phase. Manju is there to get your Tarotrei out quicker. Mid-shield Gardna is an interesting tech in this deck. First of all, he's a level 4 warrior so he is ROTA target along with nemesis warrior. Mid shield's ability let's him flip himself down, which mean if you can summon him out with a behemoth in hand, you get to summon your Behemoths for free with him, also tribute fodder to use nemesis' ability to bring out Umastryx. the gem-knight monster is there as a brilliant fusion target. Coinorma is at one just as a searchable prediction princess target for banishing prediction ritual, can bring out behemoths from the deck. and spirit of the fall wind adds a flip monster to hand. spells are fairly straightforward, hidden city is a great help to get subterror a to hand and keep them on the field, ritual sanctuary can search for ritual or Tarotrei, terraforming is to get either of those to hand. ritual and pre-prep get Tarotrei out. book of moon can be used on fielded monsters with a behemoth in hand for the free special summon, rota gets nemesis or mid shield to hand, if I have a behemoth in hand I usually opt for mid shield. twin twister for back row. brilliant fusion is an extra normal summon and bring out rank 5 tribute fodder to use with nemesis warrior to bring out umastryx. extra deck is just staples along with brilliant fusion and instant fusion targets. the strengths of this deck are that it can swarm big monsters well and consistently, where it struggles are when monster effect get shut down via trap or majesty's fiend. I would love to find room in the deck for more monster removal like raigeki or maybe drowning mirror force and effect combatant like veiler. it matches up pretty well with decks like monarch or pendulums, but again lack of defense allows pendulums to swarm too easily. it also has trouble getting over untargetable beaters like dark destroyer or chaos max. a solution I added in is an instant fusion and norden to go into Utopia plays and bring out utopia the Lightning for those type of cards. cards I feel would help the deck but wasn't quite sure where to fit them in: draw power staples (duality, and/or upstart, maybe even desires) good hand traps (maxx c, veiler) good flip support monsters (pot of the forbidden, more Coinorma, more spirit of the fall wind) tech play spells (foolish burial to put nemesis warrior in the grave for a special summon if I pull out behemoths a different way besides tributing with warrior effect, book of eclipse for the flip face down summon from hand, double summon to make the deck quicker with its normal summon monsters) good trap staples (solemns, breakthrough skill, fiendish chain, dimensional prison, bottomless, or etc.) please let me know your thoughts